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MLOD II: Rise of the Dragon Slayers Chapter 4The Unexpected Guest As lay unconsciously against the tree, with Spyro Cynder and the two prince dragons watching, a battle was waging inside my mind against the Darkness, which still sought to control my body. I was surrounded by a sea of darkness, and a dark voice was speaking, with belittling words, to me. “If it wasn't for you they would be alive!” The Darkness hissed. “You were always too weak to do what needed to be done, just surrender your mind to me, and spare yourself the agony that I can place upon your mind!”“Shut up, I'm not going to let you hurt my friends!” I yelled, covering my ears to the taunts he gave.“You think you can stop me, I've grown more powerful ever since you absorbed my essence into your body. You will be under my control one way or another; you just have to decide how much pain you want to be under before that happens!”“No you won't, I won't let you take control!” But even as I yelled, I felt myself struggling against the will of the Darkness. My mind went back to the vision I saw of my friends and family getting killed, which the only thing that was helping me fight off against it. I also began to wonder who that female was, that rang her powerful voice inside my head before the vision. Just who was she, and did she have something to do with the dreams I've been having?Knowing what I was thinking about the Darkness said, with an irritated voice, “I think it's time we woke up!”My eyes shot open as I found myself laying against the Twilight prince. The Purple prince was to the right, in front of his brother, while Spyro and Cynder were a couple meters ahead of me, their heads laid down and eyes closed. The ground I was laying upon had been cleared of snow, something Spyro did to make it a little more comfortable. The ground had become quite moist, and cold, to the touch, as if freezing ran had been falling. When I came to Spyro and Cynder opened up their eyes and turned their attention to me with a fierce expression seeing my face become shrouded, on and off, of the Darkness.I placed both my hands on my head and moaned at the pain throbbing within my head. It was enhanced as I could still hear the evil voice within my mind.“Nick!”Raising my head up to look at Spyro, and Cynder, the image of them being the ones that stood above the body's of my friends came to mind. I gave them an angry glare as the shroud of the Darkness covered my face, turning my left eye white.As if she knew what was going through my mind Cynder called out, “We are not your enemies Nick, remember we came here to help you. You can still fight this!”“No you can't, nothing can overcome me, not even you!” The Darkness hissed in my mind.“You're wrong!” I cried out loud, clenching my fists together. “I-I can, I won't let you win!”“That's it Nick fight it!” Spyro began to call out, encouraging me. “Think of your family, think about how much you wish to see them, and think of Kyle and Sheri and how much they want you to go on!”“My friends...” Tears began to form in my eyes, as my memories of them flooded into my mind.Hope began to grow in them as the dark shroud that covered part of my face began to fade away. My left eye returned to its normal brown color, and the dark aura that I produced slowly got absorbed into my skin. For a moment it seemed as though I would triumph over the Darkness.“I'm sorry, it's my fault...” I whispered closing my eyes, while a tear fell from my right. When I reopened my eyes, they both turned pure white, and the dark aura shrouded my entire face. “I will resurrect them, and I won't let anyone stand in my way!” I cried out with my voice becoming dark and disoriented.The Purple prince, who had a tear fall from his eyes seeing me like this, charged forwards with his claws outstretched, ready to pin me to the ground.“Purple prince, stop!” Spyro called out.However before the Purple prince could look back I grabbed onto his talon and he disappeared from sight. Spyro and Cynder went into a battle stance, their heads lowered to the ground and wings outstretched, as I began running towards them. The two glanced over and nodded to each other before they used their elements. Spyro used his electric power, quickly sending three orbs of electricity towards me, one hovering just above the ground, and the other two flying in the air towards the spot above my head. An imaginary line of an upside-down triangle could be made from the three orbs.Cynder used her shadow power to make my own shadow fester, and a shadowy claw slowly rose up from it. Their plan was to either suspend me in the air, or have me pulled into the shadows where Cynder could easily take ahold of my small form. Instead of shifting direction