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I know some people will dislike the decision I chose, and I know some people will love it. Yes, I decided Rooke would go back. Why? Because in almost all stories I've heard, of this kind (Wizard of Oz, Kid in King Arthur's Court, well, Narnia kinda sorta) the kid from our world goes back to our world. And for the most part, they're just peachy with being back in the real world and never seeing the world where they had that adventure again. Well, except Narnia, but that's just because C.S. Lewis is awesome.

I wanted to tell a different version - one where the kid ends up home again, but decides they want to go back. Because I mean, really, I probably would. If I were in this situation, I would miss the Pokemon world like crazy. For me it's Japan...heh...a magical, different place, a place of cicadas and starfish and mulberry trees. I lived in Okinawa when I was 5-8, those ages when wonder is at its brightest, and I loved Japan. I still do. I miss it, and want to go back and visit someday. Maybe even live there again.

Oh wait, that was rambling. Anyhoo, Rooke chose to go back. At this point in time she's 13. Another reason I made this decision, is that my own parents raised me to be independent and, ultimately, be free and fly the nest. 13 is a little early for that, true, but in the end.

If you're worried about the affect this'll have on her family back home, though, don't worry. All things will be wrapped up in the last page next week. Last :)

And of course, I know that the majority of you are just going nuts because Sam and Kindle have kids. XD

The gorgeous backgrounds were done by :iconteelia: She has some incredible artwork, go check her out!

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you put your parents through all that stress and then come home for a brief time when they are paranoid you will disappear again. which you do. you got back to your pokemon, but your real family is now going to suffer. the mom is probably having a heart attack.

was it worth it? will you forget them? are you happy that you chose to put them through hell again? that you left them to suffer without even saying goodbye?