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Thar and Shar'rah

Oh god, first time I managed to draw a female elite that doesn't looks like a trannie!
And no, I'll rather put my nipples in a pencil sharpener than draw female elites as ugly as they where drawn in Halo Legends. Elites with hair, oh god...

Meh, this bitch was almost finished since weeks but somehow I lost the motivation to shade it. Anyways, now it's done and I just want it off my computer and I don't care if you get eye cancer from all the red and yellow! (I'll maybe edit it later. Maybe...)
At least finally some stuff I could draw for myself.....

Thar 'Sgharumee, one of the main characters of my fic and major bad guy in some way doing what he does best: Killing ODSTs in hope to get the one who cost him his mandible and honor to get his sweet sweet revenge *coughDawncough*
At his side the kinda melancholic and in some ways naive Shar'rah, his wife (kinda).

The two totally are in love together, but Sangheili society doesn't works that way, since alliances and marriages seem to be more of a political thing and a way to increase status in society if you got a good fighter as man/adequate wife to keep the blood line strong and blah. So when Thar was shamed for being blemished in battle by a weak female human (barely adult Dawn lol) and was punished by the Prophet examining the battle by not granting him the honor of glassing the human settlements on the planet, Thar's honor was really screwed. So screwed he lost his reputation among the swordsmen and wasn't considered a worthy mate for Shar'rah who's from a rich and prestigious family any longer.
So it was forbidden for them to be together any longer, their younger kids have been killed due to their father's weak blood and that pretty much broke their hearts and caused Thar to go on his murderous campaign for revenge by killing as much humans in the most ugly ways possible in order to regain his honor and may be able to be together with Shar'rah again.
Later he liked to hunt down ODSTs when he found out Dawn is still alive and one of those imps in order to find and kill her. During the ff his hate starts driving him mad and blind of rage and Shar'rah blinded by love still hopes for a happy end. A happy end that'll never come...


Halo belongs to Microsoft.
OCs Thar 'Sgharum and Shar'rah belong to me.
Art done by Silvana Dettmann aka Dragunalb aka me.
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Eliot the elite: you know what Gregory I think there’s a lesion in this
Gregory the grunt: what’s that?
Eliot: don’t talk shit bout our females
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Very important lesson!
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Why did this got updated?
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I added a bigger signature, since I had trouble lately with youtubers using my art without crediting. Sorry if it's annoying. I think since I'm a premium member it automatically sends a message to all my watchers when I update a drawing :/
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Did that odst get stabbed in the balls?!
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Oh boy XD
Nah, it's more like the waist.
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Oh, yeah, it's up more. I really thought that was the way that ODST went out XD
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That would be really fucked up. Can't say Thar wouldn't do it once in a while for sure though D:
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Ouch.  Crotch stab. That HAD to hurt. Great job,  by the way. 
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Its the elite just letting you know 😄👌
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Glad you like it :)
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Glad you like it =)
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I'm a huge halo fan actually.
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