and attempting to run away from the electrical orbs I jumped in to the air, before the claw took hold, straight towards the orbs. For a few seconds I was suspended in the air, inside the newly formed electric pyramid which had electric sparks flowing freely in it, until I was able to free myself by absorbing all of the electrical energy. When I dropped to the ground I shot off two streams of electrical energy to Spyro and Cynder.Spyro shot off a bolt of electrical energy straight into it, canceling it out, while Cynder delved into the shadows. All that though was just a distraction as the Darkness used the remaining electrical energy, plus some of it's own dark electrical power, to sprint past them and straight to Kyle and Sheri's bodies ahead. Upon arriving there was a huge gathering of dragons on the other side, while Draken and Drakal stood on either side of me. Some of them were in shock at my sudden appearance, with Draken and Drakal being a couple of the exceptions, and others growled at me. A sinister smile formed upon my face as I reached out to touch Kyle and Sheri again.“Nick!” Draken called out, before sending a little fireball my way.This proved to be a mistake as the Darkness redirected the fireball towards his brother's scared eye. His brother hissed as his scar was burnt, creating a small irritation on the dragon's eye, and the smile on my face grew a little. My hand was about to touch the bodies of Kyle and Sheri, but froze in place and a small part of the right of my face turned back to normal.“Keep your evil hands off of my friends!” I yelled with a partially normal voice.“Don't interfere!” My voice went back to it's darkened tone, and the right side slowly became shrouded in darkness.Draken, who didn't care of my little argument with the Darkness, was infuriated by what just happened and was about to unleash his full fire attack on me until Cynder's shadow became apparent beneath my own and her claw emerged from the ground and pulled me into it. The shadow moved a few yards away before she surfaced and held me firmly against the ground.“Release me at once!” My dark voice called out to her.Cynder ignored the Darkness and held me against the ground as Spyro came up with the Twilight prince. She used her shadow powers to prevent the Darkness from escaping her grasp with it's own.Meanwhile Spyro nodded over to Draken and his brother, who nodded back before turning their attention back to the bodies and finishing up the ceremony.“May their spirits find their way back to the ancient home of our ancestors, and their remains rejuvenate the earth.” Draken said before he and his brother opened up their jaws, flames gathering inside.The Darkness could see the flames in their maw, struggling even more against Cynder's grasp, growling angrily at the sight. “Don't you dare!” It yelled upon deaf ears, as none of them were paying any attention to me.Despite my outer appearance I was still able to see what was going on, including the flames Draken and Drakal were producing. My heart ached knowing this was going to be the final time I would see them. “I love you, and I will never forget you.” I thought to myself as the flames were let loose.Seeing this angered the Darkness and he yelled out in pure rage against them, “NO! I will not forget this, I will see to it that you all will Suffer!” My face turned to look at Spyro. “Starting with you!”“No you leave them alone!” Hearing this gave me a renewed sense of strength and I began fighting for control with everything that I had. On the surface of my body, everyone that had a view could see the Darkness's aura start to fade away.“Such arrogance,” Drakal said with an amused voice. “You wish to start a fight with us, then go on, I will enjoy teaching you your final lesson.”Before Draken could speak to his brother I yelled with, a returning, normal voice. “NO!” There was a little pause before I spoke again. “I don't...”Once again my voice became dark, and the dark aura, somewhat, returned. “You... are the arrogant one.” There was a slyness in my voice, backed by a tone of enjoyment“You leave them alone!” I yelled, my face looking at the ground. “I won't let you hurt my friends!”“Such defiance, but you lack the will to stop me now,” I heard the Darkness say in my mind as it surfaced again.As I was struggling against the Darkness Drakal, who thought this was just some kind of trick I was pulling, growled, “Why don't you take your pathetic attempts elsewhere, you have no place here,” He turned his head over to Draken. “Brother have them take this human back where he belongs.”