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Drakfire Caffe Shell Theme

Drakfire Caffe Shell Theme

gtk3 Drakfire Caffe theme [link]
© 2011 - 2021 Drakfire86
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Great work y love "orta" from gnome 2
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Looks beautiful, I like that 'creamy' flavor. Does it work with GNOME 3.8?
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thank for this
nice gnome-shell and gtk3 themes! are you planning to upload also gtk2 version and to update themes for gnome 3.2 compatibility? i'm looking forward to see them!
Could this theme be ported to Gnome 3.2? There are not only minor graphical glitches, but when using the GS search function, the entire interface blocks. See this thread on the UF: [link]

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Looks superb! Nevertheless, i wasn't able to change the Activities bar color and the launchers bar color.
I installed the shell theme and de GTK3 theme and they still appear black.
Any clues?
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Absolutely great! If I ever switch to Gnome Shell (which is not that unlikely after all) I will certainly use this!
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Beautiful work! Wish there was a Blackbox WM in there so we could include it at :iconblackboxdesktop: but maybe next time? :D A fav from me!
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unfortunately I do not use Blackbox, but you never know ;) btw... txh for fav ;)
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You are very welcome :)
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up :D
i use it :D
this is very awesome work!
ciao :D
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ed io ti ringrazio ancora una volta :D
looks great
thx for your great work :)
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I created a custom theme.json & repacked the theme to work with the theme changer in the link---the theme.json looks like:

"shell-theme": {
"name": "Drakfire-Caffe",
"author": "Drakfire 86",
"version": "1.0",
"type": "custom",
"thumbnail": "preview.png",
"url": "[link]"

It works great with the theme changer.....
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Have you seen: [link] ??

Half-Left has several of his themes included...I tried to get your theme to work with it & it won't (as of right now)-- Could you look at it & see what it would take to work?
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thx :D

look at the bottom here [link]
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Thank you so much :D
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hehehehe :D Prego :D
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I think you could improve the toggle switches. The white text doesn't go good.
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