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Sky lay in the forest thinking, something she found herself doing far more often after having left the glade in a panicked frenzy searching for her baby Yule. She had first met Regale when she was young, her dam leaving her to the golden maned stallion with no explanation. She'd smiled up at him with a wagging tail, her horns still too small to reveal their true shape. Sky remembered it like it had happened yesterday.


The sky was warm, following her mother through the brush to some new place. Curious and not one to question how the world worked she never once questioned the motives of her dam. Her little legs ached from travelling so far but she knew better than to whine and complain to her dam. Sky's sore muscles were quickly forgotten when they reached the glade, awestruck by the vibrant colors and lush foliage all around her. Approaching the large stallion she wasn't afraid of him, trotting right up to the stallion and wagging her tail, a bright smile on her face. "Hi daddy!" She was so focused on the stud she didn't even notice her mother leave the glad. After that day she had never left the glade.

Sky spent her time learning from Regale, grinning as she was told about his quests.

"I meet many ballators, each time I do I give them the chance to participate in a series of quests in which they can earn many gifts. If they complete all the quests they become known as one of my Elites, its one of the great honors our kind can earn. Perhaps one day you'll choose to complete my quests, I know you'll be more than capable of doing so. You're very smart and brave." Regale smiled down at his daughter, easily recognizing the droopy lidded look of a young ballator falling asleep. "Go to sleep my darling."

Sky yawned and attempted to protest as she nestled against his side for the night, "I will complete your quests, its only right that I do as your daughter." Rubbing her head against his shoulder she buried her face in his thick chest manes. "I love you daddy"

Regale kissed her head and smiled warmly at the filly, "Goodnight angel, I love you too." He stayed awake a bit longer, watching Sky sleep, the gentle rise and fall of her chest with each breath.


Sky let the tears fall down her face at the memory, she missed her father but she had no idea how to get back to the glade and after her fight with him she was sure he didn't want to see her again. Curling up against the trunk of a tree she hid her face in her legs and cried, she wanted to go home and she wanted her baby Yule to be safe and sound. Never in her life had she been so lonely, lost, and scared.

"I'm sorry daddy, I'm sorry for what I did." Her voice hoarse and barely audible she spoke to nothing in particular. As she sniffled she made up her mind that she would go through the quests her father had told her stories about. Going through the quests she knew the clues would lead her back home to the glade and perhaps during her journey she would find her poor precious baby Yule. Closing her eyes she rested he head again the tree, so upset she was exhausted once again. Sky hadn't been asleep for long before she felt a small soft muzzle against her face.

"Hello? Are you dead?"

Grumbling she blinked sleep from her eyes and opened them, expecting to find sweet little Yule but more than surprised to find a mostly black overly furry barbary maned lilliput stallion. Confused she raised her head a little off the ground, ears still drooped back in misery. "No I'm not dead. Who are you?"

The stallion lowered his hind end to the ground and settled his gaze on the larger mare. "My name is Licqourice. Why do you look so sad?"

Sky looked at Liqourice in confusion, thinking a moment before softly answering his question. He was a friendly lilliput who genuinely seemed to care about her. "Well Liquourice, I live in the glade. Regale is my father, we had a fight and I ran off but now I'm lost and I can't find my way home. I'm trying to find my baby Yule, he chased her away and I don't want her being alone."

Liqourice's tail began to wag, "I know Yule! We're meant to be together! Come on, get up, I'll help look for her. She's probably eating somewhere, she loves berries."

Even as the lilliput bounced around Sky was careful getting to her feet, doing her best to follow the dark ball of energy.

Sky's Journey

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Featuring: 8978 Sky001 Regale8923 Liqourice
Group Prompt(s): Prompt One: Meeting
        On their journey or paddock time, your Ballator has stumbled into none other than Regale himself! Regale offers your Ballator a chance to complete his quests in return for prizes and enhancements– it seems like he may have some deeper purpose, but you’re not quite sure. Show/tell us what your horse thinks of this experience.

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Aaa how sweet! X I hope Liquorice can actually help and not guide her in circles!