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This rendition of Zaelgolin is simply stunning!! I love how the colours smoothly blend together in all areas, especially the orange and...

by cheslah

This, overall, is a masterful capture of one of nature's most stunning wonders! I have always loved the majesty of a sunset, and this i...

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Soul of the Wild
Charlie whistled a happy and mellow tune as he emptied the bowl that contained the remnants of a few candy bar wrappers and sweets; once filled to the brim with all sorts of chocolate and sugar coated delights for the neighborhood kids. Although trick-or-treating had finished over an hour ago, the Halloween night still had plenty of hours left. As he set the bowl away after discarding the wrappers, storing the uneaten candies, and washing it, he heard a knock at the door. Charlie rolled his eyes; maybe a few kids still didn’t quite keep track of the time.
After walking towards the door, he opened it and to his surprise, a teenage boy stood at the door, and not a costumed child. Charlie’s face lit up when he saw him.
“Isaac! It’s great to see you!” He beamed. The two chatted for a minute in the doorway, before he and Charlie sat on the benches of the porch. What was going on was simple: Isaac had come to make a special delivery.
“So, do you have it?
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 1
Darkness, frost, and Heartfire
The burning smell of smoke invaded my nostrils. I shot up out of my bed, to see the grey cloud that had gathered from beneath my door. Terror turned my blood to ice, as I slowly pulled it open to find that almost half the house was on fire! It must have been lit recently, seeing as a later flame would’ve already reached most of the house.
“Dad, Barb, Brandon! We have to get out of here! The house is on fire!” I shouted, frantically. No one answered. I should have climbed out of there to safety, but the love for my family prevailed, making me throw common sense to the wind as I rushed to find them, but then I heard and saw something that caught my attention as I ran past a window. There, I saw him, and his friends, walking away from the scene. To my horror, Marc had his knife out, and the blade was covered with blood.
It couldn’t be…it just couldn’t be! I frantically ran, trying to find my loved ones. I turned a corner to enter the burning kitchen, bu
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 8
Dragonheart- Corner of the Sky
(this is when I lived in Stony. I am still only 21, my hair is short, my teeth are straight, and my CP, shunt, tube, and scars are all still-long-gone. Marc and his friends are all still normal humans)
One warm late summer afternoon, while all alone at home, I was quietly sitting on the front step. I wore my old, weathered black steel-toed boots, my old gray camo pants, and a plain black t-shirt. I wore my black leather belt with Orcrist, the Goblin Cleaver, sword of the dwarf warrior Thorin Oakenshield, at my right side, in its scabbard. I went inside, up to my room, and grabbed my sharpening stone, then headed back outside to sharpen my sword. After about four minutes, I stored the stone in my belt pouch, sheathed my sword in its scabbard, and headed down to the school. My friends and Mike hung out by the doors.
We all exchanged greetings, then I looked up to see Katherine walking toward me. I smiled, as we exchanged greetings. She then gave me Thorin's solid silver ring with the icy
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 2
Into the Black
I lay curled up on the soft green grass beneath a large apple tree in Avalon, snoozing deeply and dreaming of my family. My brother was soaring lazily in the clear blue sky, while a few other dragons, some he and I had earlier befriended, played in the wide open hills and fields. Soon he flew down, landing close by to where I dozed. Smiling, he walked quietly up, and laid a hand on my side, as I opened my eyes a little, and yawned deeply, before turning to look at him, smiling. “Want to go for a flight, Drago?” he asked, as I smiled.
“Sure, Merrick!” I then rose to all fours, and spread my wings in one graceful motion, before pushing off lightly from the hillside, letting the wind catch and lift my huge dragon wings, sending me soaring ever so gracefully into the blue sky!
I stretched and yawned; my wings instinctively flapping a few times to lift me higher. As a dragon, flight was one of many things I found indescribable joy in, and Merrick was very happy I enj
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 2
Dragonheart- Scales of Gold
Tired. That was the only thing that he felt.
Charlie made his way down the stairs of his apartment for the last time, after 2 long years. He was moving out today; he had to. Ever since Marc and his friends made that assault on him yesterday, he wasn’t safe as long as he was still living here. As he reached the door, he couldn’t help but sigh from weariness. Ambush, run, fight/escape, repeat; this was the cycle he was forced into, no matter what he did. It was always the same, so much so that after a couple more times, he’d be able to time all the events perfectly.
As he made his way down the steps from the apartment building, a voice called out to him, making him stop.
“Hey, Lucas! Hold on a moment.” He turned around. At the head of the steps, leaning through the door frame was Mr. James; the building’s landlord. He turned around a moment then came back holding a large box, sealed thoroughly.
“This came in for ya today; good thing I caught you
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 6
Gryphonheart: Aquilis
Florian ran down the road leading away from his school like the devil was on his heels; his heart pounding in my chest like a jackhammer.
“C’mon, Thalmaier!! Are you too scared to face me? Are you chicken like Charlie was?” Marc’s cackle rang in Florian’s ears, as did Marc’s friends’ laughter.
He only ran faster. “I’m done with you and your bastard friends, Marc, just like Charlie was through!!” Florian shouted over his shoulder, picking up speed.
Glancing up at the sky, he noticed it was just past sunset, and happened to glimpse the rising stars of the constellation Aquila, the Eagle, just above the northern horizon.
Florian only took a split-second glance, then looked ahead again, and put on a burst of speed.
His legs and lungs both burned, as his heart pounded.
The back lane leading to his home was closer now, but then...
Hearing a loud honk, Florian spun just in time to see a silver grill and headlights, but managed to cat
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 3
Dragonborn- Blood Ties
The burning smell of smoke invaded my nostrils. I shot up out of my bed, to see the grey cloud that had gathered from beneath my door. Terror turned my blood to ice, as I slowly pulled it open to find that almost half the house was on fire! It must have been lit recently, seeing as a later flame would’ve already reached most of the house.
“Dad, Barb, Brandon! We have to get out of here! The house is on fire!” I shouted, frantically. No one answered. I should have climbed out of there to safety, but the love for my family prevailed, making me throw common sense to the wind as I rushed to find them, but then I heard and saw something that caught my attention as I ran past a window. There, I saw him, and his friends, walking away from the scene. To my horror, Marc had his knife out, and the blade was covered with blood.
It couldn’t be…it just couldn’t be! I frantically ran, trying to find my loved ones. I turned a corner to enter the burning kitchen, bu
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 3 2
Trust Machines- Strength in the Heart
I ran down the road leading away from the school like the devil was on my heels; my heart pounding in my chest like a jackhammer.
“C’mon, Charlie!! Are you too scared to face me? Are you chicken?” Marc’s cackle rang in my ears, as did his friends’ laughter.
I only ran faster. “I’m done with you and your bastard friends, Marc!!” I shouted over my shoulder, picking up speed.
Glancing up at the sky, I noticed it was just past sunset, and happened to glimpse the rising stars of the constellation Draco, the Dragon, just above the northern horizon.
I only took a split-second glance, then looked ahead again, and put on a burst of speed.
My legs and lungs both burned, as my heart pounded.
The back lane leading home was closer now, but then...
Hearing a loud honk, I spun just in time to see a silver grill and headlights, but managed to catch a glimpse of the driver, a man clad in black, with long, greasy black hair, almost like Sirius Black from t
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 6
Strange butterfly by Drake-Starfire Strange butterfly :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 8 4
Wings of Orion
I ran down the road leading away from the school like the devil was on my heels; my heart pounding in my chest like a jackhammer.
“C’mon, Charlie!! Are you too scared to face me? Are you chicken?” Marc’s cackle rang in my ears, as did his friends’ laughter.
I only ran faster. “I’m done with you and your bastard friends, Marc!!” I shouted over my shoulder, picking up speed.
Glancing up at the sky, I noticed it was just past sunset, and happened to glimpse the rising stars of the constellation Orion, the Hunter, just above the northern horizon.
I only took a split-second glance, then looked ahead again, and put on a burst of speed.
My legs and lungs both burned, as my heart pounded.
The back lane leading home was closer now, but then...
Hearing a loud honk, I spun just in time to see a silver grill and headlights, but managed to catch a glimpse of the driver, a man clad in black, with long, greasy black hair, almost like Sirius Black from t
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 7
Sunset road by Drake-Starfire Sunset road :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 0 2 Sunset by Drake-Starfire Sunset :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 2
Strength in Brotherhood
Drake woke up and quickly shook himself to alertness, ready to begin the new day. He turned to his friend Asger, who was still snoozing away. Rolling his eyes, Drake walked over and nuzzled his cheek. “Rise and shine, Asger! We got a busy day ahead of us! It’s time to get up!” he whispered gently. Asger groggily opened one eye, yawning,
Chuckling, Drake decided to use a more playful manner of wake up call. “You know, Asger, it’s a good thing you’ve got scales now. Know why?” Asger shrugged.
“Because scales are much more durable against our claws, meaning I get to do THIS!” Drake suddenly rolled Asger over, and before the younger dragon realized what was happening, he suddenly gasped for breath as Drake started tickling him all over!
“EEP! Stop!!! Uncle! Uncle!! I’m up! I’m up!” Drake still continued to tickle all over Asger’s stomach with the tips of his cla
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 12
Brilliance (reprise) by Drake-Starfire Brilliance (reprise) :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 1 2 World's smallest pinecone by Drake-Starfire World's smallest pinecone :icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 0
Brothers of the North
Five years. Both fighting, and running from such an evil as my greatest enemies was starting to take a toll on me. But I knew better than to give up...or to give in.
I could hear their crazed laughter as Marc and his friends chased after me. I turned, and plowed ahead; my legs pumping like pistons as my heart pounded, my muscles burned, and my veins pumped battery acid.
But I would not give up.
Arriving at the deserted highway, I headed across and went down the 321, not daring to look back, even though I no longer heard their voices. I had a feeling that they would pass by this way soon enough. The winter landscape lay dim and cold beneath a late afternoon sun that was already sinking into the northwest.
I forced all thoughts of Marc and his friends away, and focused on the beauty of the winter evening.
By now, the sunset had faded, leaving the sky a pale, ghostly twilight. I smiled as I watched the stars begin to appear in the evening sky. I headed to the deserted schoolyard, and sat
:icondrake-starfire:Drake-Starfire 2 4


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Charlie whistled a happy and mellow tune as he emptied the bowl that contained the remnants of a few candy bar wrappers and sweets; once filled to the brim with all sorts of chocolate and sugar coated delights for the neighborhood kids. Although trick-or-treating had finished over an hour ago, the Halloween night still had plenty of hours left. As he set the bowl away after discarding the wrappers, storing the uneaten candies, and washing it, he heard a knock at the door. Charlie rolled his eyes; maybe a few kids still didn’t quite keep track of the time.

