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M and L Bowser's Bride plus H Jr's journey Ch 1
I don't own the Super Mario and Mario & Luigi franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto. The character Aria Koopa also belongs to Aria-Art-Page. please support the official release.
This is the Mushroom Kingdom a beautiful place filled with friendly people known as the Toads of Toad Town  and the one that rules over this wonderful place is none other than Princess Peach princess of the mushroom kingdom. It is late at night and within the castle Princess Peach was about to get ready to go to sleep because of her long royal duties and as she entered her room she was also followed by Toadsworth as she was tired.
Princess Peach: *yawn* oh was exhausting especially having to deal with the damage Kronos has caused three months ago.
Toadsworth: yes my dear Princess Peach it has been three months since that fateful day. Luckily that Hooktail Jr fellow was able to put a stop to him before he could do any more damage. Oh...but it's a shame that he's on Bow
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Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 10
I don't own the Super Mario franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto please support the official release.
Meanwhile back at the castle Toadsworth was still having a conversation with Kronos while the party was still going.
Toadsworth: oh dear I wonder we're Princess Peach could be she could at least tell me were she was heading...
Kronos: I'm sure she has her reasons. Just give her some time alone and I'm sure she will return feeling much better.
Toadsworth: I hope you're right...
Kronos: it will be fine you shouldn't worry about..
Suddenly one of Kronos minions approached him with a message.
Royal guard Rex: lord Kronos sir.
Kronos: what is it can't you see we're busy.
Royal guard Rex: *whispering* it's the red dragon and the koopa kid there here in the mushroom kingdom. One of our men had spotted them.
Kronos: *whispering* really......were are they now?
Royal guard Rex: *whispering* right now there in Toad Town lord Kronos.
Kronos: I see...
Toadsworth: Is somethin
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Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 9
I don't own the Super Mario franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto please support the official release.

Kronos the king of all dragon's has appeared right in front of Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth and Princess Peach before them and to they're surprised he wasn't here to do anything to her let alone kidnapping her.
Kronos: are you Princess Peach?....
Princess Peach: y..yes...I am....and who are you?
Kronos: my name is Kronos my dear Princess Peach and I am here...
As Kronos was walking close to Princess Peach but Mario and Luigi were on there battle stance just in case if anything happens buy Kronos instead was kneeling to her.
Kronos: to form an alliance with you...
Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth and Princess Peach: !?WHAT!?
Toadsworth: !?is this some kind of trick!? !How do I know you're not laying to us just so you can kidnap Princess Peach!
Kronos: I'd figured you would say that but I have no desire to kidnap anyone nor do I want to do
:icondragonteens:DragonTeens 5 1
Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 8
I don't own the Super Mario franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto please support the official release.

                             5 days ago in Darkland....
Bowser the king of the koopas ruler of Darkland has come up with a new plan to make Princess Peach his wife and to take over the mushroom kingdom...again he stood at his throne room along with his seven adopted children known as the koopalings waiting for Kammy Koopa to arrive as he was going to tell her his next evil plan. And as he waited Kammy Koopa had finally arrived.
Bowser: !took you long enough to get her Kammy!
Kammy Koopa: forgive me you're impatientness but I was in the middle of my greatest experiment.
Bowser: Well to bad that's going to have to wait. I'm sending you, Kamek and the Koopalings to go to the mushroom kingdom and kidnapped princess peach in the middle of the night. Will st
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Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 7
I don't own the Super Mario franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto please support the official release.

            Meanwhile in the volcano of LavaLand...
Fire armored Rex: !lord Draggadon we got terrible news!
Suddenly something was coming out from the lava pit revealing a giant red dragon named Draggadon.
Draggadon: !?you dare disturb my sleep and what are you doing back here in my lair..shouldn't you be guarding the train tracks near Green Tree village!?
Fire armored Rex: forgive me lord Draggadon but we were overpowered by four was a koopa troopa the second was a koopa the third one was some kind of puppet man and if I'm not mistaken the last one looks like a red dragon with a purple tail...
Draggadon: !?WHAT....A RED DRAGON WITH A PURPLE TAIL!?...( could it be Hooktail? couldn't be...that's impossible...she's been dead years ago.....unless....) !Listen up I want you to
:icondragonteens:DragonTeens 5 0
Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 6
I don't own the Super Mario franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto please support the official release.

In Bowser's castle Bowser Jr enters the throne room were his dad Bowser was calling him for some good news.
Normal Bowser Jr: you called me dad.
Bowser: ah Jr you came just in time. I called you because I decided that you, me and you're siblings are going on a vacation in Delfino Plaza.
Normal Bowser Jr: Really? Oh boy I can't wait.
Bowser: Will be leaving immediately you're siblings are waiting for you in the Airship. Come on Jr follow me.
Bowser then started running towards the exit of the castle heading to the Airship.
Normal Bowser Jr: !hay wait for me dad!
Bowser Jr was running after his father but something was wrong he suddenly couldn't catch up to him and Bowser was getting futher and further away from Bowser Jr.
Normal Bowser Jr: !dad wait I can't keep up with you!
But Bowser didn't hear him and kept going until he s
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Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 5
                                        Super Hooktail.                                                          legend of the dragon king Chapter 5
I don't own the super Mario franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto please support the official release. This chapter is dedicated by Lucario-sensei and the character Koopakishi will be part of the story so Lucario-sensei I hope you like Koopakishi's new backstory and I hope you enjoy this chapter.

            1 year ago before the invasion of Darkland...
Somewhere in the world there lived a simple green koopa troopa with blue eyes named Koopakishi and he's about to embark on a
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Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 4
            Super Hooktail          
       legend of the dragon king
              Chapter 4
I don't own the Super Mario franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto please support the official release. This chapter will include an additional character inspired by Lucario-sensei that will be part of the story so Lucario-sensei this one's for you buddy.

Outside of Hooktail's castle there were two koopa troopas and two koopatrol's who happened to hear the screams coming from Hooktail's castle.
Koopa Troopa Red: did you hear that.
Koopa Troopa Yellow: that sounds like it's coming from inside the castle.
Koopatrol 1: and you're saying that this dragon attacked you not too long ago?
Koopa Troopa Red: !yes that dragon is a monster he even sent out boss flying now we don't know were he is!
Koopatrol 2: that doesn't sound good if he
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Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 3
            Super Hooktail                  
       legend of the dragon king
I do not own the Super Mario franchise it is all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto please support the official release.

               Chapter 3
      Hooktail Jr's new beginning
 The way of The Master's basic training
The Master: Ah what are my manners allow me to introduce myself my students call me sensei but you can call me The Master.
Hooktail Jr: that really you're name?
The Master: Of course young one as you can see I am a Toad that teaches students the way of the jump.
Hooktail Jr: The Jump? in actual jumping? No offense but anybody can learn how to jump even me.
The Master: Oh but these teachings aren't any ordinary jumps young one for these jumps are unique,powerful and effective a
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Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 2
        Super Hooktail legend          
         of the dragon king
I don't own the Super Mario Bros franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto please support the official release.

              Chapter 2
  The dragon that lives in the island
      Hooktail's great escape
My name is Hooktail Jr as you may know I've been living in this island all my life. For years I've been stranded in this small island hoping that someone out there might come and rescue me but sadly there's nothing out there but a vast oceans as far as the eye can see. I've spent years trying new ways to survive eating nothing but coconuts and fish and since I can't breathe fire whatsoever I had to improvise by making one in order to survive in the cold but that's not the only thing I was doing I was also trying many ways of trying to leave
:icondragonteens:DragonTeens 4 7
Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 1
                        Super Hooktail
               legend of the dragon king

I don't own the Super Mario franchise  
  it's all owned by Nintendo and by 
Shigeru Miyamoto please support the
            official release
                    Chapter 1
The gathering of the selective
         new guardians
 Hooktail Jr's sad and cruel fate
Long ago before Hooktail became what she is now long before Mario began his first adventure she was just a simple mother dragon caring for her egg that will soon hatch for there was an event that happens every one thousand years this is the day we're all eight dragons from around the world would bring their dragon eggs to a place called Smogland. There lies the mightiest dragon named Kronos who
:icondragonteens:DragonTeens 6 6
Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 0
           SUPER HOOKTAIL            
     legend of the dragon king

Before we begin I just want to say that I don't own the Super Mario franchise it's all own by Nintendo and made by Shigeru Miyamoto thank you for your time and injoy the story this will be my first fanfic so I'll do my best.
Long ago there was a prophecy...a prophecy foretold of a legendary dragon born with unimaginable power a power that can control many elements that no dragon can ever do this legendary dragon was called a Tri Dragon. It has said that one day a star warrior will possess a special rare star that shines with a rainbow color and that if a wielder possessed such a star that dragon will become the king of all dragon's...this is the beginning of a young dragon that will one day embark on a long journey that will forever change his destiny for better or for worse...this is the story of Hooktail J
:icondragonteens:DragonTeens 6 2
Mario Party Bowser vs Hooktail Jr eating contest by DragonTeens Mario Party Bowser vs Hooktail Jr eating contest :icondragonteens:DragonTeens 14 5 8-bit Hooktail Jr shorts comic 1 by DragonTeens 8-bit Hooktail Jr shorts comic 1 :icondragonteens:DragonTeens 11 4 Romance Gone Wrong by DragonTeens Romance Gone Wrong :icondragonteens:DragonTeens 11 6 Hooktaile Jr in the grass land by DragonTeens Hooktaile Jr in the grass land :icondragonteens:DragonTeens 9 3


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I don't own the Super Mario and Mario & Luigi franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto. The character Aria Koopa also belongs to Aria-Art-Page. please support the official release.

This is the Mushroom Kingdom a beautiful place filled with friendly people known as the Toads of Toad Town  and the one that rules over this wonderful place is none other than Princess Peach princess of the mushroom kingdom. It is late at night and within the castle Princess Peach was about to get ready to go to sleep because of her long royal duties and as she entered her room she was also followed by Toadsworth as she was tired.

Princess Peach: *yawn* oh was exhausting especially having to deal with the damage Kronos has caused three months ago.

Toadsworth: yes my dear Princess Peach it has been three months since that fateful day. Luckily that Hooktail Jr fellow was able to put a stop to him before he could do any more damage. Oh...but it's a shame that he's on Bowser's side and I pray that Kronos doesn't show his face back here...I still can't believe he tricked me all this  time for so long. 

Princess Peach: it's not your fault Toadsworth you didn't know. But that's all behind us now and everything is now  back to normal. least for now.

Toadsworth: yes you're quite right Princess Peach but I sure hope that you know who doesn't show his face here.

Princess Peach: oh you mean Bowser? Well...I really don't think he will be planning anything any time soon. Not after that humiliation he endured from Kronos three months ago.

Toadsworth: let's just hope it stays that way. Perhaps he might consider retiring or perhaps get his mind out of things. Personally I would prefer him retiring.

Princess Peach: I think that's a bit harsh Toadsworth but to me...I hope in time that Bowser will change his ways.

Toadsworth: that will be the day...but anyways I'm just glad that everyone is okay now if you'll excuse me...I'll be heading to bed myself.

Princess Peach: good night Toadsworth.

Toadsworth: and good night to you Princess Peach. 

And so Toadsworth has left Princess Peach's room and called it a day. As he left Princess Peach began changing her clothes in her dressing room putting on her pajamas and once she was done she then turned off the lights and slowly began walking to her royal bed and when she lied down and covered her body with her soft and warm blanket she began drifting off to sleep. Two hours later in the middle of the night something appeared in the shadows outside of her window. This shadow figure slowly opened the window from outside as it was releasing cool air making Princess Peach cold.

Princess Peach: zzzzzzz *shivering**yawn*...did I leave the window open....

Princess Peach turned around to find out that the window is indeed open but the shadow figure was not there. Princess Peach then got out of bed and walked toward the window and began closing it and just to be sure she locked the window so that it won't open again and when she was done she slowly went back to bed and fell asleep again but Princess Peach was fast asleep the shadow figure appeared again only this time it was inside her room staring at her as it smiled menacingly. It then took out what appears to be a magic wand and pointed directly at her and then......

The next day....

It was now early in the morning and Toadsworth was taken his morning stroll in the castle.

Toadsworth: I wonder what I should have for breakfast today hmmm maybe a nice warm and fluffy pancakes should be fine.

Royal guard Toad: good morning Mr Toadsworth.

Toadsworth: Good morning to you sir. Is Princess Peach awake by any chance?

Royal guard Toad: well....she hasn't got out of here room yet so I'm assuming she's still..

Princess Peach: !!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Toadsworth and Royal guard Toad: !!

Toadsworth suddenly heard screaming coming from Princess Peach's room.

Toadsworth: !?oh my goodness was that Peach?!

Royal guard Toad: !follow me Mr Toadsworth!

The royal guard Toad and Toadsworth quickly ran to Princess Peach's room. When they got there Toadsworth quickly opened the door to find out what happened.

Toadsworth: !?Princess Peach are you ok, are we under attack!?

Princess Peach:

Royal guard Toad: Toadsworth looks...she has a shell on her back and a tail....

Toadsworth: what are you talking abou..!*gasp*!

Toadsworth looks closely and found out she indeed has a tail and a spiked green shell on her back which puts him into a shocking revelation as Princess Peach slowly turned around to reveal herself to Toadsworth.

Toadsworth: can't be....

Princess Peach: Toadsworth what happened to a.....!!KOOPA!!

Princess Peach the princess of the mushroom kingdom....was turned into a koopa...what could this mean for the mushroom kingdom? Will she forever remain as a koopa? And who was that shadow figure from last night?...looks it's up to Mario and Luigi to solve this mystery of yet another adventure.
Img 20190606 155707 by DragonTeens                                                 
                                        Chapter 1
                  The beginning of Princess Koopa. 
                        The mysterious masked                                                           Koopaling and Shadow Luigi.

Meanwhile in Mario and Luigi's house Mario was getting ready for another big day including his brother Luigi as they went outside the house Mario saw Parakarry once again early as always was about to deliver another mail for Mario.

Parakarry: oh..Mario good morning I see that you're up soo early today. Are you about to leave somewhere today?

Mario: absolutely Parakarry. We were just about to head to the Mushroom Kingdom to check on Princess Peach to see if she's doing okay.

Parakarry: well before you leave I have a letter for Mr Toadsworth. I think this one is very important for you to check it out.

Mario: oh thank you Parakarry.

Parakarry: don't mention it. Welp looks like that's it for today's mail call I should be heading back to Toad Town. See you next time.

And so Parakarry left to Toad Town.

Luigi: so what's dose the letter say Mario?

Mario: let's see.

Mario opened up the mail and is reading a letter saying.

!Mario, Luigi I need your help! Princess Peach she's....not herself today. I need to both of you to come to the castle ASAP it's urgent. sincerely Mr Toadsworth...

Mario and Luigi: !!

Luigi: what's that....the Princess isn't herself?....what does he mean by that Mario?

Mario: hmm.....let's a go Luigi we need to find out right away.

Luigi: okay Mario here we go.

Mario and Luigi then set off to the Mushroom Kingdom to get to Princess Peach's castle. Sometime later at Princess Peach castle Mario and Luigi made it to the castle as they entered were Mr Toadsworth was waiting for them.

Toadsworth: !Mario, Luigi good heavens you're here we got a serious problem!

Mario: what kind of problem?

Suddenly a yellow round creature appeared with a star on her head. It was Starlow herself.

Starlow: a serious problem Mario it's horrible you need to see this!

Luigi: it must be really bad Mario. We should go check it out.

Mario nodded as he agreed with him.

Mario: wait here Toadsworth will be right back. Starlow you're coming with us.

Starlow: right.

Mario, Luigi and Starlow rushed to Princess Peach's room to find out what was going on and just when they arrived at her room Mario opened the door to see what happened to Princess Peach.

Mario: Princess are you in here?

