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My Bio
Well..once again I have changed my description...it's kind of fun.

Seriously though I went to college and got a degree in multimedia and graphic design but that applies mostly to web design and not illustration and such. So I am slowly teaching myself some techniques.

It was not until I was within three months of completing my college courses when a representative from another business college told me that his college offered course for which I would be more interested in; this came about because we, as a class, were showing of our portfolios. Mine was none too impressive and it was clear what my real intentions were but what I had learned thus so far is quite valuable.

Let's see..what else. Ah yes..some of my favorite subjects for drawing is, of course, dragons, monsters and whatever else tickles my fancy.
As one might have guessed, I just adore dragons, always have ever since I was little; Japanese mythology and anime also intrigues me.

At one point I used to do alot more drawing but something happened and I think it was a combination of frustration and a bout of deep depression that made me put away my tools for over seven years. So I am slowly getting back into it, the real challenge is inspiration and motivation so by being here I can be exposed to all sorts of talents.

Current Residence: Earth
Favourite style of art: I don't really know, they are all so good I just cannot pick one.
Operating System: Right now it is Windows XP, Service Pack 2
Favourite cartoon character: Edward Elrich, Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes from FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST

Favourite Movies
Princess Mononoke, FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Series though not really a movie.
Favourite Games
Right now it is Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter
Favourite Gaming Platform
Playstation and Playstation 2
Other Interests
Video games, Anime, dragons and Kitties!
It has been several months and I haven't done any drawing at all. It's not so much that I have no inspiration but more that I have no motivation. Part of it is because I realize my skills are pretty pathetic and when I look at the wonderful skills displayed by people who are many years younger than I am I tend to get discouraged. Those who have real skills may very well have a use for them beyond just a hobby, I can see you guys are quite dedicated whereas my puny skills have slipped so much that I'd have to do a lot just to bring them back to the rather pathetic level they were when I first came here. On the one hand I'd hate to leave be
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I am in a sort of artistic slump right now. I want to draw but as soon as my pencil hits the paper then all motivation leaves. So in the meantime I am trying some writing, my first is a haiku...a form of Japanese poetry. I guess what I need to do is just plunk my tush down and just draw something. I need inspiration, motivation and encouragement.
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You know...I am finding that the animated series "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" to be quite enjoyable. It is not really sugary or preachy and the characters are all unique. Maybe I will try to draw one of my own. On that note "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is also a great series. Now that I have cable tv I can watch it. On the downside I don't get the Cartoon Network so there are things I can't watch like Adventure Time or The Dragon Riders of Berk..Oh well. Transformers Prime is also another of my new favorites....strange that all my favorite shows are animations. Hmmm.... As usual when I come here I end up feeling more inspired an
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Thanks for the watch
... HOLY WH--

I just came from the forums on Dragon Tear following the link from your sig and it startled me that it led me HERE.


I was so curious since I was reading all your forum posts (Okay, that sounded so creepy-online-stalker-ish) and I'd like to say "Man, you've got one keen eye for DQ.", you left me awestruck with your musings.

Oh and for being a DQ fan-- One of the very few I've met, cheers.
Hey, saw your post on UM, it's not something i'd quote there, since my experiance is with agreeing with those statements gets me flamed by a bunch of 3-year-olds, but I agree with you it that it is possible for a multi-dimension theory to dragons.

Anyways, saw your dA link in your sig and i'm always up for a new friend here on dA :D
BOO! It's Ejdeha from DT. :d
Hey, I'm curious Kitsune from UM :)
Ah, it's hard to find another Dragon Quarter fan these days.

A pleasure to meet you. Nice gallery, by the way.
I clicked this link to your site on Dragon-Tear...Nice. Hello.