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Not much to say...
please comment :)
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I really enjoy this tattoo
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Any chance you could make some arms for it? This would totally be badass with some arms too...
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Wooooow i want this tatoo!!! (when my mother will let me have one^^)
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it make me think about a fiendish creature more than a dragon...
it's great!
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Love the style, love the design. Badass dude!
thanks for visiting my page.
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Put some arms on it with claws and it would be perfect :D
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Very cool and very orginal piece of tribal art. Me likes
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nice tat you got here ... i especially likey the wingys ... i'm not completely sure about the tail tho ... hmm can't quite put my finger on the reason why i don't quite like the tail but THE WINGYSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could draw wings like that ....

jynxedwings ~JynxedWings

ne0n0b0dy ~ne0n0b0dy
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Dude! That's awesome! I tried to create something similar myself, but failed miserably. That's a badass design.
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yeah this would make a cool tattoo
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Ooo badass:-) I'd want that on a shirt or as a little tattoo or something:nod:
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