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This rendition of Zaelgolin is simply stunning!! I love how the colours smoothly blend together in all areas, especially the orange and...

by cheslah

This, overall, is a masterful capture of one of nature's most stunning wonders! I have always loved the majesty of a sunset, and this i...

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Into the Vortex by Drake-Starfire Into the Vortex :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 5 Blue Whirl by Drake-Starfire Blue Whirl :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 2 White wolf by Drake-Starfire White wolf :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 3 Eagle and Bear by Drake-Starfire Eagle and Bear :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 1 Black bear by Drake-Starfire Black bear :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 0 1 Front shot by Drake-Starfire Front shot :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 0 1 Beaver by Drake-Starfire Beaver :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 0 1 Carvings by Drake-Starfire Carvings :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 0 1 Out of mist and shadow by Drake-Starfire Out of mist and shadow :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 2
Dragonheart: A Final Dream
Chapter I - Reunion
I had been a professional wood carver now for over 16 years, and such a career held naught but satisfaction for me. My good friend, Isaac Myrum, from Racine, Wisconsin, by now possessed over 35 of my very best carvings; he was always eager to see what ideas I would come up with next!
That day, I was just cleaning up from completing another mahogany timber wolf carving, and just as I was placing it on my display shelf with the various other creations after cleaning up and storing my tools, my iPhone rang.
“Heya, pal! On my way!”
“Awesome! See ya soon, Isaac!”
Storing my phone, I grinned, before going about getting a good lunch ready for us both so Isaac wouldn’t need to worry about an empty stomach.
Ham and swiss cheese sandwiches, side plates of dip, carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and cucumber slices, with cold glasses of ice water.
Later, I sure enough saw my friend coming up the road. He looked
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 4 2
Dragonheart: A Brave New Dawn
Marcus’ body felt like it had been ravaged; all those long, dark centuries in Hell had reduced him to what felt like naught but a hollow shell.
But that did not mean that he was weak.
Marcus de Oblivino, a reincarnated form of Marc de Manthaeus, was now far stronger and more vile than even the monsters that reside within the deepest, darkest corners of a person’s mind, or soul. Some mortals were indeed monsters in every sense of the word. A being with a body made of pure darkness, and a soul of complete and utter hate.
But Marcus took that to a whole new level. Even the few times I had engaged him after his multiple resurrections, now, I felt as though I were taking the first steps down a path to oblivion.
I knew there would be no turning back; not for me if the world needed salvation. Of course I realized that Jesus had given it with His sacrifice on Calvary, but Satan had taken my old enemy, and turned him into something that no mortal man could ever hope to face… A
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 4 7
Chapter VI: Bloodlust and Payback
Hearing the roar, Haman spun from running toward the camp, just in time to see a blazing blue fireball come shooting down to explode on the dirt path before him, sending the man flying!! Marcus ran toward my dad, but then…
He spun, just as I snapped my jaws; the man shrieked as he flew back, a ghastly bite now encircling his left arm, almost causing the chunk of flesh to sever from the limb!!
I landed with a BOOM that shook the forest; several birds suddenly flying from the trees!!
I lashed my tail, snagging Haman’s shirt and easily wrenching him away from my mom just as he reached her; thankfully his Bowie knife hadn’t cut her flesh.
The dragon my family knew was gone now; the three of them could easily tell he’d been buried to allow the feral side to emerge. But it was still the single scariest thing any of them had ever seen!!
Roaring, I swung as Marcus fired his Desert Eagle at me, luckily, my scales
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 5
Chapter V: Time on the Wing
One hearty eggs benedict/bacon/sausage breakfast later, my family and I were on our way to West Hawk Lake. Clearly, they didn’t realize it would be a turning point, not just for me, but for us all.
A premonition of Marcus and Haman ambushing us almost made the barrier between keeping my sanity and choosing to unleash the beast within, shatter like fragile crystal beneath a hammer’s blow.
But I held on.
Deep inside, I knew that unleashing my true power would be the only way to stop them forever. But my greatest fear was the permanent rift that might open between myself and those I loved so dearly, once they saw what this form was truly capable of.
I looked down at the Ring of Barahir on my right foreclaw, not caring to stop a single diamond tear from falling. It had been a gift from my dad, many years before, and I had never removed the ring.
If Elrond bestowed this ancient relic to Aragorn as a reminder of who he truly was meant to be, then, in a way, my father besto
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 4 0
Chapter IV: Revelations of Love
”Charlie, are you up?” I froze as I heard my mom’s voice from downstairs, then the sound of ascending footsteps. Thinking fast, I dashed into my closet, pulling the door shut in time.
“U-uhh...yeah, I am.” I answered haltingly. Barb approached my door, and pushed it open. “W-wait, mom!” I spoke in a quiet voice.
“What? What’s wrong, Charlie?” Then I heard my dad exit the bathroom.
“Is everything alright?” he asked my mom.
I took and released a deep, slow breath, while praying for strength on my part, and the acceptance from my loved ones. “Charlie, can we come in?” dad asked.
I stifled a whimper. “Promise me you won’t be afraid, please!”
“Why would we?” my brother asked. Taking a deep breath, I slowly emerged from my closet, and stepped around the door; my head was hung low, and my wings and tail drooped.
I blinked, several tiny, teardrop-shaped diamonds falling from my eye
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 0
Chapter III: Bonded
Walking toward a large rock by the shore, I sat on it, as Edoras laid down a few feet to my left. “So,” I said after a lengthy, awkward silence. “what happens now?”
He smiled. “Well, Charlie, this is your dream! What do you wish to happen?” I was a little taken aback by that; this certainly didn’t FEEL like a dream; it was more like a hyper-realistic illusion; the revelation making me think of Matt Parkman’s father Maury, who had the ability to alter other people’s perceptions of reality.
I was interrupted by Edoras gently lifting my shirt with one claw, taking care to not hurt me; he stared at my scar thoughtfully; as he did so, I noticed I could see the glow of his heartfire gradually strengthening:
Thump, th-thump, thump-thump! Thump, th-thump, thump-thump!
After a few seconds, the dragon released my shirt, and looked up at me with steady eyes. “I know that your soul yearns for release, Charlie,”
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 0
Chapter II: A New Friend
However, much to my relief, I found myself not in the hellish world of the nightmare, but now standing upon a sandy shore facing what I instantly recognized as West Hawk Lake, in the White Shell! I looked around, finding myself alone.
I wore only sandals and my black, red and green surfing shorts. The sun felt good on my tanned flesh. I stood quietly, savouring the beauty around me...until the unmistakable pulse of wings reached my ears!
Gasping, I jerked my head up to stare at the expanse of pines flanking the other side of the lake, just as something emerged from the forest there, standing at the water’s edge. I blinked several times, not sure if what I now beheld was even real.
It was as though Draco, himself, had returned from the dead...only his scales were notably darker, almost rusty, and he bore two sets of horns in contrast to Draco’s three.
It was another dragon. His throat, chest and belly scales were a faded dark colour, like tarnished silver.
Massive wings laid
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 0


