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Graves skin for halloween - Ghosbusters

Here's a sketch of my idea. I think that this can be a perfect Graves's skin for halloween.

Who you gonna call?!!! :D
if you like it, you can vote here:… :)
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Excellent hunter, I have some problems with bad spirits!
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So, You already know who must call! :D 
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I don't even have Graves but I would totally fuckin' buy this skin in a heartbeat!
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I'm glad to read that. ^-^ Thanks so much!
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And until I saw this, I can't believe nobody would have thought about this skin idea!
It just makes a shit ton of sense
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You're welcome! ^^
I actually tried him out when he was free despite the fact I mostly specialize in mages and I always go mid XD

He wasn't too bad, I have to admit!
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That GB logo should be a picture of Twisted Fate. Or at least wear his hat.
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Hahahaha, yeah, you're right xD
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I think this would fit lucian more but still really cool 
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sure, but when I did this drawing, Lucian didn't exist ^^u ...
Maybe I can do another drawing with both of them  :) 
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Brutal XD
Y además pega con el personaje
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Jajajaja..yo es que lo veía claro la sacasen me la compraría
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nice idea & good workNod 
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Don't have graves but DO WANT!
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Riot. Make it so!
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Make this skin happen lol
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ok, i NEED this skin, RIOT, PLEASE! XD
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Gosh! How I loved this movies. This is such a great idea! 
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