After walking towards the door, he opened it and to his surprise, a teenage boy stood at the door, and not a costumed child. Charlie’s face lit up when he saw him.

“Isaac! It’s great to see you!” He beamed. The two chatted for a minute in the doorway, before he and Charlie sat on the benches of the porch. What was going on was simple: Isaac had come to make a special delivery.

“So, do you have it?” Charlie asked. Isaac smiled confidently, nodding.

“You bet I do!” He replied. At that moment, the teen reached into his pocket and pulled out a small object covered in a white cloth. He handed it to Charlie, who unwrapped it to reveal a silver ring; the telltale twin serpents forming the band, with the golden flowers, and the gleaming marquise emerald set between them.

Charlie couldn’t help but stare in awe.

“To get it, I had to convince its guardian that we had no intentions of using it for some selfish or evil purpose,” Isaac explained, “which is why I promised that I would give it to the most selfless and honorable person I knew!”

Charlie grasped the ring in his palm, then nodded and smiled. “And now, thanks to you, my friend, we can make sure this powerful artifact never falls into the hands of Marc! After all, something as ancient and as priceless as the Ring of Barahir should be kept safe!!” he replied as he slid the ring onto his right middle finger. A perfect fit.

After Isaac agreed, Charlie suddenly asked out loud, “where are you staying for tonight?”


Charlie glanced at the sky, and Isaac did the same; it was almost pitch black.

“...You don’t know where you’re staying tonight… do you…”

Isaac swallowed. “Uhhh…well, in my defense, I was kind of too focused on finding the ring’s location in Avalon, working out the best way to get it, and bringing it back to you…I guess I got a little bit distracted…” He replied, pulling an embarrassed shrug.

His friend smiled. “Well, no matter, my friend! Come on in!!” Charlie stepped aside to welcome his friend into the house, helping Isaac with his coat and boots, before turning to the kitchen.

“Hot cider or tea, Isaac?”

The boy smiled. “Apple cider, please!”

Charlie nodded, whistling to himself as he flipped the switch on the electric kettle, preparing two mugs of cider for himself and his friend.

After it was finished, he set one mug down before his friend. Isaac took it and let it cool for a good while. Taking a sip, his face suddenly twisted a bit. “I forgot how tart hot cider can be.” Isaac coughed. “Still, it’s good stuff! Healthy for the body, and sharp for the mind!”

After they both finished, Charlie took the mugs to the sink, before he and Isaac went up to his room; Charlie crashed on his bed, and his friend took his brother’s empty bed on the other side of the room.

The two friends laughed, joked, and chatted for a while, before going back downstairs to watch a movie.

Isaac grinned as he picked the DVD for Underworld, turning on the tv and player before starting the movie, as Charlie went to grab some ginger ale and popcorn for the two of them.

They then sat down to relax.

“I’ve never seen this movie. What’s it about?” Isaac asked, curiously.
“Just a movie that’s about werewolves and vampires.” Charlie winked.
Isaac raised an eyebrow, not sure what that was supposed to mean.

About half an hour into the movie, Isaac suddenly grabbed a tissue and blew into it, making Charlie jump.
“It’s so sad!” Isaac noted as he dried his eyes, as Charlie nodded in agreement. “He killed his own daughter just so she wouldn’t have a baby!”

“It…has those moments.” Charlie shrugged.

Later, when the movie finished, Charlie found himself staring at the Ring of Barahir on his finger. He began to ponder something. Was it really a good idea that he kept it on himself? Surely, Marc would figure that out eventually and come after him! He could indeed protect the ring should that happen, but he also knew that Marc was not the kind of person to give up; his determination was probably the only thing human about that madman…

Perhaps if he hid it somewhere else, it would be safer, but where could he possibly hide it?

An idea sparked into his mind. Perhaps what they needed was a little magical assistance.

“Something on your mind, Charlie?” Isaac asked.

“Maybe. Do you remember that scroll with the lunar seal spell on it?”

Isaac nodded. “You mean the one that was guarded by that crazy necromancer? Didn’t it cast an indestructible protection seal over wherever you placed the scroll, and it could only be lifted on the night of Halloween during a full moon?”

Charlie nodded, approving of his friend’s sharp memory. He then slipped off the ring and held it in his palm. Isaac then raised his finger to point something out.

“But…didn’t that spell have an extremely limited cast radius? Like it could cover a small room at best?”

“Or maybe…a small object?” Charlie made sure his friend’s gaze was on the ring.

Isaac gaped. “Charlie…that’s brilliant! With a spell that strong, Marc would never be able to get his hands on it! Unless he’s extremely patient and waits on the slim chance that it will be a full moon on the night of Halloween…” He shrugged. “But, won’t you need to cast the spell in an area where the moon’s light is at its brightest?”

Charlie shot a confident look at his friend. “Have no fear, Isaac! I may know just the place! There’s a peak overlooking the town just a couple miles from here! I can guarantee that’s where the moon will shine its brightest!”

Isaac got up. “Then, what are we waiting for? We’ve got a mystical artifact to hide!”

About thirty minutes later, Isaac and Charlie were standing outside the gates of an old quarry.

“Um…you’re certain this is the fastest way?” Isaac asked, peering past the gate. Charlie nodded, before suddenly taking off, easily vaulting over the gate, much to his friend’s astonishment.

“Catch me if you can, bud!” he laughed, as Isaac ran after snapping himself out of his surprise.

“Hey, get back here! I’m too old for Tag!”

They laughed like two mad hyenas as they chased each other, before Charlie skilfully slid to a stop atop the highest cliff.

Isaac made to catch up, but then he saw something moving at the corner of his eye. He stopped to turn around, but saw nothing.

“You coming, slowpoke?” Charlie teased.

“Yeah, I’m coming!” His friend shouted in reply. As he made his way up, he saw Charlie had already made preparations to cast the spell. The ring was positioned in a small hole in the ground; the moonlit glow almost seem to make the silver ring shine.
Isaac instantly stepped back. He didn’t know much about wielding magic, but usually it was a good idea to not get in the way of someone else casting such a spell.

Charlie began to read from the scroll aloud, speaking in a strange tongue; Isaac wasn’t quite sure what language it was. Elvish? Mandarin? Draconic? Who knows…

A moment after he finished reading it, the scroll suddenly disintegrated from his hand, and its dust began to float just atop the ring; it almost looked like seeing dust in the sunlight coming from the window. The dust then glowed a turquoise-green color as it suddenly began to embed itself around the ring, and even a little onto the metal itself.

In a moment, all was still.

“...Is it done?” Isaac asked, curiously. Charlie gestured forward.

“Want to find out?”

Tentatively, Isaac walked forward and reached down to touch the metal band. Suddenly, the sound of electric static could be heard as he got too close. The teen shot his hand back instantly, shaking it as if it was on fire! “Youch!” He cried out. “I couldn’t even get too close!” He then let out a single chuckle. “So I guess that means Marc can’t get it either!”

Charlie nodded. “Even if he could somehow touch the ring without getting hurt, he wouldn’t be able to lift it, since the ring has now been anchored to the Earth! It would be like trying to lift five anvils stacked on top of each other!”

They quickly covered the ring with dirt to conceal it and decided it was best to make their way back.

Charlie knew he’d return next year to retrieve the ring.

However, he and his friend were almost at Charlie’s house, when the sound of guttural breathing made them both stop. “D-did you hear that?!” Isaac asked nervously.
Charlie nodded, clearly worried. A sudden snarl made his blood go cold, as he took off.

“Isaac…RUN!!!” he yelled. Isaac frantically looked in the direction of the snarl and back at his friend.

“I’m not leaving you alone to face this!”

They both raced down the road toward the arena, and were almost there, when a roar split the air!!

Charlie and Isaac both spun to see the werewolf come flying at them from a leap, but with practiced ease, Charlie spun to dodge the beast’s claws, but it regained its footing, and charged Isaac, who leapt aside, but not before getting bitten across the left arm, just below his shoulder!!

The boy screamed, as Charlie ran toward the werewolf, who tried to charge toward him, but the man spun, and…WHAM!

A well-placed roundhouse kick had the werewolf stunned and whimpering, now sitting on its haunches and clearly dizzy!

“Lie down, furball!” Charlie smirked, and as if on cue, the werewolf collapsed, and with a final whimper, was out cold.

“Good boy!” Charlie said sarcastically, smirking. He and his friend exchanged glances, before they both burst out laughing, turning to head back home.

“Here, bud!” Charlie had slipped off his t-shirt, and had tied it tightly around Isaac’s wounded arm.

“Thanks!” he replied, wincing slightly.

Arriving home, Charlie helped his friend inside, before grabbing the medkit from the cupboard, and untying the makeshift bandage.

Administering some antibiotic to the wound after washing it, he then applied a compress and a bandage, then tossing his bloody shirt in the garbage.