“We will, just give us a couple more minutes,” Spyro quickly came in front of me and handed me a blue crystal. “Nick I know you're still fighting in there, please take this there's something in it you have to see.”Looking upon the spirit crystal I began to feel something from the Darkness that I wasn't expecting to ever feel from it, fear. My hand trembled as I slowly reached out to the crystal, my body still alternating from it's normal look to the darkened aura. Wondering why Spyro wanted me to take ahold of the spirit crystal my memory traveled back in time to when I was watching him and Cynder through the last Legend of Spyro game. I remembered that when the two placed their claws on the green energy crystal formation, they got a message from the Chronicler telling them about their elemental abilities. “Is it possible?” I thought as I prepared to take hold of it.Spyro was watching carefully at the alternations, making sure that it was me who grabbed hold of the crystal. He knew that if the Darkness was in control, there was a chance it could corrupt the message into something dark and hurtful. As my hand hovered over the crystal, and prepared to take hold, Spyro swiftly pulled the crystal just inches away, having seen my hand go dark for a short moment, before placing it in my normal colored hand.“No!” The Darkness yelled within my mind, as a projection of Kyle and Sheri, their full forms, appeared in front of me, their heads lowered as they looked in my direction. While all the other dragons gasped in utter amazement, for the first time in what seemed like weeks, I smiled with joy.“Nick, we're sorry that we couldn’t be here when you woke up,” Sheri began. “We have been told by your friends everything that has happened since our deaths, and we are very sorry for the pain that you’ve been forced to endure because of it.”“Not as sorry as I am.” I thought to myself as tears began to form in my eyes.Then Kyle spoke and said, “We know how much you loved us and our race, but don't weigh what happened to us on your shoulders, it's too much of a burden for one as young as you to bear.”As their message was being displayed Arach and Lilly, having heard the voices of their parents, came running past Draken and Drakal. Their faces were filled with tears as they saw the projection of their parents. Draken gently placed his tail in front of the two young dragons, who stopped in front of it. The two looked up at the dragon leader with sorrowful eyes. He slightly shook his head no, and put his claw up, motioning them to not speak.Lilly looked back to the projection off their parents, as Arach placed a wing on his sister's shoulders, hoping they would at least look back to them one last time.“We are grateful to have meet a friend like you. Farewell Nicholas, may your life be long and prosperous.” Sheri said.“And may the sprits watch over you.” Kyle said.Tears flowed freely from my eyes as I heard them say their final farewells. Hearing that message being played helped strengthen my will, with more and more of my body returning to its normal color.Then something happened that no one had expected, Kyle and Sheri turned around and lowered their heads exactly where their children were. Arach and Lilly had tears flowing from their faces too as Kyle and Sheri's projected message brought their heads together. That was the last act before the message got absorbed back into the spirit crystal, which floated down into my hands.I clutched the crystal in my hands, that I brought up to my chest, holding on to it dearly. Noticing Arach and Lilly, who Draken allowed to pass by moving his tail, standing in front of me, I smiled giving them both a hug simultaneously. They returned the act by wrapping their claws, and one of their wings, around me. “I love you guys,” I said with a sorrowful, yet normal sounding, voice. “And I'm sorry for your loss.”“We love you too, and we forgive you.” Said a sorrowful Lilly.“We're just happy we got to see them one last time.” Arach said, rubbing his sister's back with his other claw.I smiled as I looked up to Draken and Drakal. Draken gave a simple nod in my direction, and then to Spyro and Cynder, before he looked over at Arach and Lilly's grandparents and motioned for them to follow. The grandparents smiled before they followed him with Drakal, who glared at me with distrust in his eyes.“I don't think I can stay here for very much longer,” I said, pulling myself away and wiping away the tears. “But before I leave I want you two to have this.” I handed them the crystal that the message was stored in.“You... you're really giving this... to us?!” Lilly said, beginning to sob up again.“I am, that message was for me, but they were your parents.” I said, crying.Lilly, with tears of joy falling from her eyes, lunged herself at me, wrapping both her claws and wings around me. “Thank you Nick, thank you so much!” I heard her sob, with tears falling onto my shoulders. “I promise I will keep this safe.”