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Mistclan DeadBark by DragonWolfGirl2 Mistclan DeadBark by DragonWolfGirl2
DeadBark strikes again!
I absolutly love this oc. In my group on facebook, he was created solely so that I could rp with people in a clan I didn't have cats in. That was a year ago. Now, he's evolved to a complex charactor with a backstory and a life goal.
He wants to protect his clan and family, which I find very heroic.

I also love drawing his pelt :3 Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 

Name: DeadBark
Gender: Male
Clan: Mistclan
Rank: Warrior 
Age: 39 moons
Personnel: Protective, very caring.
Mate: ShadowClaw
Kits: Leafkit, Winterkit, and Creekkit
Special Powers: none
Pelt: Brown with black strips, patches of white. Has a black stripe from his shoulder, flowing along his back, to his tail.
Details: Has black eye markings. Black tail tip. Pink nose. Back legs have small black socks. Ears are tiped grey/black. Eyes have white patchs around them. Muzzle is white.
Eyes: Green
Scars: Two on his tail, claw marks on his left shoulder and right leg, two on his right shoulder and two on his left ear

DeadBark's life started as a rogue in a small town. His only family was a cousin named Willow and her kit. Back then he was known as Barky. Barely 10 months, he lived on his own, with the exeption of Willow and her kit visiting. He refused to live with them though, saying he enjoyed being "wild" and playing all day. 
While exploring an old house, he was attack by a mysterious cat and fell through the floor (reason for most of the scars). He would have died if not for Willow. That wasn't the last he saw of the mysterious cat though. Days later, he was confrounted by the cat again. But this time he wasn't alone. He was joined by his gang of cats, plus his son Claws, who was around Barky's age. Claws was ordered to attack Barky, which he reluctantly obeyed. The cats turned out to be evenly matched, and Barky was chased away and banished from the town. Willow never saw him ever enter the town again.
Injured and alone, Barky traveled through the woods. He was so battered up that he thought he would die. Somehow he stumbled into an animal reservation and was found on the edge of Mistclan by a patrol. He was half dead, scared, and covered with cuts and scars. Mistclan welcomed him with open paws. He was treated well in camp, but he refused to speak to anyone. He was given a mentor to watch him and help him grow strong. For the first time, he felt like he belonged. When it came time to tell the clan his name and become a aprentice, he gave them his old name, then a new one. 
He chose the name Dead. Reason why? He'll never tell. But he has always been proud of his first name, so the clan doesn't ask questions.

Over the years, he fell in love with ShadowClaw. They became mates and had three kits. Because his first mentor was a medicine cat, he has been standing in for the medicine cat (who died) while they wait for a new one. Recently, Willow has made an apearance.

Oc: Mine
Art: Not mine, it's a base i found. The colored inside i did.
Made with DeviantArt muro
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July 18, 2016
July 18, 2016
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