“Thanks, pal!!” Isaac said with a relieved look. Charlie smiled.

“Hey, anything for a friend!”

He then helped Isaac up the stairs and into his room, helping him lie down, before grabbing a new t-shirt.
“...Man, good call! I feel exhausted right now…and I’m not talking about the 72 hours of no sleep…” Isaac whispered.

Charlie nodded, feeling exhausted himself, so after a quick hot shower and change into his night clothes, he emerged from the bathroom, tossed his clothes in the laundry, and crashed, falling asleep immediately.
Isaac smiled, yawned, and was fast asleep soon after.

However, as they both slept, the wind shifted the clouds to allow the light of the rising full moon into the room.

Charlie was fast asleep about two hours later, and so didn’t notice when Isaac jerked up, gasping. Feeling strange, the boy sat up, then his eyes widened as he felt something.

Looking down, a shocked gasp escaped his lips when he saw his fingernails had somehow grown into ivory talons; the hair on his arms and chest slowly starting to thicken!! At the same time, Isaac could feel his molars growing longer...and sharper!!

The boy’s hands began twitching as he watched the tan flesh darken to gray; Isaac gasped as his feet started to lengthen, alongside the nails; strangely enough, there wasn’t much in the way of pain.

Frantic, Isaac pulled the covers off and leapt from the bed, dashing out of the room, down the stairs, and outside to the front yard.

He suddenly glanced at his reflection in a nearby puddle of water, and what he saw, nearly made him faint…

Fortunately, he kept a cool head and tried to process what was going on. A realization dawned on him. ”I can’t Charlie see me like this!”
With that, he dashed away down the road toward the quarry once again, vaulting the gate easily and heading to the cliffs.

The young wolf was in such a panic now that he unleashed his pent-up emotions the only way he knew how…

A distant, blood-chilling howl made Charlie snap awake; his heart pounding!! ”Wh-what…?!” He was still half-dead with sleep, but another howl snapped him out of it.

”What is that?!” he wondered, shocked. Suddenly a terrible possibility entered his mind.

Either the werewolf that had attacked his best friend had struck again, and…

Charlie shook his head violently at the mere thought of Isaac getting hurt, or worse…

But another possibility came to him, one that made Charlie’s blood run cold.

However, the well-being of his closest friend made the man throw caution to the wind, as Charlie leapt out of bed, quickly undressed and put on jeans, a t-shirt, and his jacket, then grabbed his runners alongside his maglite, and headed out.

”I NEED to make sure Isaac is okay!! I won’t let my friend face danger alone!!”

Little did Charlie know, he was in for the shock of his life…

The man followed the footprints he found, leading him to the quarry. In moments, he thought he could almost hear someone…crying?

Worried, Charlie headed toward the sound. “Isaac…?!” he called. “Hey, bud! Are you alright?”

The crying stopped. As Charlie headed in deeper, he found himself in a small opening in the forest area; as soon he approached, he thought he saw Isaac’s figure dart into the bushes, or at the very least deeper into the shadows.

“S-stay back, Charlie!” He heard his friend’s voice say.


“I said stay back...please!” he called out again, but Charlie could hear his voice beginning to crack up. “I…don’t want to hurt you!” Charlie cocked his head to one side.

“And why would you do that?” Charlie asked as he got closer; he couldn’t entirely make out every detail, but he could see that there was indeed something different about his friend.

He heard Isaac choke up as he whispered, “Because I’m a monster.”

Charlie breathed slowly as he closed his eyes. “Do you not remember the times I changed into something else, Isaac?” he asked gently. “You were afraid upon learning of such occurrences; I knew you didn’t want to believe it had happened to me, but I helped you understand that no matter what I changed into, I was still the same person you had always known!!” Charlie couldn’t stop his tears. “Don’t you see, Isaac? No matter what you have become, I will always see you as my best friend!! And if you are afraid of any beastly instinct taking over, please don’t be! I know you can still find the friendship we have, Isaac! Just look within your heart!! Shouldn’t our friendship help you overcome the monster you believe yourself to be? Because I adamantly believe it can!!”

Charlie waited, but there was only silence...until he heard a sound almost like a puppy’s whimper!!

“...Y-you really mean that?” Isaac asked; he finally turned to face Charlie, who could see his eyes, even though now shining golden-amber, were filled with tears.

His friend gave a simple nod. “Of course I do.”

Without even thinking, Isaac reached over and hugged his friend tight. Charlie warmly returned the gesture, as he pat him on the head simply, surprised at how soft and warm Isaac’s fur was. “There there, it’ll be alright. Come on, let’s head back.”

Nodding, the werewolf set off, loping quietly down the road beside his friend; if not for Isaac’s size, people would’ve taken him for a pet dog walking beside his master.

He found the thought rather amusing.

Returning home, Charlie let Isaac in the back door, coming in after him.

The moonlight was shining brightly through the kitchen window, catching the werewolf’s fur and making it gleam slightly. He turned, slowly, and emerged silently into the moonlight, sitting comfortably on his haunches so Charlie could get a good look at his friend’s new form. His fur was a dark color, but there were patches of silver on his back and chest. He had perked ears like a German Shepherd, a broad muzzle with sharp fangs, and large hands/paws, with powerful muscles. A soft, bushy tail wagged gently behind him.

On his haunches, the werewolf was just a few inches shorter than Charlie, but when Isaac stood up, he was at least a full head taller, even on all fours!!

Charlie watched as his friend suddenly slumped onto the floor, uttering a depressed sigh. “What am I going to do?” He whispered to himself. His voice was notably deeper, with a slight growl, but still somewhat recognizable. As far as Charlie knew, Isaac was alone in this process. Who knew what he was going through…

But then, Isaac suddenly whimpered with pleasure, looking down to see his friend scratching his side!!

“Rrrrrrr….!!” Isaac growled. Charlie smiled, before scratching him under the chin, then his ears, making the werewolf whine happily; his furry tail was going a mile a minute!

Grinning mischievously, Charlie scratched lower down on Isaac’s chest, as the werewolf’s long tongue lolled out of his mouth, and before he knew it…THUMP!

Isaac was on his back, panting, and...whimpering?

His friend continued to gently rub his belly; Isaac tried to move, but could only lie there and whine from the pleasure of getting his belly massaged by his best friend.

Suddenly an idea came to the werewolf, as he grinned mischievously, before playfully knocking his friend down and pinning him.
”Oof! Hey…!” Charlie protested, but then Isaac’s grinning muzzle came into view above him; the light of the full moon shining behind the werewolf, through the window.

His glowing eyes were the only thing Charlie could see, and a chill ran down his spine.

“Isaac…?” he whispered fearfully. The werewolf growled. The man drew in a breath, before closing his eyes, unaware of the tears that now ran down his face. “Isaac, please, don’t do this! I’m begging you…!” Charlie was nearly on the verge of panic.

Suddenly, to Charlie’s gigantic surprise, he felt the werewolf lick him across the face multiple times, like a happy puppy. The man was practically drowning in drool as he tried to talk, “Ack! I give up! Please!” He laughed. But soon the man was thrashing and giggling uncontrollably; all his fear forgotten as he tried to fend off a really playful werewolf. His friend suddenly stopped mid-lick, and then realized what he was doing…

He leapt off his friend, grabbed a towel and apologetically cleaned his friend off. “I’m so sorry, Charlie! I-I have no idea what got into me!” But instead of annoyance, Isaac could swear he actually heard his friend laughing.

“Geez, you’re like the world’s first were-puppy!”

Isaac blushed, his ears drooping as his tail wagged in embarrassment.

Then, before he knew it, Charlie had hugged Isaac tight. The werewolf whined as his tail wagged like an out-of-control metronome. “I’m so lucky I’ve got a friend like you, Isaac!” he whispered. His friend whined happily, easily raising his head and affectionately licking his friend’s face again, this time more gently than before.

But suddenly, just after they let each other go, the crunch of boots on leaves just outside alerted them. Isaac’s eyes glowed suddenly, as he snarled, quickly moving in front of Charlie to protect him.

“You hear that?” Isaac asked. Charlie nodded.

“Someone’s outside.” Isaac looked down at his claws.

“Time to put these to the test…”
Slowly, the wolf raised his head so he could look out the window, and who did he see, but Marc and his friends, with screwdrivers, and guns.

Charlie clenched his fists hard, as his knuckles cracked, and he breathed slowly. Turning to the kitchen, he came back seconds later with a butcher knife.

CRASH! he spun to see Judas kick open the back door, which swung wide, the force making the 9 glass windows all shatter!!

Without hesitation, Charlie charged across the kitchen, spinning low to dodge the man’s kick, before driving the blade into Judas’ leg!!

He screamed as he collapsed, then Charlie was on top of his enemy, driving the knife up to the hilt in the man’s chest.

One down...four to go.
Hearing the cock of a gun, he wrenched the knife out, whirled and threw the blade across the room, Moloch spun aside only for Dallas to get drilled that time!!

Suddenly, Charlie’s hands were at his throat, struggling to stop the steel chain that Marc had wrapped around his neck!!

“I-isaac...HELP!!” he managed to scream, before his enemy pulled the chain tight!!

“Moloch...NOW!!” Marc shouted, as his friend levelled a shotgun at Charlie!!

“OH NO YOU DON’T!” Isaac snarled! With a sudden leap of precision, the wolf landed right on top of Moloch, and sliced across his face with his claws! The gun he was holding had fired, but due to Isaac’s pounce, the shot had missed Charlie’s head, and the bullet landed straight into Marc’s shoulder!

Screaming, the man staggered back, just before Charlie spun, and WHAM!!

A powerful uppercut snapped Marc’s head back, before Charlie’s powerful double kick sent him flying across the kitchen, through the hall, and into the front porch, slamming into the floor!!

