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[October SS Gift for phillipskid32] Happy Birthday
"Thank you Mr. Harrison." Jackson said smiling.
He sighed, removing the headphones. He looked around, hoping to see something interesting, but he saw the same old white walls, the same old boring cubicles surrounding him and the same old people busy talking to customers.
He sighed; the decently lit room made it look like it was still noon outside and he hated it…
"Troublesome customer?" asked Jenny.
"Nah, I'm just a little tired today," he said, looking at the clock.
"Well your shift is almost over," Jenny said, following his gaze.
"Yeah," Jackson said, rubbing his temples.
"Man you look awful," Brad said, peeking at him from his cubicle.
"I don't look that awful," Jackson said in a dry voice, "and stop exaggerating everything."
"Well, I'm actor-in-progress," Brad laughed at his own joke.
Jackson groaned, and leaned back in his chair. He sighed again, trying to dim out the background sounds, but to no avail. He looked at a wall lamp until his eyes started throbbing in pain.
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May SS Gift for D4NI3LA
A group of five teenagers were huddled in the corner, their eyes fixed intently on an old CRT monitor fixed in one of the far end of the old and rusty industrial container.
A dim flickering tungsten lamp was the only source of light in the container and it made the container look creepier, as the light coming from it enveloped the room in an orange glow. Silence as thick as ice surrounded them and it seemed as if none of the five teenagers were breathing.
Except the old CRT monitor and the lamp, the room was virtually empty. A dark gloomy atmosphere had settled in the room.
"When will he tell us?" a black-haired boy spoke, his face held firmly between his hands, his elbow resting on his knees. His hair was in a mess and the clothes that he wore were dirty. Others looked the same as him.
"Let's just wait," said the blonde haired boy, but his voice lacked confidence; if anything he sounded more scared than the black-haired boy.
And as if in queue, the old CRT monitor flickered to life fi
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Untitled Poem - April SS Gift for dmnq8
The pale light illuminated the dark room;
And I could  feel the impending doom.
The joyful cries of the people outside;
Made my heart want to die inside.
I could feel no pain no fame;
All I felt was a guilty ache.
These cry of joys meant nothing to me;
For I could hear the demon in me.
He kept telling me I am not beautiful;
That these scars have turned my face unuseful.
:icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 2 4
Apple with a Moustache
She smiled as she looked at the kids who were hunched over their small colourful tables, their crayons rubbing over the sheets.
It had been an exhausting day for her, but seeing all the kids so silent and dedicated made her happy.
She just loved being a kindergarten teacher.
She glanced over at the clock and sighed; the period was about to end and she hasn't even checked how the kids were doing, not that she needed to, but she always liked to.
Smiling, she went from table to table, squatting down occasionally to admire the works her kids had been doing, her chest occasionally swelling with pride whenever she spotted a rather good work.
"What've got here…" she said as she looked at David's drawing sheet. All she could see was a mishmash of red and black.
Her nose wrinkled reflexively as she tried to identify what the drawing was supposed to be.
She looked at David, who was looking at her, his brown eyes big and hopeful.
"Err…" she hesitated, not wanting to break his heart by s
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Untitled by DragoonHP Untitled :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 0 2
Sholastic Heir -- Blurb
Sholastic Heir
Escor is the Ruler of a small country called Solaris. He was titled the Ruler of Solaris at a small age because of the murder of his Father and Mother. His titling was greatly accepted by the citizen of the country and with a great mentor, Rivaski, he started his life as the ruler. Everything seemed to be going fine, until he met a girl by accident, and his life took a turn for the worse. Secrets which shouldn?ft have been discovered started unrevealing themselves and when he thought that everything was as it was supposed to, everything feel into a jumble.
But still through all of this, the thought which most troubled him was, ?"Can I never be with her??"
Escor, the ruler of the country Solaris: Main Protagonist
Rose: Escor?'s love interest
Rivaski, the General adviser to the King
Cleo, Escor?'s best friend
Picaso, the Ruler of the rival country: Kind of a side-Antagonist
And some un-important side-characters.
Note: This story does not have a main Antagonist; it depends
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Sholastic Heir -- Chapter 1 by DragoonHP Sholastic Heir -- Chapter 1 :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 0 6 The Seventh Wish -- Chapter 1 by DragoonHP The Seventh Wish -- Chapter 1 :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 1 2 Visual Novel Fan by DragoonHP Visual Novel Fan :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 1 0 One by DragoonHP One :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 1 0 Fire Heart 2 by DragoonHP Fire Heart 2 :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 0 0 Fire Heart by DragoonHP Fire Heart :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 1 0 'True' Point by DragoonHP 'True' Point :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 0 0 Frozen Flower by DragoonHP Frozen Flower :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 1 0 Dice by DragoonHP Dice :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 0 0 Ballons by DragoonHP Ballons :icondragoonhp:DragoonHP 0 0



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Dear secret Santa,

If possible I would like a dark (angst-filled) remake of a fairytale or a story about apocalypse.

Thanks for visiting.


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