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Arbiter vs Truth Extended



Ya so, here's the extended version of my last work. As you can see, I added a huge aquarium in the Background to fill the empty space and give more sense to the fact why a shark is in a fish bowl with freshwater and a goldfish.
Solution: He jumped into it.
Oh, and for those of you who may haven't seen it, one of the sharks is Rtas and the other's some random SpecOps guy. 'Kusovai? Maybe... Use your imagination!

I kept the interior of the fish bowl in Covenant style with purple stuff and glowy thingies. Looks horrible, pink gravel in an aquarim. How can people do such a crime against fish?! Well, at least it somehow fits Truth.
I tried too let the shark aquarium have a bit of a Sanghelios look with rocks and sand in reddish, gold and brown shades. Oh and do you ever saw those little skeletons in aquariums attached to air pumps and therefore "drinking" Rum all the time? So this is the Halo variant of it with a Spartan holding an Assault Rifle that shoots bubbles, even though he's dead. Hey, what else do you expect when you put a Spartan in an aquarium full of Elites? XD

PS: Can't draw water in comic style...

EDIT: Damn this drawing is friggin huge! Better download it, if you want to put an eye on all the details.


Halo belongs to Microsoft.
Art done by Silvana Dettmann aka Dragunalb aka me.
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At first I thought that Spartan was doing a badass last stand against the shark-Elites, then I noticed he's already dead. Poor guy.