Landing, Charlie spun...just as he screamed from getting drilled by a knife!!

Isaac roared in terror as his friend collapsed, then he lost all semblance of control.

Spinning, the werewolf unleashed a roar that shook the house as he leapt!! “No one hurts my best friend,” He threatened. “and you have hurt him long enough, Marc!”

But now, Charlie was lying on the floor, coughing horribly; blood oozing from both his chest wound, and his mouth!!

“I-isaac...p-please…!!” The werewolf was horrified as he heard the wet gurgle of his friend choking on his own blood.

Allowing the beast to take over, Isaac roared as he leapt at Marc, slamming him into the ground, but then he stopped, blinking in surprise.

Marc only grinned devilishly, before the werewolf lifted himself up, surprised to see a pure silver sword cane stuck in his chest!!

Marc suddenly started laughing, as the werewolf’s muzzle twisted in horror.

But then, as Isaac staggered back, he stopped, looked down at the blade, then back up at Marc, and started laughing!!

He had to force himself to stop when he saw Marc’s utterly shocked expression. “Gotcha!!” the werewolf sneered. “You really thought silver would hurt me, Marc?! You’ve got mush for brains if you can’t even remember…!”

He then pulled a ponderous face. “I’m pretty sure the issue was those werewolves had allergic reactions to silver.” He shrugged, then his determined look returned. “Unfortunately for you, I never had any allergies!!!” Literally. The boy wasn’t even allergic to pollen…

The wolf then snapped the blade in half with a single claw, wrenched the broken half out of his chest before throwing it aside, and pounced back on top of Marc; the wound healing in seconds! But then, to his surprise, he saw the shoulder where Marc had been shot was completely healed as well! How was this possible? Unless…

Isaac suddenly tore down the curtains to the windows and positioned Marc in front of it, making sure every ounce of moonlight was shining on him. The man tried to thrash out of the werewolf’s grip, but a kick to the spine had Marc on his knees, followed by an elbow to the skull that had him feeling like his head was going to roll off his shoulders, as he sat there on the verge of collapsing in the shaft of moonlight.

Marc suddenly jerked violently as he began going through the same transformation Isaac did hours ago, and...screaming, or laughing...the whole time?!
When he finished, Isaac could only gape in shock, as he recognized the same wolf that bit him in the first place!!

“You...did this to me!” He snarled.

No one could tell just what the world’s most evil man was feeling as he changed into a beast. But Isaac was going to make sure the enemy’s time was short!!  

Isaac leapt forward to attack, slamming into Marc like a battering ram! Charlie, who was still mostly motionless on the ground, could only watch with fading vision as his best friend and mortal enemy fought! It was clear that Marc had absolutely no sense in him in this form; it was as though he were a mad dog driven by nothing more than savage instinct. That was another thing that separated Marc from being human; at least Isaac didn’t given in to such savage thoughts, not when it came to the people he cared about. For Marc, it was kill or be killed.

Then the unexpected happened…

Isaac suddenly, using his fist instead of his claw, shot a punch directly into Marc’s jaw!! The force of the impact slammed his jaw into his skull, causing one of his fangs to shoot out of his mouth, which made him howl in agony! The fang suddenly embedded straight into Charlie’s arm! It sunk straight into his flesh, and the man cried in pain! But, as the battle between Marc and Isaac resumed, Charlie’s vision began to become…clearer?  

Suddenly something strange happened. Isaac and his enemy stopped, both staring in shock as the fang seemed to glow with a fiery power, before dissolving into black dust that sank into the wound, and vanished!!

The man’s eyes snapped open, just as Marc reached for him, and Charlie’s hand shot up…WHAM!!

Marc was gagging and growling, as Isaac watched in shock, seeing his friend’s dark brown eyes suddenly blaze like fire!!

Then…WHAM! A perfect double kick, sent the wolf flying straight up to slam into the ceiling, cracking it, before Charlie rolled out of the way with lightning speed, and, faster than even Isaac’s eyes could follow, flipped up onto his feet, spun, and WHACK!! A perfect roundhouse kick sent Marc flying like a rag doll back across the kitchen into the porch, before Charlie collapsed, screaming in agony, as Isaac watched in shock!!

The man’s muscles bulked, slowly tearing his shirt open, but then his skin began to stretch, as the hair began to grow and thicken; unlike either Isaac or Marc, Charlie’s hair was jet-black! He felt his ears begin to flex and stretch as they grew, and with a horrible crack, his molars all fell out in a bloody pile; red slime oozing from the man’s gums!!

Then, just as quickly, new teeth...the razor-sharp fangs of a beast...slid out to replace them all; his four primary molars lengthening into deadly fangs with a sickening pop!

However, the bitter taste of iron drove the man’s mind into a frenzy, as he jerked up, and roared!!

Tearing the remnants of his clothes off in one swipe, the man collapsed; his muscles swiftly bulking as his hands grew; lethal ebony talongs slicing out and splitting his old nails like toothpicks, both on his hands and his feet!!

Charlie suddenly threw back his head and roared; the sound trailing into an absolutely blood-chilling howl!!

As this happened, Isaac and Marc both cringed while watching the man’s mouth stretch and then RIP itself open for a bloody muzzle to emerge; his human ears tore away similarly as huge lupine ears tore free!!

Finally, with one heave and a sickening RRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPP, a bloody pile of flesh remained from the human.

Now, both Charlie’s friend...and his sworn enemy...were gaping at the black werewolf from ‘Van Helsing’, whose amber eyes burned with rage, and fangs dripped with blood!!

Luckily, Isaac could still discern the heart of the wolf. He still knew Charlie was there.

And Marc as well.

Driven by only the most basic of primal instinct, the new werewolf roared as he sprang seven feet across the room to bodyslam his enemy; they both crashed through the window, rolling, slashing, snarling, and roaring at one another!!

Isaac was so shocked that he just stood there gaping; his ears drooping, and he came to the faintly disturbing realization that he was whimpering!! It took a considerable amount of effort to make his ears stand erect again, before he shook off the stupor, and sprang out into the night to help his friend.

Marc had tried to grab Charlie by the throat, but he grabbed the other werewolf’s wrist, and squeezed; Marc suddenly whined in pain, then howled as a sickening snap resounded in the night!!

As he staggered back, roaring in agony from his broken arm, Charlie sprang twelve feet through the air toward Marc, Isaac’s amazement...he spun away, before tensing his muscles…and slamming back-first into his foe, driving Marc into the ground so hard that the other werewolf actually screamed in agony!!!

Then, he jumped up, spun, and wrenched Marc’s head back, biting savagely into the other werewolf’s throat!!

Blood sprayed as Marc actually squealed, like a stuck pig!!

Jumping off him, Charlie backed away, waiting for his enemy to react. But then he noticed Isaac was gone!!

He forced back his surprise, however, knowing that any distraction would get him seriously hurt...or even killed.

Charlie waited, but Marc didn’t move for a long time. Then, finally, the werewolf did so, very slowly, and got back up.

He growled, choking on blood as he struggled to heal the vicious neck wound he’d been dealt. It was so deep that one could see Marc’s pulsing veins, and moving muscles, through the open wound, and even his neck vertebrae were exposed; a truly gruesome sight to behold!!

Charlie had never seen anything so gory...or so all the battles he’d ever fought against him.

But still, Marc would not give up.

Growling, he walked toward his foe, then ran…

Charlie was confused, but just the same, grabbed his enemy’s arm and flipped him upside-down, before nailing him in the nuts with one well-aimed kick!!

Marc squealed...even higher-pitched this time… as he collapsed again.

Charlie spun, and took off running; one thing on his mind now…

Suddenly hearing a roar, he glanced back to see his enemy tearing after him through the bushes!!

But Charlie wasn’t surprised that Marc had been healed, even after such a vicious attack.

He howled, and listened, hearing his friend’s distant howl in response. Utilizing his parkour skills, Charlie ventured to the quarry cliff once more, intent on making use of the last weapon he had...

Isaac met him there, just finishing muttering the spell to break the shield over the ring.

Forget about waiting a year.

Suddenly he heard a growl, glancing up to see his friend toss him something.

Charlie caught it on his right hand, and examined it, a snort of surprise escaping his muzzle as he beheld the Ring of Barahir!!

He looked up at Isaac, stunned, who merely smiled. ”Turns out the spell could be nullified by sheer willpower if you’re desperate enough!!”

His friend grinned, sliding the ring back onto his finger, suddenly whimpering and trembling as the silver sent a wave of extraordinary power through him; Charlie could feel himself growing stronger as the various injuries he’d sustained from fighting Marc swiftly healed in seconds…

A shocked growl made him spin, as he grinned fiendishly at his enemy, who stood gaping at the sight of a silver ring upon one of the fingers of a werewolf...without causing him any pain or harm whatsoever!!
But Marc snarled, shoving the thought aside as he roared while barrelling toward his most hated enemy, intent on finishing Charlie AND Isaac off forever…


Quick as lightning, Charlie had grabbed Marc’s left arm, spun while twisting it, launching him into the air, and leaping for a flying side kick, sending his enemy careening back to slam into the rocky cliff!!

Marc was stunned as he got back up. How had Charlie become so strong, or so fast all of a sudden?! Although he lacked the answers to such questions, he wasn’t going to quit! Charlie leapt down after him, digging one claw into the side of the cliff to brace his descent! Then about halfway down, he executed a front flip, drop-kicking Marc backward, his roar suddenly rising to a squeal as a large rock collided with his crotch; a sickening crunch resounding!!

Isaac, who was watching from a distance, couldn’t help but wince. “Ouch… That’s gotta hurt…”

Marc staggered back, while Charlie slowly approached; intending to deliver the finishing blow.

