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Violet Eastern Dragon

Another Character Sheet Commission for the wonderful :iconrykaran:, always a pleasure working with you :aww:
Niyue is an eastern purple dragon, very playful and also powerful. She is so good using the purple flame that she can create firearms that help to make the spell more powerful. Though Niyue can be fierce she is, in nature, easygoing.

Art (c) me :aww:
Niyue (c) Rykaran
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( Oh my goodness, she's beautiful! )
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My Jack love it :3
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I love your dragon ^^
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She is beautiful.
Guyverman's avatar
You're welcome!
DrakainaQueen's avatar
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Guau, me encanta el detalle y el brillo! Parece hecho en 3D
DrakainaQueen's avatar
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Awww, I'm glad that it is finished now. Her colours came out great, the whole Dragoness is very well done. You are very good at drawing eastern Dragons :3
The Firearms are done very well, they have been not easy to draw, I guess ^^
I like also the forepaw detail, they look as if they could grab something every moment.
The background is good, it's something typical for a Eastern :)
Sorry that I can't write more, It's just hard to find words, when you do not find something that isn't awesome.
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Thank you very much, I'm very happy you like it :aww:
I used to draw eastern dragons a lot few years ago, but my favourites are dragons in between :P However, it's always nice to draw this type of dragons again. I love drawing many types of dragons, I wouldn't stay with just one breed or kind of them.
I was afraid the hair didn't look ok, but now I love it. I'm also with the golden/yellow touches, it gives her more color and personality.
Thanks for letting me work on this beautiful dragoness :hug:
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Hehe, yes I know about your preference of "mixed Dragons", they can look very nice too.
As you may know "my" Vhariyas is such a "mixed" one ^^

The hair is done very nice, i love it too :3

And you are welcome, thanks for drawing this beautiful dragoness :3
DrakainaQueen's avatar
Anytime, always a pleasure working with you :hug:
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Such lovely illustrations. I love how you painted the mane and fur in the largest picture. Beautiful. :heart:
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Thank you Ember =D!
Ember-Eyes's avatar
You're welcome! :la:
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