Advent of Games II: Turn 10

Deviation Actions

Literature Text

"My turn," Torika responds calmly.  She picks her next card, but doesn't look at it, confusing her opponent somewhat.

"...Aren't you going to look at your draw?" Neferi asks after a moment of pondering whether or not to state the obvious.

Torika turns her head away as she drapes her empty hand over her face.  "Kaos or not, I'm still the Daughter of Two Great Powers.  I don't need to see what I drew because I chose it.  But I can't hold out against my kaos forever.  It could take control again, and I don't want her to see what my plan is."  She then points sternly at Neferi.  "I'm not making any play this turn.  Now hurry up and move before my kaos returns!" she orders.

Neferi immediately draws her next card as she nods affirmatively.  "I activate Pot of Greed, allowing me to draw two cards."

"Draw well," Torika encourages, but she immediately grips her head afterwards, dropping to her knees in groaning pain.  "Hurry!  It's coming back!"

"Hang on, Torika!" Neferi replies.  Urgently, Neferi turns to her deck and picks two cards off the top and immediately looks at one of her cards.

"Necromancy...?" Neferi identifies the topmost of her two draws.  "This forces Torika to summon monsters from her Graveyard to her side of the field.  As if we needed to face that Chaos Emperor Dragon again so soon, she barely has any other monsters in her Graveyard to revive."

"Then maybe we should try our other card," the Pharaoh suggests.

Neferi slides the top card in her hand aside and takes a glimpse at the second card in her hand.  With but a glance, an idea crosses her mind.

"I activate the spell card Exchange!" Neferi declares.  "This forces us to swap one card from our hand, but at this point we each only have one card, forcing us to trade hands."

"I know how Exchange works!" Torika insists frantically, holding out the one card from her hand.  "Hurry!  Get over here and take my card before my kaos takes control again!  It's your only hope!"

Neferi swiftly jogs across the field, swerving between the Swords of Revealing Light and Torika's D.D. Scout Plane monster on her way.

"Exchange forces Torika to take our Necromancy card," Neferi thinks while she approaches Torika.  "Unfortunately, we hardly have any monsters in our own Graveyard to get any use out of it, thanks to Torika's kaos stripping our Graveyard to the bone all game long."

"Exactly," the Pharaoh confirms.  "But what we need right now is for Torika's card to help us out.  We can't keep stalling her forever, especially if her kaos returns."

"Let's just hope she drew better than we did..." Neferi responds.

Neferi stands right in front of Torika as the girl frantically holds up her card while gripping her head frantically.

"Hurry!" Torika beckons anxiously, holding out her card with a stiff arm as if it reeked of stench.

Neferi is unsure of what to make of the situation, having never faced an opponent who wanted to lose before.  What kind of card could Torika be holding?  Neferi reaches forward and takes hold of Torika's card, realizing that taking that card is the only way to find out what it is.

As soon as Neferi grabs Torika's card, before she can even pull it from her opponent's hand, Torika's other hand wraps itself tightly around Neferi's wrist with lightning-like reflexes.  For a child, Torika's grip is crushingly strong, likely able to break Neferi's arm if the kaos-tainted girl had such an intention.  Nevertheless, more pressing matters present themselves than just a sore wrist.

Torika looks up ominously slowly, her frantic trembling eerily ceased.  She reveals the scarlet glow from her eyes, which seems to burn with a palpable heat up close, something Neferi had never noticed before at greater ranges.  After a lengthy and menacing stare, Torika finally releases the lone card in her hand.

"Take it, stain," Torika mutters indignantly, releasing Neferi's wrist.

Neferi leers deeply at Torika.  "You must be Torika's kaos," Neferi states matter-of-factly.  "To be honest, I didn't think you'd recover from a Penalty Game so soon."

"My life story is all about doing stuff other people think I can't," Torika responds sternly.  She then turns her burning gaze to the card originally from Neferi's hand, snatching it from the Queen of Games with immense audacity.  "Stuff like defeating you with your own measly cards, for instance."

Neferi and Torika both glance at the cards they received from one another.

"Hmph," Torika huffs.  "Such a worthless card for such a worthless duelist," she snaps.  "How fitting, in a sad way."