With one last effort of strength, Marc jumped forward, hoping he could catch him by surprise. But instead, Charlie, with lightning fast speed, moved out of the way, and sliced very deep across Marc’s chest! With one loud whine of pain, Marc collapsed onto the rocky ground, and rolled onto his side; blackened blood oozed from his wounds. With his last bit of strength, he tried to crawl over to Charlie, as if it he was going to die; he wanted so much to fight hard, even in his last moments.

“You…won’t…win…” He managed to say, before he gave up and whatever life he had faded from his body.

Charlie snorted derisively, spitting on his enemy’s corpse. “Looks like I already have, scumbag!” he growled, before kicking the wolf’s lifeless body over the cliff!!

Both he and his friend watched the corpse fall, but as it did, something very strange happened.

The skin, bones, and organs of the dead werewolf seemed to blacken and shrivel, soon bursting in a cloud of ashes upon hitting the ground, revealing...nothing!!

Nothing at all but a pile of ashes.

Isaac was still standing atop the hill, wide eyed at this spectacle. Seeing his friend watching, Charlie darted over and climbed the cliff wall in a matter of seconds! Isaac staggered back as Charlie pushed himself back on top, right in front of him.

Isaac swallowed as his friend loomed over him, peering down at him. Isaac couldn’t help but feel very slightly intimidated by his size and strength; he was at least two feet bigger than he!

“H-hey, Charlie! You uh…still in there?” The smaller wolf asked, curiously.

Charlie didn’t move, only continuing to stare at his friend. Then he suddenly grinned slyly; his ears flipping back as his fangs gleamed!

Then he jumped down onto all fours, growling, then barking! With a yip of surprise, Isaac took off, hearing his friend close behind!!

With a crazed laugh, Charlie leapt and pinned his friend, this time licking his ears and snuffling his wet nose in Isaac’s fur; the younger werewolf whimpering, barking, and finally howling with mirth!!

Isaac managed to break free, as Charlie growled. “Yeah, you’d better run, Isaac! The playfully-deadly puppy wolf is coming!!” he barked, before howling with laughter as he resumed chasing his friend. For some reason, this only made Isaac run faster…and Charlie’s grin widen.

Then he pounced again...but Isaac grinned as he rolled aside; his friend landed easily, before Isaac spun...and then it was Charlie’s turn to face ‘torture’ as his friend licked and tickled him practically to death!!

Finally, exhausted, both werewolves collapsed on the ground next to each other, laughing like two mad hyenas! Isaac then got up, and helped his friend.

Charlie put a hand on Isaac’s shoulder. “Thank you, Isaac, for helping me, and for saving my life. But most of all, thank you for being such a true friend!!”

Charlie then nuzzled Isaac, as he whined happily, and they hugged each other.

“Hey, it’s the least I could do to give you a chance to start over, Charlie!” he replied, smiling warmly. “I knew you needed it, and now that the world is safe again, you and I are free!!”

Charlie smiled, then his ears drooped again as he thought of something. “But...what about our families? Won’t they…?!”

But Isaac silenced him with a gentle lick across his muzzle. “They already know...about everything!!” he assured his friend. “Now you and I are free, because the ones we love know, and are happy knowing, that we are together, as brothers!!”

Charlie’s ears perked up in surprise. “You and I are brothers, Isaac?!”

He grinned wolfishly, nodding. “Even if we are just two, we are still a pack, and thus, yes, Charlie! We are brothers!!”

Charlie whined happily as he hugged Isaac tight once again, who laughed.

Turning to look into the distance, the two young wolves could feel the wild calling to them.

It was an urge neither of them could deny. Then Isaac suddenly lifted his friend’s hand, placing the Ring of Barahir in it!!

Charlie gasped, looking up at Isaac in wonder!! He merely winked.

“It never bothered me, Charlie,” he replied quietly, with a knowing smile. “and I see it is the same for you as well; therefore, I want to give it to you as a gift!”

He smiled as he slid the Ring of Barahir onto Charlie’s right middle finger.

The young werewolf smiled as he examined the silver serpents, the golden flowers, and the gleaming emerald. Catching the first sliver of the full moon rising over the horizon, Charlie raced away, crested a nearby hill, and threw back his head to sing joyfully to the brilliant white orb as it drifted slowly into the sky from its hiding place over the horizon.

Another, powerful howl joined his own, as the two friends revelled in their victory...and in their freedom.

Racing away into the wilderness with his best friend by his side, Charlie wondered what was in store for him and Isaac now that they had begun their new lives as werewolves.

With Marc and his friends gone, they both knew they were safe, and the northern wilderness called the two young wolves to embrace a life of freedom that they would cherish for all time.

Indeed, the world could be a wonderful place when viewed through the eyes of a wolf.

And they knew the greatest adventure was just beginning...
Soul of the Wild
Another awesome werewolf tale my buddy Isaac helped me write, for the upcoming Halloween season.

Cheers, bud! :highfive:

I hope everyone enjoys it....AAAAAAWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!!! :XD:
The burning smell of smoke invaded my nostrils. I shot up out of my bed, to see the grey cloud that had gathered from beneath my door. Terror turned my blood to ice, as I slowly pulled it open to find that almost half the house was on fire! It must have been lit recently, seeing as a later flame would’ve already reached most of the house.

“Dad, Barb, Brandon! We have to get out of here! The house is on fire!” I shouted, frantically. No one answered. I should have climbed out of there to safety, but the love for my family prevailed, making me throw common sense to the wind as I rushed to find them, but then I heard and saw something that caught my attention as I ran past a window. There, I saw him, and his friends, walking away from the scene. To my horror, Marc had his knife out, and the blade was covered with blood.

It couldn’t be…it just couldn’t be! I frantically ran, trying to find my loved ones. I turned a corner to enter the burning kitchen, but in the end, was too late. I heard a loud creaking sound above me, as I looked up. A support beam suddenly came loose, and before I had a chance to react, it had fallen on top of me.

I faded in and out of consciousness. I was still in the house, and it was still burning, but it looked like most of the damage had been done, leaving behind only charred remains. My body hurt all over; I was in intense agony, but had no strength to react to it...until the memories surfaced of my family’s faces smiling at me even as I had fled my home after the murder.

My eyes slowly opened again, and, fuelled by naught but sheer rage, I grabbed the beam pinning me down, and with an almost draconic roar, flung the 60-pound beam straight up so hard, that it smashed clean through the ceiling, luckily getting caught!!

The adrenaline flowed like acid through my veins as I leapt up, smashing my way out of what remained of the back porch, charging across the yard and vaulting over both fences bordering the back lane in one bound!!
Landing crouched on the cool grass of the lot, a sob burst forth, as I got up again, and began running, not looking back at the only home I had ever known as it was reduced to a charred wreck.

The revelation that my only family was now gone forever, rode me like a monster. There was no turning back.

36 hours later…

I woke from a nightmare of being trapped in the house, my father, mother, and brother mere feet from me, pinned as I was by burning beams, but there were no screams or even words...just silent recognition that we were dying, even though we were all together.

Thorin Oakenshield’s words rose to the forefront of my mind just as I was about to die:

”If this is to end in fire, then we shall all burn together.”

Just as my vision faded, I glimpsed my father as he placed something in my outstretched right hand…

My eyes were wet with tears as I came awake abruptly, before sitting up in the bed. Reaching to open the nightstand drawer beside me, I reached in to withdraw a small burgundy velvet drawstring pouch, from which I took my father’s gift: Gandalf’s ring, Narya, the Ring of Fire, from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ film trilogy.

I sighed as I slid the ring onto my right middle finger, and lay back down, watching the ruby shimmer as though a flame danced beneath its surface. Suddenly I noticed that the pouch seemed slightly more distended than it should have been. Puzzled, I took it, and reached in, this time withdrawing a small folded note!!

It seemed slightly charred about the edges, but unfolding it, found it was still legible; a note from my father.


I have failed...WE ALL have failed...except for you. I know death is near, even as I write these words to you. Marc is coming again. I have done everything I can.

The rest is in your hands. Live your life, and cherish every moment. It is Jesus’ greatest gift, as is the eternal love we have as a family. But know that we have died happy for both you, and also the revelation that Jesus is waiting for us.

And so I leave you, my son, with wishes for a fulfilling life. Fight the enemy as best you can, trust in the Lord, and believe He can give you the strength to prevail. That is your greatest hope now.

And know the ruby, one of the most beautiful creations, as part of Heaven itself! Let Narya, Gandalf’s ring, remind you of your faith and courage, my son, and of our love for you.

God bless,


I felt the tears running down my face, as I cried after placing the folded note back on the table. I cried myself into a mercifully dreamless sleep after turning out the light.

Rising early, I glimpsed the first hints of dawn streaming through the bedroom window.

Getting up, I stripped off my clothes, showered and washed up, then re-dressed, and departed the motel, headed up the road toward the highway, devoid of either vehicles or pedestrians this early.

Luckily, I was alone. And by now, early fall had turned green and brown to red and gold, making the sky look even bluer than usual.

Heading north, I walked until I reached Highway 321, and took it without a second thought, leaving a home devoid of anything but painful revelations and distant memories, behind forever.
I walked slowly, my hands in my jacket pockets, just enjoying the silence of the dawn. Miles later, I finally spotted a vast forest no more than half a mile further. Turning back, I saw naught but the road seeming to stretch to infinity, without even the slightest hint of signs, vehicles, or buildings.

Good, I thought. I can finally leave the pain behind.

I turned forward again, and set off toward the forest with a spring in my step, ready to embrace a new beginning.

The road was smooth and flat, but abruptly ended at the border between open flatland and dense forest.

I smiled, heading into the golden-red canopy with a lightened heart. There was no road, path or trail of any kind, but it did not matter in the least.

I was free of my past now.

