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Gift Art

Done as a gift for a friend of mine who moved to California, given to her right before she left...

Drawn entirely in pen
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your friend must be very special. I'd fall over dead to have something like this. The strokes and shading are breathtaking. 
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beautiful dragon... epic work :)
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no comment thats how epic it is :3
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Love this drawing! It is so detailed and very well done for a pen drawing. :3
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this is amazing, :)
Harmony-Bender's avatar
sweet good job amazing, i have decided to be a watcher now
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A-FREAKIN-MAZERAZERING!!!!!!....i love it :)
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i wish i thought of drawing and giving something to my BFF when she moved... shit. but your pretty goo, really good lolz
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oh my gosh! i love this! :3<3<3<3
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Wow, that is cool. You got bad skills!
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Oh Snap!!! This drawing is AWSOME!!!!
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awesome drawing and amazing detail your stuff is fun to look at. it and you both rock
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That is really awesomee =]
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That is awsome!:omg:
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It's absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
Very good, you have a steady hand thats nice. What pen were you using, I know it wasnt a sharpy fine point cuase theres no blots.. LOL good job hun
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Thank you!

I believe I used a Sakura Micron .30mm point, but I could be wrong.
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Wow.... :omfg:
I wish I could draw something at least half as good.
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This is incredible! I seriously wish someone'd draw something as uber awesome as this for me. You've been added to my list of people I'm jealous of for drawing extremely awesome things in pen. X3
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