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Sky's Journey

Featuring: 8978 Sky, 8923 Liqourice001 Regale
Group Prompt(s): Prompt 2.1: Good Genes
        As your Ballator searches for Regale, they think back on their family. Do they think about their parents? Their foals? Do they have an adopted family that has replaced their real one? Is there a family they wish they had?
Sky sighed as she leaned against the trunk of a tree in the shade for a moments rest, closing her eyes and thinking back to when she was much younger.

It had been a cool day, taking refuge in the stand of trees she called her own special place. Sniffling she approached her father, completely devastated. "Daddy, why isn't mommy coming back? Doesn't she love me?"

Regale looked at the filly standing next to him, adjusting so she could lay at his side and share his warmth on the increasingly cold evening. "I'm afraid I don't know why your mother wished to leave you. I'm sure she had her reasons and that she loved you very much."

Sky dropped to the ground next to her father, cuddling against his warm side and nestling her face in his thick chest manes. She didn't like the cold rain outside, listening to the water bounce off the leaves and foliage. When she heard the birds singing in the morning she stretched and bounced to her feet, seemingly forgetting about her troubles. The only remnant of the night's storm was the mud puddles dotted about on the trail. Giggling she took off to splash about in the murky water. "Play with me daddy!"

Oh how she wished times were as simple as her young naive years. Back then she didn't have to worry about getting lost or leaving the glade. She always looked up to her father, wanting to know what he was doing and trying to be just like him. The first time she hunted by herself she was thrilled to show him what she'd managed to do, the smile on his face more than enough praise and encouragement. A sudden hard knock to her flank jolted her back to reality, looking down to find the large eyes of her dark lilliput friend staring back up at her. Admittedly she'd become quite close with him and couldn't imagine not having Licorice in her life.

"Wake up Sleepy! We're supposed to be looking for Yule." Licorice chirped, seemingly oblivious to the mood of the mare standing over him.

With a soft sigh Sky nuzzled Licorice affectionately, "I wasn't sleeping, I was thinking."

"Must have been some think, I've been trying to get your attention forever! I'm getting hungry." Licorice whined, not really caring what  Sky was thinking.

A small smile found Sky's face, "Alright, let's eat."
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