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need these all gone! I'm also willing to accept reduced prices with negotiation! 
Freebies are first come first serve! for paid ones, it's comment to claim but if the first person doesn't pay, its open again! (paypal only, pay within 24 hours of me sending payment details to you)
1. 2 USD closed
2. 4 USD closed
3. 2 USD closed
4. 8 USD open
5. Free! (claimed)
6. 4 USD closed
7. 4 USD closed
8. 2 USD closed
Terms and conditions:
- No unauthorised repost of this image/design is allowed nor can you profit off of it without buying the design
- You may use the design however you wish after you buy it and repost on your page for example, however please credit me as the creator of the design
- Do not sell for a higher price than you paid to purchase, unless you redesigned and/or commissioned or drew art of the design, in which case add that to the base price when reselling
- Notify me of any ownership changes
- When using PayPal, please send the money as 'Goods and services"
- no refunds
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© 2021 drakewif
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It is, but it has already been taken :( sorry
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If #6 is still open, I'd love to claim! ( can be back-up claim! )

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it's closed^^' I'll have more adopts up tho!!

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If 4 doesn't sell I'd love to snag for $10!

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It's all good so I'll message you my details!
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Sure! I'll message you after messaging the previous person to see if it's okay!
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Okay I’m back! :la: Awwh looks like #3 is taken.

Can I have the rest please? #1, #2, #6, #8.

In total $12 yes?

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Yes you can ^^ will message you with details
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Sure thing ^-^

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How low are you willing to go for #3 and #4? Because I would love to take them!
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Does 10$ sound okay for all 3? If not that is perfectly fine!
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that's completely fine! I'll note you my details!

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Wow these are cute! :la: #5 please?

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RZazorZish's avatar

Thank you! :la: Let me brb and I might get more if they ain’t all claimed yet.

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