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Sky curled up around the dark little lilliput she'd come to know as Licorace, her little baby's love interest. Sighing she rested her head on the ground and hoped sleep would come, her thoughts interrupted by a small voice.

"What's your home like?"

Sky raised her head curiously, looking down at the lilliput stallion. "Well, Licorace, I come from a secret glade. The glade has been my home since I wasn't much more than a foal. I've never left it until now and I do miss it terribly. The warm breezes that would tickle your manes and the crystal clear sparkling waters. Now that I've left the foxes and rabbits and big cats don't seem so bad. In spring the flowers would blossom and the entire clearing would just smell wonderful, the grass is always sweet and juicy." She folded her ears back and sniffled, not realizing she had any tears left to cry.

Licorace pouted, half climbing up her shoulder and pawing at her cheek. "Don't be sad, we'll find Yule and then go home! You'll see, everything will be okay."

Sky gave Licorace a sad half smile, gently nudging him to the side. "I hope you're right Licorace." Just after sunrise she got to her feet and limped along the trail aimlessly, jealous of the bouncy lilliput leading her. "Licorace where are we going?"

"To find Yule!"

"Where's she at?"

Licorace smiled and wagged his tail, "I have no idea, she just pops up when you need her, we'll find her."

Sky groaned, trudging through the field after him. A sudden noise had her spooked, never having seen a vehicle before. She balked, trotting away from the thing. She tried running, bolting right into a wire fence and thrashing about. Not understanding what the humans wanted or what they even were she screamed, in a total panic until everything suddenly turned black. Slowly waking up she looked around and found herself in a small box, funny soft white things around her hurt leg. Whatever she was laying on was pokey, strange things full of water and pebble things that crushed under her hooves. Getting to her feet she anxiously cried and pawed at the box wanting to be back out in the woods, panic taking over once again. She hardly noticed Licorace pop up from the hay in the corner.

"You should eat Sky, this is really good." Licorace muttered through a mouthfull of green hay.

Sky shook her head , nostrils flaring at the noise of humans.

"I don't have a clue where she's come from but she could use a few weeks recovery." The man stood outside the stall watching, thumbs hooked in his pockets, "Beautiful mare, for a feral there's not a mark on her but she's not got any idea what any of this is." He got closer and put his hand on the barns for her to sniff. "Easy there sweetheart, we'll get that leg of yours healed up and you'll be good as new."

Sky didn't like the sound of that, knowing the humans wanted to keep her forever. She waited until the next human came and opened the stall door, bolting past and running right for the woods. Panting and looking around she slowed to a stop and waited. it was quiet, entirely too quiet but wherever she'd ended up did remind her of home in some way. Then she realized what was missing, Licorace was nowhere to be found. Hanging her head in shame she found some place to hide and lay down. She'd wait a day and hope that the little lilliput would turn up.

Sky's Journey

Featuring: 8978 Sky, 8923 Liqourice
Group Prompt(s): Prompt Two: Home
        Regale asks your Ballator to reflect about your home. What makes this place special? What calls you back to it? Do you pine for it on your journeys? Would you rather not remember it? Is your home not so much a specific place, but a feeling?

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