Princess Peach: please.....don't come any closer..

As she was crying in tears.

Luigi: talk to us Peach...what happened?

Princess Peach: when I woke up I ended up like....this.

Princess Peach slowly walked out of the shadows revealing herself and Mario and Luigi were shocked to what they saw.


Luigi: Mamma Mia....

Princess Peach: look at me *sniff* I'm hideous...

Mario: what happened to you? Who did this to you?

Princess Peach: I....I don't know....

Luigi: do you remember anything that happened last night?

Starlow:  surely you must know something that happened last night. Did you at least hear or see anything suspicious.

Mario: I don't think that matters Starlow....

Starlow: !?....what do you mean Mario?

Mario: there's only one person who can do something like this.....

Luigi: don't mean.

Mario: yes Luigi....this is definitely the work of Bowser. And it seems that he's up to no good yet again.

Luigi: are you sure about that Mario? Why would he go through all that trouble of getting here last night and turned her into a koopa?

Mario: I don't know Luigi...but I'm going to get to the bottom of this. Let's go to Bowser's kingdom and get him to change her back.

Luigi: it won't be easy Mario. He could be setting a trap for us.

Starlow: I'm coming with you. Somebody needs to teach that koopa a lesson 

Mario: you should stay here Princess Peach. Will be back for a cure before you know it.

Princess Peach: good luck out there Mario and Luigi.

Mario: we will Peach. Come on Luigi Let's-a-go.

Luigi: okie dokie.

And so Mario and Luigi set off to Bowser's castle of Darkland were there adventure is about to begin.

Meanwhile in Darkland Kamek Kamek was walking on the hallways heading to Bowser's royal room to check on him. And as he was there Kamek began knocking on the door.

Kamek: lord Bowser it's time to get up you're royal duty awaits you for your next evil plan...................lord Bowser?

Kamek slowly opened the door to check on him to find out that he was indeed in his room but........Bowser was in no mood to do any kind of plans or anything at all....for he was depressed while listening to depressing music.

Kamek: oh's worst than I thought. You're depressiveness how long are you going to be this way? It's been two months since you've been acting this way.

Bowser: leave me alone......I'm not in the mood to do anything...

Kamek: but lord Bowser what about your new plans to take over the mushroom kingdom?

Bowser: why?......what's the'll be just be another failed attempt just like just doesn't matter matter what I do it will only end in failure....just like it always does. I can't even come up with anything new anymore.

Kamek looked at the ground realizing that a bunch of piled crumbled pieces of papers which shows that Bowser was indeed trying to come up with a new plan to take over the Mushroom Kingdom but all his plans he made failed and scrapped.

Kamek: lord Bowser....what are you saying?

Bowser: Kamek.....I'm retiring from this whole kidnapping Princess Peach and taking over the Mushroom Kingdom......

Kamek: !?WHAT?! lord Bowser think about what you're saying. How will you're koopa armys think about this? And what about the koopalings and you're son Bowser Jr heck what will you're stepson think of this and he's barely a prince in training!

Bowser: there going to have to deal with the changes's please.....leave me.....

Kamek:............yes......lord Bowser....

And so Kamek left Bowser's room closing the door. this really the end for our koopa kingdom?...

This too made Kamek depressed from hearing that Bowser the king of the koopas giving up and retiring from taking over the mushroom kingdom but it wasn't long before Kamek heard someone banging on the front door of Bowser's castle.

Kamek: !?....Now who could that be in a time like this.

Meanwhile outside of Bowser's castle Mario, Luigi and Starlow were at the front door while Mario was banging up the door calling for Bowser.

Mario: !!Bowser show yourself I know what you did last night to Princess Peach and I know you had something to do with it now open up!!

Luigi: um...Mario I don't think banging on the front door just to call for Bowser is not a good idea. What if he fires his canon at us.

Starlow: he's right Mario. Bowser has many tricks up his sleeves and I don't think confronting him here is the best option.

Suddenly the door was open and instead of Bowser opening the door it was Kamek the magikoopa.

Kamek: !....!?What are you doing here!? You got a lot of nerve showing you're face around here in Darkland and what do you mean lord Bowser has something to do with it!?

Mario: don't play dumb Kamek. You and Bowser snuck into the castle last night and turned Princess Peach into a koopa.

Kamek: !?what!? !What are you talking about lord Bowser and I had nothing to do with it! (Although....that would of been a brilliant idea) I don't know what made you believe Bowser is behind this but I must ask you all the leave!

Starlow: we're not leaving until you confess and change Princess Peach back to normal!

Kamek: !for the last time me and lord Bowser had nothing to do with!...


Kamek: !

Bowser appears on the seen as he heard Kamek yelling at someone from outside the castle.

Kamek: lord Bowser you're angryness I was just about to ask them to leave.

Bowser: what?

Bowser looked who Kamek was talking to and saw none other than Mario and Luigi.


as Bowser shoves Kamek out of the way.


Mario: not until you change Princess Peach back to normal!

Bowser: ??....normal....what are you talking about?

Starlow: confess Bowser. You snuck into Princess Peach's castle last night and turned her into a koopa!


as he was shocked by what he heard.

Luigi: we know it was you Bowser so tell your magikoopa here to change her back right this instant!

Mario: Yeah!

Bowser: !what are you three idiots talking about!..!I got nothing to do with this. But.....that does seem like a pretty good evil plan Bwahahaha.

Starlow: so you admit that you did it!

Bowser: !Quit your yappin you little insect I still got nothing to do with this!....than again....

Bowser thought about this long and hard until he made his decision making an evil smile on his face.

Bowser: Kamek I changed my mind! 

Kamek: what do you mean lord Bowser?

Bowser: I'm saying that I'm canceling my retirement. 

Starlow: are!?

Bowser: not anymore so instead.

As Bowser took out a small object with a red button out of his inventory and as he did he quickly pressed the button activating his Clown Car heading straight to Bowser and as it did Bowser quickly jumped right on it preparing for what he was about to do.

Bowser: I'm going to kidnap Princess Peach. If what you're say is true then I can't wait to see it for myself. !let's go Kamek it's kidnapping the Princess time Bwahahahaha!

Mario: !oh no you don't Bowser! 

Bowser: to late Mario I already made up my mind but I thank you for giving me information about Princess Peach being a koopa and all. Because of you I finally got my confidence back. Now she'll have to marry me with no questions ask but until then.

Bowser quickly put two of his fingers on his mouth and starting blowing a whistle as a signal summoning his koopa troopa, koopatrol and goomba minions to so surround Mario, Luigi and Starlow.

Bowser: have fun trying to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom loser's !Bwahahahaha!

And so Bowser quickly flew away heading straight to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Kamek: !you're Hastyness wait for me!

Kamek quickly summed his magic broomstick and took off with Bowser trying to keep up with him.

Mario: !Get back here Bowser!

Luigi: um...Mario?...I think we have bigger problems to deal with..

Mario looks at his surroundings realizing that they won't be getting out of Darkland so easily. Bowser's minions had them surrounded as they stared at them evilly waiting to make their move.

Starlow: !Oh no we're surrounded!

Mario: not for long. Are you ready Luigi?

Luigi: oh yeah I'm ready as always.

Mario and Luigi quickly took out there special hammers ready to take them all down.

Starlow: oh I see that you both came prepared. Do you two still remember how to use your jumps, counters and attacks?

Mario and Luigi nodded as a way that they already know the basic tactics.

Starlow: good...then you should have no problem taking out these guys. The Goomba's are easy targets so stomping them in the head should be a peace of cake. Same goes for the Koopa troopa's but watch out they could attack you with their shell toss so be prepared to jump over them. Or if you're feeling lucky you can also jump right on top of them countering their moves which will also damage them. You can also counter both Goomba's and Koopa Troopa's with you're hammers if timed right. And last but not least is the Koopatrol's. Jumping on them won't work because of the spiked helmets they wear which will damage you if you jump on them. They also have spears for charging at you so you better get ready to jump over them or counter them with you're hammers.

Mario and Luigi nodded at her advice as they are getting ready to fight.

Koopa Troopa: !hay stop telling the plumbers about out weakness!

Goomba: !yeah you don't know that!

Koopatrol: !let's teach em a lesson!

Then Bowser's minions started to charge right at them.

Starlow: get ready Mario here they come.

Mario and Luigi got into there fighting pose preparing for battle.

Mario: Let's-a-go!

Luigi: okie dokie!

Battle start...

                        (Music if you want to hear it)

On the first wave two Goomba's and one Koopa Troopa were the first three minions to make there appearance. Mario made his first move by simply jumping on the first Goomba he sees but just as he was about to land.


As Mario and the Goomba freeze of what they're doing.

Starlow: you see that Mario and Luigi when you land just on that perfectly good spot you can do a second jump attack doing extra damage. Go ahead try it out.

Mario: ok

Luigi: thanks Starlow.

Goomba 1: are you doing that?

Mario quickly did what Starlow had told him as both Mario and the Goomba unfreeze preforming and double jump attack defeating the first Goomba knocking him out.

Goomba 1: I questions...ohhh (fainted)

Goomba 2: grrr you won't take me down!

Luigi: not so fast.

Luigi was the second to make his move as the second Goomba preventi him from attacking Mario. Luigi picked up his hammer preparing to strike but then.

Starlow: !STOP!

as Luigi and the second Goomba stopped what they were doing.

Starlow: you see that Mario and Luigi when you raise your hammers you can see a glowing spark that appears just when you're about to attack. If you time it just right you'll unleash a critical attack so be sure to time it just right otherwise you'll do little damage.

Luigi: thanks for the advise Starlow.

Mario: it will surely come in handy.

Goomba: !I don't get it how are you doing this!

But it was too late Luigi continued his hammer attack as both Luigi and the second Goomba unfreeze doing critical damage to him knocking the second goomba out.

Goomba: I' (fainted)

Koopa Troopa 1: !grrr you won't get past me!

The first Koopa Troopa made his move attacking Mario by retreating in his shell preforming a shell toss.

Luigi: !Mario look out!

Mario saw the Koopa Troopa heading his way preparing to hit him with his hammer however....the Koopa Troopa halted his move making Mario miss the target so instead of attacking him head on the Koopa Troopa changed his pattern by going around him in a circle like formation hitting him sideways taking damage.

Mario: !owmf!

Luigi: !?Mario are you okay?!

Mario: ohh mamma mia. I'm fine Luigi but ohh...that really hurts.

Koopa Troopa 1: Bwahahaha what's the matter plumber can't keep up with my special technique. !Good! Because there's plenty more were that came from.

Starlow: uh oh it looks like you took some damage. Careful Mario sometimes there patterns will change from time to time so be sure to keep an eye on that. Here Mario and Luigi take these.

Starlow gave Mario a Luigi 5 Mushrooms each.

Starlow: with this item you can use it to restore your HP whenever you take damage.


Starlow: !Quiet you this is a tutorial so don't interrupt! Anyways be sure to have plenty of items on your journey Mario. Go ahead and give it a try.

Mario quickly uses one mushroom out of his inventory and began eating it recovering in full HP.


Starlow: wow....what a sore loser. Mario since you used your item you won't be able to attack until you're next turn but since Luigi is the only one that's not hit he can still be able to attack on his turn.

Luigi: don't worry Mario. I got this.

Koopa Troopa 1: !!BRING IT ON GREEN STASH!!

Luigi wasted no time and used his hammer to attack him but just when he was about to release he failed to time it right making the part of the hammer fall off so instead he hit the Koopa Troopa with just a wack in the head like a stick leaving only little damage.

Koopa Troopa 1: !ouch! My head!

As it left a big lump on his head.

Luigi: oh no...

Koopa Troopa 1: grrrrrr !!THAT DOSE IS!!

The Koopa Troopa immediately retreated in his shell to preform another shell toss attack.

Mario: !Luigi now's your chance to jump counter!

Luigi: oh that's right!

Luigi was getting ready to counter it but when the Koopa Troopa got closer he quickly stopped and was preparing to attack Luigi with the same tactics he did on Mario but Luigi knew he was going to do that so he quickly made a jump and landed perfectly on top of the Koopa Troopa soo hard that he shot right out of his shell leaving nothing but his tank tops completely defenseless.

Koopa Troopa 1: !?WHAT?!

Starlow: now's your chance to strike Mario.

Mario nodded at her advice and quickly got his hammer out preparing to finish him off by perfectly landing a critical hit on his head knocking him out.

Koopa Troopa: no.....fair.....ohhh ( fainted )

When the Koopa Troopa was out cold Starlow saw the Koopa Troopa's green shell that was still lying on the ground.

Starlow: oh that's just what we need. !hay Mario and Luigi take this!

Mario and Luigi obtained the Green Shell given by Starlow.

Starlow: now you can be able to use your Special Attack. Uh-oh heads up Mario and Luigi here comes more of them.

On the final wave two Koopatrol's and one Koopa Troopa made there appearance preparing to attack Mario and Luigi.

Starlow: looks like now's a good time to test out you're new Special Attack. Select the Bro's Attack block and use the Green Shell to use it against them. Go ahead and try it out.

Mario and Luigi nodded at her advice. Mario then selected the Bro's Attack block and use the Green Shell preparing to use it.

Mario: get ready Luigi you know what to do.

Luigi: okie dokie.

Koopatrol 1: !come on boy's let's clobber these pesky plumbers!

Koopatrol 2: !yes sir!

Koopa Troopa 2: !for lord Bowser!

Mario quickly began kicking the Green Shell hitting the first Koopatrol as it's target bouncing right back to Luigi then.

Starlow: !Stop right there!

As Luigi stopped what he was doing including the Green Shell as it freezed at that spot.

Starlow: see that Mario and Luigi when the Green Shell bounced right back at you land a direct hit on this very spot right were you're going to kick it. Follow this pattern until you successfully land a critical hit.

Koopatrol 1: !?seriously how are you doing this I can't move!?

Starlow: !Hush! Now we're was I...oh yes don't forget that this Special Attack cost BP so use it wisely....oh and one more thing and I'm talking to you player. Did you know you can play a Co-op on your Switch by using the menu option. Whenever a second player wants to join you can simply use the Switch controller separately for you go play as either Mario or Luigi to make the battles even more interesting. You can even practice on the tutorials for basic training including the Special Move you just have so fill free to give it a try whatever you like. I don't know what that means but it sounds pretty new and interesting to me.

Koopatrol 2:.........?!who the heck is she talking to!?

Starlow: anyways back to you Mario and Luigi finish of these creeps off so we can get out of here.

Mario and Luigi nodded at her advice and so Luigi proceed with his attack by kicking the Green Shell as it unfreeze. The Green Shell than landed right back at the first Koopatrol then back to Mario doing the same thing landing back at the second Koopatrol. This was repeated multiple times until both Koopatrol's are knocked out with a critical hit leaving only the last Koopa Troopa standing.

Koopa Troopa 2: !oh no..not good!

Mario: go for it Luigi let's wrap this up.

Luigi: you got it Mario.

Luigi used his hammer once again to give it a second try. He raised his hammer directly at the Koopa Troopa successfully landing a critical hit knocking him out.

Koopa Troopa: this is.....totally unfair...ohhh (fainted)

Mario: !wahoo!

Luigi: !Oh yeah!

Starlow: well done Mario and Luigi you did great.

Battle end...

                                    ( music ended )

Starlow: well that's take care of that. We should head back as quickly as possible before Bowser gets to her.

Mario: I can't believe that Bowser was actually going to retire. I guess we should of never came here to begin with than none of this would of ever happen.

Luigi: oh much for our long vacation. But if Bowser wasn't responsible for Princess Peach's transformation...who did?

Mario: beats me Luigi but we can't stay here to find out. 

?????? ??: what the hurry Mario don't you want to stay and play with us? Heheheheee.

Mario, Luigi and Starlow: !?

