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Adobe Illustrator


ICNS: 256, 128, 48, 32, 16
ICO: XP - 256, 128, 96, 80, 72, 64, 48, 32, 24, 16.
WinVista - 256, 48, 32, 24, 16.
PNG: 3 icons 512, 256, 128px

Contenido del Paquete/Package Contents

*New Vercion

Photoshop CS4 Extended
*Illustrator CS4
*Acrobat 9 Pro
*Flash CS4 Professional
*Dreamweaver CS4
*Fireworks CS4

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Silvereye12's avatar confused...what is this?
uptownboi713's avatar
Wow, I love the orange/gray icon on the preview.
Can you include that in the rar?
DragonXP's avatar
Orange, Gray and Black are in the same RAR. Also visit [link]
uptownboi713's avatar
I meant as in where half of the icon is orange and half is gray.
It looks really cool.
DragonXP's avatar
Hehe lol Good idea
uptownboi713's avatar
lol you're the one who gave me the idea with the preview image.
I though the scissor was gonna be included too. haha
mclaranium's avatar
excellent work for illustrator fans
Thanks amazing to bad i dont got the rest of the master collection to match ;)
DragonXP's avatar
Sorry but we have too much work and I have no free time. ^^;
Vraxor22's avatar
Stunning icons , I love the black ones especially , any chance of a Lightroom 2 version ?
Asher-Bee's avatar
love these so much. is it possible for ya to make an adobe soundbooth, aftereffects, and premiere? that would rock my world. :nod:
DarkMatter77's avatar
I love these! High quality, the black ones are pretty unique!

Is there any way I could get an InDesign one? Thanks!
DragonXP's avatar
If of course as soon as it becomes a bit of time :D
DyMndSkiR's avatar
Love these icons.

Any plans to make an Acrobat or Acrobat Reader one?
DragonXP's avatar
DragonXP's avatar
very soon do not worry, you create in these days.
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