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RMS-ERS Dovahkiin

Although apperntly just born, this horse comes to RMS as a full-grown horse. How's that possible? His owner just joined the stable (will be explained in my story)
and this horse was born before he joined and just moved with him.
And even thought normally only horses born on RMS get the stable initials, Dovah got them as a kind of sign of honor towards the stable owner.

Registered:  :iconobertaurer:


Name: RMS-ERS Dovahkiin
BarnName: Dovah
Gender: Stallion
Color: Silver Dunskin
Genetics: Ee/Aa/nCr/Zz/Dd
Markings: Small blaze
Breed: Obertaurer (registration pending)
Type: Pure
Age: 9
Height: 1m70
Discipline: Dressage, Endurance
Rider: Connor de Clermont
Breeder & Owner: Connor de Clermont
Pedigree: IVS Coffee 'n' Cigarettes x IVS Marie Antoinette

Father Related to: FmnG Dance of Tempation, RPS Dark Tempation, RPS Dyonisos, RPS Converse, RDs Siasma, RPS Sex with my Ex, RDs Bidziil, PS Batida
Mother Related to: IVS Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, GSS Venus XX

Point Journal for registered Groups:

Dovakhiin is not a horse that was born on RMS. He was born before he came to the stable, bred by his owner Connor. Even though he knew that Obertaurers tend to bond better with a rider of the opposite gender, Connor still kept the little colt and started a long and sometimes more then difficult training with him.
Dovah is no easy horse. He doesn't trust easily and he rarely will go looking for the compagnie of people. He rather be left alone or amongst other horses. Althought he was bred, he has something of a free spirit. He hates being locked up in a box and prefers to stay outside, even if it snows. It has taken Connor several attempts to make the stallion his mount, but in the end he succeeded.

Dovah has inheritted his mothers dressage talents, but he will only perform when he wants to. Most often the pair of them can be found in the fields for long rides or multiple-day trips around the countryside. Dovah has the tendency to constantly test his rider, even though they know eachother like no other. But they know what they have on eachother, so

When Connor moved to RMS, Dovah followed. He mostly stands at the stable in Scotland with the Norwegian Mountainers, since that place resembles best the country where his breed originated, both in looks and climate.

Connor never officially entered him in a competition, but he hopes to change that very soon.


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:bulletred: 28 CP

Dovah, Design & Ref (C) DragonsTigerLilly
Obertaurer-breed (C) abosz007
Marie & Cig (C) inglorious-vikings
Ref (C) Bundy-Stock
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