Mario Luigi and Starlow turned around and started looking up at the castle revealing Bowser Jr himself. Only this time he was a teenager wearing a  red scarf and wearing three spiked armbands however the red scarf he was wearing is a bit different. Instead of wearing a plane red scarf he now wears a different red scarf just like his previous red scarf only in the front of the scarf it had a mouth like design with a black line to make the mouth visible kind of like a mixture of both bandana and a scarf but he was not alone. Behind Bowser Jr was none other than the Koopalings Ludwig von Koopa, Wendy o Koopa, Larry Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Roy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa and Morton Koopa Jr laughing at the Mario bros evilly.

Luigi: oh him.

Starlow: who is that kid I've never seen him before.

Mario: Starlow....that's Bowser Jr.

Starlow: !?That's Bowser Jr....seriously!? in the world did he end up like that!?

Mario: it's a long story Starlow but just to make it short..he somehow ended up being a grow up.

Luigi: yeah....and he's way tougher than before. Which makes him ten times badder than ever.

Starlow: unbelievable....the last I saw him he was hanging out with his paper counterpart...and now look at him...he's all grown up...this could be bad.

Bowser Jr: I don't know what you two plumbers are doing here but thanks to you my dad's confidence had finally came back to him. For a moment I was worried that he'll never be back to his evil self again but since you spilled the beans about Peach being a koopa and all he's finally back in that game hehehehehee. However I'm afraid Im going to have to stop you from getting back to the Mushroom Kingdom in other're not going anywhere.

Bowser Jr also use his two fingers and blew a whistle as a signal to summon more minions to attack the Mario Bros.

Bowser Jr: !!Capture the Mario bros don't let them reach the Mushroom Kingdom!!

Starlow: !Run Mario and Luigi there's too many of them we can't take them all at once!

Mario and Luigi agreed and started running away as fast as they can away from Darkland.

Bowser Jr: !!After theme don't let them get away!!

And so Mario and Luigi ran for their lives in  hopes of escaping them on the way. They ran and ran until Mario and Luigi could no longer be seen from a distance. you think the minions will be able to capture them?

Bowser Jr: Naw.....I'm sure those plumbers will eventually lose them not that it will matter or anything. Even if the Mario bros did make it to the Mushroom Kingdom my dad will always be one step ahead of them as always.

Iggy: Princess Peach a koopa they say? that's something I got to see for myself !Bahaha!

Lemmy: oh boy this should be fun!

Morton: Does this mean Peach be part of family now?

Bowser Jr: not just yet Morton we need to wait for king dad to come back for further instructions. But in the meantime all we can do is wait.

Wendy: well king dad should hurry up and get her already I'm soo anxious to find out!

Ludwig: bratty and always I see. It shouldn't take to long once king dad captures Peach.

Roy: hmp...I hop she's not ugly like Wendy.

Wendy: !!I heard that!!

As Wendy punch him in the face.

Bowser Jr: !Quit messing around this is serious! !This maybe our only chance of actually succeeding. You all realize that if we fail one more time our whole taking over the world thing will be over!

The koopalings looked at each other long and hard about this realizing that Bowser was right.

Ludwig: he does have a point you guys Bowser hasn't been himself for the past two months ever since Kronos was defeated. Ever since Kronos humiliated him he's been depressed ever since so we all need to make this opportunity count for his sake.

Larry: yeah....I don't want to see king dad be sad for the rest of his life it's not natural for him.

Wendy: I suppose you're right Bowser Jr.

Morton: Me miss king dad being happy...

Lemmy: seeing king dad upset is no fun at all..

Iggy: king dad being depressed is not cool..

Roy: not good for the muscles either..

Bowser Jr: come on everyone...let's get back inside and wait for king dad.

Everyone nodded and went back inside Bowser's castle but just when the last koopalings was about to go inside.

Bowser Jr: hay Ludwig.

Ludwig: yes Jr?

Bowser Jr: have you seen my stepbrother anywhere? I haven't seen him since this morning and I was wondering were he might be?

Ludwig: sorry Jr I haven't seen him either. He's probably doing some royal business somewhere. He is a new prince in training after all but I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Bowser Jr: I hope you're right Ludwig I just don't want him to miss out on anything. Especially an opportunity like this.

Ludwig: don't worry about him Jr I'm sure he's not missing out a single thing...wherever he is I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Bowser Jr: well...ok Ludwig...

Ludwig: come now Jr let's get back inside.

And so Bowser Jr and Ludwig von Koopa went back inside the castle waiting for Bowser to return. Meanwhile Bowser's minions were still chasing after the Mario Bros however some time later Bowser's minions eventually lost track of them and started looking around to see were they were hiding.

Koopatrol 1: were did they go? 

Koopa Troopa: how did we end up losing them?

Hammer bro: they can't have gone far.

Koopatrol 1: keep searching they got to be around here somewhere. If we don't find them soon Lord Bowser Jr is going to be vary furious.

Goomba: I'll look this way to see if I can find them.

The minions then started to search the place in the forrest. Little do they know that there's a  tree with a big hole that has a warp pipe inside that leads to a secret underground were Mario, Luigi and Starlow are safe for now.

Starlow: that was too close. If it wasn't for that secret warp pipe hidden inside a tree we would of been done for.

Mario: so we're are we now?

Starlow: hmmmm....!oh! I remember...this must be a secret underground that leads to the Mushroom Kingdom. If we go this way we might find another warp pipe that will lead us straight to Princess Peach castle.

Mario: then we got no time to lose. Let's go Luigi he have to get there as quickly as possible.

Luigi: right behind you Mario.

And so Mario and Luigi started running again to get to Peach's castle and quickly as they can before it's too late.

Meanwhile in the Mushroom Kingdom on the rooftops of Princess Peach's castle a mysterious masked koopa was using a binocular spotting Bowser himself with a clown car from a distance.

???? ?????: *giggling* It looks our plan was a complete success.

As she was done using the binocular.

???? ?????: ok new guy it's time to make our grand appearance with a BANG with cupcakes that is. Are you ready for plan B Mr? Because this next plan is going to be 🎶fun fun fun🎶 *giggling*

Suddenly a dark figure appeared in front of the mysterious masked koopa as she was speaking to him.

???? ?????: ooooooh I see you have some tricks up you're sleeves Mr. 

Shadow Luigi:............

???? ?????: well since you're going to help me looking like that for now how about I call you....Shadow Luigi.

Shadow Luigi then began smiling evilly as the mysterious masked koopa gave him his name.

Meanwhile inside Princess Peach's castle...

Toadsworth: oh dear....this is dreadful...absolutely dreadful...I hope Mario and Luigi comes back with some good news. I shudder to think what the people of Toad Town will think of her.

Suddenly a pink Toad appears to tell Toadsworth something.

Toadette: Mr Toadsworth.

Toadsworth: oh...Toadette it's you. How's Princess Peach feeling right now?

Toadette: she's still a bit upset Mr Toadsworth. All of her pink gowns won't fit her because of her...well...form. So we had to make a few adjustments to make it fit and so far we're able to pull it off. 

Toadsworth: oh dear...well...were is she now?

Toadette: she's on her way right now. Oh here she comes now.

Toadsworth looked upstairs to see Princess Peach in her usual pink gown. The only difference is her dress was slightly adjusted for her hands, tail, feet and the spiked green shell on her back. She practically looks just like her usual self a koopa. The final touch to her new look was a spiked collar on her neck.

Princess Peach: do I look?
Img 20190303 205511 by DragonTeens
As Princess Peach was trying her best to be cute. Of course that's didn't help much for Toadsworth or the Toads but he did his best to make her feel better.

Toadsworth: look...stunning...

Princess Peach: I'm still I?....

Toadsworth: Never Princess Peach....well...maybe just a little but you're still the most beautiful Princess on the inside and that's all it matters.

Princess Peach: thanks...I gess...

As she was crying a little.

Toadsworth: oh come now Princess Peach I'm sure everything is going to be just fine. Once the Mario brothers returned with a cure everything will be back to normal in no time. And least you haven't been kidnapped by Bowser.

Suddenly...Boom...someone has blown up the rooftops revealing Bowser himself with his clown car.

Bowser: !Did someone say kidnapped Bwahahahaha!

Toadsworth: !Oh no I spoke to soon!

Bowser: hay chump gess what time it is?

Toadsworth: umm.......Mario party day?

Bowser: !Bwahahahaha no you idiot it's kidnapping the Princess day and I'm itching to take over the Mushroom Kingdom once again. And this time...

Bowser quickly swoop down with his clown car grabbing Princess Peach.

Toadsworth: Princess!

Bowser: you're going to HAVE to marry me Bwahahahaha. that I think about it you don't look half bad yourself in fact.

Bowser looked closely to see she is in fact a koopa. Because suddenly felt strange. His heart was beginning to pound faster for the first time in his life as if he was falling in love again.

Bowser: 💕Oh baby you're even cuter than I imagine.💕

Princess Peach: r...really?

Bowser: 💕oh yes in fact you're Super Hot💕

Princess Peach:......💕oh Bowser💕

As she hugged Bowser with such embrace.

Bowser: ?!

Princess Peach: 💕that's the nicest thing you ever said to me💕

Toadsworth: P...Princess?

Bowser:'re not going to scream or call that pesky plumber Mario?

Princess Peach: 💕oh Bowser...why would I do something like that? I would rather go with you instead Bowser💕

Bowser then started to get a nose bleed from what she said. He couldn't believe that Princess Peach was literally telling him to take her to his kingdom.

Bowser: !hahaha Bwahahahaha! Did you hear that chump she wants to go with me and not that stinking plumber Mario.

Toadsworth: !?Princess Peach what's going on. You can't be serious about going with him!?

Princess Peach: 💕but I do Mr Toadsworth Bowser is such a handsome koopa.💕

Bowser: Say no more Princess Peach let's go home together. See ya later loser's !Bwahahahaha!

Toadsworth: !Princess no don't go!

But it was too late Bowser left the Mushroom Kingdom with Princess Peach as they flew away with his clown car.

Toadsworth: no.......Princess.....what have you become?

Starlow: !oh no we're too late!

Toadsworth: !?

Toadsworth turned around to see that Mario and Luigi had returned with Starlow on their side.

Mario: what happened? Did Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach?

Toadsworth: no...worse...she let Bowser kidnapped her.

Mario and Luigi: !?WHAT!? 

Starlow: !?Why would Peach do that!?

Toadsworth: I don't know. But I have a felling that her koopa form must of made her fall in love with him. Like some kind of love spell.

Luigi: this is bad Mario what are we going to do?

Mario: I....I don't know Luigi...I

Suddenly something was falling down from the broken rooftops.

Toadsworth: !!MARIO, LUIGI LOOK OUT!!

Mario and Luigi quickly looked up and saw a falling object and quickly jumped away from it as it hit the ground.

Starlow: are you both okay?

Mario: I'm fine Starlow.

Luigi:  that was close. What was that just now.

Mario and Luigi turned around to see what landed on top of them and they couldn't believe there eyes.

Mario: a...giant cupcake?

Luigi: were did that come from?

Suddenly someone jumped off the the rooftops preparing to land right on top of it.

???? ?????: Weeeeeeeeeeeeee

As she cheerfully falls down. As the mysterious masked  girl was falling she then landed perfectly right on top of the giant cupcake and bounced back up performing a front flip and landed perfectly on the ground. She was a Koopaling with pink scales and has a yellow shell and pink rings on the side of her spikes and she has dark brown hair with pink colors on the tips of her hair. She also wears red pearl bracelets and wears a bow similar to Wendy's only her bow has a jester like design with black with a pink heart on the left and pink with a black heart on the right. She also wears a spiked collar with a red heart charm. She holds a magic wand with a pink round object. She is about the same hight as Lemmy but there's one thing that's missing and that is her face. Mario and Luigi couldn't tell what she looks like because she is wearing a jester mask to hide her identity.

???? ?????: 🎶TADAAAAAA🎶 so what do you think? Are you easily entertained?

Toadsworth: My word who is this girl?

???? ?????: so what do you think of my giant cupcake? I made it myself just for you two.

As she was pointing at Mario and Luigi with a dramatic post as if it was a circus to her.

Mario: who are you do you work for Bowser? 

???? ?????: 🎶sorry that's a super secret cant tell you unless you play my game.🎶

Luigi: what game?

Starlow: we don't have time to be playing you're little games. Were in the middle of finding a way to bring Princess Peach back to normal so whoever you are I would strongly suggest that you leave this castle.

???? ?????: ohhhhh that's too bad because...

As she backflips right on top of the tip of the candle still with just her left foot striking a pose.

???? ?????: 🎶I was the one that turned her into a koopa🎶 

Mario, Luigi, Starlow, Toadsworth and Toadette: !?WHAT!?

???? ?????: 🎶That right I did it was me that did it and I'm the one with the cure🎶

Starlow: grr !so it was you who turned Princess Peach into a koopa!

Toadsworth: !If what you say is true then change her back right this instant!

???? ?????: 🎶sorry no can do that won't be too fun for me unless you play my super duper game🎶

Luigi: Mario I don't think she'll cooperate with use what do we do?

Mario: hmm.

???? ?????: 🎶come on Mario play my game play my game or else she'll stay as a koopa she will be🎶 *giggling*

Mario: okay whoever you are will play your little game but if we win you'll turn Princess Peach back to her normal self.

???? ?????: 🎶Hooray hooray You'll play my game now stay and play you'll work regret but don't fight me he'll do it for me🎶

The mysterious Koopaling used her magic pink wand to light up the candle and then she started jumping on the cupcake soo high up on the air until she landed right back up on the rooftops. And then the cupcake exploded like  literal fireworks. Mario and Luigi and the rest of his friends took cover as it exploded. When the fireworks stopped exploding the smoke began to subside.

Mario: Mamma Mia is everyone all right?

Luigi: I'm fine Mario.

Starlow: same here.

Toadette: me also.

Toadsworth: !honestly who puts fireworks inside a cupcake!

Starlow: !...Mario, Luigi there's someone over there behind all that smoke!

Mario and Luigi: ??

Mario and Luigi looked closer as the smoke subsided revealing what appeared to be a shadow like version of Luigi with glowing red eyes.

Mario: !Mamma Mia!

Luigi: !He looks just like me!

???? ?????: ladies and gentlemen I bring you the one and only Shadow Luigi !yay! 

As she was giving them a round of applause.

???? ?????: 🎶play my game play my game Mario and Luigi meet at Dimble Wood once you two are done playing with his game🎶..boop..

As the mysterious koopaling taped her face with her own wand she suddenly disappeared as if she was teleported to another location.

Mario: ?!...She disappeared.

Luigi: did I hear that right Mario. Dimble Wood she said?

Mario: I guess that's were we're going but first.

Shadow Luigi:...........

Mario: we have to deal with him first. (  I'm starting to get the case of deja vu )

Luigi: Oh no I would never thought I would end up having to face myself.

Mario: stand you're guard Luigi. We might be in for some trouble with this one.