“I know you will.” I smiled, my cheeks red from the tears.We continued this embrace for a few more seconds before pulling ourselves away, wiping away the tears from our eyes, and smiling.“You ready to go Nick?” Cynder asked from behind.I gave a heavy sigh before I said, “I believe so.” Slowly rising to my feet, I turned around and began walking on over to her and Spyro. As I did though, I had trouble looking at them. The trouble that I put them through weighed heavily on my mind, as well as the dark thoughts I had for them. I worried that they would soon decide to leave and return to their own world.“What's on your mind Nick?” Spyro asked.“I-I'm sorry.”Despite having a deep understanding of what I was sorry for Cynder wanted to hear me say it for myself, so she asked, “Sorry, what for?”“What I just put you all through...”I was speaking so quietly, and mumbling too, that they had a little trouble hearing my voice. “Nick you're going to have to speak up, we're...”“For everything!” I cried, looking up to them with my saddened face. “I'm sorry for letting the Darkness influence me so much, I'm sorry... I'm sorry for sending his brother back home,” I motioned to the Twilight prince who was standing behind, and to the side, of Spyro. “I just... I just...” I sighed bending my head back down, shaking it side to side, believing nothing I can say could make up for my actions. Then, not long after I spoke, I felt the flat part of Cynder's tail-blade under my chin, and my head was lifted up to where I was looking directly at them. “It's okay Nick, you loved them, and it's been a very vulnerable time for your emotions.” Cynder said sympathetically.Despite her sympathetic voice I didn't see it that way. Pulling my head away from her tail-blade, I called out, “No it's not okay! I let the evil almost consume me, and for a moment I...” I squeezed my eyes shut, my fists clenching against my side, and tears dropping, before I choked up saying, “I-I w-wished that..... you guys... died at the battle.” Saying that felt like my heart was being plunged by a hundred needles. At the same time though, a small part of my mind found the thought amusing, which only made me even more angry with the Darkness.“Do you still wish that?” Spyro asked, his voice firm, yet gentle.“NO!” I instantly yelled, before hearing some growls.Turning my head back I looked to see I was receiving a few glares from the dragons. Drakal was baring some of his teeth as he looked at me with a hatred in his eyes. Draken had more of a disappointed look, his eyes glaring for a second before looking away. A number of other dragons were simply glaring at me, a small few had the same look as Drakal, with angry faces. Among them I spotted the golden armored dragon we met upon arriving, who was standing behind, and to the left, visible side, of Draken, who was standing next to his brother.Behind Drakal stood a silver armored dragon, who stood five feet shorter than the golden armored dragon. This dragon had some, but not very noticeable to me, scars that are on his horns, and another, deeper and more noticeable, that ran across the eyelid of his left eye. Despite his size he looked younger than most other dragons who were around his height. With the light the snow reflected his, visible, scales seemed like they had been polished, glimmering like that of a store floor after the cleaners came to wax it. He seemed to look at me with some curiosity.I sighed, turning back to face Spyro and Cynder, before taking a deep breath I calmed myself down and spoke with a more quiet, and calm, voice, “I don't want that, it's just the fact that I did... I wouldn't be surprised if you all just-” Before I could finished what I was saying I could've sworn I heard a twig snap against the ground.Seeing Spyro and Cynder jerked their heads over to the sound that I apparently did hear I did the same to see if there was anyone, as did Draken and Drakal.“Get that human!” I heard Drakal say with a growl in his voice.Looking over to them I saw the silver armored dragon come running over. I took a few steps backwards before I was grabbed from behind by the Twilight prince, who held me close with both his claws, as the silver armored dragon flew overhead, his shadow covering the majority of the prince dragon's body as it past us. While my vision was covered, for just a moment, by the claw of my friend, I heard a terrified gasp and that someone fell onto the ground. When the claw blocking my sight moved I saw the male human who was pinned beneath his claw.“Who are you and what are you doing here?!” The silver armored dragon asked with a snarl, his voice sounding quite young for a dragon. Unlike the golden armored dragon he didn't have any scars on his body, save for one just across his top of his right eyelid.