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Earth Colossal

By drak
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My entry for the Rift contest. I chose the Earth plane. This guy uses rocks and boulders as armor plating (and weaponry when needed). Only the most ancient and powerful of colossus manifest crystals.
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Love the mineral spikes !!
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wow! I really like this!
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fantastic work!
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This is beautiful, the color of the crystals are just amazing they make your earth colossal unique compared to the other colossal artwork, i love the quality too..:woohoo:
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Do the crystals give him any special attacks or abilities?
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I was wondering if I could get permission to use it for a magic card. I will give you credit and link back to original. I'm doing it for fun, I really like the ancient vibe that the sparse crystals give it.
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Do the colored crystals have any significance or are they just decko for it?
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HOLY CRAP this is the best Colossus I've ever seen!!! You rock!! (no pun intended I swear):D
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This is awesome!!! The details are perfect...
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Truly are you called “Earth Shaker!” Will you once again call upon the ground itself to fight at your side? I await your signal. Will you restore the glory of your empire? Can you build a civilization that will stand the test of time?
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Looks pretty awesome... Now I can only imagine it on hind legs.
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Awesome work!
Can I use this image for my MtG fake set? Obviously I credit you signing your DA username in the line of the artist in the related card and link to your work in the description of the set.
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"Do I smash with my big arms or scratch with my little arms... hmm... choices."
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Damn, that's AWESOME! :jawdrop: Your style is beautiful to look at:heart:
Good luck to contest!
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Now my desktop background <3
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So great. Sorry you didn't win it, but you were definitely a tough competitor.
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i have no words! it looks absolutely amazing!
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Godam i love this too..LOl i love em all...how on earth are the judges going to decide...so many great entries...lol if i were one of the judges id be pulling my hair out right about now..
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