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Halo: The Crimson Arc, The Long Road Home
Abyssal Finn arrived at the Makeshift based they were observing from when the Goblins arrived. Dr. Halsey watched as the Prowler turned to face her and the rest of the Swords of Sanghelios as it made landfall. the docking bay opens and a ramp extended, She saw her Spartans step out first, Blue Team looked worn from the battle as they removed their helmets, as did Osiris and Palmer, Fireteam Crimson were the last ones, and behind them was another, not in armor though, but it was hard to see.
Halsey walked up to them all. “I saw the whole thing through the helmet feeds, tell me you managed to salvage something from those Unggoy machines,” She began.
“We managed to secure samples for analyzation, Dr. Halsey,” Master Chief began.
“And then some,” Dil added, “We’ve gotta get these bad boys into the War Games sims, the other Spartans on Infinity got to know how to deal with them.”
“Dr. Halsey, I’m sure you remember Fireteam Cr
:icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 1 0
Archeology: a Ready Player One Story.
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Time: 7:05 AM, EST/OST
Date: February 11, 2045
(The day Parzival finds the Copper key.)
The sound of my Alarm wakes me the second I hear it. I sigh a little before I reach for the alarm and hit the snooze button. Another 10 minutes, please.
I look up on the ceiling in my room, or at least I tried to when opening my eyes. It was another day of work, though since I enjoyed it, it wouldn’t really be called work. Of course I’m lucky that I have a job or a means of income in this day and age, the year 2045 had its ups and downs, the downs, of course, are the economy, wars, disease, homelessness rising, hell, there are some poor bastards who have to live in one of those converted trailer parks where they actually stack the RVs and trailers on top of one another.
I’ve seen them before on the news and when I moved out of my parents’ place, they reminded me of an old children’s book called Sideways Stories from Way
:icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 7 0
DragonWarrior24 Emblem by DragonWarrior24 DragonWarrior24 Emblem :icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 4 1 DragonWarrior24 by DragonWarrior24 DragonWarrior24 :icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 6 2 OASIS Avatar DragonWarrior24 by DragonWarrior24 OASIS Avatar DragonWarrior24 :icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 6 6 OASIS Avatar Profile by DragonWarrior24 OASIS Avatar Profile :icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 18 13
Halo: Blue Team Week: day three
The Bleeding Heart: Fred-104
Promises & Pacts: « We’re with you 
There are worlds beyond worlds, times beyond times, and among these worlds, the members of Blue Team fight another fight for the fate of humanity.
The World of Remnant is a nice place to live. That is, of course, you don't mind a very common problem: the creatures of Grimm, they are dark, animalistic forces who are attracted to human negativity and seek out to destroy mankind and all of its creations. Thankfully, there are humans who hunt the creatures of Grimm and defend humanity, the Hunstmen and Huntresses, they arm themselves with weapons powered by a crystal element known as Dust, channel their souls into auras, develop unique abilities known as Semblances and head out to fight the evils that humanity knows...and the ones they don't know.
Deep in Anima territory, around the Boarders of the Kingdom of Mistral, A neighbouring Vill
:icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 1 0
Halo: Blue Team Week: day 2
The Scout: Kelly-087
Nostalgia & Memories: « This was no homecoming » 