The terrain seemed slightly hilly and damp, evoking memories of walking the trail into Bear Lake with my brother and my dad so many years ago. Nothing but sheer wilderness now existed all about me; the sun shining dimly through the forest canopy, as the relaxing sounds of birds and wildlife resounded, further easing my grief and pain.

”It’s all so wonderful, this world that God made, and the faith it renews, should never, ever fade.”

I couldn’t recall where I’d heard those words, but thinking about them made me finally feel happiness in nearly a decade.

Thus, I was finally able to let it all go. And for the first time in my life, I felt free.

Coming to rest by a small stream with some leaves floating within it, I stripped again, and went for a swim, before taking a refreshing drink.

I admired the falling leaves as the cool breeze whipped them around.

Afterward, I climbed out, dried off with the help of a good breeze, and redressed. Heading deeper into the forest, I explored. Mainly flat, forested expanse punctuated by slightly hilly terrain. A dampness hung light in the air, but nature was abound here.

I explored, foraged for food, which I knew by memory was plentiful if you knew where to find it, which I did, and also rested after escaping.

However, due to relaxing into a light sleep, I was unaware of two figures walking together through the forest.

“Have you gathered enough wood for the stove, Aldous?” Cora called to him. The wizard grumbled under his breath, but called back that he’d nearly gotten a forty-pound load.

“Make it fifty, just so we’ll have extra if the main load runs low.”
Aldous nodded, clearly annoyed. But he did as he was asked. Just as he was hefting the wood, though, he caught sight of me resting in the stream.

“Cora…??!” he shouted, but she already seemed to know.

“Who is…?” The woman’s words trailed off as she got a good look. “Goodness, it’s Charlie!!”

Aldous shot Cora a strange look, but she in turn stared at Aldous like he’d lost his mind.

”How could you not recognize him, Aldous?!” Cora was genuinely mystified by her husband’s ignorance. “This is the man who fought against the world’s greatest evil for over thirty years!!”

She regarded me solemnly, easily reading my thoughts and emotions. “Look at him; so lost, tired, and alone!” With a wave of her hand, Cora lifted me from the stream, vaporized the water on my skin, and slipped my clothes back onto me. “Let’s get him home.”

Gradually, I woke up to find myself in a warm, cozy bed in a spacious bedroom that was well-furnished. Oakwood paneling covered the walls, and a painting of a forest meadow hung on the wall above the bed, opposite a window overlooking a hill going down to a lake surrounded on all sides by endless pine forests.

Cora herself was seated in a chair across from me, intently knitting a woolen scarf. She looked up, and smiled. “Well, look who’s up and about! Good morning, Charlie!” she greeted me warmly.

I smiled, sitting up and stretching. “ ‘Morning, Cora!” I yawned.

“There are clothes on the nightstand for you, but why don’t you go and have a warm bath? You look like you need it!”

Smiling, I thanked her, and walked across the room to the bathroom, going in and undressing.

The bathroom itself was fairly big, with a large spa bath beneath a large window, an open shower across from it, and a combined sink-toilet, with a bidet.

I filled up the spa, and relaxed for a good half-hour, before washing up. But as I examined the shampoos, one caught my eye.

A black bottle, Dragonscale Wash, about 30 ml, with a picture of a silver dragon on the front breathing blue flames!!

Taking it, I popped the cap, enticed by a sudden sweet cinnamon and allspice aroma.

Squeezing just a drop into my hand, I began to rub it slowly over my skin, surprised to feel a warm tingle as I did so!!

After washing and rinsing, I drained the spa, and dried off, slipping into the warm jeans and sweater Cora had provided.

Emerging from the washroom, the delicious aroma of steak and eggs greeted me, as did Cora with a big good morning hug.

Cora, Aldous, and I all sat down to a delicious breakfast. During the meal, I happened to glance out the window. “Oy, yoy-yoy, it’s really snowin’ out there!”

Aldous smiled. “Sure is, Charlie!”

Afterwards, I bundled up, and went out, grabbing a snow shovel.

As Aldous and Cora watched me, the sorceress shot her husband an annoyed glance. “Charlie didn’t HAVE to do that, Aldous!” she scolded, to the wizard’s surprise.

“But I didn’t say anything to suggest he should, Cora!” he replied defensively.

“I beg to differ, my friend!”

Aldous gasped, whirling to see me staring at him through the partly-open door with a slightly annoyed expression.

He didn’t move, only staring at me. But I in turn shook my head. ”You FORGOT about my empathic mimicry, Aldous?!” my exasperated tone echoed in the wizard’s mind. ”Cora was right: Why DON’T you get into the present-day and wake up? I can read minds just as easily as Cora, and frankly I’m past being annoyed with your ignorance!”

Cora chuckled, then with a snap of her fingers, was outside with me. I closed the door, leaving Aldous alone with his confusion.

Turning to Cora, I shrugged, before she and I both burst out laughing.

I then put the shovel down, walked back to the other end of the driveway, and slipped off my gloves, where only now, Cora saw what she instantly recognized as Narya, the Ring of Fire, upon my right middle finger.
I rubbed my hands together vigorously, before breathing into them; Cora gasping upon seeing the telltale glow of red fire between my fingers!!

I suddenly thrust my hands up, as my friend gasped upon seeing they were now ablaze!!! Thrusting them out while flipping my hands upward, I shot two baseball-sized fireballs at the ground, which began swiftly spin around each other as they swiftly melted the snow directly on the driveway, luckily subliming it so that ice or flooding wouldn’t be a problem!

Cora whistled in awe, as I glanced at her, and winked. When they were almost at the end of the drive, the fireballs vanished, after which I telekinetically grabbed my shovel.

“There was so much snow that I wanted to melt some to cut down the work; I get a sore back after hard labour like this.”

“I know what you mean, Charlie; Aldous complains almost daily about it.”

I rolled my eyes. “Why not just grin and…” A flash of fire over my human form yielded a handsome anthropomorphic black bear seconds later. “bear it!!”

Cora and I couldn’t stop cracking up after that, but I had to admit, being a bear aided me greatly in that even the heaviest snow loads were a breeze to move, and the bitter cold was harmless.

Afterward, Cora and I made snow, and snow-bear, angels in the front yard, before I let her change me back.

Seeing the hills in the distance, I turned to see the icicles hanging from the roof, and smirked. Telekinetically grabbing one, I dropped it horizontally; a flash of flame revealed a new snowboard when it hit the snow!!

Winking at my friend, I telekinetically propelled myself from the front yard, into the air over the road with a misty flip, and off into the limitless expanse of the hilly forests, whooping excitedly all the way.

Laughing, Cora repeated my trick, conjuring skis and poles before taking off after me.

She and I stayed out all day, exploring and cruising. A few miles into the forest, we found a clearing where Cora helped me make a fire pit from stones, before I used my newfound powers to dry out several large logs, and start a fire.

Cora magically conjured hotdogs and s’mores, and we both had a great evening out under the stars.

As we relaxed, I glanced back at the trail. “Mind if I call Aldous a wuss, Cora?” I spread my hands. “Look at such a beautiful place! The weather’s perfect, and Aldous is probably cooped up inside moping about how miserable the season is!”

She chuckled. “I can’t say I completely disagree with you on that, Charlie!”

I grinned, telekinetically grabbing another marshmallow in my left hand and letting it float up a few inches, before snapping the fingers of my other hand; a match-sized flame flaring to life on the tips of my index and middle fingers, before flashing in a thin stream to the marshmallow and surrounding it, vanishing seconds later to reveal a golden-brown treat! Another snap of my fingers yielded two golden graham crackers and a chunk of Hershey chocolate.

Cora smiled, snapping her fingers as an exact duplicate of my gooey snack materialized in her hand, and we both enjoyed some sweet treats.

About 20 minutes later, the fire began to wane, but Cora was growing bored with watching the fire, so we both simply sat back and watched the stars. Even though I’d never told either her or Aldous, my friend happened to notice how my gaze, while admiring many of the stars, drifted back to the constellation of Draco, the Dragon.

Cora was astonished upon glimpsing into my soul, seeing a powerful force within that yearned to be set free: A large young, copper-grey dragon bound in chains, roaring and writhing against his restraints with all his might, yet failing to break out!!

She instantly reminisced about the scene in ‘Dragonheart’, where King Einon and his soldiers capture and imprison Draco; Einon discovering and banning his men from torturing the dragon so that the evil king can live forever.

”Just as Marc and his friends have occasionally imprisoned, tortured, and mocked my friend!!”

The revelation sickened her, but Cora knew I was free. Yet not free in the way she knew I wanted to be.

With that in mind, Cora began formulating a plan.

She didn’t want to tell Aldous, since she knew perfectly well that sometimes, he wanted things his own way; that was partly why they were often at odds with each other. But Aldous could also be annoyingly impulsive.

Cora knew he’d most likely go about the plan all wrong if he knew.

Cora telepathically relayed her plan to me as we relaxed by the fire. I at first was stunned at such a proposition, but my friend only wanted what was best for me; Cora said that it was best for me to follow my heart.

Upon realizing this, I accepted, deeply touched that Cora cared so much.

Upon us returning to the cabin, we saw all the lights were off, indicating Aldous had already turned in.

Before going to bed ourselves, my friend told me that tomorrow evening was the time; I should get as much sleep as possible.

I smiled, and went into my room to change and turn in.

That night I slept better than I had in a long time, and my dreams were of dawn-bathed mountains, waterfalls and rivers, and open skies graced by myself as a dragon, simply enjoying my first new days of life, and freedom.

The next day, just before Christmas, dawned glorious and bright, with a deep blue sky and a bright, warm sun.

After our last morning meal together, Cora, Aldous, and I cleaned up, then decided to spend that day hiking, exploring, and having fun in the snow.