And so Mario and Luigi are now facing their greatest challenge against Shadow Luigi. Who is this mysterious koopaling that claims she's the one that turned her into a koopa. And what has become of Princess Peach having to show love intrest to Bowser. Will Mario and Luigi defeated this Shadow Luigi? Will Mario be able to find a cure in time? Or will Mario and Luigi meet his match. All these answers will soon be answered next time on Mario & Luigi Bowser's bride + Hooktail Jr's journey 

                               To Be Continued.......
M and L Bowser's Bride plus H Jr's journey Ch 1
I've decided to give Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king a rest for now. So instead I've done a brand new story that takes place three months later attack the first story. Also Aria-Art-Page if you're reading this I hope you like her appearance if now I tried my best but until then enjoy this story.
Hello everyone I hope you all are enjoying Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king from both my fanfics and the comics made by Kumarikat. As you probably know Chapter 11 will probably be delayed because I've been coming up with something new. I'm writing a brand new story that will take place three months after Hooktail defeated Kronos. How exactly well I can't tell you but I can give you tiny bits of spoilers for those who are following this story and the comics. First...Hooktail Jr is now the new Prince of koopas which means that Bowser has adopted him making him his new stepson which also means that Hooktail Jr's friend Bowser Jr is now his stepbrother. for the new story...I'm calling this new fanfic Mario & Luigi Bowser's bride + Hooktail Jr's journey. It will involve Princess Peach as a Koopa which you all known her as Princess Koopa. She eventually started having feelings for Bowser and wants to marry him on her own castle of the mushroom kingdom. Will Mario find a way to bring her back to normal? Or is Princess Peach not what she seems. There will be another oc character that will be on this story and the lucky person who will be in it is Aria Koopa made by Aria-Koopa-Page. I'll will be posting this new chapter hopefully by today and don't worry...Chapter 11 for Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king will be posted soon.
I don't own the Super Mario franchise it's all owned by Nintendo and by Shigeru Miyamoto please support the official release.

Meanwhile back at the castle Toadsworth was still having a conversation with Kronos while the party was still going.

Toadsworth: oh dear I wonder we're Princess Peach could be she could at least tell me were she was heading...

Kronos: I'm sure she has her reasons. Just give her some time alone and I'm sure she will return feeling much better.

Toadsworth: I hope you're right...

Kronos: it will be fine you shouldn't worry about..

Suddenly one of Kronos minions approached him with a message.

Royal guard Rex: lord Kronos sir.

Kronos: what is it can't you see we're busy.

Royal guard Rex: *whispering* it's the red dragon and the koopa kid there here in the mushroom kingdom. One of our men had spotted them.

Kronos: *whispering* really......were are they now?

Royal guard Rex: *whispering* right now there in Toad Town lord Kronos.

Kronos: I see...

Toadsworth: Is something wrong Kronos?

Kronos: it appears that Hooktail Jr as arrived in Toad Town.

Toadsworth: what!?

Kronos: keep calm Toadsworth we don't want to alarm anyone

Toadsworth: this is bad what should we do?

Kronos: I shall leave some of my men here in the mushroom kingdom to help you and your men to capture them. That should be able to even the odds.

Toadsworth: you're right with our army and yours combined we should be able to stop them before they do any harm to this kingdom.

Kronos: good in the meantime I should be heading back to my kingdom right away. As soon as they captured them my men will bring them to me so that we may get information on the whereabouts of Bowser Jr and once we have all we need they will be locked up along the rest of Bowser's minions.

Toadsworth: you're leaving now? a time like this?

Kronos: unfortunately I must...I have other business to attend to but don't worry I'm sure you can handle things on your own. I shall return the next day so that we may discuss about our future plans now that Bowser is no longer a threat.

Toadsworth: well...I suppose if you must then I'll do what I can to keep this kingdom safe.

Kronos: that's the spirit Mr Toadsworth my men will follow you're every command while I'm gone. Come now minion...let use return to Smogland.

Royal guard Rex: yes lord Kronos.

And so Kronos left the castle leaving a few of his men behind for Toadsworth to command. 

Royal guard Rex 2: were ready for you're orders Mr Toadsworth what are you're commands?.

Toadsworth: oh dear....well if what Kronos says is true about those two villains in Toad Town then...send you're men to capture theme I'll call in my toad troops to help you out on the way.

Royal guard Rex: yes sir come on minions let's go after them.

And so all the Rex minions left the castle to go after Hooktail Jr and the koopa kid leaving Toadsworth and the Mario bros behind.

Toadsworth: I hope these new allies can handle those two fiends there's no telling what they're capable of.

Mario: if it's alright with you Toadsworth we can handle the situation ourselves if things get complicated.

Toadsworth: that sounds like an excellent idea my boy if anyone can handle a bunch of trouble makers it's you two.

Mario: come on Luigi let's go find this Hooktail Jr and the koopa kid. 

Luigi: oh we really have to...

Mario: of course we have to Luigi there's no telling what those two are up to. If anything Bowser Jr could be somewhere in Toad Town as we we're going.

Luigi: oh boy....I gess it can't be helped.

Toadsworth: good luck Mario and Luigi the sooner we take care of the problem the better and be careful out there.

Mario: we will Toadsworth come on Luigi let's a go.

And so Mario and Luigi took off to find the villains in Toad Town. Meanwhile Kronos has entered the airship preparing to return home in Smogland.

Royal guard Rex: lord Kronos sir are you sure it's wise to let a toad command one of our missions?

Kronos: it's only soon as one of Fracktail's minions are able to find a way to fix the Dark star machine the toads and the mushroom kingdom will be of no use and we will proceed were we left off and I Kronos will finally become ruler of the entire world...

Meanwhile within the airship Princess Peach who she now calls herself Rosie Rex and Perry are wondering around in hopes of finding any clues to what Kronos is planning.

Rosie Rex: oh dear...this airship is even bigger than Bowser's airship.

Perry: maybe we should of stayed at that room were Bowser was in just now.

Suddenly Rosie Rex was spotted by one of Kronos's minions.

Royal guard Rex: !you there what are you doing here!

Rosie Rex: !

Perry: oh no...were busted..

Royal guard Rex: your not supposed to be here are you lost or something!?

Rosie Rex: ( oh no what should I do...wait..unless...) 

Rosie Rex suddenly had an idea that she remembered not to long ago when she entered the airship.

Rosie Rex: ( when those two Rex's first saw me they were going crazy over me because how cute I was...maybe using my charm will help me get out of a goes nothing. )

Rosie Rex was preparing to use her best charm with a little tear in her eye to make herself look cute and innocent.

Royal guard Rex: !are you deaf or something turn around while I'm talking to you!

Rosie Rex:....💖oh my I'm so sorry I must of got super lost on my first day on the job oh please don't fire me I promise it won't happen again.💖

Royal guard Rex: 💕( !!HOLY STARS SHE'S HOT!! ) um.....of...of course I won't fire you pretty lady and sorry for being soo rude like that it's just that we don't get many girl Rex's like yourself to be part of Kronos's army.💕

Rosie Rex: *sniff* mean you're not mad at me?

Royal guard Rex: 💕of course could I be mad at such a pretty girl like you in fact...I was just about to ask you to come with me so I can send you back with the rest of the group safely..if that's ok with you.💕

Rosie Rex: oh thank you sir that's very kind of you.

Royal guard Rex: 💕don't mention right this way Ms the airship will be taking off back to Smogland any minute now.💕

Perry: well that was close I thought we were done for.

Rosie Rex: thank goodness my charm was able to help me in trouble times like this.

Perry: once we get to Smogland the real challenge will begin...there's no turning back now.

Rosie Rex: the sooner I find the truth the better.

Few minutes later Rosie Rex and Perry were now in another room with the rest of the Rex's that are just sitting on their seats waiting for the airship to take off.

Royal guard Rex: 💕here we are Ms now if you please take a seat. The airship will be leaving shortly so just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride💕

Rosie Rex: thank you very much sir.

Meanwhile the other Rex's were staring at the female Rex realizing that they never saw her before.

Royal guard Rex 2: hay...who is that girl over there I never seen her before. I wonder were she came from?

Royal guard Rex 3: I don't know...she must be new here...whoever she is she sure looks pretty.

Royal guard Rex 2: I wonder if she'll go out with me if I asked her out on a date?

Royal guard Rex 3: Ha! dream on she's probably one of those types that likes popular guy' me.

Royal guard Rex 2: !you wish! She probably likes strong and handsome guys like myself.

Royal guard Rex 3: !?What!?...No she like popular guy's!

Royal guard Rex 2: and I said she like strong guys.

Royal guard Rex 3: popular guy's.

Royal guard Rex 2: strong guy's.

Royal guard Rex 3: !popular guys!

Royal guard Rex 2: !strong guys!

Royal guard Rex 3: !!POPULAR GUY'S!!

Royal guard Rex 2: !!STRONG GUYS!!

the two Rex's continued to argue over each other over a over again until suddenly.


Royal guard Rex 2 & 3:  !! *gulp* !sorry sir it won't happen again sir!

Royal guard Rex: sit back and keep quiet until we had back to Smogland.

Royal guard Rex 2 & 3: !sir yes sir!

Royal guard Rex: 💕I'm so sorry you had to hear that Ms. I hope it didn't bother you.💕

Rosie Rex: oh no not at all in fact I kind of used to this kind of thing.

Royal guard Rex: 💕oh and by the haven't told me you're name.💕

Rosie Rex: oh it's Rosie...Rosie Rex.

Royal guard Rex: 💕oh...Rosie...such a beautiful name💕

Royal guard Rex 2 & 3: 💕you can say that again💕

Royal guard Rex: 💕well...Rosie it's an honor having you join us as a soldier. I hope will except great things from you in the future and who knows...maybe you'll reach high rank royal guard someday. Now if you'll excuse me I'll be sitting right there with the rest of the group so sit back and enjoy the ride Ms Rosie Rex.💕

Rosie Rex: um...thank you.

Royal guard Rex: 💕my pleasure Ms Rosie💕

And so the Rex leave Rosie alone returning to his seat.

Perry: well....that went well.

Rosie Rex: tell me about it....

Suddenly the airships started moving and as the airship was flying it began moving heading to their destination for Smogland.

Perry: looks like the airship is finally moving...I gess there's no turning back now.

Rosie Rex: ( Mario....Luigi....Tadsworth...don't worry about me.....I'll come back once I find out what Kronos is up to.....I promise. 

And so Rosie Rex and Perry set off to Smogland were there mission to find the truth in Kronos's castle...begins.

                                             Chapter 10
                       Escaping The Mushroom kingdom 
   The adventurers of Princess Peach I mean....Rosie Rex

Meanwhile back in Toad Town Hooktail Jr and the gang were able to find two pilots that are twins named Gregory and Kregory unfortunately they were stopped by a blue Yoshi name Boshi.

Boshi: yoshi ( hehehehee I hope you're ready for a beating because you're about to get a fast game!prepare yourself! )

Boshi began his first attack by charging straight at them with his amazing speed however...someone stepped in to stop his attack.

Kylie Koopa: !!STOP!!

Kylie blocks Boshi by protecting both Hooktail Jr and Bowser Jr making Boshi stopped his attack.

Boshi: yoshi ( what are you doing...get out of the way can't you see I'm in the middle of something here )

Kylie Koopa: you got it all wrong these people are not the bad guys.

Boshi: yoshi ( and why should I believe you?....get out of the way now...I don't usually hit girls but if you don't move out of the way I'll...)

Royal guard Rex: !there they are men!

Boshi: ?

Suddenly a group of royal guard Rex's and Toads were able to spot them.

Royal guard Rex: !and look...they appear to have allies including that blue yoshi!.

Boshi: !?yoshi!? ( !?wait what?! )

Bowser Jr: what the....what are the Rex's doing here in Toad Town?

Geno: they must of found out what happened back in LavaLand.

Royal guard Toad: !surrender peacefully or will have to use force!

Royal guard Rex: !there's no escaping use scums I suggest you give up now!

Gregory: but....I'm not with them I'm just a pilot.

Boshi: !Yoshi! ( !Now hold on just a minute I'm not the bad guy here you Morons! )

Kylie Koopa: they must of used my files that they stolen...oh it's all my fault...if I hadn't  been so careless earlier none of this would've never happened...

Bowser Jr: it's not your fault Kylie this was bound to happen eventually...if only it wasn't so soon.

Larry Koopa: what are we gonna do there's no way we can take them all at once.

Koopakishi: Hmp...don't worry guys I have a plan.

Hooktail Jr: do?

Bowser Jr: what plan?

Koopakishi: ( Zephyrus: have a plan?...) that's right everyone this technique is guaranteed to get use out of this situation without fail. ( Zephyrus: you it possible that you somehow managed to learn some of the techniques that I've shown you?...)

Bowser Jr: oh I get it you're going to use one of your special moves to keep them busy while we escape.

Royal guard Toad: um...I don't like we're this is going.

Royal guard Rex: keep your guard men he could be dangerous.

Hooktail Jr: ok Koopakishi if you're going to fight them then Iet em have it.

Bowser Jr: yeah show them what you're made of.

Koopakishi: hmhmhm...!get rady because I'm about to use my super secret special technique here it comes!

Royal guard Rex: !brace yourself men hes about to make his move!

Koopakishi began to make his move by raising his sword and then....quickly turned around and started running....

Koopakishi: !!RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!

Hooktail Jr and the gang:......................

Kylie Koopa: !?SERIOUSLY!?

Bowser Jr and Hooktail Jr: 💢!KOOPAKISHI YOU IDIOT!💢

Royal guard Rex: !!GET THEM!!

Boshi: !!Yoshi!! ( !!RUN FOR IT!! )

Kylie Koopa: !I'm so sorry about about this Gregory but we have to get out of here!

Gregory: !Oh man what did I do to deserve this!

And so Hooktail Jr and the gang including both Boshi and Gregory ran for there lives. And as they ran from left to right all over Toad Town Hooktail Jr and Bowser Jr began to catch up with Koopakishi who is trying to find a place to hide from both the Rex's and Toads. Koopakishi quickly looked back realizing that both Bowser Jr and Hooktail Jr are really angry as if he's about to get what's coming to him.



Koopakishi: !!AHHHHHHHH!! ( Zephyrus: you....are....a moron....)

Hooktail Jr and the gang continued running away from the horde of Rex's and Toads that are trying to capture them but just then as they were near the Club 64 Kregory the twin brother of Gregory was outside waiting for his brother to return. Little did he know that his brother Gregory was being chased as well.

Kregory: !? brother there you !?what the!?

Gregory: !!RUN KREGORY RUN!!

Kregory didn't know what was going on but when he looked closer he realized that an army of Rex's and Toads were chasing after them. Scared out of his mind he quickly ran along with his brother Gregory and the chase continued. Hooktail Jr and the gang were doing everything they can to get away from them until suddenly Bowser Jr finally found one of Kamek's magic shop and Koopakishi was the first to get inside.

Bowser Jr: !!quickly everyone get inside!!

And so Hooktail Jr and the gang along with Bosi, Gregory and Kregory quickly got inside Kamek's magic shop.

Kamek: ah welcome back lord Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr: !!NOT NOW KAMEK!!

As everyone went inside Bowser Jr quickly shut the door behind the army of Rex's and Toads and quickly pressed the red button that leads back to Chocolate Rock Village rapidly. 

Bowser Jr: !come on come on work!

Hooktail Jr: !Get use out of her!

Bowser Jr: !I'm trying I'm trying!

Meanwhile back outside.

Royal guard Rex: !there's no we're left to run scums we have you all surrounded!

Royal guard Toad: !Don't make this harder for yourselves!

Mario: did we missed anything?

Suddenly Mario and Luigi we able to keep up with the armys.

Royal guard Toad: oh Mario you came just in time. We were just about to arrest one of Bowser Jr's new minions.

Mario: how many of Bowser Jr's minions are we dealing with?

Royal guard Toad: well...there's a Koopa kid, a red dragon, four koopa troopas, some guy in a robe, a puppet guy and a blue yoshi.

Luigi: oh no it looks like Bowser Jr is already making an army.

Mario: and there all inside this little shop?

Royal guard Toad: that's right Mario they just went inside. But if you're going in there I suggest you be careful in there...they might set up a trap for you guys but I'm sure you two can handle them.

Mario: all of you guys wait out here..we will take it from here. Let's go Luigi.

Luigi: oh boy...

Mario and Luigi then took out their special hammers to prepare theirselves for battle. They then opened the door only to find out that the shop is completely empty.

Mario: ?......we're did they go?

Luigi: there's nobody here.

Royal guard Toad: !oh no they must of got away somehow!

Royal guard Rex: grrr...!search the town they haven't gotten that far!

Meanwhile inside Kamek's shop.

Hooktail Jr: *huff* *huff* did...did we lose them?