Before seeing the card she got from Torika, Neferi takes a particularly intense interest in Torika's reaction.  Hiding her thoughtfully stern expression, she turns away and heads back to her side of the field.  "Did you catch that, Yami?  Why couldn't she just tell what our card was before she saw it?  All duel she's been foregoing looking at her cards but knowing exactly what they are anyway.  That's how she got rid of Obelisk so early.  Is her power getting weaker or something?"

"The Penalty Game we gave her seemed to have changed all that," the Pharaoh theorizes.  "Perhaps Torika's kaos doesn't have the lion's share of the power like we thought."

"What do you mean by that?" Neferi asks.  "You think Torika's good half is the real Daughter of Two Great Powers, and that her kaos is leeching power from her good half?"

Neferi reaches her side of the field and turns around.

"Let's take a glimpse at Torika's card and find out," the Pharaoh suggests, after which Neferi complies.

"I set one card face-down on the field," Neferi continues her turn.  "That's all I've got for now."

"Because you're weak!" Torika shouts in response, drawing her next card.  "Now that I don't have my weaker half to weigh me down, I'll show you the true extent of my powers!  I activate Chaos Greed, allowing me to draw 2 cards from my deck, as long as 4 of my monsters have been removed from play.  This will give me everything I need to prove my superiority!"

Torika then draws her two cards, checks them, and activates the first one with a depraved grin.  "I drew another Soul Absorption to replace the one my Chaos Emperor Dragon destroyed.  And I'll cement my lead with my second card," Torika adds.  "I activate Soul Release, allowing me to remove 5 monsters from either player's Graveyard!  But don't get too worried.  Seeing that you need monsters in your Graveyard for me to turn your own card against you, I think I'll remove 5 cards from my own Graveyard."

Neferi grits her teeth.  "She's plotting to use Necromancy against us after all!"

"If I were Torika, I would use it in a combo by reviving Chaos Emperor Dragon," the Pharaoh supposes.  "By using Necromancy, our field will be filled with monsters, only for Chaos Emperor Dragon to annihilate them all and do enough damage to our life points to win the duel outright."

Torika continues her move, either unaware of or unconcerned with Neferi's silent scheming.  "I choose to remove from play my D.D. Crow, Chaos Sorcerer, Gren Maju Da Eiza, and two other cards that my Chaos Emperor Dragon destroyed, my D.D. Survivor and my D.D. Warrior Lady.  This increases my life points by another 2500, which should prove once and for all that I am truly unstoppable!" Torika boasts.  She grabs a number of cards expelled from her Graveyard by her duel disk and then she tosses the cards into the air.  The cards then dissolve into an eerie translucent mist that flows into Torika's body.

(Torika:  7000LP -> 9500LP)

"She didn't remove her Chaos Emperor Dragon!" Neferi panics to the Pharaoh.  "I bet you're right about the combo she's planning..."

"Calm down, Neferi," the Pharaoh instructs.  "Remember, because her draws aren't truly random, we can stay one step ahead of her by out-strategizing her.  We even know what the card in her hand is."

"Right, that Necromancy card we gave her," Neferi answers.  "Fortunately, she's still stuck behind our Swords of Revealing Light for another turn longer.  But if she revives the Chaos Emperor Dragon now, we're done for anyway...  So what's she waiting for?" Neferi ponders.

"She's solidifying her offense for some reason," the Pharaoh responds.  "Either she's trying to intimidate us, or she's expecting us to do something to stop her with the card her light half gave us.  She wants to make her victory absolutely certain, but this stalling gives us a couple short turns to come up with something that can stop her."

"How could we possibly stop her from reviving and activating Chaos Emperor Dragon?" Neferi asks, questioning the Pharaoh's strategic theory.  A moment of dead silence later, she thinks of something.  "Wait a second... Torika's kaos never saw the card her light half gave us!  She must think it's some kind of trap that can stop her Chaos Emperor Dragon in its tracks."  Neferi's momentary tactical epiphany fizzles out and she slouches in despair.  "It's too bad that Torika didn't actually give us a card to stop the Chaos Emperor Dragon from activating again..."

"It's a useful bluff," the Pharaoh replies.  "But like all bluffs, we just have to hope Torika's kaos doesn't call us on it before we can respond to it."

