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May 01, 2022 Okay, so this is up a little early, just timing. There are lots of things going on this month. First off - I had a custom video shot last month. This was based on an Issue 123 of Medusariffic and stars Candle Boxxx and Star 9. I was pleased with the result. It is called 'Sculpting Gold" and You can get it at https://www.starbondmedia.com/updates/index.php It is also available at Manyvids and clips4sale, but I think this site has the highest payout to the artist. (Disclosure - I do not get any financial benefit for recommending this video.) If you can, please buy a copy, the more sales there are, the more likely that more videos of this type will be made. So other updates - there is a new issue of Survivors of the Shattered Grounds, you can find it on the Other Comics Page. Finally the next 25 pages of Quantum of Solid are available on the Elaine Blonde Page. And if you missed it, check below for a note about a video update on Petra's Peril from last
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So a few things. There is a new video up on www.medusariffic.com - it is all the freeze scene from the recent game. Check the movie pages. The custom video will be posted for sale on the 28th of April - more info to come as the date gets closer. I was quite pleased with the results. Question - has anyone tried using the new family of voice synths for games or videos - I am trying to find some examples to see if they are worth investing the time/money in. I like the idea of dialog in games, but am concerned at the costs for hiring voice talent. Any experiences or recommendations are appreciated. I am about a third of the way through a new game - probably not going to be ready for next month, but not long after that. Enjoy, Drake
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UPDATE - FIXED VERSION IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD April 01, 2022 (Not fooling) So this has been a busy month and there is a lot going on. I ordered a custom video based on Medusariffic Issue 123; it should have been shot today (2022-Mar-31) with Candle and Starr; once it is available for sale I will post the coordinates. This month is a new game with Petra in an escape room situation. There is also a new set of Elaine Blonde pages. Elaine finishes her fight with Faith, Trish shows off her particular set of skills and the competition grows fiercer and in some cases stiffer. Enjoy, Drake
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thanks for watch, i'm a great fan of your work

can you create more about heroine like white owl petrified peril...

She isn't one of my characters and I don't have an agreement with her creator to use her in my works. As for superheroine comics - my ongoing series Maxine Midnight has been on hiatus for some time due to complications in plot and timing.

because i really like your artwork, i start try to create my own petrified story or female heroes. however, I don't have ideas....

well, i understand now

Writing, whether for comics, games or other media is an ongoing process. The best way to learn how to write, is to write. It will not be your best work, but each one will get a little better. The second key is to read - a lot - not just in the genre you are trying to write in. The more you have pre-loaded into your consciousness, the easier it is to pluck out ideas and use them to craft stories.

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Thanks for the watch!