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Draw to Adopt (Entry) by DragonWolfGirl2 Draw to Adopt (Entry) by DragonWolfGirl2
Hope this is ok for an entry.
Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] Markiplier Jumping Quickly 
Password: hopscotch

Name: Tiffany (Tip) Mane
Nickname: Tip, Tiffy, Tippers
Gender: Female
Cudiemark: (Based off of the DS controls)
Parents: HollyWell (Mother), Feather Mane (Father)
Siblings: Older brother, Twin (Bethany, 7 younger sisters and brothers
Likes: Video games, coffee, dogs, rock music
Dislikes: Long fancy hair, anything fancy,makeup, lag, crowds, loud noise
Short, dark and light purple mane and tail. Grey body. Likes wearing green earrings and bracelets to match her eyes

-Tip was born the 3rd of a big family of 11. Because she was one of the oldest, she was often put in charge of her younger siblings. Since she often had to watch the boys, she started to become a tomboy herself. As a teen, she started to become obsessed with video games and electronics (this is when she got her mark). Her love for games won her a big job in game design. She has hopes of starting her own business in games.
-She is sometimes mistaken for a boy, because of her short hair and how she acts sometimes, and her sister, if she's around, is mistaken for her girlfriend. One time, a mare started yelling at her in the bathroom because the pony thought Tip was a guy.
-Tip actually used to have bad eyesight and was very clumsy. Her mother got her glasses, but Tip refused to where them and blamed her eyes on her bangs. Though her eyes have gotten better, she's still clumsy. Every now and then she does puts on her glasses.
-She cuts her hair herself just to tick off her sister

-She's dated a few times, but they ended pretty fast. Bethany usually asks Tip to go on a double date with her.
-Tip is very close with her family and would drop everything to help them.
-Most of Tip's friends work with her, and are planing on working for her if she ever starts her own business. 

I won it!
YES! You'll be seeing more of Tip soon!
Credit to TorusTheScribe for design, Page: Here
Art by me
Made with DeviantArt muro
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October 16, 2016
October 16, 2016
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