"Hurry up and make your move, stain!" Torika orders impatiently.  "I have a universe to marginalize, and I don't have all day!"

Neferi stares sternly at Torika while gripping the top card of her deck.  "Patience is a virtue," she proverbially answers her tainted opponent while drawing her card.  She slowly turns it over, only to frown at it.

"Shoot!" Neferi mutters mentally.  "There's no way we can summon a monster this strong without sacrificing.  There has to be something we can do."

"There isn't," the Pharaoh responds deeply.  "Pass the turn.  We have one turn of Swords of Revealing Light left, so we can afford to wait... for now."

"Unless she draws that Monster Reborn..." Neferi considers.

"I've got nothing," Neferi declares, defeated.  "Your move..."

"Music to my ears!" Torika bellows, drawing another card and immediately activating it.  "Get ready for another Chaos Greed!  This gives me another two cards to destroy you with."

"She didn't go for the Monster Reborn yet," Neferi notices.  "But what combo is she trying to set up?"

"Torika's kaos makes for a very meticulous opponent," the Pharaoh comments.  "Whatever she spends her last turn of Swords of Revealing Light setting up, it'll be difficult to overcome."

Torika grins at her two draws.  "I activate Different Dimension Reincarnation!  By discarding a spell card from my hand, like this worthless Dimensionhole, I can summon one of my monsters that has been removed from play.  Guess who's back..." she taunts.

Neferi gasps in terror.  "Not again!"

"Return to the field, Elemental Mistress Doriado!" Torika beckons, pulling a card from out of thin air and warped space before throwing it onto her duel disk.

The fabric of space before Torika warps and contorts, eventually regurgitating a very familiar spellcaster monster to the field.  The force of being peeled from the other dimension throws Doriado to the cold stone ground at Torika's feet.  Doriado looks up at her master, bewildered by her sudden summoning, but Torika returns a bitter, scornful glare to her servant.

(Elemental Mistress Doriado:  1200ATK / 1400DEF / Lv3 / Spellcaster / LIGHT)

"Welcome back, weakling!" Torika derides her monster, folding her arms crossly.  "You won't be trying any more funny little tricks this duel!  Not with your cage trapped on the field again."

Doriado attempts to climb to her feet, but she falls weakly to her stomach, having not a single ounce of strength.

"Get up!" Torika screams.  "Get up and prepare for battle, you worthless, spineless, pathetic waste of character development!"

Neferi can take no more.  "Cut that out!" she yells at Torika's kaos.  "You may have a wager with your light half in this Shadow Game, but in this duel, you're facing me!" she adds, pumped full of competitive adrenaline and pointing at herself with her thumb.  "I won't be defeated so easily!"

Torika sends a nonchalant glance in Neferi's direction.  "Oh you won't?  Well, aren't you just the Little Stain That Could," she mocks.  "You've already failed my weaker half.  There's nothing you can do in this duel but lose."  Torika shuts her eyes, not even paying Neferi the dignity of eye contact.  "All I needed was to summon Doriado, and I've turned my light side compliant again, undoing your pathetic Penalty Game and giving me a view of the moves to come.  That's right, I can now see the card that my weak half gave you.  A brave gesture, but a worthless one, especially as my score is over thirteen times your own!"

Neferi grits her teeth as she looks at her near-barren field, focusing on the holographic projection of the face-down card Torika gave her.

Torika places the last card in her hand into her duel disk.  "I can't attack with your Swords of Revealing Light on the field, but they'll be extinguished at the end of the turn anyway.  In the meantime, I set one card face-down.  Your card, to be exact.  With that, I end my turn."  She then opens her fully-glowing blood red eyes.  "Now make your last move, Neferi Nash!  Once you finish your turn, I'll destroy you with my next move, and there's nothing you can do about it!  Then, once I've destroyed you, I'll send your entire universe back to the drawing board... for good!"  With Torika's tirade momentarily finished, the Swords of Revealing Light saturating Torika's side of the field flicker and dim right out of existence.

Torika closes her eyes and picks up the top card of her deck and shows it to her opponent without looking at it herself.  Neferi stares in fear as the top spell card of Torika's deck is the very card that she and the Pharaoh had feared it would be.

