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I wonder how many artists would rather be part of a project because they find it to be right up their alley or because they expect money from it. How many of you Deviants would have contributed artwork to Lucas BEFORE Star Wars was huge? Sure, you'd all probably trip over one another if he asked for something now from you, even if he asked for it for free. The idea of simply getting to work with him, in that world, would be more than satisfying to you. 

What if you came across an author who was writing a fantasy series full of dragons, wizards, and various monsters that you had never heard of, would you be willing to help with the artwork that series needed to get off the ground? Would you be willing to donate sketches upon sketches, donate your time trying to create characters that reflect the author's written description? 

Drake Publishing is a small, personally owned, publishing company that has yet to release its first series upon the world. The series, written by DP's creator, wants to use DP as a tool to help those who love writing to get their stories out to the world, to feed the minds of those gluttonous readers who just can't get enough. To do this, DP needs to get its first series launched. To launch its first series, DP needs artwork. 

DP is curious who would be willing to lend their skills, to help visualize the fantasy world that DP wants to introduce to yours.

woohooligan Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I think Lucas might have driven me nuts. Of all the people who wrote for the Star Wars movies, Lucas was hands-down the worst of them. The films only really became great films with a TON of technical limitations and outside influence from his friends and collaborators telling him things like, "no a comedy song-and-dance number isn't going to improve the experience of seeing Jaba's palace for the first time." ;P

But yeah, there was a time that I might have been more money motivated, but it's not a real concern for me now.
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November 24, 2013