like some help as am looking for some cosplay help

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hi people am looking for someone that dose cosplay and be willing to do a part of an halo odst gear like shoulders the chest and abs area with the backpack and a helmet that would fit a fursuit dragon head and it be in a style of a dragon am looking to the halo reach and halo 3 odst kinda gear to be combined together if anyone knows people that dose this sorta stuff It be awesome for having the help.

I was thinking to go a long the right shoulder is a ripped of poncho.

have a prop of the  m6c socom on the chest and a knife on the left shoulder.

a wolf embalmer on the left shoulder as well as the clan name lone wolf placed some were on the armour and on the helmet they would be like a wolf's head

I'm only looking to pay/ for someone to only do the chest abs and belt part as well as the  shoulders and backpack.

if and once I get the partial fursuit I would let someone know and see if they willing to do the helmet for it

and if its ok some prop weapons like the m6c socom and a ma5 assault rifle silenced or a new rifle we both could try to make up for the outfit.

if you like to contact me you can do so on here or ask for my discord name to see if we can come up with a good price range.
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