"For my next turn, I'll draw my Monster Reborn," Torika explains with uncanny faith in her next card, as if knowing exactly what it is.  "With it, I'll bring back my Chaos Emperor Dragon.  Then I'll activate your own Necromancy card, forcing you to fill your field up with weak, useless monsters... and then I'll obliterate them all, along with the rest of your life points!  I'll reduce you to dust, and to add insult to injury, I'll still have more life points left over than when this duel began!  If this duel proves nothing else, it proves that you're a worthless duelist!  A cheap imitation!  A poor man's Yugi Mutou!  You're no Queen of Games, Neferi!  In fact, anyone who counts on you to save them is as good as doomed!  If it wasn't for the fact that your entire universe seems to be solely populated by even bigger morons, you would lose at everything!  Our creator should be ashamed to have wasted her precious time and vast talent on creating such a sorry little knock-off!  Oh, but I'm about to make you a lot sorrier!   You'll have an eternity to ponder your own worthlessness as you wallow forever in DEVELOPMENT HELL!" she bellows sadistically, pointing at Neferi with a palpable hostility.

Neferi stares vacantly at the top card of her deck, her hand trembling.  After all the many turns of this duel, her deck had dwindled down to something more like a stack, not even a handful.  With such a shadow of her deck left, maybe Torika's kaos has a point, Neferi fears.

"So much at stake..." Neferi mutters timidly.  "One draw... so much to lose..."  She freezes up, unable to draw her card.

"Neferi!" the Pharaoh calls to Neferi.  "There's always a chance!  We can still win this duel!" he attempts to encourage his partner.

Neferi finally lowers her hand, foregoing drawing her card.  "No, Yami...  we can't...  I can't..."  She finally collapses to her hands and knees.  "This has all been one big lie, Yami.  Everything.  I haven't been winning this duel at all.  All I've managed to do is make noise and humiliate my creator..."

"I can't wait to see how Neferi digs herself out of this."

"You're waiting for nothing..." Neferi responds, closing her eyes hopelessly.

"'I'll be a fangirl's doodle' made me laugh so hard my mom gave me a weird look."

"...Huh?" Neferi mutters, emerging from her bleak stupor to wipe the tears from her eyes and glance around.  "Yami, is that you?"

"Hm?  Was what me?" the Pharaoh asks, bewildered and somewhat worried for his partner.

"Anyway, this is really interesting and I can't wait to find out how all this works out."

"That!" Neferi replies, standing to her feet again.  "Those voices!  But... if you're not the one making them..."

"The voices you hear aren't from this world..." another weak voice calls out, though not the same voice that Neferi had overheard a few times earlier.  Neferi turns to the battlefield, finding that the source of the second voice is in fact right under her nose.

"It's Doriado!" the Pharaoh exclaims.  "She spoke!  Granted, this is a Shadow Game, so the card isn't a normal hologram.  It might behave a little differently than usual, but for a monster to talk?"

Torika quickly takes notice of her Doriado monster finally taking the effort to pick herself up off the ground.  Torika pays the monster little heed though, until it begins speaking again.

"Don't lose hope!" Doriado pleads, rising to one knee as she looks across the field at Neferi.

Torika snarls at her monster, unamused by its attempts to encourage Neferi.  "What do you think you're doing?!" Torika yells at her monster.

Doriado pays her furious master no heed.  "The voices you heard before were from your creator!" she explains boldly.  "Your creator has been watching over you during this entire Shadow Game!  She believes in you, Neferi.  And she's not alone!"

"I love reading Queen of Games."

"I would honestly start crying if you stopped writing the Queen of Games."

"It's a pretty great series so forth.  D:  It'll be sadden to see it end."

"I really hope you don't give up on it."

A few voices begin to speak at first, but this few eventually grows into a raging cacophony, now such that both Neferi and Torika can hear the voices.  Torika takes this noise particularly catastrophically as she darts her head around, paranoid by the many voices that ceaselessly chant Neferi's praises.  

"Shut up!"  Torika attempts to respond, desperately covering her ears with  her hands.  "Shut up, shut up, shut up!  All of you, shut up!"

