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Moon Dance by dragonzero1980 Moon Dance by dragonzero1980
Moon Dance

Anne found a strange package by her door when she came home from work.She pick it up as she went inside.Anne placed the package down on the table and open it.Inside the package she found a CD called Moon Dance.Anne look at the cd case as she put it in her radio.As the Cd play a beautiful song come on.Anne felt the need to dance to the music as it play.
As Anne dance with the song she started to feel warm all over her body.Gray hairs started to grown all over her body covering her skin.The gray hairs had become thick,long gray fur.Her shoes ripped apart as her feet wore changing into wolf ones.Anne try to stop dancing but she was fully under it spell now.
Her jeans started rip as her legs started to become more wolf like.She watch as her tail become transformed into a long fluffy gray wolf's tail.Anne could as the change work it way up her body.As the gray fur more up her body,she watched as her started to shrink as her chest grown bigger.She watch as her shirt and bra rip apart and fall to the floor.
Her arms became bigger as the fur work it way down her arms.Anne hands spouted the gray fur as they transformed into wolf like hands.Her finger and toe nails turn into long black claws,as dark pads formed on the bottom of them.
Anne could feel the changes to her face being.Her nose turn canine as it fuse with her mouth become a nice long muzzle.She watch as the gray fur cover her face.Her felt her ears change shape into wolf ones and move to the top of her head.As the song came to it end Anne brown eyes transformed into auburn ones.
She let out a deep power howl like the wolf in the song.Anne look in her bathroom mirro.she now was a 7 foot tall she wolf with long thick gray and a tail the touched the bathroom floor.Only her hair stay the same though the change.She open her mouth and show her new long canine fangs.Anne walk out of her bathroom to her front door.Her wolf hands unlock the door,Anne open the door than close it behind her.
There wore reports coming from people claiming of a wolf like creature running through the city.

I did may best writing this.

Please visit Arkanes from more photo morphs of her and awesome pictures of her as well and credit go to HumanimalZoo for creating the picture of Arkanes as a WereWolf.

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