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ERS Ahvulon

Thanks to SWC-arpg for letting me breed her mare, to produce this beauty


Name: ERS Ahvulon
Meaning: Assassin
BarnName: Alduin
Gender: Stallion
Color: Silver Sooty Grullo
Genetics: EE aa nZ DD nSty
Markings: Small star, 2 large socks (hind legs), 2 small ones (front legs)
Breed: Obertaurer (registration pending)
Type: Pure Obertaurer
Age: 5
Height: 16.3hh
Discipline: Dressage, Endurance
Rider & Owner: Selena de Clermont-Kalion
Breeder: Connor de Clermont
Original Design:


Sire: RMS-ERS Dovahkiin
 SS: IVS Coffee'n'Cigarettes
  SSS: FmnF Dance of Temptation
   SSSS: RPS Dark Temptation
    SSSSS: RPS Converse
     SSSSSS: RPS Sex with my Ex
     SSSSSD: BKC All Star
    SSSSD: RD's Siamsa
     SSSSDS: RD's Bidzill
     SSSSDD: RD's Mimiteh
   SSSD: RPS Dyonisos
  SSD: PS Batida
 SD: IVS Marie Antoinette
  SDS: IVS Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
   SDSS: HS Nivis
   SDSD: Unknown Wild Obertaurer Mare
  SDD: GSS Venus Version XXX

Dam: SD's Waldfee

Design & Ref (C) DragonsTigerLilly
Breed (C) abosz007
Ref pic (traced) (C) Dark-Wolfs-Stock
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LightningWolf913's avatar
He is absolutely stunning! I am in love with the light mane on the dark body. I absolutely adore that look! I'm soooo excited to see more of him! :D
DragonsTigerLilly's avatar
thank you
I'm in love with silver-gened horses (the pale manes).xD
got mostly horses like him for some reason.... (nope, it's certaintly no additction)
there will be more of him in the near future, already got some plans
LightningWolf913's avatar
You're more than welcome! 
I love silver-gened horses as well! They're so unique! 
And I'm so excited! :D 
slanciato's avatar
im in love with this design <3
DragonsTigerLilly's avatar
you are not the only one XD