"You can't give up, Neferi," Doriado reiterates.  "There are more people who believe in you than simply those whose fate you hold in their hands.  Our creator's readers want your series to continue.  They want you to win.  Don't believe my kaos.  Believe those who watch you from afar!  Believe in your creator, who made you the Queen of Games!  Believe in the one who holds your fate in his hands!  Because they all believe in you!"

"I feel it," Neferi responds in thought to Doriado and the other voices.  Neferi closes her eyes to bask in her thoughts, listening to the voices around her.  "It's pointless to think of how I compare to other characters, like Victoria, Torika, and even Yugi.  But I've won plenty of tough duels on my own, and I didn't have to be Yugi Mutou to do it.  I didn't get to be the Queen of Games by fluking my way to the top, no matter what Torika's kaos says.  Of course I'm not Yugi Mutou... I'm Neferi Nash, and I know in my heart of hearts that just being myself is good enough.  I still have a draw left, and so long as I have a draw, I have a chance to win this Shadow Game, save my world, and do my creator proud!"

Neferi's train of thought comes to a halt as she places a hand on the top card of her deck.  She then stares across the field, piercing a hole through Torika to stare right at the girl's corrupting kaos.  Of the many voices of chanting and encouragements, one particular statement strikes her as so profound and confident that she is compelled to repeat it aloud, as if to channel that voice's very confidence.  "...As long as I have a chance to win... everything will definitely be alright!"

With the flick of Neferi's wrist and the draw of a card, the encouraging voices come to an abrupt halt.  Even without seeing the card she had just drawn yet, Neferi grins widely.  "I won't just roll over and face defeat just because you've got a big mouth!" Neferi responds to Torika's vicious rant.  She then identifies her next card.  "If I'm such a bad duelist, how are you gonna' justify it when I defeat you in just one round?"

Torika's glowing red eyes widen in shock as her very face contorts in disbelief.  "No!  There's no way I can lose to a stain like you!"

"Sticks and stones, monster!" Neferi returns, holding up her newly-drawn card with its back to Torika.  She slowly turns it over.  "I activate my Bait Doll spell card.  This forces you to activate one face-down Spell or Trap Card on your side of the field.  And I know that the card you set face-down when you ended your turn was none other than my own Necromancy spell card, the very card you planned to destroy me with!" Neferi explains.

Torika looks down at the holographic projection of her face-down card being forced face-up, though she is less angered and more confused.

Neferi picks two cards from her Graveyard and places them both on the field in defense position.  "Because of that Necromancy card I gave you, I get to revive any monsters from my Graveyard in defense position, letting me revive Kuriboh and Watapon."

Two orbs of light flutter onto the field, each no bigger than a soccer ball.  These glowing orbs take their place on Neferi's side of the field before popping like bubbles, revealing the monsters they carry.  One is a brown furry ball with green claws and comically-oversized eyes, while another is a cloud-like ball of fluff with equally-large violet eyes and a pair of antennae with fluffy cloud clusters at the tips.  Neither of these monsters are threatening by any stretch of the imagination, especially to Torika and her mammoth life point score.

(Kuriboh:  300ATK / 200DEF / Lv1 / Fiend / DARK)
(Watapon:  200ATK / 300DEF / Lv1 / Fairy / LIGHT)

Torika stares perplexed, having no idea what to make of such a weak move.  "What was the point of that?  Do you want to lose faster or something?  Or are you trying to insult my power?!"

Despite her move not amounting to much more than a confused opponent, Neferi continues to grin with confidence.  "Hold your horses there, Torika.  I've got more to revive than just these two monsters.  In fact, I'll be using the card your so-called 'weaker half' gave to me to beat you and your nearly five-digit life point score.  I reveal my face-down card:  Burial From a Different Dimension!  This card allows me to take three monsters that have been removed from the game and add them to my Graveyard.  And since Necromancy is still resolving its effect, I'll be summoning all three of these monsters right now!"

"NO!" Torika screams out, knowing exactly which three monsters Neferi has in mind to revive.

Neferi holds up her hand as an oval-shaped coffin appears behind her.  Its door creaks open as it unleashes a burst of wind.  The wind brings with it three Duel Monsters cards, all of which make their way to Neferi's hand.

