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Dragontry - Chapter 1 - page 4

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The page where Rooke had to learn what an air bike would look like.

Tapastic: tapastic.com/series/Dragontry
Dragontry (c) me
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BaseballmaniacHobbyist Traditional Artist
Her comes some scouts Fortunly they are hard to deafe- was reading the civ wiki page dang it 
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tkdragon339Hobbyist General Artist
Something about the scouts' helmets looks familiar, but I can't place it.
ChineseViking's avatar
ChineseVikingHobbyist Traditional Artist
Motorbike gangs never seem to be a good sign in fantasy worlds...
confusedkangaroo's avatar
These scouts are not a good thing it seems...Sigh indeed. The clouds continue to amaze me.
mysterykit42's avatar
I'm guessing the whole comic won' be foggy/misted painting style...
DragonwolfRooke's avatar
DragonwolfRookeProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, it'll crisp up before long, this beginning is mostly me experimenting.
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meteorflightHobbyist General Artist
Wonderful coloring style!
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KissuliHobbyist General Artist
oh I want an air bike like that :3 are the wheels made of clouds or of something else? o:
btw just giving a suggestion but you might want to put a link to Tapastic to the descriptions. 
DragonwolfRooke's avatar
DragonwolfRookeProfessional Digital Artist
Oh yeah, that's a smart idea about the links! And the bikes use a system of high-pressure air pumps to stay aloft...the science isn't sound but I'm not a scientist. X'D
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
GECKO-NuzlockesHobbyist Digital Artist
I sense epicness (and hopefully dragons!) coming!
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Charlemagne1Hobbyist Writer
So epic!
bubbles46853's avatar
Okay then...biker gangs on clouds...
songwithnosoul's avatar
Uh-oh, that doesn't look good.
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Doods101Hobbyist Artist
SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-MHobbyist General Artist
Very nice design! And the effect on the clouds is lovely~ Looking forward to see what happens next. :)
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