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Elephant bird and humming bird skeleton study

A pencil study of an elephant birds (Aepyornis maximus) leg bones and a humming bird's skeleton I drew for size comparison back in early 2013 in the Zürich Zoological Museum of the University of Zurich. I had much fun with this one, since bird skeletons are always very complex to draw and the size comparison was just too funny. Elephant birds were native to Madagaskar and went extinct about 1000-400 years ago when humans reached the island and had big impact on the ecosystem. It is not exactly known if they went extinct due to human hunting or secondary effects on the environment.

Art done by Silvana Dettmann aka Dragunalb aka me.

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lovely work! :clap: hummingbird skeletons are horrifying, man
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Horrifying to draw? Yup. There's a lot of tiny parts fragile parts and bones that fused. Still it's fascinating to look at, especially since the sternum is so freakingly huge, making up almost the entire chest area of just muscles instead of inner organs.
Thanks a lot for your kind comment =)
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the first time I plucked one I was like WHEREEEE ARE YOUR ORGANS MISTER

weird little fuckers. why do they act so cute.
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We don't have humming birds in Europe, so I've never been able to see their insides until I saw this skeleton in the museum. However we got hummingbird hawk-moths that fill the same ecological role as hummingbirds and Americans tend to freak over those moths when they see them for the first time, since they're almost the same size, look and fly exactly like hummingbirds ^^

Also thanks a lot for the watch! I really appreciate it :D
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whoa, really? I've heard of the hawk-moths but I didn't know that. hummingbirds are pretty common and super easy to attract at the right time of year; I know I'd be freaked out by giant bugs coming to the feeder instead! gahhh evolution is so cool. ;v;

of course! I'm really digging your bio illustration :D
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The hawk-moths are harmless, really. They're actually cute to look at when stopping in mid-air in order to feed on nectar. I hope I'll be able to see hummingbirds in the wilds one day =)

Thank you! I'm glad for every person liking my scientific art, since mostly only my Halo fanart gets attention, what kinda sucks ^
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awww it does, I understand how that is D: but I dunno anything about halo, so I'm just here for the bio ill!
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Hey, that's fine! I'm looking for more people that are interested in my scientific stuff, rather than my fanart stuff ;)
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