I couldn’t quite dispel the butterflies in my gut upon realizing that my friends were about to do something...something astounding and revelational.

But to tease me, Cora kept quiet.

We enjoyed the day as we had always done. Yet Cora felt a slight sadness upon realizing that not only was she going to help set me free, but that I might not return for a long time.

Although both she and Aldous would undoubtedly be very happy that I was finally going to take the first steps toward living a life of freedom.

For the first time...ever. The enemy was coming, and the war would be fought. But both my friends knew that the final war would open to me the truth about the freedom I so desperately sought.

And it would be eternal: Never again would the greatest enemy ever to walk the earth, rise.

Cora would help me, and make sure of that.

It began shortly after lunch that day, when Cora and I were out skating together on the small river that ran through the forest across the backyard, just past the treeline.

My friend and I were racing each other when a sudden feeling of unease gripped me. I slid to a stop a few metres from my friend, who looked visibly worried. For a few seconds, neither of us moved...until there came a low, menacing chuckle from the trees!!

We both the ice beneath my feet cracked, then split…

”CHARLIE...!!” Cora screamed, but then I yelled in terror as I crashed through the ice!!

I felt that it was only by the grace of God that the river wasn’t very deep or fast, but it was deep enough to be able to fully submerge yourself.

And it was bone-chillingly cold.

I thrashed and kicked at the ice, unable to break through since I had drifted about two metres from where I’d fallen in, and was now where the surface ice was thicker, and thus harder to break.

But as my adrenaline spiked, something happened. Without my being aware of it, the ruby in my ring began to shimmer; the power growing brighter...and stronger. Suddenly feeling heat, I glanced down at it, then thinking fast, thrust both hands up until they were flat against the underside of the ice; Narya’s ruby shining like fire…

Cora was running across the ice toward the hole I’d earlier made after going through, when she slid to a stop, gasping at the sight of a strong red shimmer beneath the surface!!

As the sorceress watched in awe, the glow began to intensify, before…BOOOOM!!

An explosion like a bomb sent a plume of superheated water nearly 300 feet into the air, before I climbed out of the steaming hole, coughing and soaked to the bone...but alive!!

“Charlie…!!” Cora was instantly by my side, and was shocked to find that while my clothes and skin were wet, the water was hot!!!

Stunned, she turned toward the hole, and went over to stick a hand in, gasping as she jerked it out a second later; luckily her power prevented her from getting burned by the now-scalding liquid!!

Cora helped me get back to the lodge, helping me strip off my soaked clothes, hanging my jacket, boots, toque, and gloves up to dry, before conjuring a robe and slippers on me, and hurrying to prepare a hot mug of cider.

Luckily Aldous conjured a drying spell that helped me, as I sat back down on the sofa. “But, how are you not…?!”

“Near frozen to death, Aldous?” I finished with a slight grin. He swallowed, as I lifted my right hand; the wizard gasping upon seeing my ring.

“I’m actually surprised you didn’t know he had this, Aldous!” Cora cut in as she came to sit beside me.

Reaching up to feel my hair, I frowned upon noting it was all tangled and messed up. But a simple, quick flip of my hand across it, slicked it back completely, rendering it smooth once more.

“You seriously had no idea I possessed my own power, Aldous?!” I was surprised. “How did you not notice my ring?”

He stared at it. “It’s very nice, Charlie!”

But Cora was surprised upon noting her husband was otherwise clueless.

“You honestly need to get with the times, Aldous!! You really didn’t know about our friend possessing a ring of power? This is Narya, the Ring of Fire, possessed by the wizard Gandalf in ‘Lord of the Rings’!!”

Aldous only now looked as though he remembered. But Cora chose not to talk about it. Her husband could be clueless about many things, a lot of the time.

However, Cora and I couldn’t shake the feeling that the enemy was out there, waiting…

It began later that afternoon, when Cora and I were all out walking through the forest, enjoying the sunny weather.

And as usual, Cora, having grown tired of her husband complaining about the weather, had forcibly turned him into the beautiful winter coat she now wore.

Not that she needed one, but she and I had both insisted Aldous “get his lazy butt off the couch and out into the world. Enjoy the nice weather while it lasted, and get the stink blown off him.”

I’d nearly collapsed in laughter at that one, especially when it came from Cora in her annoyed tone of voice.

Luckily, I’d heard Aldous mutter something under his breath as he’d turn me into something.

Big mistake.

Thanks to my ring (and my empathic mimicry), I’d easily nullified the power, before a pillar of fire from the ruby, turned Aldous into a moth-eaten sneaker.

Cora almost collapsed with laughter as she watched.

“Looks like Cora ain’t the only one you don’t wanna cross, Aldous!!

His wife’s laughter redoubled when I drawled out the wizard’s name with a thick Western twang, like ”AAAWWWWWWWLLLLLDUUUUUUSSSS.”

We were out exploring the winter wonderland a few hours later, when I suddenly got the uneasy feeling we were being watched. Slowly, I turned full 360, surveying my surroundings with aquiline precision.

Nothing I could see.

But the unease remained.

Cora and I were almost at the apex of the first snowy hill past the house, when I stopped.

“Charlie...!?!” Cora started, but I raised my hand for silence.

Waiting, I felt the unease grow stronger; the hackles rising on my neck.

Pulling off my gloves, I threw them down, before slowly turning my hands up, curling my fingers into claws…

BOOM!! My hands instantly ignited in red flames, as I turned slowly…


A wall of sheer ice suddenly blasted up from the hill of snow 20 feet to my left, and thundered toward me like a freight train…
But I swung my fist…CRACK!!

The ruby blazed as the ice immediately ceased moving right in front of me, then I opened my hands hard…KWRRRRRRRSSSHH!

The wall of ice instantly liquefied and rushed away from me in a wave…


And as both Cora and I suspected, Marc himself appeared out of thin air, now soaked through!!

Enraged, he violently shook off the water, then clenched his fists hard; they turned to ice, before he thrust his hands toward me with a yell; I instantly did the same, clenching my fists again as I swung my right hand around then forward; a massive fireball igniting out of thin air and shooting toward my enemy, as Cora gasped, watching jets of blazing red fire, and freezing blue ice spears, blast toward each other and collide, creating a massive cloud of steam!!

Thus, just like how Bobby Drake/Iceman, and John Allerdyce/Pyro, battled in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’, so my sworn enemy and I did the same!

But then, Marc somehow began drawing power from the snow and ice all around him; his attack strengthening swiftly as he forced it toward me!!

I strained to repel the ice with my fire, but Marc eventually gained the upper hand, just like how John almost did while fighting Bobby; Cora crying out my name as I collapsed to my knees, and the icy cold blue wall of power from his hands encased me; my fire glowing dimly within the tomb of rock-hard ice!!

“You shoulda known you’d eventually go in over your head, Charlie!!” he sneered with an evil grin. “Maybe, if I decide to let you live, this can be a lesson not to cross the most powerful man on Earth!!”

But I knew he alone believed his own BS. Cora and I both knew that Marc de Manthaeus, in reality, was the weakling; if Cora could overpower Aldous’ magic, then I, by virtue of goodness, could overpower even the strongest of evils.

Marc had met his match this time...and for all time.

With a WHOOSH, and a CRACK, my blazing hands suddenly shot up out of the torrent of ice, shattering it, to grip Marc’s forearms; he gasped in shock, then screamed in agony, as Cora watched me, now in the form of a blazing dragon, rise to stand before my foe, who was awestruck into silence from his gloating!!

Before Marc had a chance to react, I shot twin jets of flame from both nostrils, straight into the man’s eyes!!! Screaming bloody murder, Marc staggered back as his hands swung up to clutch at the blazing sockets, which still burned even after I’d stopped firing!!

Marc de Manthaeus hunched over, screaming even louder as we both watched his hands burn from covering his flaming eyes.

Then he suddenly threw back his head and howled like a banshee; his chest exploding as a pillar of fire shot up into the night sky!!

As we both watched, the enemy was slowly disintegrated to ash; his demonic soul being torn apart and absorbed into the pillar of fire that shot straight up into a wormhole that had abruptly opened in the sky…

And then it was gone. All was still.

We both took and released deep breaths to calm down, seeing nothing now but a pile of ashes where the world’s deadliest, most powerful man had been seconds before!!

But Marc had come, and gone!! And both Cora and I knew: Marc de Manthaeus was dead, for all eternity.

Slowly, I willed my flames to abate, as I smoothly transformed back into a man. Turning to Cora, I smiled at her expression of wonder, before she too smiled, and we embraced.

The sound of the door being opened made us both turn to see Aldous emerge from the house.

“I knew you could do it, Charlie!”

I smiled. “But scrying never lets you have the thrill of witnessing the war in first-person.” I replied. Cora smiled.

I shrugged. “Well, it’s your loss, Aldous.”

He smirked at us behind our backs, before following his wife and friend out to the snowy field.

Cora and Aldous stood with me before a huge Scotch pine that Cora had a few days prior, decorated into a natural Christmas tree.

With a grin and a flip of my fingers, I shot a pillar of flame which began swiftly spinning around the tree, from the bottom to the top, and upon dissipating, hundred of small dancing flames hovered on the branches!!

“Wow…!!” both Aldous and Cora breathed. I chuckled.

“Well, I best be off!” I said with smile, before shaking hands with my two friends. “It has been a most enlightening adventure!”

“That it has, Charlie!” Cora replied with a laugh. She and I hugged once more. “I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!”

“Indeed, I will, Cora, and thank you again!” Focusing, I summoned a flame from my ring to transform me into Drago himself, from ‘The Sorcerer’s Curse’; my friends whistling in amazement.

As a farewell gift, I extracted part of my Heartfire, dividing it and giving one half to Aldous in a phial pendant, and the other half I gave to Cora in a ring like my own, but with an orange carnelian stone instead of a ruby.

