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This seems pretty obvious to me, thanks to a quote I saw someone post on Reddit, but I guess not enough people saw the quote or understood it.

Silly Dragonite is just tired of people thinking he can get beat up by any old Tinker Bell. XD

But yeah. It also makes sense with rumors that Fairy types are weak to steel (like swords, ha ha), and powerful against Dark and Fighting (fitting with the vanquishing evil idea of fairy tales.) Those are just rumors, though, so we'll see.

Plus, with the Kalos region based off of France, there's a lot of stories and fairy tales that come from France. So it'd match with the fairy tale theme.

Just my thoughts and take on the matter. Most of this is conjecture. XD

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do you want to know what type I am out of all 18? I'm electric hand I'm super effective against flying and water types, yeah.
But why immunity instead of resistance..?
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In fairy tales, the fairy itself doesn't fight the dragon.
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Ah-hem, what about Chinese dragons? Not all dragons are evil and destructive. Gamefreak is just racist to dragons.

Also, in the original fairy tales, everyone, including the "good guys," would die a terrible death.
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it all makes sense now O_O

thanks for enlightening me
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it all makes sense now! thanks for enlightening me
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i understand now
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I thought the anime was called: Fairy Tails
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lol i love the face
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I never realize that! Awesome! :D
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that's exactly what i thought about fairy types and dragon types XD
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I still see this whole ‘Fairy-Type’ as a cheap gimmick to try and keep the Pokémon Fan-base from shrinking.
To be completely honest I see no point in creating a new type after over ten years. Did they suddenly woke up and said ‘Oops! We need to make the Dragon-type weaker!’. I heard the official reason is exactly it: to balance the Dragon-type Pokémon. But I don’t buy it. If they really wanted to balance them, they would have done so in Gen II without creating this silly type. They could have used Steel-type and the explanation would be the same or even better.
‘They slay dragon in fairy tales.’ But who lays them? Fairies? Of course not. Knights do. With swords. And swords are made of steel!
And I can’t find any sense in Fairy-types being weak to Steel Moves. Fairy tales and swords always went together and you kninda expected to see a brave knight with a sword in most typical fairy tale.
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I don't mind it so much - and it's a tad silly to get mad at someone for NOT having an idea ten years ago as opposed to now. XD I think they did it to balance Dragon types, but more than that, to have something else new and sensational in the new game to prompt sales, simple as that. And as far as Fairies being weak to steel, I'm just imagining some rampant knight charging through a field, flailing his sword around. No fairy's gonna touch THAT. XD
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I'm not mad at them. I'm more irritated because to me, adding a new 'fairy' type seems simply silly or desperate move. That's something my sister could have came up with. And what hurts me most it the fact that it totally influences other generations. I just can't handle the idea of Jigglipuff being immune to dragon-type attacks now.
I guess to me Pokemon stopped being interesting after Gen III. Not they are steadily going down.
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Fair enough. As for me, I don't mind the changes, and I love all the Pokemon as they come. Fairy or not. :)
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Actually, the reason Fairy types are weak to Steel types is because in old stories where the fairies are, well, less than friendly, their magic would slide off of iron, or objects made with iron as a major component, without affecting it. Hence, Fairy type moves cannot touch Steel type Pokemon. Also, iron was deadly for fairies to come in contact with, which is why Steel type moves are super effective against Fairy type Pokemon.
So why can't Steell be immune to Fairy types then...

If fairy types are SOMEHOW immune to dragons(dragons may lose in fairy tales, BUT they had FIGHTING CHANCE, but fairy types being immune is not giving them that chance..) then why can't Steel types be immune to Fairies..?

Unless I missed something about that..
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i think poison should be strong to it cause i see fairy types as "nature" so to speak and poison is a deadly thing to nature. that's what i think anyway.
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IKR?! finally, people understanding this kind of typing.
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Besides, why hate when you can like them both? :)
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oh, i do. i like all the pokemon. either though types, origins or just designs.
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