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Hunter and Thief Community Fun

Content from the fans of Hunter and Thief that deserve the praise of the internet!

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Commission: Avaricious Rage by Drakarra Commission: Avaricious Rage :icondrakarra:Drakarra 15 1 The Winter Sage by Drakarra The Winter Sage :icondrakarra:Drakarra 13 2 Commission Information by Drakarra Commission Information :icondrakarra:Drakarra 7 0 Commission: Halna Gowen's Formalwear by Drakarra Commission: Halna Gowen's Formalwear :icondrakarra:Drakarra 9 16 Blade in the Night by Drakarra Blade in the Night :icondrakarra:Drakarra 17 3 Citizen File: Maverick Kerrigan by Drakarra Citizen File: Maverick Kerrigan :icondrakarra:Drakarra 16 12 Citizen File: Kano Kerrigan by Drakarra Citizen File: Kano Kerrigan :icondrakarra:Drakarra 19 6 Samhain by Drakarra Samhain :icondrakarra:Drakarra 9 5 Fireflies and Gold by Drakarra Fireflies and Gold :icondrakarra:Drakarra 11 9 Drake by Drakarra Drake :icondrakarra:Drakarra 8 4 Dance of the Drakarra by Drakarra Dance of the Drakarra :icondrakarra:Drakarra 12 9 Avarice by Drakarra Avarice :icondrakarra:Drakarra 12 6 Mordred by Drakarra Mordred :icondrakarra:Drakarra 8 6 Bane by Drakarra Bane :icondrakarra:Drakarra 81 10 A Siren on Rafa V by Drakarra A Siren on Rafa V :icondrakarra:Drakarra 25 18 Pollice Verza by Drakarra Pollice Verza :icondrakarra:Drakarra 93 13

Alright, a question for you guys--What would you like to see me produce more of? 

11 deviants said More of Hunter and Thief, the Comic. No distractions--keep it coming!
6 deviants said Other fandom art (Overwatch, Harry Potter, ATLA, Dragon Age, etc.)
4 deviants said Other Hunter and Thief artwork--character portraits, extra scenes, seasonal fun, etc.
2 deviants said ALL OF THE THINGS.
1 deviant said Original work




Drakarra's Profile Picture

Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hello, and welcome!

If you glance around my page you may notice I am currently in the middle of a large fancomic project. Hunter and Thief is set in the Star Wars universe, and strays from what we are usually shown to explore the less-discussed parts of the universe.

The comic's story follows a bounty hunter and his companion as they traverse the galaxy--from the dark, bustling levels of Corusant's Undercity, to the seedy fringes of the Outer Rim, and in doing so, learn more about themselves and eachother. If you're looking for a story with pursuit, adventure, banter, and wit, give the comic a look! I aim to update once a month, though I soon hope to be able to increase my production.

In addition to the comic, I also upload other pieces of the extended Star Wars universe, as well as my own personal art, and pieces from other fandoms.

I hope you like what you find in my gallery! See you around!



Commission: Avaricious Rage
Hey there, everyone.   Here's a commission I completed a while back for Crimsonight that I just realized I never uploaded.  ^__^; Sorry about that.

Anyhow, here's Avarice, a feral force user who is on the run from the Jedi during the last days of the Republic.   Here he's locked in combat with a Jedi Knight sent to eliminate him, one who's set a somewhat successful ambush against the rogue force sensitive.   Somewhat. ;D

Anyhow, hope you enjoy this illustration!  If you would like to commission me, my prices can be found here!

My other piece with Avarice (that is, if you want to see him from a not extreme angle with the D:< face) :
Avarice by Drakarra

The character Avarice belongs to: :iconcrimsonight:  You can read more about Avarice, and Crimsonight's other characters in his Original Characters Index
The Winter Sage
Happy New Year, everyone!  While I've been intensely busy, here's a piece I've done to celebrate the winter season.

