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Dragontry Cover

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To read the comic, go to the first page here:
Dragontry - Chapter One - 1 by DragonwolfRooke

EDIT My brother Jared Sellers, who is a fantastic artist (check out his work at jaredsellers.com) designed a title for Dragontry as part of my birthday present. I absolutely adore it, so I updated the cover of Dragontry with the new title.

First version of a painted cover for Dragontry. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

I apologize for the hiatus on Dragontry - the pages ARE being worked on, albeit slowly. The whole of chapter 2 has been sketched out at least, now it's just going in and finishing the pages. So I'm hoping to get more pages up and running within the next couple weeks, and get back to that three a week update schedule. :)

Man, I can't wait to get to this point in the story, where the whole group will be together. :)

Dragontry (c) me
Title design (c) Jared Sellers
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EvilbrynnthingdrawsHobbyist Digital Artist
il look into this,this looks nice
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syviethorneHobbyist Digital Artist
aw, this is beautiful c:
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The way you draw your humans reminds me of Gralegio's art.

Your brother gave you an awesome logo, almost fully consistent (The T is a little thicker than the other letters and the 2 R's could be a little more uniform) though I have one critique on the lettering: the N could have been a little better with the crossbar. As it stands, I see either an odd-looking H or a backwards small U.
DragonwolfRooke's avatar
DragonwolfRookeProfessional Digital Artist
Huh, there is a bit of a resemblance. And thank you for the critique!
mysterykit42's avatar
Squee! Can't wait for more~
Parousia45's avatar
This s so epic!
confusedkangaroo's avatar
Suddenly touch the sky from Brave comes into my head upon seeing it. Hopefully these happy characters will touch the sky.
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks wonderful :D
Yamashita-akaDoragon's avatar
Yamashita-akaDoragon Traditional Artist
The sky looks cool as heck and I like the texture on the characters. Really nice cover overall.

And don't sweat it, take your time. I'm a very patient reader anyway. :D
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DreamerSeekerStudent Traditional Artist
So good to see your art pop up again! I was missing it!
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