Bowser Jr: I'm.....not's quiet.

Larry Koopa: I'll take a look.

Larry Koopa slowly opened the door to take a peek outside and released that they all made it back to Chocolate Rock village.

Larry Koopa: it's safe everyone.

Koopakishi: oh thank goodness I'm glad that we all made it out of there in one piece.

Bowser Jr & Hooktail Jr: 💢!!WE'RE NOT DONE WITH YOU!!💢

Koopakishi: nonono wai..

Bowser Jr and Hooktail Jr then tackled Koopakishi beating him senselessly while Zephyrus quickly got out of Koopakishi's body.

Kylie Koopa: for the record you brought this on yourself Koopakishi.

Geno: that was the dumbest thing you've ever done...

Larry Koopa: I'm so glad I'm not that guy.

Gregory: oh man don't think that leg suppose to bend that way...

Boshi: yoshi ( I can't believe I'm stuck with you guy's.....worst day of my life....)

Few minut later Hooktail Jr and the gang decided to visit William and Amy's home who so happens to be the same people that Hooktail Jr and the gang had saved back at the volcano when they defeated Draggadon.

Amy: it's so great to see you guys again but I wasn't expecting you all to come back here in Chocolate rock village so soon.

William: what made you want to come back?

Bowser Jr: see...

Few minutes later Bowser Jr told them everything that happened back at the Mushroom kingdom of Toad Town.

William: I now you're being targeted as criminals....

Chester: would appears they must of found out about the defeat of Draggadon. And to make matters worse the Toads and the Rex's are working together.

Amber: !this stinks it's the Rex's that are the bad guys not them!

Bowser Jr: we would of got out of there to head to Pagoda Village !No thanks to this stupid Yoshi!

Boshi: yoshi ( !who are you calling's not my fault you're wanted criminals! Also are you going to heal this koopa troopa or what? )

Koopakishi: everything hurts.

Bowser Jr: !It's because you're's you're fault for pulling that stupid stunt like that!

Koopakishi: ohhh ( Zephyrus: do yourself a favor and don't do anything stupid like that next time....leave the planning thing to me....)

Hooktail Jr: are we supposed to get to Pagoda Village now? As far as we know that place in Toad Town will be crawling with Rex's by now.

Gregory: and our plan is over there too.

Kregory: and there's no way we can get you guys over there to Pagoda Village now unless we sneak over there...but that will be difficult in the day time.

Bowser Jr: unless we sneak over there at night. If we can get to that plan without being seen I think we can get out of there and head straight to Pagoda Village it's the only way.

Hooktail Jr: then it's settled....will head back to Toad Town tonight.

Geno: it's going to be difficult but we must succeed but there's one thing you should know before we head back to Toad Town.

Hooktail Jr: and what might that be Geno?

Geno: you must avoid Mario and far as I know they believe you're the enemy and will do whatever they can to stop you.

Larry Koopa: well that's just great....first the Rex's now the Mario brothers...this can't get any worse...

Bowser Jr: as far as I know it's already worse Larry.

Hooktail Jr: the Mario brothers....( I can't believe I'm going to have to face them...I just hope that will never happen...)

Bowser Jr: is something wrong buddy?...

Hooktail Jr:...oh aw..nothing...nothing at all.

Boshi: yoshi ( well you can count me out...I'm not sticking around to get caught by you loser's. I'm going home were it's safe and lay low until the whole thing blows over. )

Bowser Jr: !Oh no you don't! got us into this mess and now you're going to fix woking with us.

Hooktail Jr: !that's right Boshi if I remembered correctly you're a wanted criminal you can forget about going home because your going to be working with us rather you like it or not!

Boshi: yoshi ( oh really....and if I refuse? )

After hearing those words Hooktail Jr just stared at him giving him that look of death in his eyes. He raised his right hand as it was on fire knowing what he's going to say next.

Hooktail Jr:....I'll roast you alive were you stand....

Boshi: *gulp*....!yoshi! ( !Ok ok I'll join you geez!...!you don't have to go all crazy on me all of a sudden!...)

Hooktail Jr: that's what I thought....

Boshi has joined the party.

Kylie Koopa: well.....since were stuck here for a while I might as well rest here for a bit because I'm super exhausted.

Amy: the guest room is just upstairs. Feel free to stay as long as you like. Sadly there's only one guest room for one people. I hope you guys don't mind waiting here in the living room.

Hooktail Jr: that's ok Ms Amy will be heading back to Toad Town as soon as it gets dark outside.

Amber: I want to join you guys too. The people of Toad Town must know the truth about the Rex's.

William: absolutely not Amber it's way too dangerous to go on an adventure with them.

Amy: you're father is right Amber you are too young for this.

Amber: !but I want to go with them now! I want to help them fight those creeps.

William: the answer is still no.

Bowser Jr: um....excuse me Mr William but if it's ok I like to talk to her outside for a minute if that's ok with you.

William: well....if it will get my daughter to change her mind then go ahead.

Bowser Jr: thanks Mr William. I'll be right back you guys this won't take long. Come with me Amber.

Amber: um...ok Mr Koopa.

Bowser Jr and Amber left the house to have a little chat.

Boshi:.....yoshi ( ok seriously is nobody going to help heal this guy or not? )

Koopakishi: I'm still in so much pain....

Amy:......*sigh* I'll get the medikit

Meanwhile outside of Chocolate rock village Amber and Hooktail were sitting on a bench near the statues of Bash and Smash having a conversation.

Bowser Jr: you know remind me of someone when I left this place not to long ago.

Amber: really?....who?

Bowser Jr: you remind me of myself when I first started my little adventure was slightly different.

Amber: really? my age?

Bowser Jr: yes...when my father told me that my mother was a princess I thought she was kidnapped by that bad man...but as it turns out....shes not really my mom after all...

Amber: you don't have a momma?

Bowser Jr: I never knew who my real mother was...the only family I had was my dad and my siblings.

Amber: that why you became an find your mom?

Bowser Jr: not exactly....even if I do find her I don't think she will be what I would the only reason I became an adventurer now is because my dad and my siblings are in trouble and I will do everything I can to save them. know Mr never told me you're name when you first got here...can you tell me who you are?...

Bowser Jr:...........I'm sorry Amber....but I can't tell you....

Amber: what....but why?...

Bowser Jr: it's complicated....if I tell'll hate me....

Amber: I don't understand...why would I hate you for knowing your real name?

Bowser's best that you didn't know who I am....and that's why I think you should stay with your family Amber.

Amber: you mean....I can't come with you?....

Bowser Jr: you're a brave girl Amber you're lucky to have a mom and dad to watch please....don't through your life away for our sakes.

Amber: but.....I want to be an adventure like you....

Bowser Jr: and you will be someday but right're not ready for this...


Bowser Jr: come on Amber don't be sad I'm sure you'll get your chance someday. Now let's head back to your home.


And so Bowser Jr and Amber returned to the house to rest until nightfall to return to Toad Town. Meanwhile back at the airship Rosie Rex and Perry were simply looking outside the window of the airship to see if they were close to Kronos's castle.

Perry: oh man....we've been sitting here for hours...are we there yet?

Rosie Rex: Im not sure.....excuse me sir.

Royal guard Rex: yes Ms Rosie Rex what it?

Rosie Rex: sorry to bother you but do you know how long it will take to get to Smogland?

Royal guard Rex: we should be getting close by now. You should be able to see Kronos's castle from here.

Rosie Rex: really?

Rosie Rex looked outside the window again and to her surprise he was right. Rosie Rex was now in Smogland and Kronos's castle was massive and it was ten times larger than Bowser's castle.

Rosie Rex: Oh my goodness it's really huge.

Royal guard Rex: welcome to Smogland the castle of lord Kronos I hope you enjoy your stay here. We should be landing any second now.

It wasn't long before the airship began to land right on top of the castle and as it landed Kronos was the first to exit the airship along with two Rex's following him as if they  were body guards including four Rex's who are carrying a cage were Bowser is locked up. Meanwhile the rest of Kronos's armys including Rosie Rex exited the airship as well only to go to the  opposite direction.

Rosie Rex: um...excuse me but we're are they talking Bowser?

Royal guard Rex: oh him...well there taking him to Prison Island.

Rosie Rex: and were is this...Prison Island?

Royal guard Rex: it's here in the Castle but sadly only high ranked members are allowed to enter Prison island.

Rosie Rex: so you're saying that I can't go there?

Royal guard Rex: sorry Ms Rosie Rex but were not allowed to go's against the rules plus you're a rookie and rookies don't go to high ranked places so easily.

Rosie Rex: 💖oh Mr surely there must be another way💖

Royal guard Rex: 💕 that you mentioned it there is another way to get there. But it will be though for someone like you that is...if you're ok with that💕

Rosie Rex: of course sir just tell me what I have to do.

Royal guard Rex: 💕well in order to become a high ranked member you have to compete in a battle arena💕

Rosie Rex: a battle arena?

Royal guard Rex: 💕that's right a battle arena it's basically like Glitz Pit all you have to do is win a few challenges and you'll be able to reach to high ranked. But you want to know more about the area you should speak to Cid.💕

Rosie Rex: who's Cid?

Royal guard Rex: 💕you'll see Ms Rosie..follow me and I'll take you to him.💕

And so Rosie Rex followed the Rex to the bottom floor of the castle we're the arena was nearby and as they reached their destination they stumbled upon what appears to be a shop called Cid's Forge Shop.

Royal guard Rex: here we are Ms Rosie Cid's Forge Shop.

Rosie Rex: oh my that I never thought that getting here would take a while this place is massive.

Royal guard Rex: oh you'll get used to it Ms everyone does eventually. This is were he makes the best weapons in all of Smogland but whatever you do do NOT ask him for refunds...he hates refunds.

Rosie Rex: what happens when you ask him for that?

Suddenly she heard someone yelling and then a Rex was kicked out of the shop by the owner.


Cid then slams the door shut leaving the injured Rex outside.

Royal guard Rex: that's why....

Rosie Rex: oh my goodness I hope he's ok.

Royal guard Rex: he'll be fine now let's get inside and remember Ms Rosie...don't ask him for refunds.

Rosie Rex: I'll remember that.

And so Rosie Rex and the Royal guard Rex started walking towards the door.

Royal guard Rex: I'll be waiting out here until you're done talking to him and after that I'll show you to your new room.

Rosie Rex: goes.

Rosie Rex started knocking on the door to get a respond on the owner.

Cid: !The door is open!

Scaring Rosie Rex a little she then slowly opened the door revealing a Rex named CID who is busy working on a weapon he's forging. He then suddenly stopped and started cooling down the weapon placing it on the water and then he walked toward Rosie Rex as he was finished doing his work.

Cid: well I'll be...haven't seen you around here before. Let me're new here?

Rosie Rex: name is Rosie Rex.

Cid: well then Ms Rosie Rex the names Cid the best forager of Smogland at your service ma'am and I must say...we don't get much lady Rex's becoming royal guards these days. What's a fine lady like yourself doing in a place like this. Don't tell got tired of being treated like daddy's little princess and decided to become a strong tough woman am I right?

Rosie Rex: um....something like that...I'm actually trying to become a high ranked royal guard.

Cid: really now...well then if you're going to get to that raink you're going to have to complete four challenges but it won't be easy..not with that week little twig with a pink bow you have there.

Perry: !!Hay who are you calling a twig!!

Cid: !Holy Cow that thing can talk!

Rosie Rex: !Perry!

Perry:....uh oh.....I think I just blew our cover.

Cid: that ain't no spear....which means.....

Rosie Rex: oh no....

Cid: you must have gone and grabbed one of the most incredible inanimate object I've ever seen!. We're on earth did you find this thing?

Rosie Rex: um....let's just say it was a family heirloom.

Cid: we'll I'll be you must be really lucky to have that because that talking object is really rare.

Perry: I am?

Cid: Of course ah....what do you call yourself?

Perry: oh my name is Perry and I'm no Spear.

Perry then transformed back into an umbrella.

Perry: I'm a magical umbrella.

Cid: we'll I'll umbrella that can change into many forms? !perfect! Do you know what this means?

Rosie Rex: ?

Cid: it means I can finally use one of my special tools for a talking inanimate object like this one. Give me a minute I'll be right back don't go anywhere ya hear.

Cid then looked into his old boxes of tools that had been hidden away.

Cid: now were did I put that thing at.......!ah here it is!

Cid grabbed what appears to be a hammer but has what appears to be an empty slot that's shaped of a gem.

Cid: this here's ma great grandpappy's old magical hammer however this thing only works on talking magical artifacts like the one your holding right now Ms Rosie Rex so I never really used this at all until now.

Perry: wait...what are you going to do?

Cid: I'm going to hit you with this hammer silly but don't worry it won't hurt you infact it will make you stronger. Think of this as getting an upgrade. Right now you're very weak but when I use this.

Cid then picks up what appears to be a  Gray Gem.

Cid: I'll make you better. All I have to do is put this Gem on the hammer.

Cid equipped the Gray Gem into the hammer.

Cid: then I hit you with it simple as that now...Rosie Rex if you please.

Rosie Rex: um...are you sure it's even safe?

Cid: trust me Ms Rosie Rex you have my word.

Rosie Rex: you go.

Rosie Rex gives Perry to Cid. He then placed it on the big anvil.

Perry: oh dear ar..are you sure about this.

Cid: don't worry there Perry..this will be over real quick.

Cid then raised his hammer and then gave Perry a big strong WACK. Then..suddenly Perry was beginning to glow bright until it finally subsided.

Cid: Aaand done. See that wasn't so bad now was it. How are you feeling?

Perry: I feel...stronger. oh wow I can actually feel the energy flowing within me. What did you do to me?

Cid: what I did is upgrade you into a common weapon so now you'll be able to take on anyone but don't get to carried away you're only a common weapon.

Perry: you mean...I'm not that strong?

Cid: you are...but you're not THAT strong. If you want to be even stronger you're going to have to win a few matches.

Rosie Rex: can you tell us how we can get to being a high ranked members?

Cid: of course Ms Rosie Rex. Now listen up there a total of four challenges. You need to complete three matches on each rank. The first one you need to do is to complete the warrior challenge. Once you complete all three matches you'll earn the title warrior and win an Uncommon Green Gem. The rest will be difficult there's the Knight challenge with the Rare Blue Gem, the Royal Knight challenge with an Epic Purple Gem and last but not least is the Champion challenge with a Legendary Gold Gem. If you can beat all that not only will you be a high ranked member but you'll become the next General Rex Knight.

Rosie Rex: has anybody ever made it that far?

Cid: well the only person who's ever gotten that far was General Sharpe Tooth but he's not here anymore...last I've heard he's been looking over King Rex who's now ruler of Darkland ever since Bowser was defeated.

Rosie Rex: Oh my.

Cid: oh don't worry about that he won't be bothering anyone anytime soon.

Rosie Rex: that reminds me Cid do you by any chance have any idea what Kronos is planning?

Cid: Heck if I know I don't usually talk about that guy.

Rosie Rex: 💖please Mr Cid..I would appreciate it if you tell me💖

Cid: you ain't sweet talking you're way on me Ms Rosie and like I said I don't have any idea what he's up to...

Rosie Rex: oh my I'm sorry I thought you would know something. I hope I didn't offend you or anything.

Cid: ain't nothing Ms Rosie Rex but you could however try you're luck on other royal guards I'm sure one of them has some information about his plans or whatever...oh and if you want to make Perry stronger bring me another Gem once you complete a challenge ya hear.

Rosie Rex: I'll remember to bring it to you.

Cid: that's a good get out of my shop.

Rosie Rex then left the shop with Perry who then changed back into a spear were the royal guard Rex was waiting for her.

Royal guard Rex: now that that's been taken care of it's time I showed you to your new room Ms Rosie Rex. Are you ready?

Rosie Rex: I'm ready sir lead the way.

