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Laughing in the Darkness :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 0 1
Doktor Von Werner by draic-freeman Doktor Von Werner :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 1 1 Alpaca Propaganda 3 by draic-freeman
Mature content
Alpaca Propaganda 3 :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 0 1
Alpaca Propaganda 2 by draic-freeman
Mature content
Alpaca Propaganda 2 :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 1 1
Alpaca Propaganda by draic-freeman
Mature content
Alpaca Propaganda :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 0 1
Lil' Assassin Squad by draic-freeman Lil' Assassin Squad :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 1 5
Papa Crowley, The Houngan
I had arrived in Haiti during the presidency of Dr. Francois Duvalier. Duvalier had managed to win the presidency in a legitimate election before declaring himself President for Life. He was also a powerful practitioner of voodoo.
At the time I was an experienced member of the Jesuits. I was part of a group that was tasked with espionage and counterintelligence in the name of the Church. The Pope feared Duvalier. He feared for the future of Catholicism in Haiti, and he feared that Duvalier's power, and the practice of voodoo itself, would spread through Latin America. So he sent us.
We were split up and sent to different congregations throughout the country. Our mission was to develop a power base through the parishes and gain a foothold strong enough that the Church would not be purged from the island entirely.
It was splitting us up that was the mistake. Communication wasn't as easy as it is these days, especially not under Duvalier. By the time I found out the others were dead it wa
:icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 0 0
Lover's Last Breath
"Have you ever wondered what your last breath would taste like?"
In spite of myself, a tear rolled down my cheek as I pressed both hands into his side. Dark, hot blood streamed over my fingers. I could still smell the bourbon on his breath.
His glassy eyes flittered about the room, before settling on me again.
"I've had a lot of time to think about my death."
I know, I thought to myself, but couldn't bring my lips to make even a sound.
"I could only last sight would be someone like you."
His words began to sputter, as more blood filled his throat and he choked out to me.
"I've been in love so many doesn't hurt anymore..."
My hands were so warm and he was so cold. I realized I could feel his pulse there. Slowing. His skin had faded to almost grey and sirens wailed, too distant for it to matter to us.
"This...will stop time..."
More blood sputtered on his lips.
"This really was the only way it could go."
He made a motion as if to kiss me, but instead he
:icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 0 4
Christmas e-card by draic-freeman Christmas e-card :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 1 0
Mature content
1102b :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 2 0
I can't save you
Anymore than I can save myself
We hurtle through the stars
Through time
Mocked by the four dimensions we know
And the infinite ones we don't
I can't save you
Anymore than you can save me
What I can do
Is hold on
Grasp you tightly
As we walk the
Remind me
These crypts we pass
These caverns of
Dust and decay
They do not hold us
:icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 1 0
Fan Girls by draic-freeman
Mature content
Fan Girls :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 1 2
Devil Bones
I can smell the devil in your bones
And I can read the madness in your soul
Gypsy woman reads your palm
Preacher with a soothing psalm
But I still see the fear in your eyes
And I know what deep down you despise
I'll be right here on Judgment Day
Ready to hear you and ready to say:
"The devil in your bones and the madness in your soul
Was never anything but the gaping hole
The emptiness that you feel
When you step on up and spin the big wheel
It creeps in on you late at night
And reminds you that something isn't right
But that's just your mind playing tricks
Don't pay attention, just get your kicks
Keep on breathing until you stop
Keep on standing until you drop.”
I'll be right here waiting until you come back
Because I know eventually you're going to crack
And when that day comes, I'll be here
With a patient smile and friendly ear
But never forget I told you now
That I've seen you sweat and I've seen you cry
Don't tell me that you're anything other than what you are
Because I know
:icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 0 0
Mature content
Death's Head :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 0 0
Can't Sleep
Can’t sleep. They’re going to put me away again. Today. Makes me nervous just thinking about it. Sit awake on the edge of my bed in the stupid pink Fruit of the Loom boxers. The sun comes up. It’s blocked out by the thick faux-suede curtains but I can hear the morning. See the miniscule rays of sunshine that sneak in reflecting off the sickly green walls.
What would you wear to walk away from your life? I polish and shine every black pair of shoes I own. Decide I’ll go with the second-hand patent leather lace-ups my uncle gave me. With the grey slacks. Maybe the fuzzy pink socks with the white polka dots. Anything worth doing is worth doing in style.
I’m a bundle of nerves. I’m close to getting twitchy. If they weren’t going to lock me up before they sure as hell are now. Of course they were going to lock me up. I’m a wreck. I could sue them for negligence if they talked to me for two goddamn hours and let me go free. Deep breaths. Stay calm. Jus
:icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 1 1
National Gonzo Press Club Logo by draic-freeman National Gonzo Press Club Logo :icondraic-freeman:draic-freeman 0 0



padraic liam rooney
United States
Current Residence: Wherever I lay my head is home
Favourite genre of music: Folk Rock
Favourite photographer: Terry Richardson
Favourite cartoon character: The Holy Fathers
Personal Quote: "You're cute, Asshat."
New Blog at! It's an open letter to Hollywood! Do I threaten Shia LaBeouf with some kind of grievous bodily harm? Well, I don't not do it...
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  • Watching: Futurama. Stupid new episodes.
  • Drinking: Diet Coke


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