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My goals for 2019 are pretty simple:

1) Continue working on my art - this includes finding a balance between my 2D and 3D works and stop hyperfocusing on just one type. This means no more trying to make content just so I have something to share daily. I spent the last 7 months of 2018 doing this, and while I'm proud of the progress I made from drawing daily, a lot of other things suffered because I didn't really allow myself to do other things due to a lack of creative spoons (I didn't really sew much for a good chunk of 2018, so there were not many Imps actually made)

2) Continue working on my mental health - Even though I don't talk about my mental health here, 2018 actually was far better in regards to working on this than 2017 had been. 2017 was a very, very dark year for me in regards of my chronic depression (which also affected my art), and 2018 was the start of me taking CBD oil and getting on a better path mentally. I'm hoping to continue this healthy mindset of a journey into 2019 and see how it helps me to flourish. 

3) Give a kitty a forever home - The reason I have this one on my list is because I lost my 4 year old cat Rowan to a Saddle thrombus in November. If you do not know what that is (like I didn't before it happened), it pretty much is a blood clot that is kicked out by the heart due to an underlying and undetected heart condition that settles in between the back legs and cuts off all blood supply. This condition happened suddenly and without warning, and she went downhill super quickly in only a matter of 3 hours from when it happened, til the ER Vet pretty much told me that there was barely a 15% chance of survival once it happens (IF they are lucky enough to be in that low percentage), and I had to make a very quick and hard choice to let her go rather than allow her to suffer.

I was not prepared to lose Rowan at such a young age, and thought I had a good 10-15 more years with her in my life. Instead, life decided that her time with me was going to be far shorter than I would have liked, and I'm left with the memories of knowing that I gave her the best and most loved life that I could after recusing her 6 1/2 week old self from becoming just another life lost to fast moving cars (it was the best decision that I could have ever made to stop and retrieve her from the median on that busy road).

I miss my Squeaky little kitten (one of Rowan's nicknames) a great deal, and I feel that after 2 months I am ready to welcome another kitty into my life that I can shower with love and affection just like I used to do for Rowan. 

So here's to a new year, and I hope that it turns out to be a positive one (and I hope that your new year makes you as happy as that giant plushie cupcake has made Amuse)!
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Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best!
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And Happy New Year to you as well!! Hope the new year has started off awesomely for you!
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Thanks! It's already a busy year! I've got so many new ideas to work on! Hope you got off to a smashing start, too!
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My new year has been kinda quiet, which is actually a good thing! But I've been keeping busy thus far and hoping that as the year progresses, I'll see some of my 2019 goals fall into place