[$COM] Tier 4 Terron Reference Sheet by Neffertity [$COM] Tier 4 Terron Reference Sheet :iconneffertity:Neffertity 54 13 Dek by Doran-Eirok Dek :icondoran-eirok:Doran-Eirok 7 2 [004] by kettukuu [004] :iconkettukuu:kettukuu 101 12 Sea Spray by sealle Sea Spray :iconsealle:sealle 296 7 Sacred spot by CitizenFresh Sacred spot :iconcitizenfresh:CitizenFresh 160 4 Malefor and Nolyaw by RenTheEarthDragon Malefor and Nolyaw :iconrentheearthdragon:RenTheEarthDragon 11 23 Symmetric Pattern: Woven Flower by StephOBrien Symmetric Pattern: Woven Flower :iconstephobrien:StephOBrien 31 12 Alexs Four Smallest Sizes by MadiMika Alexs Four Smallest Sizes :iconmadimika:MadiMika 6 0 AUTUMN VIBES by CosmicSevour AUTUMN VIBES :iconcosmicsevour:CosmicSevour 116 10 Ready for a cosmic hug? by CosmicSevour Ready for a cosmic hug? :iconcosmicsevour:CosmicSevour 138 53 Sevour Color Study 01 by CosmicSevour Sevour Color Study 01 :iconcosmicsevour:CosmicSevour 115 12 Comfort by CosmicSevour Comfort :iconcosmicsevour:CosmicSevour 94 18 Forgehammer by Whiluna Forgehammer :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 776 26 Hourglass by Whiluna Hourglass :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 646 22 And the morning's far... by Whiluna And the morning's far... :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 1,449 53