And so Rosie Rex and the royal guard Rex started walking to their next destination. Due to the massive size of the castle it took them a while to get there until finally.

Royal guard Rex: and here we are Ms Rosie Rex you're new room. While we were on that airship earlier I had one of the guards set up this room just for you.

Rosie Rex looked around her new room as it was set up beautifully even the bed looks comfortable liked her other bed back in The Mushroom Kingdom.

Rosie Rex: oh wow.

Royal guard Rex: make yourself at home Ms Rosie Rex. I hope you'll do well on you're first challenge tomorrow but until then..farewell for now.

And so the royal guard Rex left leaving Rosie Rex to her own room.

Perry: now that we're here what's should we do now?

Rosie Rex: apparently nothing Perry...the only way we're ever going to find out what Kronos is planning is that we have to compete in the area and that's tomorrow also...I'm kind of tired.

Perry: well don't worry Peach because thanks to Cid I can help you get though this until we reach to the top just you wait.

Rosie Rex: I really hope so Perry but for now let's gets some rest.

Meanwhile somewhere in Kronos's castle the four royal guards carrying the cage with Bowser in it had arrived in there destination. In the middle of this room there was a tablet holding what appears to be a cristal ball.

Royal guard Rex: here we are men wait until the I open portal.

The royal guard Rex looked into his inventory revealing a magical stone. He pointed the stone right at the cristal ball until the portal finally opened.

Royal guard Rex: we shall return once we locked Bowser in his cell lord Kronos.

And so the guards entered the portal along with Bowser until the portal disappeared. Suddenly someone entered the room revealing a Rex who is a scientist.

Rex Scientist: Lord Kronos I've have some news involving you're machine.

Kronos: ah one of Fracktail's minions. Tell me can the machine be fixed?

Rex Scientist: of course lord Kronos but I believe I have some bad news.

Kronos: what's the bad news?.....

Rex Scientist: well the bad news is even if the machine is fully repaired I'm afraid the percentage of it's power will be low to 30% which means you will have to wait for another few years for it to reach to 100% since the Dark Star is only a replica. And to make matters worse the Dark Star replica is practically broken so that would mean we would have to make an entirely new Dark Star replica to replace the old one. Therefore the percentage of it's power has dropped to 0%.

Kronos: !What....No that would mean I'll have to wait all over again! ( grrr cursed that Hooktail Jr he will pay dearly for this )

Rex Scientist: there is however another way to fully restore the machine completely.

Kronos: there is?

Rex Scientist: simple...we find the true Dark Star. The real one carries unlimited energy if you can get your hands on  the real Dark Star...

Kronos: then the machine will be restored in seconds. But were can we find it?

Rex Scientist: I believe I know the answer to that.

Kronos: !Tell me!

Rex Scientist: you'll find the Mushroom Kingdom.

And with that Kronos grinned with a Sinister smile knowing that he just formed an alliance with them.

Kronos: ( excellent with the Toads on our side I can be able to get that Toadsworth to trust me. And once I earned his trust he'll be able to tell me exactly where he keeps this Dark Star hidden. And once I have obtained the Dark Star I Kronos will truly rule the world. ) !!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Meanwhile back at Chocolate rock village it was late at night and Hooktail Jr and the gang started saying there goodbyes as they were about to head back to Toad Town.

Amy: thank you for stopping by to our place again.

William: be careful out there in Toad Town. That place should be crawling with Rex's by now.

Amy: especially the Toads.

Bowser Jr: will be fine Ms Amy we won't be there for too long.

Kylie Koopa: will be out of Toad Town as soon as we get to Kregory and Gregory's plain safely.

Hooktail Jr: come on guys let's get out of here. The sooner we get to Pagoda Village the better.

And so Hooktail Jr and the gang started walking towards Kamek's shop but as they were Bowser Jr couldn't help but feel bad for the little girl from earlier.

Hooktail Jr: are you feeling all right Jr?

Bowser Jr: I'm fine I you think I did the right thing for leave Amber behind?

Hooktail Jr: well...she is kind of young so I think you did do the right thing. It's only for the best plus she has a family to look after so you shouldn't be worried about it.

Bowser Jr: well...I suppose you're right. Thanks buddy.

Hooktail Jr: don't mention it Jr.

Few minutes later Hooktail Jr and the gang entered Kamek's shop.

Kamek: so you're back lord Bowser Jr. If you're heading back to Toad Town I suggest you prepare yourself once you leave the shop.

Hooktail Jr and the gang started preparing theirselves by purchasing a few items and as they were done Bowser Jr walked toward the door and pressed the pink button.

Bowser Jr: ok guys this is it. I'm going to slowly open the door to see if the coast is clear.

Bowser Jr slowly opened the door to see if anyone is outside and so far nobody was around.

Bowser Jr: looks like we're clear guys now let's get moving.

Kylie Koopa: hay Gregory do you know we're you're plain is located?

Gregory: the plan is this way. Just follow us and will get you guys there in no time.

Kregory: but we have to be really careful. The guards are everywhere and if we're not careful it's game over for use.

Hooktail Jr: well be careful. Come on guys let's follow them.

And so Hooktail Jr and the gang started following both Gregory and Kregory by sneaking past the guards that are all over Toad Town. They had to go through many obstacles to avoid them every step of the way but eventually after all that sneaking they finally arrived in Gregory and Kregory's plain.

Hooktail Jr: there it is you guys.

Bowser Jr: it's about time now let's get inside before..

Mario: !Not so fast!

Hooktail Jr and the gang: !?

Mario: Iooks like I was right. I knew you were going to be here eventually.

Bowser Jr: oh great it's Mario and Luigi.

Hooktail Jr: oh no...

Luigi: and look Mario it's Kylie Koopa.

Mario: Kylie how could you. Why would you side with the enemy?

Kylie Koopa: Mario I can explain.

Geno: allow me to tell him Ms Kylie.

Mario: !?..Geno is that you!? 

Geno: hello Mario it's been a long time.

Mario: the last time I saw you we were fighting Smithy along with Peach, Mallow and Bowser. So why are you siding with them?

Geno: It's complicated to explain but I was instructed to look after this dragon. Please understand that we're not you're enemy Mario. it will be wise for you to let us go.

Mario: I'm sorry Geno but this dragon is dangerous. He's done some terrible things in the past to Kronos kingdom and it's my duty to make sure that the Mushroom kingdom is safe from Bowser Jr's minions. Now...koopa kid you're going to tell me we're Bowser Jr is hiding.

Bowser Jr: lips are sealed.

Larry Koopa: yeah that's right Mario so mind your own business!

Mario: make this easy for yourself kid. You don't want to make this more difficult as it is.

Bowser Jr: why don't you figure that out yourself chump!

Mario: very well kid...don't say we didn't warn you come on Luigi let's a go.

Luigi: here we go!

Bowser Jr: come on buddy let's show these plumbers what we're made of !Bash!

Hooktail Jr: I can't believe I have to fight them !Smash!

Luigi: look Mario they have hammers like us too.

Mario: hm...this could be a problem but we can't lose. Let's get this over wi...

Suddenly a small round ball came out of nowhere releasing what appears to be sleeping gas.

Mario: what the.....ohhhhh.....zzzzzz

Luigi: oh night night......zzzzzz

Bowser Jr: ?...who did that?

????: thank goodness I came right on time.

Hooktail Jr and the gang: ??

When the gas subsides the person who through the sleeping gas ball was none other than Amber herself.

Bowser Jr: !?Amber what are you doing here I thought I told you to stay home!?

Amber: and I choose not to listen and besides you help me save my parents so it's my turn to help you by joining you guys and besides I already left a note to my parents when I left now let's get out of here before Mario and Luigi wakes up again.

Hooktail Jr: I hate to say this Jr but she's right we need to get out of here now before something else happens.

Bowser Jr: grrr oh all right you can join us. Boshi you're keeping an eye on Amber form now on.

Boshi: yoshi! ( !what no way I'm no babysitter! )

Bowser Jr: 💢!do it or I'll clobber you with this hammer!💢

Boshi: yoshi! ( ok ok fine just put that away!..oh man I can't believe I'm looking over a child....again. )

Amber: yay I get to ride a Yoshi thank you Mr Koopa I won't let you down.

Boshi: yoshi...( why me....)

Amber has joined the party.

Amber then jumped on Boshi.

Amber: come on Boshi next stop...!adventure!

Boshi: yoshi ( yeah yeah whatever kid )

And so Hooktail Jr and the gang got on the airplane. As they were inside both Gregory and Kregory were preparing to start the engine to prepare to take flight.

Gregory: alright guys take your seats because we're about to take flight.

Kregory: next stop Pagoda Village. The flight will take us there till morning so sit back and relax and enjoy the ride.

Koopakishi: ah at last.

Amber: yay I can't believe I'm going on an adventure with you guy's. This is going to be the best adventure ever.

Kylie Koopa: I just hope you're parents aren't worried when you're gone.

Meanwhile back at Chocolate rock village.

Amy: Amber dinner is ready.........Amber?

Amber's mother then opened the door only to find out there's nobody here.

Amy: Amber?.....Amber were are you?

William: what's going on honey?

Amy: Amber...she's gone!

William: what?

William looked around to find her daughter and as she was looking he found a note lying on the bed saying.

Dear Mom and Dad if you're reading this I'm sorry I have to leave home. I'll be going on an adventure with Mr Koopa. I know you two will be mad at me for this but I want to help them just like they helped you and the villagers from that terrible Draggadon so I'll be doing the same by helping Mr Koopa and his friends by clearing there names and don't worry about me Mom and Dad I'll come back home when this is all over I promise. sincerely.....Amber. 

Amy: oh William...she's gone with them.

William: don't worry honey I'm sure those hero's will take good care of her. Let just pray to the stars that she returns home in one piece.

Meanwhile back at the airplane.

Amber: So Mr Koopa...about that question from earlier.

Bowser Jr: ?

Amber: since I'm part of the team now can you tell me what you're real name is?

Bowser Jr: do you really want to know...

Amber: yes Mr Koopa and whatever it is I won't be scared or hate you I promise.

Bowser Jr: well...ok you asked for it.

Bowser Jr looked into his inventory taking out his magical bandana that Kammy made for him.

Bowser Jr: ( well...time to test this out. ) ok Amber my real name...

Bowser Jr takes off his red scarf and puts on the bandana transforming him into his once original form.

Bowser Jr: is Bowser Jr.

Amber: !!

Bowser Jr: so I take it you scared now.

Amber: are you kidding not at all in fact I'm glad you told me. Even if you are the son of Bowser.

Bowser Jr: you're not mad at me or anything?

Amber: of course not Bowser Jr you're a hero. I would never hate someone who saved my family.

Bowser Jr: thanks Amber.

Hooktail Jr: so this is what you really looked like?

Bowser Jr: well...yes and no.

Hooktail Jr: what do you mean?

Bowser Jr: the bandana I'm wearing can change me into this form but it doesn't cure the effects of the potion I drank so as long as I wear this I remain a kid but when I take it off.

Bowser removes the bandana reverting back into his teen form.

Bowser Jr: I change back into a grown up.

Amber:'re basically stuck like that?

Bowser Jr: pretty much.

Hooktail Jr: interesting that bandana of yours should come in handy.

Bowser Jr: the only question is buddy do you still think of me as a friend even if I'm a kid trapped in a teen's body?

Hooktail Jr: Jr...even if you're a kid or an adult I will always be your friend.

Amber: aww that's so sweet coming from you Mr Dragon.

Hooktail Jr: me Hooktail Jr.

Amber: oh ok Mr Hooktail Jr.

Bowser Jr: once again buddy you're too nice.

Amber: so were are we going from here?

Hooktail Jr: we're going to Pagoda Village I've heard that one of Bowser Jr's next sibling is being held captive there.

Amber: you mean...Bowser Jr has more than one sibling?

Bowser Jr: yeah there's seven of them and so far we have Larry. We don't know were the rest of the siblings are being held but so far we already know we're the next one is located.

Hooktail Jr: the only question is....which one of your siblings is over there?

Bowser Jr: I don't know buddy...but will find out soon enough...I only hope that he or she is doing ok....

Meanwhile somewhere in Pagoda village in the middle of the forest someone was running as fast as he can away from the enemy. He is a Koopa with green tall hair the shape of a pineapple tree wearing glasses and has a green was Iggy Koopa running for his life.

Samurai Rex: !!Find him he could have gotten far!!

Samurai Rex 2: ?!how did he manage to escape?!

Iggy Koopa was still running as he heard them from a distance.

Samurai Rex: !!It doesn't matter now. He must be captured at all costs!!

Iggy Koopa continues to run as far away as he can. He kept running and running until finally he couldn't hear the Rex's anymore and decided to take a breather.

Iggy Koopa: *huff* *huff* *huff* *huff* I think *huff* I lost them.....oh man that was too close...I should get out of.

Suddenly a dart hit directly at his neck. Iggy quickly removed the dart realizing that it's a sleeping dart.

Iggy Koopa: oh no....that's....not....good.....zzzzzzzzzz

Suddenly out of the shadows was a bunch of Ninji's appeared out of nowhere that was camouflaged by the trees.

NinJi: misson complete now let's take him to our boss before the Rex's show up.

And so the Ninji's took Iggy Koopa to there hiding place away from the Rex's. Few hours later Iggy Koopa slowly woke up as the effects were wearing off. 

Iggy Koopa: ohhhh were am I.

?????: glad I was able to find you in time lord Iggy.

Iggy Koopa: !?....wait...PomPom?

PomPom: hello Iggy long time no see.

                                    End of Chapter 10
Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king Ch 10
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Dragonteens Commission 11 By Kumarikat Dd281rq-ful by DragonTeens

Kronos the king of all dragon's has appeared right in front of Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth and Princess Peach before them and to they're surprised he wasn't here to do anything to her let alone kidnapping her.

Kronos: are you Princess Peach?....

Princess Peach: y..yes...I am....and who are you?

Kronos: my name is Kronos my dear Princess Peach and I am here...

As Kronos was walking close to Princess Peach but Mario and Luigi were on there battle stance just in case if anything happens buy Kronos instead was kneeling to her.

Kronos: to form an alliance with you...

Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth and Princess Peach: !?WHAT!?

Toadsworth: !?is this some kind of trick!? !How do I know you're not laying to us just so you can kidnap Princess Peach!

Kronos: I'd figured you would say that but I have no desire to kidnap anyone nor do I want to do harm to you're kingdom and just to be sure I would urn you're trust I have this to show you.

Kronos snaps his fingers as a signal for the Rex's and so four more Rex's appeared holding what appears to be a large box cage and inside was Bowser all chained up beaten and bruised and unable to speak because his mouth was also chained up just to keep him silent.

Mario, Luigi, Toadsworth and Princess Peach: !?Bowser!?

Kronos: this koopa was about to attack your kingdom but I Kronos was able to put a stop to him preventing another disaster from happening. And now that I Kronos was able to defeat him he will no longer be a threat to you and your kingdom ever again for his rain of terror is over. I already taken over his kingdom and all of his minions had no choice but to surrender to me.

Mario: !?you did all that for the princess?!

Kronos: of course...for years Bowser was causing nothing but chaos and destruction wherever he goes including my peaceful kingdom he attacked many years ago...

Toadsworth: that sounds horrible.

Kronos: indeed...but I Kronos vow to one day put an end to Bowser's rain of terror once and for all in the name of justice.

Luigi: wow...for a scary dragon you're actually not so bad after all.

Toadsworth: not to mention heroic if I do say so myself.

Mario: that may sound good and all but what are you going to do with Bowser?

Kronos: we will be sending him far away from the mushroom kingdom and lock him up in one of our special prisons...he will not be able to escape I can assure you.

Princess Peach: but.....what about the koopalings and his son Bowser Jr....what's going to happen to them?...I'm sure there must be some way we can get them to change their ways...