The Infinity was on its way to its rendezvous point, this location could make or break the battle against Cortana. Kelly-087 was walking down the halls in her tech suit, her armor was being checked, fixed and upgraded. She was planning on getting some training in the War Games simulator, as she walked, she heard laughter coming from one of the bunks. She turns and saw it was some of the members of Fireteam Osiris: Tanaka, Buck and Vale, and Fireteam Crimson, Dylan, Evelyn and Raimundo. They were sitting on the beds as they seem to be sharing stories.
"So, there I was, on the Chieftan's back, my knife deep in its neck, Dutch and Mickey manage to tackle it, making the Brute land on top of me. I mean he was crushing my beautiful bod here," Buck described, "and all I could say was ' of me'." this made the Spartans crack up as t
:icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 0 0
Halo Blue Team Week, day one
The Leader: John-117
Duty & Honour: « It is our duty to protect humanity »
It was a beautiful autumn day, the skies were clear and sunny, the air wasn't too cold, and all around the park, there was laughter and fun. Among the playground and the walkways and lakes, there was a centrepiece displayed proudly: A statue, or more specifically, statues. they depict several figures in advanced, high-tech armor, Mjolnir it was called, and each one was unique. There were 12 of them, each displayed in permanent attention, and at their feet were plaques, describing the statue in question.
One of the park patrons, a man in his 60s, wearing a light leather coat and walking with a cane, walked over to the statues, he smiled at the four displayed in the middle, he looked...proud. As he was admiring the statues, a soccer ball rolled over to his leg. he looked at it and saw a group of kids rush his way, four of them, two boys and two girls. "Sorry mister," the
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Halo: The Crimson Arc, The Battle of 'Mdama Keep.
Sanghelios was a much larger planet than earth, which meant that not only Gravity was heavier, but it had a long day cycle, a full rotation of the planet was 29.5 earth hours. Despite following Military Earth time, the Spartans of the UNSC and Dr. Halsey had to adjust for their time on the Elite Home World. Blue Team, who trained on the Planet Reach, which was close to Sanghelios’ size, were able to adapt. Osiris and Commander Palmer were able to as well because of the training they received as Spartan IVs, though that didn't mean it didn’t take time for them to get used to it.
Since the start of their day, which coincidently, was synced to the moment Fireteam Crimson began their own mission to Sanghelios, the Spartans and the Swords of Sanghelios continued to investigate the reports Thel’s scouts relayed to them: the remaining Covenant Remnant forces that use to be under Jul ‘Mdama’s command, were retreating back to ‘Mdama Keep. The Home of Jul
:icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 3 2
Halo: The Crimson Arc, Going Digital
Fireteam Crimson and Professor Anders stood with worry as Cortana, the former UNSC AI and self-appointed leader of the Reclamation, now stood on the bridge. Her holographic body took small steps as she places her hands on some of the consoles, “Well, this is very interesting,” Cortana began with a light tone of amusement, “A Prowler with Spartans…or what the UNSC will pass as Spartans these days.”
“That was uncalled for…” Dil mumbled in his helmet, earning a “shush!” from Evelyn.
“Flying near a Halo that one of the Guardians detected, a Halo…that shouldn’t even belong here. Quite curious, and knowing your kind, I bet you’ll refuse to tell me how it got here…or do you even know yourselves?” she asked.
‘That voice…’ Anders thought to herself, ‘It can’t be…’
“It doesn’t matter now. I’ll find out for myself, there’s really only on
:icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 1 3
Halo: The Crimson Arc, Rings
 The Abyssal Finn floated in space, it’s cloaking systems online and thankfully, making it blind to the Guardian that was before them. The Forerunner construct’s back was facing the Prowler as it seemed to focus on the Larger Forerunner Construct: a Halo, one of the 7 Ring worlds created by the Forerunners in a means to stop the flood by destroying all life in the Galaxy.
The Spartans of Fireteam Crimsons were anything but relaxed at this new development, "Fuckin' Owls," Raimundo cursed as he rushed to the Armor Apparatus, ready for a fight, "Can we ever get a break?"
“Ok, Hot Pocket, why the fuck haven’t we gotten out of this system right now?” Anastasia asked with an edge in her voice, she was not happy about this current situation at all.
“I’m kinda more concerned that there’s a Guardian right near a freakin' Halo ring,” Evelyn argued, her voice just as agitated and nervous. “What’s it doing? Is Cortana going to
:icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 2 0
Halo: The Crimson Arc, Meanwhile on Sanghelios
Evelyn LaCoste typed the commands as the Abyssal Finn hurtled through the vastness that is Slip-space. “Ok, everything seems to be functional. Engines running normal, the cloaking tech is at optimum efficiency, Green lights all around.”
“How long until we’re at Sanghelios?” Raimundo asked as he was at the unmanned apparatus, removing his Mjolnir armor. Since they weren’t at any immediate combat, Crimson all agreed to have it off at the moment.
“Well, based on where the Infinity got out of slip-space, and the fact that Abysmal Finn’s Slip-space engine isn’t as big as Infinity’s but is the latest model, our estimate window of arrival is…” Evelyn drew as she typed in the calculations “….50 hours…give or take 30 minutes.”
“You’re telling us that we’re stuck in this bird for just over two days?” Anastasia asked, then sighed, “I knew I should have convinced the Captai
:icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 3 4
Halo: The Crimson Arc, Abyssal Finn
Raimundo, Evelyn and Anastasia were on their feet when Dylan described the main objective in this new Mission. The three looked confused “I don’t get it” Anastasia began, “After all these months, why now?”
“We’re stuck. After barely any word from Earth or the other colonies, we have no means to stop Cortana. The only one who might give us a chance is on Sanghelios” Dylan explained.
“Dr. Halsey” Evelyn realized.
“And she was with the Commander and Fireteam Osiris, who were on Sanghelios” Dylan explained
“Osiris” Rai stated bitterly, “I can’t believe they got chosen, They barely spent any time together up until this point, we’ve been fighting together for a year now.”
“Are you still bitching about how they got the mission that ended with them killing Jul ‘Mdama?” Ana asked in annoyance.
“It’s bullshit!” Rai shouted, “We’ve been after
:icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 1 6
Halo: The Crimson Arc
Dylan looked over the Answer. This Specific type of Squad Automatic Weapon, or SAW, was unique in the sense that it’s rounds were miniature proximity-fused high explosive warheads, mini explosives, but at the cost of a lower rate of fire. After the last War Game, Dylan made his way to the armor, The specialized weapons that the UNSC created were there and unlocked for all the personal on Infinity. Captain Lasky felt that with Cortana running her show with the Guardians, he felt everyone needed all they could get. So Dylan wanted to check the Arsenal, He was just in his undersuit but since the live rounds were separated, he felt safe examining it like this.
“Hey Dragon” Dil turn and saw Raimundo at the entrance, “We’re about to go through another Firefight match, you in?”
“All Honesty, I’m getting a little stir-crazy. All we is do is go through the War Games” Dylan said.
“I know, but the captain hasn’t reported any news.
:icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 1 3
Tri Spirit Warrior by James Silvani by DragonWarrior24 Tri Spirit Warrior by James Silvani :icondragonwarrior24:DragonWarrior24 4 0

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Hey everyone. Before you react, no, I'm not the one getting married.

I know I don't talk much about my family here but I felt I should share it. my Older Brother is getting Married. He and his future bride is having it done on a Cruise ship and invited Friends and Family.

My brother, Michael, had his share of Girlfriends, one back when we were in Grade school. Another when we moved into his new home (who then dumped him brutally that he was broken up about it for days) and now it seems third times the charm.

Her name is Alberta and she's a very sweet girl, She works as a nurse a local hospital, The two were dating for some time before two years ago when they moved into a new house in New Jersey, and it's a beauty.

Now they've decided to be part of one family. They have the cruise set up, it's one month away in August, invites were sent, we basically have an entire deck to ourselves.

my mother and I are making Party favors using Hershey kisses colored in Orange and Purple, their colors.

I do hope that they are happy for a very long time.

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