“Take care, Drago!” I smiled, nodding.

“Thank you Aldous, and Cora! And Merry Christmas, my friends!!”

After a fond embrace with each of them, I turned, spread my wings, and took off, soaring high into the sunrise as the snows gleamed like gold in the new dawn of Christmas Day.

Turning to go inside, Cora warmly welcomed her husband in. She knew that the confrontation with the enemy, and the revelation that standing together with a dear friend, had made Aldous realize that his wife, even though stronger than him, and having quarrels now and then, still cared about him, deep inside.

She said that it was actually fortunate he never witnessed the fight, for as strong as he was, Aldous’ power would have been useless against the strongest evil ever known.

So in a way, he being ignorant of the battle, was his protection.

And it was this revelation that rekindled their relationship with each other, drawing them closer.

Cora, and Aldous, still dreamed about me for a long time afterward, hoping that wherever I now was, I was living a greater life than I’d ever known before…

And, they were right.

7 years later…

Standing upon a dawn-bathed, snow-capped peak overlooking the Isle of Avalon, I spread my wings and stretched, breathing the cold, crisp winter air as I revelled in the joy of being alive.

Glancing down, I smiled as my throat and breast scales momentarily glowed like molten steel with the strength of my heartfire....

Thump, th-thump! Thump, th-thump! Thump, th-thump! Thump, th-thump!

Taking flight, I soared lazily as I headed down to the town square for the annual Christmas celebrations; some of the other dragons happily greeting me.

As we laughed, carolled, danced and drank cocoa, eggnog, and shared cookies and stories, I couldn’t help but remember my two friends.

And I hoped that wherever Aldous and Cora were, they too celebrated with as much zeal as we did...hopefully Aldous now found Christmas a joyful occasion.

But we knew it was made even more joyful due to the knowledge that the world’s darkest evil was forever no more; darkness and frost defeated by the strength of the heartfire...and by courage and the will to live.

And the joy we all shared was what mattered the most.
Darkness, frost, and Heartfire
A fantastic story, inspired by Dragonheart, X-Men: The Last Stand, and by grapehyacinth's 'Aldous the Angry Wizard' tales, that tells of how after escaping my destroyed home after my family is murdered, I am found by two unlikely people who help set me free of my past, and also enable me to prepare for the greatest battle of my life.

Aldous the Angry Wizard, and Cora, both belong to grapehyacinth. Used with permission.


Drake-Starfire's Profile Picture
Charlie Lucas
My name is Charlie, and I've been a fan of Deviant art for quite some time. I hope to explore all that is offered here, and hopefully meet some deviants in person(wouldn't that be nice!) I must say deviant art rocks, and I hope to find its full potential in the future!

Cheers! Charlie Lucas(a.k.a Drake Starfire, somewhat similar to Drake from 'Dragonheart: A New Beginning')

If I had the chance to become any kind of creature, I'd be either a griffin, or a dragon, and choose either Draco, from 'Dragonheart', or Drago, from 'Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse'.

I would (naturally) possess vast healing abilities stemming from my heart, and also have the ability of 'shadow-jumping', a special form of teleportation, seen in DH3: The Sorcerer's Curse.
I would also have mental shields so strong that they can only be breached if I was severely hurt, or killed.

I would possess hydrokinesis, or mental control over water, terrakinesis, which is mental control over earth, and magnokinesis, mental control over magnetism, as well as Sebastian Shaw's power to absorb raw energy and convert it into vast strength and healing.

My scales would be diamond-hard.

I could communicate both verbally and telepathically; the power being exactly like Peter Petrelli's on 'Heroes' (psychic static, thought-pushing, sending, and receiving).

Current Residence: Home(Winnipeg, Manitoba)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 28
Print preference: Elegant handwriting
Favourite genre of music: Rock, heavy metal/groove metal, jazz, movie scores, epic instrumentals
Favourite photographer: Robert Bateman
Favourite style of art: Realism
Operating System: MacBook Air
MP3 player of choice: N/A
Shell of choice: Scallop
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon art
Skin of choice: Dragon scales
Favourite cartoon character: Wile E. Coyote, Marshall, Chase, & Zuma from Paw Patrol
Personal Quote: When you live your passions, limitations don't matter!

Favourite ice cream flavours:

Cookies n' cream
Chocolate marble
Rocky Road
Mocha Almond Fudge
Nuttin' Better

Some things about me:

My name is Charlie Lucas (aka "Chuck").
My favourite foods are pizza, seafood, dragonfruit, honeydew, McIntosh, Gala, & Granny Smith apples, Toblerone chocolate, red velvet cake, black forest cake, Guylian seashell chocolates, Hershey kisses, and sushi.
My birthday falls exactly one week before Christmas.
I have hiked B.C.'s West Coast Trail, been all over western Canada, and have visited the United States.
I love the outdoors, sports, and martial arts.
My favourite restaurants are Montana's BBQ & Bar in Winnipeg, and the Foxtail Cafe in Onanole.
I am hoping to learn how to snowboard.
I'm also hoping to learn to play the bass guitar(specifically, either the Aria Pro II SB R60, or an Alembic Spoiler, both owned and played by the late, legendary Cliff Burton of Metallica, or the Epiphone Jack Casady Signature).

I hope to learn how to use either nunchucks (Michelangelo), a manriki-gusari chain weapon, also wielded by him in place of the nunchucks, seen here:…

, or sai daggers (Raphael).

I LOVE B.C., and would leave Manitoba to live there in a heartbeat.
I LOVE Dragonheart, the 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, and the 2016 remake of Pete's Dragon.
I am hoping to learn woodcarving (having been inspired by Robert Redford's character Mr. Meacham, from the 2016 Pete's Dragon remake), and maybe turn it into a career.
I am an avid practitioner of resistance training.
I have owned a variety of pets:

a black goldfish named Zoe.
a blue budgie named Joe.
Four dogs: Two purebred blue heelers, Jack and Spook, a purebred black Lab named Cuba, three ferrets: a white one named Carlos, and two sable ferrets, Rocky and Tony.

I owned a Lab/Shepherd cross named Jake. He passed away Tuesday, December 5th, 2017, aged 14 years. :'(

My family recently acquired a blue heeler puppy named Spook (Saturday, June 17, 2017). The first heeler named Spook was acquired when she was already fairly grown. The "second" Spook, we acquired while she was just a puppy.

The first Spook had black across both eyes, and a solid blue-gray coat.

Our present heeler, also named Spook, has a black mark just above her tail, and black covering only her right eye.

I have cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus(excess fluid buildup in the brain), which prompted doctors to give me a shunt at birth, which is a plastic tube put in my brain to drain fluid and relieve the pressure.
My brain damage affects my short-term memory, and a theory I have is that the possible flip-side to my brain damage, is that my long-term memory is at an almost photographic level.
I am a Christian.
I love astronomy, and the constellations Draco the Dragon and Aquila the Eagle are my two favourites. :)

On an interesting note, the month of my birth, December, has 17 different birthstones:

Beryl (Aquamarine, Morganite, Bixbite, Heliodorl, & Emerald).
Lapis lazuli
Blue topaz
Cat’s eye

Here they are grouped into their timelines:


Cat's eye
Blue topaz
Brazilian agate


Lapis lazuli


Lapis lazuli

Treasures for December:

1) Cat's eye (Lucian's medallion from 'Underworld')
2) Labradorite (Kili's rune stone)
2) Ruby - Gandalf's ring (Narya, the Ring of Fire)
3) Sapphire - Elrond's ring (Vilya, the Ring of Air)
4) Sodalite (Thorin Oakenshield's Seal Ring)
5) Beryl (Emerald) - Aragorn's ring (The Ring of Barahir)
6) Amethyst (Jack Sparrow's stolen ring, aka the "Crystal Treasure" ring)

It is interesting to note that some stones, such as ruby, have both ancient and modern-day uses.

Another interesting factor to note is that garnet, the birthstone for both December and January, has several different forms:

1) Pyrope, a dark blood-red, is the most common form of the mineral.
2) Almandine is another very common form, similar to pyrope garnet.
3) Spessartite is a fiery orange or orange-red variety of garnet. It can be found in Kenya and the Umba River Valley, Tanzania.
4) Grossular garnet can be either deep golden-yellow, due to impurities, or colourless, similar to diamond, although this colourless variety is the more common of the two.
5) Andradite garnet is the most lustrous form of the mineral, with several varieties:

A) Demantoid, a green form similar to olivine, which is a deep green variety of chrysolite.

B) Topazolite, a yellow/brownish-yellow variety similar to pure chrysolite.

C) Melanite, a dark red or black variety.

D) Uvarovite, the rarest form of garnet, is a deep chrome-green that is unique due to it only existing in this single colour. It looks almost identical to bloodstone, except for having no red "blood" spots.

My favourites are labradorite, cat's eye, bloodstone, sodalite, ruby, lapis lazuli, and sapphire.

Of all these gemstones, Zircon is the only one that is used as a cheap imitation of real diamond, but is said to be the closest you can get to diamond itself. Although its sparkle is suggestive of this, many perceive zircon as a cheap knockoff.

In the Book of Revelation, chapter 21, verses 19-20, several of my birthstones form part of the foundation of the city of Jerusalem, and are as follows:

Peridot (also known as chrysolite, which is also the August birthstone, is the seventh foundation stone)
Amethyst (the twelfth foundation stone)
Chalcedony (the third foundation stone)
Star Sapphire (the second foundation stone)
Topaz (the ninth foundation stone)


Nahum 1:7
Isaiah 35:5-7
Isaiah 49:15-16
Nehemiah 8:10
Isaiah 30:15
Deuteronomy 31:8
Joshua 1:9
Isaiah 12:2
1 John 3:3
Proverbs 3:5-6



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