Kronos: I'm afraid there's nothing we can do for these...koopas. If we were to let them run free there's a small chance that they will one day get there revenge on you and your kingdom and as for Bowser's son....I'm afraid there's no sign of him ever since I Kronos defeated Bowser...wherever he may be there's no doubt in my mind that he will one day return to get his revenge and take his father's place as just another tyrant.

Luigi: he's got a point Mario...Bowser Jr is like his father and he might come back all grown up and badder than ever.

Mario: hmmm I suppose my brother may be right Princess Peach he could be a problem in the future.

Princess Peach: he may be a bad kid like his father Mario but I believe deep down somewhere in his heart he's good.

Kronos: Princess Peach for all do respects a koopa like Bowser Jr can never become good let's face it...koopas do nothing but lie, cheat, steal, betray and cause nothing but misery to the world. Which is why I Kronos will offer you my minions to strengthen your kingdom incase his son ever returns however...Bowser Jr isn't the only threat to this kingdom for there is someone much worse than him.

Mario: what do you mean?

Luigi: who is worse than Bowser Jr?

Kronos:....a monster who calls himself Hooktail Jr...

Mario: Hooktail Jr?...( that name sounds so familiar... )

Princess Peach: oh my...who is this Hooktail Jr?

Kronos: he is a dragon like me but he is pure evil. He seeks to gain power to take over the world and to destroy me but he's not alone.

Kronos takes out a photo in his inventory to show them what he looks like including his partner.

Kronos: he is aided with a koopa with a red scarf. I do not know who this koopa is but there's no doubt in my mind that he is one of Bowser's minions how did Hooktail Jr got there I do not know but all I can say is that he's already obtained one of the elemental orbs that was protected by my greatest guardians and now...Hooktail Jr has already stolen the orb of inferno and if he gets his hands on the rest of the elemental  orbs...he will become unstoppable unless we do something about it.

Toadsworth: and that is why you came here to form an alliance with us?

Kronos: precisely my fellow toad you except my offer?...

Princess Peach: well....I don't know....

Toadsworth: Princess Peach surely your not deciding to deny his offer...he's defeated Bowser for the sake of protecting you. 

Luigi: he's  right Princess Peach and Bowser will no longer kidnap you anymore he's actually doing us a favor.

Mario: I agree on Luigi for once Princess if it wasn't for Kronos Bowser would of come here and kidnap you again plus I believe we have a bigger problem here like that Hooktail Jr guy that he was talking about.

Princess Peach was thinking hard about this and seeing that Bowser was struggling to get out of the chains that was restating him she couldn't help but think back of the horrible things he's done to her kingdom so many years ago even as a child but seeing that there was another threat like that Hooktail Jr he was talking about that was aided by a koopa she couldn't imagine what horrible things that dragon can possibly do to her kingdom should he obtain all of the elemental orbs so she came to a decision.

Princess Peach: very well...I Princess Peach of the mushroom kingdom will allow you to join an alliance with us.

Bowser: !!....

Kronos: thank you so much Princess Peach I'm happy to be of service to you..( hahahahaha excellent....all is going according to plan soon I will be rid of that monstrosity and once my machine is fully repaired I will finish were I left off and finally rule this world as I see fit..) minions...take Bowser back to the airship and returned to my castle to lock him up.

Royal guard Rex: yes lord Kronos.

Toadsworth: well that that's out of the way why don't you join us in the castle for the party.

Kronos just simply grinning and he said that.

Kronos: I would be delighted....

                                            Chapter 9
               Hooktail  Jr finds the truth in Starhaven 
         Princess Peach goes undercover as Rosie Rex

Meanwhile Hooktail Jr and the gang finally arrived at the at the Temple of Starhaven.

Geno: here we are...the temple of Starhaven.

Kylie Koopa: oh my goodness this place looks amazing.

As Kylie was taking more pictures of the place.

Koopakishi: so I take it we go inside. ( Zephyrus: I'm pretty sure that's the idea...)

Larry Koopa: do you think Rosalina will tell us we're Kronos has taken our dad?

Bowser Jr: don't know...but were gonna find out soon enough.

Hooktail Jr: then we should get inside right away. Let's go everyone.

Hooktail Jr and the gang had entered the temple of Starhaven and as they went inside they started looking around until Geno spotted something.

Geno: aw there it is.

Hooktail Jr: did you find something Geno?

Geno: yes there's a round platform over there. If we all stand on it all together we should be able to teleport to Starhaven.

Bowser Jr: then what are we waiting for let's get to it.

And so Hooktail Jr and the gang started walking towards the round platform and started standing perfectly still for something to happen.

Kylie we missing something?.

Bowser Jr: yeah Geno what gives?

Geno: oh yes...I almost forgot please give me a minute to activate it with a password.

Hooktail Jr: ok Geno go on and say the password.

Geno: very well.....☆¤×♡♤¿

Hooktail Jr, Bowser Jr, Koopakishi/Zephyrus,Kylie Koopa and Larry Koopa: ????

Suddenly the round platform began to glow and as it did Hooktail Jr and the gang were engulfed with light teleporting everyone into Starhaven. Once they arrived in Starhaven they saw a beautiful castle right in front of them.

Hooktail Jr: that Princess Rosalina's castle?

Geno: yes..welcome to Starhaven and this is Rosalina's castle.

Kylie Koopa: this is so amazing...this is the first time I've ever seen Rosalina's castle..I've got to take a picture of this.

Kylie Koopa takes a picture of the castle.

Larry Koopa: soo Geno....what was the password back at that temple when you were saying that wired language?

Geno: oh that....that was my star language I said Take us to Starhaven please.

Larry Koopa: !?WHAT!?....?!that's the password!?

Koopakishi: !that doesn't sound like a password it sounds more like asking!

Bowser Jr: hay at least we're here you guys and besides you wouldn't even get it to work without Geno's help with his star language.

Hooktail Jr: he's got a point you guys just forget about it and let's go inside.

Larry Koopa: *Hmp*....fine...but next time you should really do something about that password.

And so Hooktail Jr and the gang entered Rosalina's castle. As they opened the door Hooktail Jr looked around seeing how beautiful the place was from inside.

Hooktail Jr: it's beautiful....

Bowser Jr: I like I'm inside Princess Peach's castle but only much prettier....

Kylie Koopa: it's got that galaxy like design look to it I'm actually quite impressed...

Koopakishi: you can say that again this place is amazing...( Zephyrus: I to am amazed by this place I never seen anything like this before in my life...)

Larry Koopa: this Princess Rosalina sure has good taste with the blue color.

Geno: well she IS the princess of the galaxy after all.

Rosalina: finally arrived.

Hooktail Jr and the gang looked up and saw Princess Rosalina as she was walking down the stairs to greet them.

Rosalina: welcome to my castle my name is Princess Rosalina and I've been expecting you're arrival.

Geno: you're majesty I have returned with the legendary dragon as you instructed.

Rosalina: well done Geno..I'm so happy that you all made it here in one piece.

Hooktail Jr: Princess Rosalina I'm confused...what dose he mean by calling me a legendary dragon?

Rosalina: ah yes....I believe it's time I tell you who you really're not an ordinary are what they call a Tri Dragon.

Hooktail Jr: a....Tri Dragon?

Rosalina: yes....a Tri Dragon is a legendary dragon able to control all is said that one day a dragon born with a special rainbow star shall be known as the legendary Tri Dragon and that he shall become king.

Hooktail Jr: king?

Rosalina: yes young dragon however....I'm afraid that a dragon named Kronos was trying to stop you from fulfilling your destiny since the day you were born.

Hooktail Jr: mean...

Suddenly memories were coming back to him on that day were Kronos took him away from his mother and send Hooktail Jr on that island many years ago.

Hooktail Jr: I've always thought to myself that I was cast out because I was why did he do this to me?........for what purpose?

Rosalina: it's simple.....because he's afraid of you.

Hooktail Jr: afraid of me.....but why?

Rosalina: because you will interfere with his plan.

Bowser Jr: plan....what plan...what is Kronos up to?

Rosalina: Kronos is trying to destroy the world and recreate it with his own dark image...with the power of the Dark Star.

Koopakishi: just like what Draggadon said back at the volcano...

Hooktail Jr: a world we're only dragon's live...

Rosalina: that is correct Kronos must be stopped and to do that you must first defeat all the dragon guardians, destroy all of the dark star machine replicas that are scattered from around the world and obtain there power and since you already obtained the orb of inferno by defeating Draggadon only six dragons remain and once you've obtained all of the elemental orbs you should be strong enough to defeat Kronos himself.

Bowser Jr: but how are we going to find the rest of the dragons?

Rosalina: I'll show you...give me you're map and I will cast a spell on it so it can help you on your next journey.

Koopakishi: I have a map right here Princess Rosalina.

Rosalina: wonder would you kindly give it to me?

Koopakishi: of course here you go.

Koopakishi gives Rosalina the map in order to begin her next step. She then uses her magical wand and cast a spell on it making it glow in a shimmering light and when it's complete Rosalina then returned the map to Koopakishi.

Rosalina: there that should do it. Open you're map and it will reveal were you should go next.

Koopakishi opened the map to see if it maid any changes to the map and so far there is. He looked closely to see that a glowing green orb is marked on a new location.

Koopakishi: oh looks like this green round thing is marked right here on this location looks pretty far away.

Rosalina took a look at the map to see were it is and found out were it is.

Rosalina: it looks like you're next journey will be in Pagoda Village.

Koopakishi: hay I think I know that place. That we're they have the best hot springs. ( Zephyrus but how are we supposed to get there?....) hmmm that is an interesting question.

Kylie Koopa: maybe if we talk to the villagers back in Toad Town we might get some answers.

Koopakishi: that might be a good idea.

Bowser Jr: I hope you guys are right because I don't think we can get there by a train this time...unless we find someone who can fly us over there.

Geno: then it's settled...will have to find a pilot somewere in Toad Town. 

Rosalina: good luck adventures and stay safe. Oh before  you go I have something to give you young koopa.

Rosalina gives Bowser Jr a small mysterious star charm.

Bowser Jr: what does this thing do?

Rosalina: this one is very important and when the time is will know.

Bowser Jr: oh....ok.

Bowser Jr puts the mysterious star charm into his inventory.

Bowser Jr: come on guys let's head back to Toad Town.

And so everyone left the castle heading back to the round platform to return back to the temple of Starhaven.

Rosalina:.......Hooktail Jr.... though you're journey will one day make you stronger along with your friends you're true path will determine what you will become once you obtain all the elements....will you choose the path of good.....or will you choose the path of evil..... 

Few minut later in the temple of Starhaven Hooktail Jr and the gang exited the temple heading back outside thinking of what to do next.

Koopakishi: well that was an interesting trip I've never seen such a beautiful place. ( Zephyrus: indeed...)

Larry Koopa: so what's the plan guys?

Bowser Jr: I say we split up once he head back to Toad Town. Larry you're coming with me along with my buddy Hooktail Jr...we don't want anybody finding out who you are while you're on your disguise.

Larry Koopa: oh......that's right.....

Kylie Koopa: well in that case I'll go with Geno and Koopakishi.

Bowser Jr: you two take good care of Kylie ok guys.

Koopakishi: she will be fine Bowser Jr it's not like she's going to get hurt or anything.

Larry Koopa: yea Jr why are you so worried about her anyways?

Bowser Jr began to blush but was trying his best to hide it.

Bowser Jr: I just.....want her to be safe that's all....

Kylie Koopa: you don't have to worry about me Jr I'm pretty capable of handling myself you know.

Bowser Jr: well...ok Kylie I trust you. So buddy are you ready to head back to Toad Town...........buddy?

Hooktail Jr didn't say a word since he found out what he really is...the only thing that he can feel from all this...
was rage....he clenched his fists as he remembered that faithful day were he was taken away from his mother.

Hooktail Jr: all this time................he did all this just because he was afraid of me......because what I will become......!!RRRHHAAAAAAAA!!

Hooktail Jr punch the nearest bolder with all his might shattering it to a million pieces.

Bowser Jr, Koopakishi/Zephyrus, Geno, Kylie Koopa, Larry Koopa: !!!!

Bowser Jr: B..buddy?

Hooktail Jr: Kronos.......I will have my revenge....

Meanwhile back at Princess Peach's castle everyone was happy and celebrating not only for Mario who saved Princess Peach but also celebrating there new hero Kronos who single handedly defeated Bowser.

Red Toad: !heray Bowser is no more!

Blue Toad: and it's all thanks to our new hero.

Red Toad: we no longer have to run in fear any longer.

Luigi: wow Mario everyone seems to be happy now that Bowser is gone.

Mario: I agree brother perhaps I should thank this guy.

Luigi: you're going to have to wait because he seems busy talking to Toadsworth.

Mario: hmm oh well perhaps later.

Luigi: so does this mean will retire now that Bowser is gone?

Mario: I don't think so Luigi we still have no idea what happened to Bowser Jr plus we have two bad guys on the loose.

Luigi: oh no...those two might be a big problem especially that dragon he mentioned he sounds dangerous.

Mario: don't worry Luigi we can handle a few trouble makers. If they ever show there faces here will be ready for them right Princess Peach.......Princess Peach?

Princess Peach: hmmmm.....

Mario: is something wrong Peach?

Princess Peach: I don't know Mario...something about this doesn't feel right...

Mario: what do you mean...Bowser is gone shouldn't you be happy about this?

Princess Peach: I should but.... at the same time I'm more worried about Bowser Jr...he may bad like his father but I know deep down he's a good kid...he must be scared and alone out there somewhere....

Luigi: or he could be plotting a revenge on use.

Mario: he's right Princess Peach it's like Kronos said a koopa like Bowser Jr could never be good.

Princess Peach: but he's still so young though...

Mario: that may be...but he's still the son of Bowser who knows what he's up to and whatever it can't be good.

Princess Peach: I hope that's not the case Mario....I'm sorry but can I have some time alone for a bit..I need to clear my mind from all this...

Mario: sure thing Princess take as much time as you need.

Princess Peach: thanks Mario.

And so Princess Peach left Mario and Luigi returning to her royal room.

Luigi: do you think Princess Peach will be alright?

Mario: I'm sure she will be fine just give her some time I'm sure she will be back soon but in the meantime let's enjoy the party.

Luigi: ok Mario.

Few minut later Princess Peach has entered her room and as she went inside she was still thinking about that new hero that arrived in her kingdom.

Princess Peach:.....something is definitely not right about this and whatever it is.....I'm going to find out. I need to know more about this Kronos guy and see if he's hiding something...and I know just the thing that can help me.

Princess Peach went to her closet and started searching for something special that can help her until finally she found a long box.

Princess Peach: aw there it is.

Princess Peach then opened the box revealing an umbrella that looks like it's still in good condition but then suddenly the umbrella started moving.

?????: .......*yawn*....oh...hello Princess Peach long time no see.

Princess Peach: hello again Perry it's good to see you again.

Perry: indeed it was Princess Peach the last time I saw you we went off on an adventure to rescue Mario and Luigi from Bowser. Is it that time again Princess Peach?

Princess Peach: not this time Perry but I need you're help once again on an important mission.

Perry: Mission?....what kind of mission?

Princess Peach: we're going to find out what this Kronos guy is up to. He suddenly showed up not too long ago out of nowhere and somehow he defeated Bowser and now he has him held captive.

Perry: Bowser....defeated?.....that's great news Princess Peach for all I know that koopa had it coming.

Princess Peach: that's the problem Perry even though he defeated Bowser I still think that this Kronos guy is up to no good and whatever it can't be good and that is why I need you're help once again.

Perry: so what's the plan then Princess Peach?

Princess Peach: hmmmm.....

Princess Peach was thinking of a plan to somehow find a way to figure out what Kronos is up to until suddenly...she had an idea.

Princess Peach: I've got an idea...Parry you can transform into anything right?