“P-Please don't hurt me!” The pinned human pleaded, fruitlessly struggling against the dragon's claw. He was wearing a white camouflaged hoodie with black spots spread across it.“Answer the question then!” The dragon growled putting a little more pressure on the human, but not to much as to physically harm him.“Orcalion, enough! Bring him over here!” Draken called out.Jumping into the sky, with the man in his claw, Orcalion flew back to Draken and Drakal before dropping the human on the ground in front of them. Orcalion landed back on the ground next to the golden armored dragon, who had his eyes peeled on me as I was set back onto the ground, and eyed the scared human he dropped.“What are you doing out here?” Draken asked.“I-I-I was just out f-for a walk.” The man replied, fear resonating from his voice.Drakal slammed his left claw to the side of the man, who's back fell against the ground, and growled, his sharp fangs showing as he brought his head down. “We have been living here for a long time human.” He spat. “No one of your kind just goes for a walk in these lands, especially with, as you call, clothing like that. Now tell us the truth, my patients is running thin.”When I was placed back against the ground I saw the gold armored dragon looking over at me and softly waved over to him, with a shy smile. No emotion, or action, was given to me by him, save for a simple blink of his red-orange eye before he looked down at the other person. Taking a few steps closer to them, I listened to what was being said, before I was given another fierce glare by Drakal causing me to stop where I was.“Nick it's time we got ready for our flight back.” I heard Spyro whisper behind me.“Okay, one second,” I said wanting to see how this would turn out.“Brother,” Draken spoke in a deep voice making Drakal lift his head up and slowly back up a step, which he did begrudgingly. “It won't do any good trying to lie, just make it easier on yourself and tell the truth,”I could see the man was growing very nervous, his jaw jittering as he spoke, “I-I-I c-came...”“Nick... this is their own business.” Spyro said as a means to urge me to leave their matter alone.“Fine, let's go.” As I turned around to walk back to the Twilight prince, who greatly desired to see his brother again, I felt my right foot step on something in the snow. Looking down I saw that something that looked like a corner of a journal. Out of curiosity I reached down and pulled it out of the ground. Anger festered within me when I saw the cover had a picture of a dragon's head being impaled by a sword.At the same time the man that Orcalion had grabbed spoke quickly calling out, “I came here to warn him!” Pointing to me.Draken, and Drakal, quickly glanced over to me, my back still turned, before looking back at the man. They saw that the Twilight Prince had come on over and was giving me gentle nuzzles, as my arms were shaking and hands were clenching the journal, before he looked at the human when he pointed at me.“Warn my dad about what?!” The Twilight Prince growled, curling his tail around me protectively.My head jerked up a little hearing the Twilight prince dragon's words. It still amazed me that a few of them actually call me dad, despite the short time I had them. “Warn me about what exactly?” I asked angrily as I continued looking down at the journal, grasping it tighter.“Y-Your family might be-” He froze midsentence when he heard the sounds of dragon growls, two of which came from Arach and Lilly who were by their grandparents. Another, little more threatening, growl came from the Twilight Prince dragon, who had his wings stretched out a little, and gave the man a death glare.I had jerked my head around and was glaring at him much like the Twilight Prince. “What... about... my family?” I asked slowly and angrily, with a hint of the Darkness emanating from my voice.“They,” He paused for a moment to swallow before resuming. “Might be in danger.”“Is that a threat?! Why are...”“Nick, calm down!” Spyro firmly said, forcing me to take a deep breath.“Why would my family be in danger, and how would you know?” I asked, forcing myself not to go out yelling again.“Well you see I...”“This wouldn't happen to be yours would it?” I asked pulling the journal out from behind my back.The man became silent for a moment, standing there in the snow, as he looked the journal over with his green eyes. A minute past where he became a little nervous, his hands clenched, before he finally said, “Yes.” Closing his eyes.“You're one of them.” When I realized that he was a part of those who had caused the deaths of my friends, a desire to see him die swelled within me. I watched as Drakal growled swiftly pinning him to the ground, his crimson eyes showing he had the same desire as I did. The great dragon spoke no words as the man struggled beneath his grasp, only barring his razor sharp teeth as a sign that he wouldn't have long to live.