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Sky followed the snuffling lilliput closely, wondering what in the world Licorice was searching for after just making a big deal out of being hungry. She too was hungry but there was food everywhere. Nearly tripping over the tiny stallion she grunted with a hint of frustration. "Licorice what are you doing?"

"I'm finding food, what else would I be doing?" He stated matter of factily, proceeding to dig at the base of a fallen log.

Sky stepped closer, watching Licorice root around the log and flip it over to reveal several fat, juicy grubs that began to wriggle and writh with the exposure to the bright light. The second he scooped one up in his mouth like a noodle she gagged, looking away as fast as possible. "That's horrid! How can you even think to eat those things."

"They're delicious! You should try one." Licorice spoke through a mouthful of grub, slobber running out from the corners of his mouth and dripping onto the ground.

"Over my dead body! That's absolutely disgusting! We do not eat bugs, especially nasty little things like that. We're meant to eat things like rabbits and deer and grass." She glanced at the little stud and heaved, turning and walking a few steps away. Taking deep breaths she did what she could to calm her stomach, feeling more than sick at just the thought of eating a bug.

"How am I supposed to hunt a deer? I'm too little for that, Lilliputs eat bugs and grubs all the time. You're the strange one that doesn't even want to try a grub." Licorice pushed the topic as he continued his meal, tail swishing with delight as he rooted in the soft moist dirt.

Sky groaned, "Please stop talking about it, I'm begging you." She'd long since lost her appetite, thrilled when the lilliput was seemingly satisfied for the time being. Walking further into the forest she looked for any sign of Yule she could possibly find, stopping at a stream for a well deserved drink before tearing at the bandage on her leg. She didn't need it but she wasn't sure she could get it off on her own either. Looking to the skies she noticed the faint transition of colors, a sigh escaping before she looked down at Licorice again. "We should find a place to rest for the night, we can start looking for Yule again in the morning."

"You didn't eat earlier, are you going to find something?" Licorice asked curiously, ears carried forward as he was genuinely interested in what the grumpy mare had to say.

Sky shook her head, "I'm not hungry, I can always eat later." Trudging through the brush she found a little spot grown up with underbrush and thickets, forcing her way through the thick vegetation until she found a spot she thought suitable for the evening. Laying down with a thud on the hard ground she reluctantly allowed the grub filled lilliput to curl up at her side. Her stomach was still churning, reminding her that she hadn't eaten but the stress of losing Yule and dealing with Licorice were keeping her from wanting to eat. She was worried sick, curled up to keep warm as the air cooled.

As daylight found its way through the trees Sky had to force herself up, hooves practically dragging as she plodded along the paths. She felt worse than the day before an she was almost positive they were going in circles. Carefully picking her way over logs and rocks she followed the stream for a ways, dropping to the ground on the bank to catch her breath. "I can't do it, I can't go any further."

Licorice frowned, "I'll keep watch, you get some rest. You don't look so well."

Sky didn't protest, simply nodding as the stallion perched on a decent sized rock near where she lay. Dragging herself forward on her knees she took a few bites of lucious grass, dropping her head in the soft pillow of green. Things smelled different than before, slowly letting her eyelids droop shut as she thought about Yule and her father, and of course Licorice. Despite how dopey and strange the stallion was she could tell that he did care about the wellbeing of his companions, he just expressed himself in his own unique way. Too exhausted to move she let her legs almost sprawled out to the side, listening to the quiet trickle of water and song of birds was enough to gently sing her off to sleep, determined to find her father or Yule as soon as she had her strength back enough to continue the journey she'd started, confident that Licorice would be of some aid in finding her precious little missing baby. Snores taking over the clearing.

Sky's Journey

Featuring: 8978 Sky, 8923 Liqourice
Group Prompt(s): Prompt 2.2: Over My Dead Body
        Your Ballator’s search isn’t always an easy one. They’ve come across someone or something that they absolutely hate! Who or what is it and how do they react?

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