Into the Vortex
A cool shot looking straight down into the whirlpool inside the vortex machine.
Blue Whirl
An awesome fountain at the exhibition. It reminded me of a toy I once had. It would undoubtedly make an AMAZING piece for a home!!


Drake-Starfire's Profile Picture
Charlie Lucas
My name is Charlie, and I've been a fan of Deviant art for quite some time. I hope to explore all that is offered here, and hopefully meet some deviants in person(wouldn't that be nice!) I must say deviant art rocks, and I hope to find its full potential in the future!

Cheers! Charlie Lucas(a.k.a Drake Starfire, somewhat similar to Drake from 'Dragonheart: A New Beginning')

If I had the chance to become any kind of creature, I'd be either a griffin, or a dragon, and choose either Draco, from 'Dragonheart', or Drago, from 'Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse'.

I would (naturally) possess vast healing abilities stemming from my heart, and also have the ability of 'shadow-jumping', a special form of teleportation, seen in DH3: The Sorcerer's Curse.
I would also have mental shields so strong that they can only be breached if I was severely hurt, or killed.

I would possess hydrokinesis, or mental control over water, terrakinesis, which is mental control over earth, and magnokinesis, mental control over magnetism, as well as Sebastian Shaw's power to absorb raw energy and convert it into vast strength and healing.

My scales would be diamond-hard.

I could communicate both verbally and telepathically; the power being exactly like Peter Petrelli's on 'Heroes' (psychic static, thought-pushing, sending, and receiving).

Current Residence: Home(Winnipeg, Manitoba)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 28
Print preference: Elegant handwriting
Favourite genre of music: Rock, heavy metal/groove metal, jazz, movie scores, epic instrumentals
Favourite photographer: Robert Bateman
Favourite style of art: Realism
Operating System: MacBook Air
MP3 player of choice: N/A
Shell of choice: Scallop
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon art
Skin of choice: Dragon scales
Favourite cartoon character: Wile E. Coyote, Marshall, Chase, & Zuma from Paw Patrol
Personal Quote: When you live your passions, limitations don't matter!

Favourite ice cream flavours:

Cookies n' cream
Chocolate marble
Rocky Road
Mocha Almond Fudge
Nuttin' Better

Some things about me:

My name is Charlie Lucas (aka "Chuck").
My favourite foods are pizza, seafood, dragonfruit, honeydew, McIntosh, Gala, & Granny Smith apples, Toblerone chocolate, red velvet cake, black forest cake, Guylian seashell chocolates, Hershey kisses, and sushi.
My birthday falls exactly one week before Christmas.
I have hiked B.C.'s West Coast Trail, been all over western Canada, and have visited the United States.
I love the outdoors, sports, and martial arts.
My favourite restaurants are Montana's BBQ & Bar in Winnipeg, and the Foxtail Cafe in Onanole.
I am hoping to learn how to snowboard.
I'm also hoping to learn to play the bass guitar(specifically, either the Aria Pro II SB-1000, owned and played by the late, legendary Cliff Burton of Metallica, the Aria TAB-TR1 acoustic bass, or the Epiphone Jack Casady Signature).

I hope to learn how to use either nunchucks (Michelangelo), a manriki-gusari chain weapon, also wielded by him in place of the nunchucks, seen here:…

, or sai daggers (Raphael).

I LOVE B.C., and would leave Manitoba to live there in a heartbeat.
I LOVE Dragonheart, the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and the 2016 remake of Pete's Dragon.
I am hoping to learn woodcarving (having been inspired by Robert Redford's character Mr. Meacham, from the 2016 Pete's Dragon remake), and maybe turn it into a career.
I am an avid practitioner of resistance training.
I have owned a variety of pets:

a black goldfish named Zoe.
a blue budgie named Joe.
Four dogs: Two purebred blue heelers, Jack and Spook, a purebred black Lab named Cuba, three ferrets: a white one named Carlos, and two sable ferrets, Rocky and Tony.

