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Okay so I saw Zootopia recently.

No spoilers...but you guys know how often I do fanart? NOT OFTEN. Because I have better things to work on. BUT THIS MOVIE WAS WORTH FANART.
Seriously, this is the BEST animated movie I've seen in a while. It was gorgeously animated, the characters and their interactions were beautifully done, the world was so clever and interesting and visually stunning, and the story...you guys, this story was flawless. It was perfect social commentary - addressing a problem in our own society, gently enough to not be heavy handed, but strongly enough to strike you in the heart. It was incredible. This movie deserves every bit of the hype it's been getting. Every single bit.

Go watch it. Go watch it now.

...Also Judy is an adorably wonderful cinnamon bun character and so is Nick and gah this movie. All my applause and accolades, to you, Zootopia.

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I am consistently saying this to everybody around me !