The man is based on the the mythos of the Holly King in ancient Celtic culture, the one who inherits reign of the world's autumn and winter months after winning his battle with the Oak King of spring and summer.  I personally speculate that the various legends of aged men in furs which led to our modern "Santa Claus", originate from the forgotten Gallic religions that celebrated such figures as wardens of death, clarity, mysticism, and rebirth.

Alternatively, if you don't care about the history, why not add this guy to your DnD campagin as a badass Druid?  I'm tempted myself, he looks like he could kick some ass.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the imagery! Happy Holidays, all!
Commission Information
Exciting news: I've opened up for commissions!  If you're interested in commissioning me, send me a note with what you'd like, and we'll get started! Below are some specifics as to what I will or will not illustrate. 

What I will do happily:
-Alien Races

What I will do, put perhaps at a higher quote due do complexity:
-Action scenes
-Multiple characters
-Ships (Sci-Fi and Naval)
-Mech suits
-NSFW scenes

What I will not do:
-NSFW scenes that violate DeviantArt's sexual themes policies
-Gratuitous gore or horror, per my discretion

Hope to hear from you soon~!
Commission: Halna Gowen's Formalwear
Hey there, everyone!  I'm pleased to announce that I've opened commissions, the first of which has gone to NPlaysMC: , featuring his original separatist character, Halna Gowen.

Below is some information about this formal-wear:

- Halna wears this suit for high-society gatherings or just to blend in among the rich and powerful.
- He has two versions of the suit: one with a single sleeve to accommodate his bulkier combat arm and one with two sleeves for undercover missions, where he wears his much more comfortable sleeping arm.
- His single-sleeve version is worn to gatherings hosted by Dooku or other important CIS officials, usually to show off his wartime injury, and remind the other Separatists what he went through to be so important.

Halna Gowen, as well as his suit's design is intellectual property of the aforementioned Deviant, NPlaysMC

I hope you all enjoy the piece!  If you have any desire to commission me, send me a note, and I'll be happy to illustrate away!
Blade in the Night
Hey there, guys!  This is a character a made a couple years ago whom I haven't ever properly illustrated before.   Her name is Yara, a Tiefling Rogue specializing as Knife Master from the same shady seaside city as my other Tiefling, Malikus.  Ooh, ah, Tiefling Rogues all around!

Her horn's damage and scar are from an assault on the streets when she was an adolescent.  She's something of a small, dark, and broody archetype, but here we have her enjoying the action of the moment.

Hope you enjoy my illustration!
Hey there, watchers!  I'm Patreon official--huzzah!

As I'm becoming more active, I thought it would be good to start a Patreon account as a virtual tip jar.  While I can't yet offer tiers or rewards, the closer I get to my goal, the more work I can produce! 

The largest reason for my inability to produce work as often as I did back in late 2016 is that I've taken on a new job due to financial problems--thus, the more support I receive, the less hours I will have to sacrifice--and the more time and energy I can devote to Hunter and Thief.  Likewise, the closer I get to that, the sooner I can offer Patreon tiers--among which, I'm considering offering rewards like page previews, customized sketches, and more.

I hope you consider pitching in to this tip jar--and if not, that you continue to enjoy my works just the same. :)




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Hi I had a question about your webcomic do you do it as a series of normal pictures then fitted to a page or as one whole image?
Drakarra Featured By Owner Edited Mar 13, 2018   Digital Artist
Do you mean, do I upload each panel first? No, I do not. :) I do everything at once for each of the pages—about 1-2 hours for storyboarding and sketching, 3-4 hours for drawing, 3-5 for coloring and shading, and 1-2 for text, lighting, and other finalizations.

The entire process is about 8-11 hours, depending on the complexity of the page, but can take longer if I’m really pushing myself with angles, poses, and backgrounds.
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Hey, Drakarra! I've been Watching you for quite a while now, and I am truly enjoying your artwork! I know I don't comment nearly as much as I should, but I wanted to let you know how much I adore what you do. Stay awesome! :woohoo:
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Hey there!  I do accept commissions--if you'd like to discuss the matter, you may message me privately to do so. :)
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Is there any more stories about Esli and Jayce besides the comic?
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