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~ :bulletgreen: WELCOME TO OUR GROUP!! :bulletgreen: ~

:icondummywooplz: :icondummywooplz: :icondummywooplz: :icondummywooplz: :icondummywooplz: :icondummywooplz:

:bulletred: ~PLEASE READ~ :bulletred:
About joining:
Just press the join button and make sure you've been a dA member for at least 1 month! C:
(This was a new rule for security reasons as a lot of new members happen to be art thieves/scammers/etc.)

:bulletorange: You can only make 5 submissions per day
:bulletred: From 16 of November 2014, we have quality control regarding submissions. Please refer to this journal for details:
:bulletorange: Please submit in the correct folders!
:bulletorange: OCs and Fan characters are welcome! :)
:bulletorange: Romance and nudity (with mature filter) is welcome.
:bulletorange: No porn or sexual themes AKA keep everything PG-13. Kisses and cuddles are fine, but pin-ups, suggestive nude poses and the diddle-do are not.
:bulletorange: Gory/violent art is welcome, with mature tag if needed, but don't overdo it, please. There is a special folder where you can put this kind of art
:bulletorange: Fan Art and literature are welcome as well
:bulletorange: Please, DO NOT submit journals or advertise anything here (adoptables and YCH excluded).

Other rules
:bulletred: Stolen/traced art is NOT welcome
:bulletblack: If you have used a reference for your picture, please clearly credit the original artist in the description. Art which has obviously used a reference but doesn't give credit will not be accepted in the group.
:bulletred: Do not submit art that doesn't belong to you in general.
:bulletblack: Colored linearts/images made with bases or maker games are not allowed
:bulletred: Do not use bad language aimed against other members or anything similar that may be offensive- this will result in your earning a warning. At the second warning, you get kicked out and blocked.
:bulletblack: ENJOY EVERYTHING! :dummy:

:bulletred: ~PLEASE READ~ :bulletred:


:bulletgreen: Featured: The best of the group's art. ONLY admins are allowed to choose which art goes in here.

:bulletyellow: Dragons Digital: Dragons made with computer software, such as Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Tool Sai etc.

:bulletblue: Dragons Traditional: Dragons made with traditional means, such as .. wait, what am I explaining?! :stare: Well, watercolors, pencils and stuff :XD:

:bulletgreen: OCs & Sonas: For all your amazing characters people!! :wave: You can also submit your comics here :la:

:bulletred: Reference sheets: Ref sheets of your characters :)

:bulletblue: Wolves Traditional: Same as Dragons Traditonal, but with wolves. :la:

:bulletgreen: Wolves Digital: Again, same as Dragons Digital, only with wolves :la:

:bulletyellow: Wolf Photography: Need I explain more? :stare:

:bulletred: Other animals: For every other animal, apart from wolves :)

:bulletblack: Violent Bloody Art: For art with violence, blood and gore ;) Don't go too extreme, those won't be accepted ^^;

:bulletpink: Literature & Poems: Any writers out there? :wave: Submit your work here!! Fanfics are also welcome, as long as they are fantasy :la:

:bulletblue: Fan Art: Art of copyrighted characters from books, videogames, anime etc. like Spyro the dragon.

:bulletyellow: Adoptables, Stamps, Icons, Linearts etc: All the folder name says. :la:

:bulletblack: Other animals photography: Photos of animals, other than wolves. :la:

:bulletpurple: Horror: Horror fantasy pics, like zombie dragons, kryptids etc.

:bulletblue: Other fantasy creatures: Phoenixes, sea serpents, krakkens, cockatrices.. put them all here :wave:

:bulletred: Crafts, costumes, cosplay and other art: Other art ;)

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT IN THE "SUBMIT IN THE CORRECT FOLDERS" FOLDER.That folder only acts as a reminder- any art submitted there will be declined, no questions asked.