Perry: of course Princess  Peach I can transform into any object you like.

Princess Peach: can you also transform me into anything?

Perry: I sure can Princess Peach.

Princess Peach: In that case I want you to turn me into a Rex.

Perry: okie dokie Princess Peach just stay still and and let the magic do its work.

Perry was now on top of Princess Peach spinning around like a top releasing magical energy transforming Princess Peach into....a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Princess Peach:...!Perry I said Rex not a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Perry: ohhhh you mean that Rex oops sorry Princess Peach let me try that again.

Perry once again was spinning releasing magical energy until finally Princess Peach was transformed into a pink Rex with white wings and a little bit of armor as well.

Perry: there that should do it now you'll be able to blend in with the rest of the Rex armys and just incase..

Perry then transformed into a spear with a pink ribbon.

Perry: we look just like them.

Princess Peach: thanks Perry but before we get started let me do one more thing...

Meanwhile back at the party Toadsworth was having a conversation with Kronos.

Toadsworth: I must say Kronos I've never thought someone like you would actually defeat Bowser head on. You good sir are the bravest people or shall I say..dragon I've ever met.

Kronos: it was no big deal Mr. Toadsworth I do what I must to keep the peace especially when it comes to your kingdom.

Toadsworth: and what about this Hooktail Jr you mentioned? What do we suppose we should do about him?

Kronos: I suggest that you're men should put wanted posters all over Toad Town just to be safe I do have a picture of them thanks to my people.

Toadsworth: then I'll have my men get started right away. If we somehow capture them we might be able to find out we're Bowser Jr is hiding. No doubt in my mind that these two troublemakers are working for him.

Kronos: thank you Toadsworth and if things get out of hand there's always the Mario brothers. I'm sure they'll be able to defeat them both in case they plan on attacking the mushroom kingdom.

Toadsworth: oh I shudder to think what will happen if that monster Hooktail Jr gets his hands on all the elemental orbs...

Kronos: do not worry Toadsworth everything will be taken care of but for now..let's enjoy this celebration for both Mario and Luigi and my heroic deeds.

Toadsworth: I suppose you're right. You know for a big dragon like yourself you're quite nice to people..perhaps I've been too hard on you when you first arrived here.

Kronos: it's ok Mr Toadsworth I've get that a lot despite how big a scary I am I'm sure you have you're reasons to protect your Princess from danger. 

Toadsworth: yes especially that dreaded koopa..I gess you can say it's a force of habit and I apologize for that.

Kronos: apologie accepted Mr. Toadsworth...

Meanwhile Mario and Luigi were also having a conversation with each other during the party.

Luigi: hay Mario do you think we should check on Princess Peach to see if she's doing ok?

Mario: I think that's a good idea Luigi maybe she's already feeling better from all this let's go.

And so Mario and Luigi are heading to Princess Peach's room but little do that know that Princess Peach just passed the two hero's disguised as a Rex. As Mario and Luigi made it to Princess Peach room Mario than started knocking on the door to check on her.

Mario: hello Princess Peach it's me Mario are you in there.........Princess Peach?

Mario then slowly opened the door only  to find out that she's not here.

Mario: oh no we're can Princess Peach be?

Luigi: maybe she went back to the party.

Mario looks around until he found something lying on the bed that appears to be a letter.

Mario: Luigi look a letter.

Luigi: a letter?...what does it say?

Mario: hmmm...

Mario began reading the letter saying...

Dear Mario by the time you read this I will already be gone. I've decided to take a long vacation to clear my mind from all this. As much as I want to bring you two with me I'm afraid I must be alone for a while but do not worry about me for I will be just fine. The mushroom kingdom needs you while I'm gone should the kingdom be in trouble again I'm sure you and your brother Luigi will handle the situation in case anything happens. PS please take care of Toadsworth while I'm gone especially when he's with that Kronos guy sincerely.....Peach.

Luigi: Oh no...Princess Peach is gone?

Mario: I'm afraid so Luigi but I'm sure she has her reasons. We should head back to the party and talk to Toadsworth about this.

And so Mario and Luigi head back to the party telling Toadsworth what happened to Princess Peach and that she left a letter for Mario to read.

Toadsworth: Princess Peach left the mushroom kingdom on vacation!?...

Mario: I'm afraid so Toadsworth she must of left a few minutes ago while we went to check on her.

Toadsworth: oh dear I hope she will be fine without me.

Kronos: perhaps it's for the best after all she's been through a lot after what happened last time.

Toadsworth: I hope you're right Kronos...

Luigi: don't worry Toadsworth I'm sure she will be back soon.

Mario: Luigi is right I bet she's having the time of her life and once she comes back she will be happy as ever.

Meanwhile Princess Peach is outside of the castle with Perry trying to enter the airship that is guarded by two Rex's.

Royal guard Rex 1: why do we have to guard the airship while everyone else is enjoying the party it's not fair...

Royal guard Rex 2: stop whining the Lord Kronos instructed us to keep an eye on the airship for any intruders and we don't want get him to get on his bad side.

Royal guard Rex 1: ?!....Wait who's that?

Suddenly the two Rex's saw someone approaching the airship. The two Rex's then started pointing there spears at the person that is getting too close to the airship.

Royal guard Rex 2: !Holt No one is allowed to enter the airship only members of Kronos's army are allowed!

Suddenly the two Rex's couldn't believe what they saw the person that was approaching the airship was a female pink Rex with white wings wearing little armor that resembles of a female royal guard Rex.

Royal guard Rex 1 & 2: !!♥️Holy stars she's beautiful♥️!!

Princess Peach:....ah...hello I hope you guys won't mind I go inside the airship. I'm....a new member of Kronos's army.

Royal guard Rex 1: ♥️a beautiful Rex like you is new here? How wonderful♥️

Royal guard Rex 2: ♥️of course will let you in but only if you tell us you name♥️

Princess Peach: it's....( oh my I can't use my real name otherwise they'll find out I'll have to make something up...I know ) name is Rosie Rex.

Royal guard Rex 1 & 2: ♥️such a beautiful name♥️

Royal guard Rex 2: ♥️you may pass Rosie and watch you're step♥️

Rosie Rex: thank you very much you two.

And so Princess Peach which she now calls herself Rosie Rex has entered the airship with her partner Perry.

Perry: well that was easy.

Rosie Rex: that because you made me too cute Perry.

Perry: but that will come in handy once we head to Kronos's castle. Whenever you talk to someone you should be able to use your attractiveness to get information out of them.

Rosie Rex: I suppose you're right Perry perhaps I can use this to my advantage of finding out what Kronos is really up to.

Perry: so what do we do now that we are inside?

Rosie Rex: I suppose we should find out were Bowser is being held.

Perry: why do you want to know about him!?

Rosie Rex: I think Bowser knows something...If we could somehow get some kind of information about Kronos from Bowser maybe there's a chance that he's evil.

Perry: and if he is?

Rosie Rex: then will head back to the mushroom kingdom to warn Mario and Luigi...exposing him to what he really is.

And so Princess Peach as Rosie Rex started searching the airship looking for Bowser until finally they found him still locked up in a cage all chained up.

Perry: so that's were they kept him. Oh boy he seems better days but my golly he's all busted up I wander what happened to him?

Rosie Rex: poor guy...I don't know what happened to him earlier but I must know the truth.

Perry: well good luck with that because I don't think he's going to say anything with those chains closing his mouth. It looks like you'll need a key to remove it but I don't think that's a good idea.

Rosie Rex: ( Perry is right..Bowser doesn't know I'm Princess Peach and if I end up removing it I'm toast...I'm going to have to find another way...perhaps the other guards will remove the chains once they lock him up somewhere and that's were I'll start asking him some questions about Kronos.) 

Perry: I guess there's nothing we can do about him for now so what's the next plan?

Rosie Rex: well.....all we can do now is wait until the airship starts moving...

Perry: I hope you know what you're doing..

Rosie Rex: I hope so too Perry.....I hope so too....

Meanwhile Hooktail Jr and the gang had finally returned to Toad Town.

Kyle Koopa: ok you guys me Geno and Koopakishi will be heading to the market place. Hopefully will be able to find a pilot there. 

Bowser Jr: in that case me Larry and my buddy here will head to that place called the Club 64. Oh and by the way buddy are you feeling ok now?

Hooktail Jr: oh...yeah I'm fine...

Bowser Jr: hay come on now buddy cheer up we're here for you.

Larry Koopa: yeah I mean sure it was messed up and all but you still have us.

Hooktail Jr:...yeah...I suppose you're right Larry.

Bowser Jr: that's the spirit buddy now let's get going oh and Kylie if you happen to find him you know we're to find us.

Kylie Koopa: will do Bowser Jr come on guys let's get moving.

And so Kylie, Geno and Koopakishi left to the market place searching for the pilot while Hooktail Jr, Bowser Jr and Larry are heading to the Club 64 in hopes of finding the pilot there as well. Few minutes later Hooktail Jr, Bowser Jr and Larry Koopa has entered the Club 64 hoping they will find what they're looking for.

Bowser Jr: never thought I would end up in a place like this but here we are.

Larry Koopa: this place doesn't look like much to look at to be honest it lacks the DJ and dancing.

Hooktail Jr: maybe it's just a bar for people to hang out.

Bowser Jr: speaking of bars I wonder what those drinks that grown ups have I'm curious to know what they taste like but dad says I'm to young to try those kind of things...but since I'm all grown up I just got to try it for myself.

Larry Koopa: aw....Bowser Jr I don't think that's a good idea we really don't have time for that right now remember...we're here to find a pilot not to party.

Bowser Jr: aww man.....

Hooktail Jr: I'll ask the bartender if he's seen a pilot anywhere in Toad Town.

Hooktail Jr approached the bartender for answers.

Hooktail Jr: excuse me Mr. but do you happen to know if there's a pilot anywhere in Toad Town by any chance?

Toad Bartender: hmmm you mean that guy over there? Yea he just got here not to long ago.

Bowser Jr: oh sweet that was actually easier than I thought.

Larry Koopa: and it looks like the pilot is a koopa troopa.

Hooktail Jr, Bowser Jr and Larry Koopa approach the pilot who is indeed a koopa troopa wearing goggles similar to what Parakarry wears only he has no wings. He also wears a brown pilot jacket with a wing badge.

?????: what do you guys want can't you see I'm busy.

Hooktail Jr: sorry to bug you sure but do you think you can take us to Pagoda Village?

?????: what a strange coincidence I was going to head over there as well...unfortunately I don't think that's possible.

Bowser Jr: and why not?

?????: because I can't leave without my twin brother Gregory. 

Bowser Jr: well that's just great....

Kregory: by the way the name Kregory with a K and if you want to get to Pagoda Village you're going to have to find him first.

Larry Koopa: well at least we found one pilot...maybe Kylie Koopa found him as well.

Kregory: wait....did you say Kylie koopa?

Larry Koopa: ah......yeah?

Kregory: !Oh my stars....I can't believe it..Kylie Koopa here in Toad Town this might be my lucky day! Tell you what if you can find my twin brother Gregory and bring Kylie Koopa with you to get her to take a selfie of us I'll gladly take you guys to Pagoda Village free of charge.

Bowser Jr: alright another free ride..ok Kregory will be back with your brother in no time come on buddy let's go find Kylie and everyone else.

And so Hooktail Jr, Bowser Jr and Larry Koopa set of to find Kylie and the rest of the group but little do they know that one of the Toads were placing a wanted poster of Hooktail Jr and Bowser Jr saying...Wanted Hooktail Jr and Koopa Kid reward for capturing them will be 90 million gold coins. Suddenly a shadow approach the poster revealing to be what appears to be a blue yoshi wearing black sunglasses...he also wears a red spiked collar and wears two pairs of shoes revealing his clawed feet.

?????: yoshi ( 90 million gold coins eh......I can use that kind of money to by myself my very own race track..heheheheheee finally something that can make me go back on top just you wait I'll show them all that I am still the fastest yoshi in the world hahahahahaha! )

Meanwhile Kylie, Geno and Koopakishi/Zephyrus were searching for the pilot and just there luck she was able to find him standing right next to the gift shop.

Gregory: finally a brand new pare of goggles to replace my smelly old one.

Gregory then put on his new pair of goggles until suddenly he heard someone calling him.

Kylie Koopa: excuse me sure but are you a pilot by any chance?

Gregory: I sure am and what can I.......!Oh my goodness Kylie koopa here in Toad Town!...oh boy it's an honor to meet you in person Ms. Kylie Koopa what brings you here in Toad Town?

Kylie Koopa: and my friends came here not to long ago looking for a pilot and I was wondering if you could take us to Pagoda Village.

Gregory: I would love to but sadly I can't leave this place without my twin brother Kregory but I know exactly where he is. He should be hanging out in a bar called Club 64 but I'll tell you what...if you can bring him here and take a selfie with us I'll gladly take you guys free of charge.

Koopakishi: what a coincidence our other friends are heading over there as well when we split up not to long ago.

Geno: we should head back and tell them we found one of the pilots.

Hooktail Jr: !Hay guys over here!

Geno: or not....

Koopakishi: ( Zephyrus: well that was fast....)

Kylie Koopa: did you find him?

Hooktail Jr: we sure did Kylie and what about you?

Kylie Koopa: I just happened to find him as well.

Bowser Jr: way to go Kylie.

Larry Koopa: now that Kylie found Gregory we should all head back to the Club 64 to tell him the good news.

?????: !Yoshi! ( !Not so fast! )

Hooktail Jr: ?

Bowser Jr: who the heck is this guy?

?????: yoshi ( looks like I found you two just in the nick of time to claim my reward hehehehee )

Bowser Jr: what reward...what are you even talking about?

The blue yoshi took something out of his inventory revealing a poster showing two wanted criminals.

?????: yoshi ( dose this jog your memory )

Hooktail Jr & Bowser Jr: !!

Kylie Koopa: !Oh no!

Larry Koopa: that is definitely not good....

?????: yoshi ( and that's not's today's newspapers hehehee )

The blue yoshi throws the newspaper to Bowser Jr and as he picked it up he began reading what it said.

Bowser Jr: !! way.....Bowser defeated and no longer a threat to the mushroom kingdom....!?Kronos prevents Bowser from kidnapping the princess and became a hero of the mushroom kingdom!?...!GRRRRRR LIES...IT'S ALL LIES!

Hooktail Jr: who are you!? Are you working for Kronos!?

?????: yoshi ( heheheheee if you're probably wondering no I don't work for that guy I'm just here to get what I want. You two are wanted criminals that are worth a lot of gold coins. Oh and my the way...)

Hooktail Jr & Bowser Jr: ??

Boshi: yoshi ( the names Boshi and I'm about to take you both down heheheheheheee. )

                                        End of Chapter 9 
Hello everyone I hope you all are enjoying Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king from both my fanfics and the comics made by Kumarikat. As you probably know Chapter 11 will probably be delayed because I've been coming up with something new. I'm writing a brand new story that will take place three months after Hooktail defeated Kronos. How exactly well I can't tell you but I can give you tiny bits of spoilers for those who are following this story and the comics. First...Hooktail Jr is now the new Prince of koopas which means that Bowser has adopted him making him his new stepson which also means that Hooktail Jr's friend Bowser Jr is now his stepbrother. for the new story...I'm calling this new fanfic Mario & Luigi Bowser's bride + Hooktail Jr's journey. It will involve Princess Peach as a Koopa which you all known her as Princess Koopa. She eventually started having feelings for Bowser and wants to marry him on her own castle of the mushroom kingdom. Will Mario find a way to bring her back to normal? Or is Princess Peach not what she seems. There will be another oc character that will be on this story and the lucky person who will be in it is Aria Koopa made by Aria-Koopa-Page. I'll will be posting this new chapter hopefully by today and don't worry...Chapter 11 for Super Hooktail legend of the dragon king will be posted soon.


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