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This seems pretty obvious to me, thanks to a quote I saw someone post on Reddit, but I guess not enough people saw the quote or understood it.

Silly Dragonite is just tired of people thinking he can get beat up by any old Tinker Bell. XD

But yeah. It also makes sense with rumors that Fairy types are weak to steel (like swords, ha ha), and powerful against Dark and Fighting (fitting with the vanquishing evil idea of fairy tales.) Those are just rumors, though, so we'll see.

Plus, with the Kalos region based off of France, there's a lot of stories and fairy tales that come from France. So it'd match with the fairy tale theme.

Just my thoughts and take on the matter. Most of this is conjecture. XD

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do you want to know what type I am out of all 18? I'm electric hand I'm super effective against flying and water types, yeah.