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Gre-gre-gre Greninja! :>

● Draw © 
● Greninja © Game Freak
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Very nice, love the design of her swimwear!
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i think people are forgetting about her tongue 
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Not sure if you care but I've been seeing a lot of this kid and several others in his circles stealing art and characters from people, myself included. Felt I was obligated to let you know.
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Ugh, another one? Geez, those kids need to respect the artists and stop stealing. <_<

Thanks for the information :>
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No problem. Not sure how to handle it tbh, all I can do is track down original artists and let them know.
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This doesn't make sense, Greninja is not a mammal, and therefore does not have a belly button. But great job capturing the personality, my Greninja, Dora, would certainly be shy in a bikini!
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The bellybutton makes her more attractive
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Well people are being too specific on someone's drawing.
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I don't know why the people try to search the "logic" on my drawings. It's a drawing. >:Y

Just have fun!
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Greninja ♀ is sexiest frog ninja!
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Greninja is in my opinnion one of the best looking starters, i like your design you did a great job with her
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Thanks for what? º^º
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for my favorite pokemon
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If I had to guess his meaning, it would be, "Thanks for uploading this."...Or maybe I'm crazy for over-thinking it lol.
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Mmm... It could be that or could be a secret organization who wanted to upload this greninja for a long time and they tell me "Thanks". FnaF Icon [40] - Bonnie Intensifies 
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