“W-Wait!” The man cried with a terrified voice. “Your family is still in danger! There are people who aren't happy with how you helped protect the dragons!”“I don't care! If any of them come after my family again they will meet the same fate as those who came after my dragon friends who once lived here!”“I-I can help, just please have him spare me, if only for just a moment!” He pleaded.For a brief moment I looked into Drakal's eyes, seeing the rage, and warning, in them directed towards me, before I turned my gaze back to the man. “I have no control over his actions, and nor would I want to.”Drakal gave no reaction, only glaring, to me before he looked back down at the human beneath his claw lifting his struggling body up into the air.“And why should I trust any word you have to say?” I asked slowly turning myself around.“N-No wait don't, I beg you!” The man cried realizing Drakal was going to devour him. “The fight isn't over and, I'M SORRY!”Hearing what he said I turned myself around gazing back up at him, my eyes widening a little before going back to an angry look. Draken looked back at the man too and stopped his brother from going through eating the man, and had him set the man back down. Drakal did, but he did so harshly to where the man coughed a few times before he could get up.“What do you mean by that?” Draken firmly asked.“Y-You-You're still in danger, that guy who worked with him, he wasn't really the head of our organization!”“Who...”Before Draken could asked his next question I came from behind and tackled the man from behind, knocking him to the ground. I was enraged by this piece of news thinking that all the possible dragon slayers have been taken care of, only to learn Ryan was just a pawn in their group. “You mean to say there are more of you out there?!” I yelled, grasping the neck of his inner clothing in my hands tightly.Orcalion, as well as a few other dragons behind him and the golden armored dragon, were a little surprised by how quick I was to choose to tackle the man down. Only just a few seconds ago I was sobbing with Arach and Lilly, filled with more regret and relief of seeing Kyle and Sheri's message. Now I was filled with rage and anger comparable to that of a dragon. The silver armored dragon was about to try and step in but stopped when the golden armored dragon moved his claw in front of him.“Yes... I-I'm sorry,” He replied looking into my eyes, which were now starting to, ever so slightly, shift to the pail white of the Darkness, fearfully.Then, before I could yell my next question, I felt Cynder's claw grab me from behind and I was pulled away from him. Despite my attempts to keep hold of the man's shirt I lost my grip and he fell, just a few centimeters, back onto the ground. “Let me go I'm not done with him yet!” I yelled still reaching out for him while struggling in her grasp.“Yes you are!” Cynder firmly stated. She kept a firm grip on my body, but was careful not to cause any physical harm, as she brought me back to the Twilight Prince.Knowing there was no way I was going to get anywhere near that guy again I regretfully stopped my struggles and just glared at the man. He starred back for a few seconds before looking fearfully at Spyro, who had walked past us as I was taken, Draken and Drakal.“Now,” Draken began, ignoring Spyro's approach, catching the guy's attention again. “Who is it that Ryan was taking orders from, and how many more follow him?”“I don't remember what his name was, b-but I do know he is younger then the rest of us... older than Nick I think.”“And what about those who follow him, how many more are there?” Growled Drakal, stomping his right claw down awfully close, making the man jump.“N-Not many are left,” He replied speaking quickly. “A-a lot of them were at the battle against you in Canada.”“What do they intend to do next?” Draken asked.“I-I don't know b-but,”“But what?!” Drakal snapped. “Quit your stuttering and...”“Brother enough, he's just scared, now back off!” Drakal roared, showing more of his fearsome personality.“It involves Nick!” The man yelled, catching their attention.“What does he have to do with it, and why might his family in danger?” Spyro asked, his voice remaining calm, but with a fierce touch to it.“T-They see him as a threat to their plans for your kind, a-and they might use his family to neutralize him.”“They lay one finger on my family and I'll kill them!” I yelled.