I owned a Lab/Shepherd cross named Jake. He passed away Tuesday, December 5th, 2017, aged 14 years. :'(

My family recently acquired a blue heeler puppy named Spook (Saturday, June 17, 2017). The first heeler named Spook was acquired when she was already fairly grown. The "second" Spook, we acquired while she was just a puppy.

The first Spook had black across both eyes, and a solid blue-gray coat.

Our present heeler, also named Spook, has a black mark just above her tail, and black covering only her right eye.

I have cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus(excess fluid buildup in the brain), which prompted doctors to give me a shunt at birth, which is a plastic tube put in my brain to drain fluid and relieve the pressure.
My brain damage affects my short-term memory, and a theory I have is that the possible flip-side to my brain damage, is that my long-term memory is at an almost photographic level.
I am a Christian.
I love astronomy, and the constellations Draco the Dragon and Aquila the Eagle are my two favourites. :)

On an interesting note, the month of my birth, December, has 17 different birthstones:

Beryl (Aquamarine, Morganite, Bixbite, Heliodorl, & Emerald).
Lapis lazuli
Blue topaz
Cat’s eye

Here they are grouped into their timelines:


Cat's eye
Blue topaz
Brazilian agate


Lapis lazuli


Lapis lazuli

Treasures for December:

1) Cat's eye (Lucian's medallion from 'Underworld')
2) Labradorite (Kili's rune stone)
2) Ruby - Gandalf's ring (Narya, the Ring of Fire)
3) Sapphire - Elrond's ring (Vilya, the Ring of Air)
4) Sodalite (Thorin Oakenshield's Seal Ring)
5) Beryl (Emerald) - Aragorn's ring (The Ring of Barahir)
6) Amethyst (Jack Sparrow's stolen ring, aka the "Crystal Treasure" ring)

It is interesting to note that some stones, such as ruby, have both ancient and modern-day uses.

Another interesting factor to note is that garnet, the birthstone for both December and January, has several different forms:

1) Pyrope, a dark blood-red, is the most common form of the mineral.
2) Almandine is another very common form, similar to pyrope garnet.
3) Spessartite is a fiery orange or orange-red variety of garnet. It can be found in Kenya and the Umba River Valley, Tanzania.
4) Grossular garnet can be either deep golden-yellow, due to impurities, or colourless, similar to diamond, although this colourless variety is the more common of the two.
5) Andradite garnet is the most lustrous form of the mineral, with several varieties:

A) Demantoid, a green form similar to olivine, which is a deep green variety of chrysolite.

B) Topazolite, a yellow/brownish-yellow variety similar to pure chrysolite.

C) Melanite, a dark red or black variety.

D) Uvarovite, the rarest form of garnet, is a deep chrome-green that is unique due to it only existing in this single colour. It looks almost identical to bloodstone, except for having no red "blood" spots.

My favourites are labradorite, cat's eye, bloodstone, sodalite, ruby, lapis lazuli, and sapphire.

Of all these gemstones, Zircon is the only one that is used as a cheap imitation of real diamond, but is said to be the closest you can get to diamond itself. Although its sparkle is suggestive of this, many perceive zircon as a cheap knockoff.

In the Book of Revelation, chapter 21, verses 19-20, several of my birthstones form part of the foundation of the city of Jerusalem, and are as follows:

Peridot (also known as chrysolite, which is also the August birthstone, is the seventh foundation stone)
Amethyst (the twelfth foundation stone)
Chalcedony (the third foundation stone)
Star Sapphire (the second foundation stone)
Topaz (the ninth foundation stone)


Nahum 1:7
Isaiah 35:5-7
Isaiah 49:15-16
Nehemiah 8:10
Isaiah 30:15
Deuteronomy 31:8
Joshua 1:9
Isaiah 12:2
1 John 3:3
Proverbs 3:5-6



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WARNING: The language in this scene is not quite all that pleasant when he reaches the bad guy(rated R) if you know what I mean... if you wanna skip to the fight scene just go to 3:18.

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