"This one's for the real Torika!" Neferi announces, a thinly veiled threat towards Torika's kaos.  "Come on out:  Osiris the Heavenly Dragon, Sun God Dragon of Ra, and Giant God Soldier of Obelisk!"

Neferi places all three god cards on her duel disk one after the other, slanting them sideways to signify their defense position.  Each card Neferi places causes the duel disk to crackle with haywire electricity, the normally-compliant device still proving defiant when requested to project the forms of the three god monsters, let alone all three at once!

First, a massive wave of light and heat bathes the field.  This intense sunlight retracts to form the robotic guise of the Sun God Dragon of Ra.  The second god card to appear is Osiris, whose arrival is presaged by dark clouds and roaring thunder.  The roars of thunder are quickly joined in chorus by the roar of the god card as the dual-mouthed crimson serpent slithers down majestically from the clouds.  Finally, from the sky between the two other god monsters, a giant meteor descends from high above.  As the meteor descends, it tears a gaping hole in Osiris's atmospheric cloud covering before touching down a short distance behind Neferi.  As the 'meteor' begins to move under its own power, it quickly becomes apparent that the crouching cyan golem is in fact the third and final of the god monsters to emerge, the Giant God Soldier Obelisk.  Yearning for glory and the destruction of all its foes, Obelisk stands up and roars into the sky with a force disruptive enough to shred Osiris's widespread cloud coverage in its entirety.

(Sun God Dragon of Ra:  0ATK / 0DEF / Lv10 / Divine-Beast / DIVINE)
(Osiris the Heavenly Dragon:  X000ATK / X000DEF / Lv10 / Divine-Beast / DIVINE / hand = 1)
(Giant God Soldier of Obelisk:  4000ATK / 4000DEF / Lv10 / Divine-Beast / DIVINE)

As the three colossal god monsters all express their choice powers in dramatic and glorious fashion, Neferi's Kuriboh and Watapon clutch one another in sheer terror.  Kuriboh's stubby arms hold onto Watapon for dear life, while Watapon desperately wraps its antennae around Kuriboh.  Both monsters cry veritable fountains of horrified tears, seeing no apparent difference at all between standing beside the gods and standing against them.

Neferi raises a fist of confidence.  "Allow me to properly introduce you to my third god card, the Giant God Soldier of Obelisk.  You haven't seen this monster in action this duel because you removed it so early, but I assure you, Obelisk is just itching to return the favor!  My third god card's special ability allows me to sacrifice two monsters on my side of the field to destroy every monster on your side, as well as dealing a 4000-point bite into your untouchable life points!" she explains.  "Now, I sacrifice Osiris the Heavenly Dragon and Sun God Dragon of Ra to cleanse your field!"

Obelisk appears to flex its muscles as the gemstone on its forehead begins to glow with a pulsating white light.  Sparkling white specks of glowing magical dust flow into this gemstone, drawn from both Ra and Osiris, causing the two momentarily impotent god cards to return to the Graveyard with a pair of roars and a simple dissipation into transparency.  Obelisk then lets out a roar of its own as it smashes its own fists together tensely, its powers welling up and ready to burst.  Obelisk rears its head back before leaning in towards Torika's side of the field and letting out an eardrum-shattering bellow that blasts Torika's monsters into shards with brutal concussive force.  Though the robotic D.D. Scout Plane has no way to express any form of emotion, assuming it could feel any at all, Doriado smiles confidently as she is destroyed.  Meanwhile, Torika braces herself for the damage from Neferi's god monster, holding up her duel disk and standing her ground, though the force of Obelisk's effect still sends Torika skidding backwards across the ground, despite her attempts to keep her footing.

(Torika:  9500LP -> 5500LP)

After weathering the storm of Obelisk's raw power, Torika regains her composure, brushing her hair back in place with her hand.  Despite staring down the full force of a god monster, she doesn't seem much worse for the wear, especially with her formidable life points score to buffer against Obelisk's damage.