“And what...” Draken began taking a step towards the man, who backed away as he did. “Are their plans... for us exactly?” Draken brought his head down so he could look into the man's eyes as he answered.Gazing fearfully into the eyes of the dragon leader the man gulped before he answered, his back coming awfully close to touching Spyro's left claw. “I-I don't know, b-but they're still trying to achieve it.” The area became quiet after he gave his answer.I watched with curiosity while being held by the Twilight prince, who had moved off to the side to see what was going on, waiting to find out what Draken was going to do next. A part of me wished that he would let his brother, Drakal, pass judgement on him and end his life. “He probably deserves it, who knows what part he played in their deaths.” I thought to myself, quickly rushing to a decision.“What is the other reason for you being here?” Draken finally asked.“Other reason?” The man asked in a confused, but slightly worried, tone.“Your eyes and emotions give you away. There's another reason why you decided to come here of all places. Since you are one of them you would've known the dangers of returning to this place, and wouldn't have done so without a good reason, and not just to warn someone you don't know. Someone sent you here for a reason, so who was it?”There came another pause, where the man just sat there with a look of shock on his face.“My brother asked you a question!” Drakal growled when he remained silent for over a minute.“The younger one I mentioned... the one in charge.” He said submissively.I stared at Draken with utter amazement, and some measure of disbelief. Just how was he able to read that man so clearly, when the two have never even met till now? I've heard that some animals have a sixth sense about certain things, like dogs, but I've never seen it for my very eyes.“And what was the purpose of your venture here?” Draken asked.“To observe Nick and the funeral here before giving a report back.” He replied nervously.“Then why did you tell us Nick's family might be in danger?” Spyro asked. The guy jumped at the sound of Spyro's voice from above, momentarily forgetting he was behind him, and scrambled a foot away from the purple dragon. “Was that also a part of the reason they sent you here or was that against their wishes?”“No, they don't know about that.” He replied, which kind of shocked me.“Then why did you mention it?!” I yelled.“Because I wanted to apologize for being a part of what happened here!” He answered, calling to me.“R-Really? Why would you want to, and why now?!” I asked, growing angry not just to him, but at myself for wishing he would be killed. Feelings of sorrow, regret, and uncertainty began to swell within me.“B-Because when I was asked to be a part of their,” He gulped. “Organization, I was brought under the belief that the dragons don't have emotions other than rage and anger.”“Only when provoked.” I said with an annoyed tone.“They said we should take care of you before...” He stopped speaking when Drakal gave a threatening growl. He gave another nervous gulp before continuing. “But then I saw those two,” He motioned to Arach and Lilly, who were hidden by their Grandma's claw, who gave a look of mistrust towards him. “Crying and hugging with Nick.”“Why should we trust this change of heart you claim to have?” Draken asked as he walked towards the human. “Every single human we came across, who's been a part of your little organization, has shown nothing but anger and contempt towards my kind.”“I know,” The man said, as Draken walked around him.“Then answer me this: Why should we trust anything you have to say?” Draken asked.The man was silent for roughly half a minute before he slightly tilted his head down, closing his eyes as he sighed, before answering. “I don't know, all I can say is I'm sorry.”Draken now became silent for a moment, and as he thought about what to say next I looked at the man with some feeling of sadness for him. I began to wonder if maybe I misjudged the reason for his actions against the dragon race.“You can continue to live,” Draken said, gaining some expressions from nearby dragons. Drakal looked at his brother with an angry expression on his face, clearly not approving of his brother's decision; Arach and Lilly's grandparents were somewhat in disbelief but retained a straight face, as his choice wasn't very surprising to them; and Orcalion had shock and disbelief written all over his face. I myself was quite surprised of Draken's choice, not thinking he would given who the man had been working for.“However,” Hearing Draken resume speaking I put my focus on listening to what he would say next. “If you are truly sorry for what you have been a part of, then you must prove it.”“How?” The man asked.“You are to tell us everything you have found out about our habitats, what plans have been set for them... but first you are to help Nick protect his family by going with him.”To be continued...
