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At the very beginning of time, the only living things in the universe were spirits. The lived in separate worlds now, but at one time, they had stood together, talking, singing and laughing together. But they had grown apart, and had left one another for love. One spirit, her name was Eveylen, had fallen in love with a spirit, Morr (like More). He was a powerful spirit of day and night. He had lots of brothers who had the same power over night and day, but that is another story to tell. Morr and Eveylen found themselves a world, empty and open like many others. 

The great spirit gave birth to four young children. One was sweet, bright and kind. She wished to take care of all life. Another was dark and mysterious, but she too, wanted to take care of all life. The bright child was named Angelica, the dark, Hellna.

There were two brothers as well, but these two didn't always see eye to eye. The one brother, Duran Morr, wanted things to be plain and simple, but at the same time, touched with magic. He saw these creatures as nature's beauty. His brother, Hayes Eve, was more imaginative. He wanted each of his creations to be unique, and not one exactly like the other. He loved magic, and often dumped loads of it onto his work. Duran thought he was crazy, but kept it to himself.

Now the world was empty, and the great spirit Eveylen wanted place for her children to take care of and grow, so she created a great land on her back and told her boys to split the land and make it their own. Hayes went to her back and placed his creations on her back. They sprung to life immediately. Duran then came forward and placed his too. They sprung to life.

They created woods and lakes for their creations, and they lived together side by side in harmony. But the peace would not last long. Hayes's creations were multiplying, and so were Duran's. The creations could scene their differences, so they separated and moved to different sides. Now if Hayes turned to his right, he would see Duran's creations. If Duran turned to his left, he would see Hayes's creations. What Hayes saw were peaceful, but murderous and greedy animals. What Duran saw were bloodthirsty, insane and bizarre monsters. Hayes didn't care for Duran's, but Duran was furious.

He ordered his brother to find a place for his monsters, or at least fix them. This angered the usually peaceful Hayes. He told Duran that he had no power to tell him what to do. Their anger toward's one another shook the earth that Eveylen had worked so hard to build. Her back split through the middle. But instead of blood the poured out, it was water. But even if it wasn't blood, the sons where shocked. They didn't want any harm to come to their mother, but both saw the other as the purpose of her pain. 

So they agreed: Never will they battle one another. If a fight were to break out, it would not be just them who fought, it was their people as well.

So to not let themselves start an argument, they turned away from each other. Duran looked up, and Hayes looked down.

Now, you may have forgotten the sisters. They had seen the pain and their mother's and father's tears and wanted to help her. Angelica flew to her father in the sky and held her mother from the sky. Her sister flew under her mother and held her from underneath. When the Hayes saw Hellna, he fell madly in love. When Duran looked up, he saw Angelica and fell in love as well.

(Don't say gross. I know what you're thinking.)

So the two siblings stayed apart as far as they could. At the the same time, they took care of their separate lands.

But change is a force that cannot be contained. And soon, The great land of Eveylen will shift, in either war, or peace between the two lands.

The end, for now....

This is for when I finish an oc and I want a bio.

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