"Looks like your god cards just aren't good enough," Torika mocks, folding her arms.  "After all that effort to get the gods back, even with the card my weaker half gave you, you still couldn't damage even half my score.  And because Necromancy revived your monsters in defense mode, none of them can attack.  This limits your Obelisk from being little more than a noisy paperweight!  And what's more is that, since Obelisk is a god card, reviving it doesn't work for any longer than a single turn!"  Torika then reaches for the next card in her deck.  "Let me know when you're through embarrassing yourself, my weaker half, our creator, and your entire fanbase, all of whom believed in you when they shouldn't have..."

"Hold that thought until my turn is really over!" Neferi warns her overconfident opponent, holding out the last card in her hand.  "I have one last ace up my sleeve, and this duel isn't over until the last card is played!  I sacrifice Giant God Soldier of Obelisk and Kuriboh to summon my last monster:  the mighty Athena!"

Neferi's miniscule Kuriboh bounces across the field, behind Neferi and towards the towering Obelisk.  As Kuriboh embraces one of the god monster's clawed toes, both monsters disintegrate into a bright white energy, flowing into Neferi's last card right as she plays it.  Neferi holds her last card  high above her head for a moment before setting the card on her duel disk in attack mode.

A silver-haired woman clad in light mithril armor and stark white robes materializes on Neferi's side of the field.  The warrior lady hovers slightly off the ground as she descends majestically, finally setting her boot-armored feet on the stone floor.  As the woman appears, another two objects appear before her.  One is an arcane silver spear, while the other is a wide circular mirror shield.  Neferi's monster grabs these two weapons from out of the air, and her touch brings the otherwise simple-looking weapons to life.  Holding the shield, Athena is wreathed in a golden aura of power.  As Athena takes hold of her staff, the weapon unleashes a radiant cosmic force, like a handheld supernova.

(Athena:  2600ATK / 800DEF / Lv7 / Fairy / LIGHT)

Torika simply shrugs at Neferi's monster.  "Another weak monster?!" she derides.  "That monster is pathetic, just like you!  I shouldn't even dignify a wimp like that with the power of my Chaos Emperor Dragon's explosive special ability!  I could just as easily revive your own Obelisk and destroy you with your own god card, just to spite you!"

Neferi grins confidently.  "Then I guess it's a good thing I'm planning to win this turn."

"You're delusional!" Torika responds fiercely.  "Your glow-in-the-dark pipsqueak doesn't even have the power to scrape away half my remaining life points.  And unlike Obelisk, that's your last card to play!"

Neferi places a hand on her hip defiantly.  "Y'know, you're probably the last person who should be calling anyone out for being delusional... or even a pipsqueak for that matter," she replies flatly.  "After all, there's a lot more to my monster than what you can merely see... just like me," she echoes coyly.  "With Athena on the field, once per turn I can offer one other Fairy monster on my side of the field as a tribute to revive one Fairy in my Graveyard.  This will activate Athena's second special ability, dealing 600 points of damage to your life points each time I summon a Fairy monster, including through her own effect."

Torika grits her teeth, holding onto her dwindling confidence as tightly and tenaciously as she can.  "But to reduce my life points to zero, you need a Fairy in your Graveyard with at least 2300 attack points.  And I've been keeping track of the monsters I've been destroying!  There's only one Fairy left in your Graveyard:  the Spirit of the Harp!  You sacrificed it to summon your Dark Magician Girl earlier in this duel.  And as I recall, that move backfired rather painfully, as did every move you've made in this duel since then... including this move!"

"Just a Spirit of the Harp, eh?" Neferi asks as she raises an eyebrow.  "...You sure about that?" she taunts.

Athena turns her reflective shield towards her allied Watapon monster.  As the shield reflects the image of Neferi's monster, Watapon disintegrates into sparkling dust.  Meanwhile, Torika grits her teeth as she can feel her tenuous grasp on victory slipping away ever so slightly as Neferi's turn progresses.

Neferi reaches for her Graveyard, retrieving the face-down card her duel disk yielded.  She then turns her card over, showing it to Torika.  "Ta-da!" she adds triumphantly.

Torika balks at Neferi's newest card.  "How did a monster that strong get into your Graveyard?!  I didn't destroy that thing!"

