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My ODN Sig by DrakanorDream My ODN Sig :icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 0 1 Seraphina  Tei'kaliath by DrakanorDream Seraphina Tei'kaliath :icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 1 1 Shy Selkie by DrakanorDream Shy Selkie :icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 0 1 Kanadras by DrakanorDream Kanadras :icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 0 2 now if only it had yaoi too.. by DrakanorDream now if only it had yaoi too.. :icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 2 0
What I will become
There are things that I must do. They are things that can not be told.
Twice now our home has been ruined. Once we where not bold.
The second we could not hold. What is to come of Us now.
We are told to move on. and forget about that which is below.
Some want us to bow. That is not how we are.
There are things that we must see. Some things that we have to bare.
Just to see how we can Fare. The land above is ours to choose.
Third time Lucky is how I see it. But still I feel so morose.
So lost in our past so that I know what We have to lose. No more pain no more sorrow.
I have time left and things to do. I can not help but borrow.
So that I can make this Barrow. The one that now holds the shell that I had become.
So much to see so much to do. All things are now among the seeds yet to come.
To see what else lies in doom. I can not sit in idle thought.
Things need to be seen in passing. Survival needs to be taught.
I will become wrought . Like a swift blade in the light.
How I will turn ou
:icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 0 0
Desktop3 by DrakanorDream Desktop3 :icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 1 7 Desktop Wallpaper1 by DrakanorDream Desktop Wallpaper1 :icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 1 0
Musing Mind of Mine
One can not live wondering about
What will happen in the days to come
What we see is only a representation
Of the choices we made before this moment
Of Times to come we can not see
Where our choices will lead us
Astray or correct we can not tell
Until the time of realization is well past
I will not say where I will go for
Not even the best of us are able
To foretell what will happen
When the time comes to choose
The path that is meant for you
Decide for yourself and not let
The Path of Indecision decide for
You which path you will take
Most can not understand the meaning
Of what Life is for they have not
Lived long enough nor lived enough
Times to figure it out on their own
I am not like that for I have lived a
Good many times before Unlike most
I always choose to stay on this realm
For it is here that I know I can do
The most good for the Planet the first
Life that I have lived I remember my
Death only that itself hurts me soul
Ever time I think about the momentary
Pain of being hit b
:icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 0 0
Divine Wind wallpaper by DrakanorDream Divine Wind wallpaper :icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 0 0
The way I feel for you
Can you not feel it?
The way the Air just seems to charge
Itself whenever We get close
No matter the fact that there may
Be a couple of walls between us?
Do you know what I'm talking about?
Is there some way for you to
Realize that I always know when
You are near to me?
Are you Sure you want to know more?
I ask because I know the answer
Have you felt this way before I
Must ask because I find it necessary!
It is strangely comforting
To know every time you pass my class
As well as when you are near
I feel my heart pounding with just one glance
Into those deep, hurt-filled eyes of yours!
Shush now...
I am here right now and I want to
Protect you with all of my strength
The need to prove to you my
Love is true and unwavering is great!
Relax my Love your Parents do
Not know where I live at this time!
Yes, I am aware that they are
Ashamed to know that We love each other
But they do not understand
That ones gender does not make
It wrong to know who your
Soul Mate is.
Don't worry my Love we
:icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 0 2
What I really AM
Most do not realize the Pain I'm in
They can not understand what I'm going through
My mom lost her baby boy and I lost the part that completes me
What Can I do about it I miss him so much
I just don't understand why It had to be him
I only wish he was still here just so I could feel complete
Not even my friends know what I'm going through
They all try to sympathize with me but fail because
Because they do not understand what it feels like
I know I can not continue keeping it in
But there is not anything else I can do currently
I have to appear strong for my mom
Especially since I know that she is hurting more then me
I can not keep this up it is eating me up making me cold
So cold and Devoid of emotions
No one has realized what is inside of the mask I wear
They do not realize the details under the Farce
My demeanour is just a hollow shell
One that I've slowly built over the years
My constant smiles, and witty comments
Upbeat attitude, and Striving Goals
Are all fake
Are only there to p
:icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 0 1
Within Me
building, burning, controlling,
seething, freezing, fury can you
feel it inside the hurt the anger
the rage building up Within me
hatred, Love, anger, resentment
wanting, needing why are you so
cold to me. why do you not want
to be near me help me heed me
bottling it up hoping it dies
the pain the sadness the anger
the coin is flipping now help me
hear me pay atttention to what
is happening all around you society
is controlling how we see the world
help me save me i know what society
is trying to stop us from becoming
what are potential is within me you'll
see what they don't want us to be
help yourself realize the way to the
power that they don't want us to have
the abilities i've been developing here
Within Me i want to help i want to save
i want to protect everyone, i am here
i am nowhere i can see whats hidden
i can hear what can't be heard,
do you feel it Within Me the power
building up inside as i exert my will
on the world making the changes
that are needed for us to survive the
:icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 0 0
If Only
If Only You Knew the Truth
What is it about you that causes this pain inside of me
Only thing I can realize is that I am Dying
From the lack of your Presence this mystery about
You making me lose control of the Door that I
Closed oh so long ago. Pleading, whining to be let free
Do you recognize this Chill in the Air. This Cold
From no where If only you knew the reason I'm
Not really talking right now not in front of your
Broken body if only you could realize this pain I feel
Inside knowing that you have died when I was
Going to tell you that I Love You and always will
They had no right to do this to you they had no
Reason to shoot you tonight if only they knew that
I am what I am they would have left you Alive
I Love you I will Always Love You they will pay for
What they have done I PROMISE this I am going to
Open the Door to December along with the Window
To Yesterday so that I may always visit you when I
Want to
The Pain, the Rage, the Hatred is fueling, building,
Exploding inside of
:icondrakanordream:DrakanorDream 0 0


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My I Don't Hate List
I Love
I love my wife.
I love my pet bunnies.
I love my watchers (and friends) here on DeviantArt.
I love my family, even if they don't entirely "get" me.
I love writing.
I love drawing.
I love being able to create my own stories and characters and worlds.
I love that other people also read and enjoy them.
I love hearing people's opinions and theories and ships and whatnot of my work.
I even love when people don't care for my work, as long as they have useful critique (it's been known to happen).
I love anime.
I love manga.
I love video games.
In particular, I love JRPGs, 2D side-scrollers and old-school games in general.
I love J-pop… even though I don't care for English pop.
I love Japanese culture as a whole; I don't consider myself a Japanophile or anything though.
I love animals.
I love eating meat.
I love pasta.
I love drinking wine for the taste.
I love soda.  It's my one TRUE addiction.
I love fast food more than I like to admit.
I love desserts of all kinds.
I l
:iconjocelynsamara:JocelynSamara 21 68



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Michael Alexander Duffy
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Favourite cartoon character: Road Runner (Looney Tunes)
Personal Quotes: Sanity is best described as realizing that you are insane, Holy Genital Warts



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