Commission: Fallen Angel by BrierKnight
Sierra And Sorel (wip) by Zierra1986
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Romana the Naga by jazz316
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Prince Autumn by Gryphonwolf6274 Prince Autumn :icongryphonwolf6274:Gryphonwolf6274 4 5 My partner by SymbolHero My partner :iconsymbolhero:SymbolHero 17 34 Service in the House by SymbolHero Service in the House :iconsymbolhero:SymbolHero 131 38 Waiter? ouo by EssZX Waiter? ouo :iconesszx:EssZX 31 17 Firelight by AspenWynd Firelight :iconaspenwynd:AspenWynd 240 52 Emmet by Blairaptor Emmet :iconblairaptor:Blairaptor 219 47 Emmet by GNGTNT105 Emmet :icongngtnt105:GNGTNT105 123 31 Giga Bowser by SpottedAlienMonster Giga Bowser :iconspottedalienmonster:SpottedAlienMonster 262 46
Milestone Chapter One: Does the Tree Make a Sound?

    Sage and Rose sat atop a hill next to a gentle river running through the pine forests that surround the feet of the capital's walls. The serenity of the air was refreshing to their lungs as they breathed in the events of the past day. The blades of grass around them carried tiny droplets of dew, gleaming jewels of nature's beauty. The sun's rays were just coming to view, and the colorful birds in the branches above, seeing the beams of light,  began the tunes of their morning seranata. The sight of bubbles foaming around smooth, wet rocks and the gurgling sound of water streaming past them, created a calming tension that neither of the two wanted to interrupt. That night they had danced amongst the swirling grey clouds for the first time in their life. It was the most inspiring and moving experience they had ever felt; finally being considered in their adulthood and having been able to share the joy together. They quietly looked a
:iconruuk-ve:ruuk-ve 4 24
Milestone Prologue: Wings Unfolded

        "Za’ ol au’sla majat “Sum’re” r’moe-b’kel; I stum’we zdukz zdir jix ok’oi’e l’mau xuk’avsta jizda zeksr magh a’mala, kit’b zdukz je okla ge kur vux-ehax kur zdere!"
        "To my very own “Rose” someday; I hope this will make you laugh with tears of joy, and that we may be as gleeful as these!"
    "The weather will be superb for flying today." said the elder, his eyes gleaming with his many years of experience.
    He knew the patterns of weather, how it affected drafts, and how even the slightest change of temperature could mean the difference between reaching your destination and crashing to the ground. These things he taught his pupils with great encouragement and care, knowing his ge
:iconruuk-ve:ruuk-ve 12 61
Lineart/ Work in Progress by Saraais Lineart/ Work in Progress :iconsaraais:Saraais 145 59
My first Annual Art Contest!
The Contest is a drawing contest. And the winner will be given the title of being the most awesome person in internet history! This drawing contest will be a fantasy me in naga form or dragon form! (For those who doesn't know what a naga is, click on this link here: And so all you have to do for this contest is draw me in either a Naga form, Merman, or a dragon form. (Yes I like merpeople! DON'T JUDGE ME!! AND DON'T TELL HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE!!) For those who doesn't know when my birthday/contest deadline is I'll tell ya. IT'S ON SEPTEMBER 3RD!!! so once you read this you better hurry. Cause if you just read this then the clock has just started ticking! Plus if you want to be part of this contest then you have to leave a comment below saying that you want to be part of this. If your contest entry needs more time then ask for more time. So just to recap: Starting a art contest, must be one of the following categories, say somethin
:icondragonlover2170:Dragonlover2170 1 33
hello everyone. ^^; I'm sorry if this group seemed dead, I'm sorry and I'm trying to get back into the flow of coming here back often. and if anybody is still left here and is active, I'm sorry if I haven't been on, and I promise to be more active here. so please, resubmit the pics you want here and ill accept them. and those that see this and are also part of this group, link this to other members as a precaution that they can read it too.

Again I apologize that I haven't been as active. But since High school is almost over for me, and I'll be getting more and more of my stuff back, I'll try to be more online, and I'm also sorry if I'm repeating. ^^;
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