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Anonymous calls from the futur

By drahomira
Mrs Carmella Portalatin's phone receives calls from people who are not born yet.
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© 2006 - 2021 drahomira
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Very nice! Included in my 2/19/10 Journal Feature of great DA art -- [link]
TheQine's avatar
Hey! This great piece has been featured!
Thanks a lot for the inspiration!

>> [link] <<
:hug: :dance:
gibsart's avatar
Very nice composition !
leothar's avatar
I love this piece.

Just ordered it in as a 20x28" from L'affiche Moderne. :E
thejessemancan's avatar
Wasn't this featured in idn?
drahomira's avatar
yes it was the cover of the "collage" issue :)
thejessemancan's avatar
Yeh... i missed that one :( ... getting a back issue.
So do you have to get big to be noticed by idN?... how did it happen?
Its pretty cool image btw... love your stuff! :D
drahomira's avatar
i don't know they just contacted me but i don't know where they knew about my work.
thejessemancan's avatar
thats pretty cool.
your like celeb in the designer world now lol...
anyways... i love your style :D
melongray's avatar
this is cool
i saw this on one of IDN cover page!..
readyo's avatar
Congratulations on the cover and feature of your work in IDN!
kivar's avatar
wow i love the concept!
comradesei's avatar
Amazing colours....reminds me of old communist propaganda posters :XD:
aini86's avatar
when i saw this, i go "hey, i saw this artwork bfe!" yea then i remembered its in the front cover of idn magazine issue volume 14 number 4. really really nice!
drahomira's avatar
filischi's avatar
Your gallery is always the rest of the warrior...
cindeo's avatar
super great artworks! :D
this is what makes me bought idn..
love it :love:
drahomira's avatar
eltormento's avatar
Oh yes... this one's great. It reminds me of a concept I once had about "intuition". I sometimes think intuition and memory are very similar, when one is searching for an intuitive reason to make a particular choice (let's say buying a house for instance), one might say "I can see myself living here." In this way, intuition is like "memory in reverse". The path of our life could then be thought of as a long telephone cable, and we can receive impressions from the past (memory) and if we have our receiver tuned correctly, we can pick up impressions from the future (the red telephone).

Sorry for the long comment... how about this instead: "Nice work." ; )
drahomira's avatar
that's a very interesting theory, i like it !
and thanks for the comment, the longer the better :)
chuckandgeorge's avatar
Truly beautiful and slightly chilling.

look at my crap!!
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