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Emo -demotivation-



This... is completely random of me to think of emos as this. however, when I thought of it, I kinda just went on and on, so I think I went overboard a little bit. My real opinion on emos, goths or whatever, is that it's a style. A trend, If you will. Why? Because thats what happens when you reach teen age; you learn things, and you change your ways of thinking just because of your friends and family. For example, back in the 60's, hippies were trying to make their own way of life. Do you hear about that anymore? No; Because it was a passing trend. Dont get me wrong; Im sure they're still some people of this type over the age of twenty; Still, that dosent change my point.


(The Following Picture in the demotivation was taken by:iconlizzayizza: me and right were acquired to use this photo; thus this entire deviation is owned by me and is NOT to be taken Seriously If offensive in any type of way.)

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Emo is a fashion and music. =w= People like what they like. I think it's sexy. =w=  I'm 21 and emo btw so yes there are people over 20 who are emo. I sure as hell ain't depressed either, was before, but it was for a legit reason.