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well sorry on the lack of updates. yeah. i dunno what to say. i havent been liking the way my pics are coming out lately. and im all out of ideas. please give me ideas for shots. i miss taking pics that i like.

im getting back in the picture mode. my pictures have been coming out pretty good. and im excited about future shots. keep checking back for more. i should be posting lots more when i take them/edit them. tell me what ya think.

<3 chris
im slacking on deviant updates/new photos.

hopefully i shall take more. im just out of ideas. open for suggestions.
merry christmas all new pics are with my new camera. hope you like. let me know. thanks

im new here. give it time ill get some stuff up. the picture on here i made in adobe. used some photos i found online. then cut out the original picture in the polaroid and put in that one. added hand and text. hope you like it. i titled it after an "everytime i die" lyric. thought it fit the picture well.