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Two dragons perched on a rock. Name them if you will
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Jack & Jill...LOL. I'm 73 and just got into the beauty of dragons, not much knowledge yet but I love these 2. May I color them? When I return, I hope to be a dragon. I do believe.

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this is so awesome! you draw so well!!!!!
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That is super good, you are a talented artists!!
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hey this is some awesome work!! Nicejob!!
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Wish I could draw dragons like you ^^
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Drake and Valdimare
prefect for my novel
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beatiful pencil work :D
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Your talent is amazing
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If you love your Mom pass this to 20 people A girl ignore this And her mom died 365 Days later sorry I can't ignore this Cuz I love my mom
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I love the shading. Its really inspiring 
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ahhh did not mean to say dying and yang meant ying and yang
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Cute! Are they meant to be dying and yang?Ying Yang ?
Pretty drawing.
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Best 10/10.
*starts playing MLG airhorn*.
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Left to right: Stror-Brahsht and Fräe-Siiln

I'm uncertain about the second name, but it's the best I can do for now
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Brakhfril (blackfire) on the left srelligan (starlight) on the right. mates for eternity brakhfril is srilligan's soulmate and if one dies the other will die soon after
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