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I thought I'd throw out this reminder of all the places my art ends up! From my ongoing web comic to my tumblrs.……
I just realized I've probably not posted that much about my Patreon page in the two years that it's been going, so in case you didn't know, and are interested please check out my Patreon!
it's thanks to my viewers that I'm able to work less at my retail job and spend more time drawing large boobs and weird things!…

Here's the comic site itself, which I've finished one story, that was over 160 page, and I've now started on a sci-fi story.

This occurred to me the other day when watching Star Trek: the Motion Picture.

They send the Enterprise out when it's at least 20 hours away from being ready. That's understandable, since the energy cloud is zooming in, but they make it sound as if it's the only ship around. They are in sol, the home of the Federation. They should honestly have enough to protect the planet especially since they've got a cold war thing going with the Klingon Empire. My thought is, what if they do have other ships, but don't want to risk them.

They have Kirk, the lord high king of winning at the unwinnable situation!
In a million to one shot he will come out on top and get laid in the process. 

So Star Fleet decides to send Kirk out in a ship that's not their biggest or best or even fully functional to see how that goes down before risking the good stuff.

What do you think sirs? 

Do any of you watch the new movies and think about how V'yger and the Whale Ship are heading to Earth? 

Plus that Doomsday Device is still out there running about... and is Data's head still laying in that salt mine in the west?

Well now, here we go!
I hope to see as many of you as possible helping to bring more of my art to life!…

Please and thank you!

Took forever, but I'm damn happy with the results.

Please, check out what I've done, and maybe throw a little support and love my way?…

A reminder, that I've got my Lego themed drawings and builds over on my tumblr.
So if you like either of those, please check it out!

If anyone is interested in seeing what happens when I play with Legos have a look here:

My good friend Artisan has done it again, behold his awesomeness and give it must love and or faves!

Which would be a more useful power for a device to have:

1.) Summon a 1930's hobo

2.) Turns anyone into a 16th Century Fop

Yep, I'm at it again. The theme this time around was poetry... which normally I'd avoid since reading poetry channels power into the cybernetic corpse of Emily Dickenson, but then I remembered Beowulf is a poem. An EPIC POEM!…

The rules are if you've purchased something from there you can vote, so if you're a shopper there please think of me!

This week it was create a breakfast mascot.
Show some love please!…

First off! Once more into the Woot contests:…

Please Love us!

Second! I'm older now and one step closer to the grave!

And Third! For the love of god don't whiz on the electric fence!

My brother's trying to convince me to do other things, starting with this:…

I must give DC credit where credit is due, while they seem to be attempting to destroy their comics, they can still pull off an incredible movie! Sure it deviates from the comics, but it's still a lot of fun and has some great heavily dramatic moments. And I am soooo glad they gave Cyborg a look akin to his Teen Titans animated style. For the life of me I can't understand why of all the costumes they've updated in the new 52 why they haven't overhauled his look from the 70's!

Anyway, if you find yourself at Best Buy with some extra cash like I did pick it up, it's good good stuff.

Seriously DC, is the goal of reboot purely to see how many times you can make me throw up in my mouth?
The mix and match continuity? Either do it all or not at all!
Superman's armor isn't... good... but it's not abysmal, but Powergir'sl? HORRIBLE!
Slutty Harley Quinn and Starfire? Uncalled for!
The new logo? Are you guys shooting for bland 80's look?  

And now I've just seen the new Poison Ivy... you people suck...

If you don't see much from me in the next week it's because we're in the process of moving, and while I'd love to spend my time drawing geeky and weird cheesecake I'm going to be busy dismantling the apartment and stuffing it into numerous boxes. many empty toy shelves... it's rather unsettling... how is a man to work without a menagerie of Transformers and other plastic faces staring at him? HOW?

Speaking of Batman!
How much bat guano do you think Alfred has to clean up day in and day out?
The Batcomputer, all those trophies! At least the Robin suit is under glass...
And the Batmobile! One time after a concert my wife and I found why you don't want to park under a tree, so I can't imagine it's safe in that cave!
Alfred's got to be a ticking time bomb... one of these days he's going to snap!

Check it out!

Sorry I'm getting this link out late (1.19.12), but if it's already tomorrow or the next day just click backwards till you see me. 8)