"Oh yes you did," Neferi corrects her opponent.  "When you used Card of Sanctity to force me to draw six cards, you allowed me to draw the most powerful card in my deck, short of the god cards themselves.  Then you activated Chaos Emperor Dragon, sending this card straight to the Graveyard.  You never saw it because you were too busy removing my god cards from play, thinking I'd be lost without them.  In other words, you underestimated me.  You underestimated my creator.  You underestimated everyone who stands behind me.  You even underestimated the goodness in your own heart.  And that's why I'm about to win this duel!  Athena's special ability now lets me summon my most powerful servant:  Wingweaver!"

After directing her shimmering mirror shield at Neferi's Watapon, Athena then turns her shield towards Torika.  The glistening shield glows with a powerful white glare as a six-winged silhouette emerges from the mirror.  Athena braces herself against the ground as the purple-haired angelic woman in golden yellow robes bursts out of the fairy knight's mirror shield like the surface of a pond.  As Wingweaver emerges, the light energy that accompanied the monster fires at Torika like a laser.  Torika crosses her arms and endures the brief force of the blast, barely even inconvenienced.

(Torika:  5500LP -> 4900LP)

The glowing female seraph holds her arms open as she descends to Athena's side.  Athena turns her head to Neferi's angelic monster and gives her a quick nod, which Wingweaver responds to with a serene gaze out the corner of her eye.

(Wingweaver:  2750ATK / 2400DEF / Lv7 / Fairy / LIGHT)

"Together, my monsters have a combined strength of 5350!" Neferi explains, pointing across the field at her opponent.  "Your life points won't withstand a direct attack from the both of them.  Go, my fairies!  Attack Torika's life points directly and defeat her kaos once and for all!"

Despite the duel-ending attack power pointed squarely in her direction, Torika still grins wickedly.  "Defeat me?  Heh... I'd like to see you try... " she scoffs under her breath.  "This is nothing to me!"
Sequel Synopsis: After defeating Victoria in the first duel, Neferi and the Pharaoh must now face the architect of the Shadow Game: Torika Showron! What is the connection between the three duelists involved in this game? Will Neferi be able to triumph against stacked odds to win the Shadow Game? And why is Torika doing all of this?


I don't know how this is still going! This last fragment just got so long and complex that I decided I might as well just split it in half. To be honest, most of my concern was that DeviantArt wouldn't accept the length of the title. At any rate, it's been a real bear of a week. Two midterm exams, both with a brutally long test bank to memorize, and right next to each other, on top of large amounts of homework, and I barely had any time to sleep, let alone finish this. Unlike my other alleged fanfic, I am so painfully close to the ending I can taste it. I might even finish it today, as my plan is to take it easy on the homework until Sunday because I've freaking earned it.

For those wondering, and for those who haven't been keeping up with the card game over the past several years, yes, Athena is a real card. (See for yourself: [link]) I treat this card like Neferi's answer to Yugi's Buster Blader. I chose Athena not only because her attack power and effect is strong enough to get the job done (originally I did have Buster Blader deliver the final blow) but Athena seems like the kind of card that not only Neferi would use, but that Nasdreks would enjoy to draw, assuming Nasdreks canonically adds Athena to Neferi's Battle City deck. With all the Worms, Arcana Forces, Fabled fiends, angelic demonoids, and other Lovecraftian nastiness that the card game loves so much, it was surprisingly difficult to find a LIGHT / Fairy monster to serve as Neferi's heavy hitter.

It might seem like this is the end of Advent of Games, but no, there's still more. With any luck, I'll be able to post the Endgame chapter before a month after Nasdreks' birthday, which is what this entire fic was meant to commemorate in the first place.
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Nasdreks's avatar
There's another unintentional benefit for including Athena into Neferi's deck that you probably didn't think of or know about. Athena was the name of my first dog/pet. She was an overly clever and horribly disobedient German Shepherd who hated other dogs and was a constant headache. She was also the most loyal and fun animal I've ever known.
DrakeTheDuelist's avatar
Actually I did think of that, only I didn't bring it up because, well, dead pets aren't exactly kosher for friendly conversation. Not as amusing as the one LIGHT / Fairy monster I found called, of all things... Victoria. I kid you not: [link]
Nasdreks's avatar
Still, it was a sweet reference none the less, and I thank you for that.

And ROLF over that Victoria card. Especially with the way it looks like with the staff, hair color and armor.