Group Info

A group for everyone who's interested in dragons, wolves and fantasy creatures!!
Founded 6 Years ago
May 26, 2013


Group Focus
Art Creation

832 Members
684 Watchers
31,768 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Inktober Day 22 - Grypho boyo by noctae-corvus
.:PW:..:Fire N Ice:. by I-WhiteLightning-I
Regal -YR10 EXAM- by Hanjamuffin
In Paradisum by GlowingSpirit
Dragons Digital
[INKTOBER] Ancient by meroaw
Why Not Pretend by aceAlari
Egg Adopts - Egg #147 by PandiiVan
Aurora by Eternity9
Dragons Traditional
Patreon Special [2/3]: Flower Dragon Adopt. by PandiiVan
Inktober 2019-Day 12: Dragon by Amanock
Dilophodragon Pencil Sketch by DAZZY-P
Rhys by LordMaddie
OCs and Sonas
Metalhead by NightDragon07
Wondrous winds by noctae-corvus
Trade: Hatch by Suomen-Ukonilma
there's beauty in focus by aceAlari
Reference Sheets
Stray Stars: Aster Ref by Blitzblotch
Draikon Reference sheet (2019) by Draikon-Jr
.Berthe  - Reference Sheet. by luxbee
Adding Feathers to Papo's Therizinosaurus (Part 1) by IrritatorRaji
Wolves Traditional
Let's have a Party - A Troug Party! by Faelis-Skribblekitty
Tempest Star Wolf by masonthetrex
Ice Rose fountain ... by NightDragon07
[Gift] Orion by noctae-corvus
Wolves Digital
Chibi Timber by Eternity9
Bjork by Arcticfox98
Raven [comm] by Tora-Tikel
Ych for Odisaodi by Jay-Kuro
Other animals
aotw: Black cat -cover- by Jay-Kuro
Wild mood by Ren-ail
Strange Dragon... by ERA7
And the Yeti was this big! by Eternity9
Violent bloody art

Mature Content

[VE] Even if the Sky Does Fall by KumoriDragon

Mature Content

faith.exe by ShemeiArt

Mature Content

Endless Life of Pain by Faelis-Skribblekitty
Before the final ending by Faelis-Skribblekitty
Fan Art
Wings Of Fire: Clay by Suomen-Ukonilma
Anthros, humans and human-like
Winona by Eternity9
Adoptables, Stamps, Icons, Linearts etc
Dragonoid Adopts 03 OPEN AUCTION (3/4) by Eternity9
Photography and Photomanipulation
Don't make me mad... by Iovena
Cell Phone from hell by Lisa22882
Aarajay the dragon-wolf hybrid for contest by dolphin4dreamer
Other fantasy creatures
Vampire Dave gahan aka Jachin aka Osiris by tamarazeegers
Crafts, Costumes, Cosplay and other art
Hatchet Beaked Dragon Skull by Amanock
Our mascot, Eb
Eb - mascot contest by Nimphradora
Monthly mini-contest - ENTRIES
New Years werewolves and dragon by NINJAWERETIGER

Newest Members


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Check out especially our partner group: :iconthemightofdragons: !!! :iconanimefaceplz:

We apologise for the recent lack of activity regarding the approval of submitted pictures to the group. Unfortunately, none of the primary admins seem to have enough time to spare for this group and sadly, this is the case with me, the founder, as well.

As a result, all submissions are now automatically approved! There is still a limit on how many you can submit to avoid flooding people's inboxes and we advise you to follow our guidelines (found on the front page of the group) to make our job a little easier, but otherwise, go ahead!.

Have a nice day/night!
~noctae-corvus, Founder
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The team :) You can ask anyone here about problems you face with anything :D If you want, you can be a contributor, just send the founder or the group a note :) Have fun~









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DP-Flare Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2017
Just letting you know that traced/stolen art has found its way into this group!… is claimed to be an original design but it's copied from… which can be found on dragcave.

Another traced piece is… which is also stolen from dragcave's Script Dragon…

I asked them to take the stolen art down and they refused.…
noctae-corvus Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for letting us know ^^ We shall keep an eye on this person for now.
GreenLinzerd Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Um, so, nothing above PG-13 is allowed here, but then the info underneath says no nude/suggestive pinups... so is this allowed or not?

Stupid Sexy Lizard by BrownieComicWriter
Eibashi Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2016
To be on the safe side, I don't think it's an appropriate submission according to the rules of the group ^^
umunschaas Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for inviting me :happybounce: 
Eibashi Featured By Owner May 13, 2016
You're welcome! We are glad to have you :D
Lisa22882 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016
It happen again :( 
Trinanigans Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah yes sorry, I wasn't sure if the drawings meet the group's quality requirements and hoped if somebody else can decide upon them. Seems like not.
Idk I personally don't run things here and therefore am not 100% in anything but according to current requirements I wouldn't have accepted them, sorry :/
Lisa22882 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016
Is the group dead or alive?
Trinanigans Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
The founder is inactive but co-founders and some contributors are still around :)
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