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Hi there, I'm Fabio Alejandro better known as Dragonthunders

I'm a artist focused in doing pieces ofpaleontological, biological or spec bio nature, I live in the salvadaro and over the last decade.

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So hello everyone, I hope you have a good day/night cycle... It has been a time since the whole change of DA and its new UI and it has been noticeable that I have become very inactive around the site since then decreasing in posting drawings and not answering questions or posts, I've been concentrating more on somewhere else and has been from different factors, mostly I had to take a little distance from the site as I still do not get used to being with this type of style that I feel it is still half finished, and the attempt to make it more "professional" that fails for me. The UI for the Watchs looks horrendous and I really miss the ability to see the number of messages without being new, the total as in the old version. The other thing is that I'm preparing to go to University, as eveything is going as planned, and I will have no time to really focus here. Perhaps a third reason is due to my investment in posting larger and more complex pieces (specialy some paleoart ones) that
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I destroy the first humanoid that would chat with me :pissedoff:
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Well RIP old DA, I will still stick on this though.
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Really love your speculative evolution takes on sasquatch, and the Chinese dragon. Which lead me to ask.

Not a request but just an idea and suggestion if you want. How about doing one on the kushtaka aka "Land Otter Man".

It'd be another surviving member of the sasquatch ursus family. As such, the Kushtaka would carry the same traits, such as the elongated snout and more pronounced claws of bears, while having the (mostly) bipedal lifestyle of sasquatch. The reason why this species did not transition fully into its terrestrial relative lies within their lifestyle, as unlike sasquatch they are semi-aquatic in nature. Utilizing their Bipedal stance, the Kushtaka is able to wade into deeper water than most bears in their search for shellfish and other potential food sources.

That said though, keep up the great art. Hope to see more of your speculative evolution takes on cryptids and mythical creatures! :D

Hey! Sorry to ask but I can't tell if this was your image(s) or not...

saw you do speculative evolution kinda things, I saw a image a while ago of speculative evolution of Elephants if they were domesticated instead of horses. There was a male elephant with buckskin colors in one image

and another image was a speculative predator of elephants, it was a big cat and the image was of it grabbing a elephant by the neck? not sure if you did these iimages or not^^;

Hello!, would it be fine with you if i draw some of your artwork and post it as a deviation if i give you credit? if not that is also fine.