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firefly shepherd

By drak
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Some art test material for an application for a game company. Didn't get the job but it was fun to do anyway.


done some months ago
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what a magnificent crystalline creature of such bewildering beauty its touch solid smooth divine scintillating with rainbow glazed colors of ultra radiance so dank so smooth so mlg
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Sorry you didn't get the job. This is beautiful work.
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how do you NOT get the job with work like this?

do you have process videos for anything?
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PS: the contrast between weak and lively colors looks great!
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The image looks very nice!

And damn, blizzard is huge: They likely picked from hundreds, so you might just have had the bad luck to be in the wrong place in the staple of applications.

(besides: I came to your page by chance… :) )
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thats so cool!!
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I love the colors, but my favorite thing about this is how lovely your way of painting stone edges is. I know that's probably kind of strange haha. What was their criteria for this test?
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their loss, our gain
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Too bad about the job, nice design though.
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Awesome looking creature.
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How creative :heart:!!
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I love it. No idea if it's based on an existing fantasy creature or one of your own imagination but it puts me in mind of a 'realistic' and hardcore looking Bulbasaur :D
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It's incredible that you didn't get the job. Who wouldn't hire you or accept this image? It's just too gorgeous.
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Pfft, that's too good for blizzard if you ask me! Haven't seen anything impressive from those tards in ages. That turtle looks way better than any kind of other turtle that's ingame.
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My mum could make a garden on his shell :D
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Beautiful!! I love your detail work <3 <3

And don't give up on Blizzard... Did you include your image you did of the tauren druid with your portfolio? They usually like to pull talent out of their fanbase, and you have got the talent.

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dude don't give up. keep pumping out more and more art and reapply later. this is very good, continue practicing and find out where you can improve. is it silhouettes? is it color? find out and improve on it because what you got going is pretty good
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If all turtles were this cool I would have one as a pet :D
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Oh you. Better luck next time.
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That's a cute idea and a sweet rendering.
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Nice, I like the stony shell! Good work.
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Hehe, reminds me "Grave of the fireflies" movie, good work :)
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