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Times And Reasons
Times And Reasons Lyrics: for the upcoming song by 'New Age Alchemy' (still deciding on a name)
Verse 1:
Say your welcomes to the morning sunrise
Feel it in you
Take it with you as you
Let me go…
Your last farewell to the days behind you
Rising up
Walking into the new day
Let it go…
You feel it in you
Shake it out
In a cold and distant land
Drowning in
In the cold water
Come on in
And take my hand
Never let me go, let me go…
Verse 2:
Your day has begun and it's near its end
Find it hard to wake up
Facing the new day
Let me go…
There's a time to live and a time to die now
Don't look so pale
It's not your time
Let it go…
Verse 3:
Sorry to say a new day's almost over
Feeling high
On the time that remains
Let me go…
I turn around with no one beside me
I say to myself
"Was it even fair?"
Let it go…
Verse 4:
Standing tall by the foot of your bed
Hearing the words
Left unsaid
Let me go…
Say farewell to my feverish sunset
On a c
:icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 0 0
CORE Chaos Episode 1 Script.
Narrator: The year is 2015. A young man escapes from the city, running from the people he thought were his friends. He was to be offered as a sacrifice to the Gods, but denied his destiny... No one can deny his fate. Neither man nor god...
Thomas Drake (T): Whaaaaaoohh! (looks around. He sees more people following him, so he runs into the forest.)
T: Whew... (pants) I think I ditched them.
(A mysterious young boy appears, and scares Thomas)
Dean Cross (D): Are you lost, stranger?
T: No. And what's a little tyke like yourself doing around here?
D: Foolish human. I have been here all my life. I protect this mountain... my sanctuary.
T: It's just a mountain! What's there toprotect?
D: Foolish again... You must discover that for yourself.
T: Sure.
D: Now, stranger, what are you doing here?
T: My folks were going to offer me up to some goddess...or something.
D: The Lady In Blue, perhaps?
T:...I guess so.
D: Understandable. But one such as yourself cannot deny fate for long.
T: What do you
:icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 1 1
Equal parts stable and confused
One part losing its axis
As it drives down the highway
Into the barrel of .45.
Equal parts centered and fleeing
One part staying still
As it simply remains hopelessly
Afraid of that .45.
:icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 0 1
Tesselation of Circles by Drake-Pente Tesselation of Circles :icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 0 0 Mudkipz Liek Me by Drake-Pente Mudkipz Liek Me :icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 1 1
Introspective of Souls
A sentiment across the land
Builds up in one's heart
Eroded by the gentleman hand
And yet the feelings start
From distant feelings
Leaving on weekends
The train and its reelings
From odds and ends
The sentiment's healing
Precious discouragement
Plagues a miserable were
Burning pictures lament
There's a song in the air
As the ideas drift away
Dear Paris, unto thee
I wish a long stay
Thankful anyway
Alas, you die
The era of your fame is dead
Only dear Thomas' sighs
Fall like Paris' tower of lead
Folding ellipticals
Complicated plans
Only during last call
Thomas take's Paris' hand
A distinct silhouette
Remains obscure in view
Said the forgotten let
The fences' wires undo
Feathers in array
Drapes folded off the rods
Fences in the fray
Developing in their pods
A sunset feeling
Invisible sights yet unknown
Aether's wallpaper peeling
Maybe the sun has been overthrown
Forever lasts forever
When the last line I write
Turns into a river
I have lost the fight
:icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 0 0
Drake Pente by Drake-Pente Drake Pente :icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 0 1 Colorful Mindscrew by Drake-Pente Colorful Mindscrew :icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 0 0 I am Above The Influence by Drake-Pente I am Above The Influence :icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 0 0
CORE Chaos: Poetic Backstory
Seeing lights upon the sky
Dancing in the heavens
As beautiful Ydorias cries
One of the great Seven
Ydorias had a certain fate
As she was a goddess all the while
An old scientist's hate
Arisen to form Carlisle
The man in question he was
Hollow Shell, never could tell
What his motives were and are
Ydorias' servant
From a pact of elden
Thomas Drake reluctant
Sigmund molten
Then a child led astray
Into the forest where he lay
A boy named Dean, left abandoned
Alone and in dismay
Made to guard a book
From the clutches of the bastard crook.
:icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 1 1
Shuckle Corrupted, Smaller. by Drake-Pente Shuckle Corrupted, Smaller. :icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 0 0 Shuckle Corrupted by Drake-Pente Shuckle Corrupted :icondrake-pente:Drake-Pente 0 0



Nate Palinkas
United States
Current Residence: Over the hills and far away...
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Adult Medium
Favourite genre of music: Altrock
Favourite photographer: Draygone
Favourite style of art: Abstract
Favourite cartoon character: Shuckle!!!
Personal Quote: "I've been in the business for a good 23 years. so what if I die!!!???"
Yep. I'm still looking for artists. When I get one, I'll tell you about it. I'm still writing Episode 2. In the meantime, I've been miserable... too much coffee perhaps? Naaaaaah.
  • Listening to: The voices in my head.
  • Reading: The Script in Progress to CORE Chaos
  • Watching: Whiteness
  • Playing: Applesauce.
  • Eating: Applesauce.
  • Drinking: Guacamole.


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